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C. Schein says:
So talking about glen beck makes you spell differently? All i know glen beck makes me want to shove a pencil in my ear.

When i saw avatar the first time in the "showhouse"(whatever that is) it made me want to change the way i live my live.

1: It doesnt matter how much or how little of what you change in your life and for me that really made me happier was that i started to work out more than i usually did. i did not want to become overweight like i was becoming. so i became fit and lean and also started to change what i eat. no more crap fast food for me. fruits and vegetables.

2: it doesnt matter how little you change, it just matters that you realize that you have a problem that needs to be fixed. i realized that my bills have become to high. so i swore to myself that everyday i would shut off my lights one hour early than i usually do and also unplug every appailance because they were still using electricity even though they were turned off. also to save gas and money i have been biking more often to get to places.

when i saw avatar something resonated inside me that maybe i can to live with less and maybe i can impact our dying world for the better. your right j peterson about how you sholve my and our crap away everyday. and after i saw avatar it came to me that i am going to do everything in my power to put an end to my spending on worthless crap. theres something amazing when the hammerheads come out of the forest and start killing all the bad humans. because WHEN HAS NATURE EVER GOTTEN TO FIGHT BACK!

avatar resonated in me that it will be a dying world, if we cant make some fundamental changes about how we view ourselves as human beings and how we view wealth. great James Cameron quote: "I consider the wealth of this nation its natural resources, not the things that we're brought up to think of as wealth". WE ARE GOING HAVE TO LIVE WITH LESS.

i know j peterson that your going to say that im just a college kid what does he know and what is he going to do about it. There is a way to live with a set of values that teaches us as human beings the importance of work, the importance of respecting other people and the importance of respecting nature. by not becoming consumer society where you buy something and then throw it away when you get the next new thing, filling up huge landfills with plastic and electronics.

Open your eyes. Understand what the run up to war is like, so the next time it happens you can question it. The thing with avatar that has made it popular is that it resonated with humans across the globe of what you already believe but you might have forgetten about lately.

Joshua L. Peterson: if you say thats what liberals think then i guess i am liberal because i cant support you and your groups world view. I JUST CANT! Clearly all you republicans are trying to do right now is to make the president fail. Not helping homeless veterans. not help the american people. not getting them back to work. not extending unemployment benefits. gop= party of sore losers and cry babies!

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In reply to an earlier post on Jul 12, 2010 1:58:36 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
oh yeah right big change what do you think im goin do to live in a cave and just sit there! if i dont make that contribution that i was going to then i am helping in a way, but once again not a big one. but i am still giving a less and less of a contripution.

"Living a lie dude". Really you dont even know me and your telling me that im living a lie. Give me a break thats weak.

"I'd say its fair to say that you havent done anything, right?"

I just freakin told you what i did and if your to filled with facism to realize what i just told you, you need to scrape the crud out of your eyes and actually see for a change!

"Think about this for a minute, if your trying to save the planet why would you want to extend unemployment benefits? All they're gonna do is consume more and make more waste right?"

ARE you freakin serious! yes lets just let them die so they wont take any of our rich money. very selfish idea! help them or let them die: uh i think i be a selfish prick and do nothing and sit on my butt all day keeping my money to myself!

IF YOU DONT LIKE GOVERNMENT MOVE 2 SOMALIA! theyll treat you white racist folk well over there!

When did i ever say OBAMA IS DOING IT RIGHT! Never, i have never said that!

Government is human beings and the reason all walks of government suck is that none of them have any common sense!

Obama did nothing when it came to the oil spill and bp NOT A THING! Republicans blame the economy and the defict on obama even though he inherited every lie and mistake from the bush administration. NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL!

"Obama aint gonna be able to save you or anyone else."

How can you give up hope and be that selfish! What we need in america no screw that the world, is a leader that actually can teach us common sense. we need to a leader that takes all the big and greedy corporations head on and makes them to stop sending all of our jobs overseas. a leader that will come up with a new economic policy and an environment policy. Most important of all we need a leader that will bring both parties topgether and make them stop bickering and yelling every obcenity they can to each other and make them work together because its going to be a long road back to the top and we need everybodys help in doing so.

What we need is a new party completly. A party that helps people and that also makes people keep their freedom. A party were rep and dem ideas are mixed together and altered if needed to.

If you really want this country to fail then go right ahead because when we look back on history and see what happened during this time period of bush and obama we are going to say to ourselves WHAT IN GODS NAME WERE WE THINKING(that applies to both parties)!

I feel really sorry for you J Peterson that when you see anything and everything that you can only think about the politics behind it. That must really suck to never enjoy anything, because you will only see the political side of it.

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 2:01:25 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
IM sorry i can not deal with your crap anymore, if you want to resort to name calling be my guest because in reality i dont give a crap what you say or tell me what i am because i am a man of living with faith by action and i have a life that needs to be liven to its fullest. By buddy,

C. Schein out.

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C. Schein says:
No idea why amazon deleted my post(sorry if i said something amazon).

"(Laughing) Doesnt quite sound like the Earth Warrior lifestyle that you claim to be living in your profile. Your just a big hypocite, thats it. If you were really that worried about the planet you would have made huge changes."

What to you want me to do peterson live in a cave and just sit there all my life! Like i clearly stated before you dont have to change all of your lifestyle, all you have to do is make a difference and i have clearly done that! If your to caught up with all the politcal crap that swarms your head all day maybe you should stop and realize theres more to live than arguing!

"Your no different then Al Gore, buys huge houses all over the country getting rich off the idiots like you swallowing global warming while he has taken any steps to reduce his own carbon footprint. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, all doing the same thing. You going to college produces a great deal of carbon, all the lights, heat, AC, computers running, hauling stuff in, waste going out, driving here and there five days a week..... ect ect."

DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT I SAID, because it looks like you just copied and pasted what you said to me before on your review! Idont drive as much as i used to i ride a bike to places just like i sad above. YOU DIDNT READ MY POST! You think im al gore who actually is trying to teach people about they waste and how it affects people. i dont care whether or not he makes money off of it thats good for him. How do u know that if he even drives a hummer is somebody a stalker? WOW! going to assumptions too thats very weak! YOU DONT KNOW ME and yet you have the audacity to tell me what you think im doing once again very weak of you!

"If you think your doing anything to help yourself or help the earth your living a lie dude. Until your living without electricity and anything that wasnt vanned, trucked or moved by train your no different then anyone else. For everything less your consuming or throwing away someone else is doing more because theres more out there because of your actions. Thats just how life is in this country. For every barrel of oil less i burn while at work China is able to scoop up what i left behind."

Im living a lie? how on earth did you come to that conclusion. Is it because your mind is on a glen beck discussion(oh sorry for the spelling im being stupid on another page here). I told you it doesnt matter how little you make a difference it just matters if you actually make one! AGAIN DID NOT READ MY POST! Thats what we need in a leader is to find a away to properly get a team of workers to create more jobs and go around hawaii and every coast in the world and clean up what we have been dishing out for decades.

"Think about this for a minute, if your trying to save the planet why would you want to extend unemployment benefits? All they're gonna do is consume more and make more waste right? A great depression with no government help would do alot to fix the problems in this country."

Is that a joke, are you actually serious about that! Yes lets not help and just let them die and america becomes even in more poverty than we are now! Soon if we follow your ideas of doing nothing america will became worse than haiti in poverty and depression! THAT is the most selfish thing i have ever heard! Oh yes whats your solutions to cut taxes yes that will work! we tried that with bush and taxes rose and our economy plumeted thats why were in this mess that we are in right now. Its not because of obama or bush its because of human nature running its course with human nature! GREED! GREED! GREED!

"I'd say its fair to say that you havent done anything, right? If you hate the GOP and think Obama has all the answers for what worries you, go right ahead and keep thinking that."

Yep i havent done anything to improve and live better! once again DIDNT READ MY POST! when did i ever say obama is doing everything right? i have never said that. NEVER! if you actually take the time to read my post you would actually see that i never said anything that supported obama! the reason govt is not good at all is becvause all forms of it have no common sense whatsoever!

"As for me i think we're doomed"

Ohh thats what you think this is all obamas fault. good conclusion if you had crud in your ears and eyes. If you hate our government so much MOVE TO SOMOLIA! How are we doomed no explanation from that either and dont give me the crap about peak oil, if you had any common sense you would know that people already know that our supply of oil is depleting. Give me a real explanation why were doomed!

"So enjoy those video games and fresh fruit and veggies from Mexico while you can still afford to there buddy."

I will enjoy those video games and all the fresh fruit and veggies that comes from mexico(WHAT is that about MEXICO? doesnt make sense at all, isnt mexico in a desert?). Because all you seem to care about is politics and how obama is wrong!

I feel really sorry for you J Peterson, because ti must be a hard life for you when you turn everything in to a political debate. do you ever get to actually enjoy things without having something about poilitics in it. Dude just live your life!

Im sorry j peterson i just cant live like that because i have a life that i want to live to the fullest of my potential, without having politcal about it. If you really say something ignorant in your response to this only then will i respond back. Because i like to live life and talking about this really makes me want to actually live in a cave because then i dont have to deal with people like you! if you want to live life like that go ahead but you will never be able to expericence anything that makes life worth having.

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 3:34:33 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
You know what that would make me really listen is what you want in a president because all i hear is reason to hate on obama, but no plans of your own or from the tea party.

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Posted on Jul 13, 2010 10:13:05 AM PDT
C. Schein says:
How am i a hypocrite? No explanation from you?

How am i not living like an earth warrior in your view(because you clearly know me)? How would i live like an earth warrior?

How do i have no clue on how things work? no explanation whatsoever from you? Please give me a real reason why im a fake!

Obama has actually been one of the most productive presidents in modern times. I know we live in an age that is anti-hero, and the presidency has been slung through the mud so much, it's a wonder anybody pays attention to him, or even politics anymore, but Obama has done some huge and historic things that we will not be able to grasp until later in his presidency or even after. Things that help people not make them suffer. He is about to sign into law the biggest financial reform bill since the Great Depression. This will help to regulate the corruption on Wall Street that contributed to this modern great depression. His massive stimulus bill, covers: education, to energy. Then there is healthcare reform, his greatest achievement. And what about the Ledbetter Act for women, the Jobs bill, and the non proliferation treaty he signed with Russia? I would give Obama credit for the same thing I said about Bush. Love him or hate him, he is doing what he said he would. His motto seems to be: Go big or go home! Just like Bush, he wants to shake up the world, and make america a more respactable place to live and connect. But unlike Bush, he has succeeded on his largest promises. And they are huge! Obama is ambitious if nothing else. Just think, what if energy reform, immigration reform, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are tackled? Then we could focus our attention on gays that bush seems to think that will fix all our problems. His bills may not look so good right now but i hope and imagine us looking back on this era and saying he was actually right and not some terriost, that most of us in this country claim he is. The only thing that is not very good about all this is the spending that comes with it. Please dont make this into a viral statement because obama did not bring socialism to america and dont blame everything that happens on him either. because what he does or what any party does it represents us as a whole and what we do and make, makes us.

i know that you dont agree with what he passes in bills but can you actually come up with a good reason instead of peak oil and him somehow being a commie. Ill listen to you on what you have have to say because i want to understand your views and you should try understanding mine before you call me all these ridiculos names that dont connect at all. Please show me respect that every human being deserves and which your party has no clue about. How just go to a tea party rally and listen to the words they use. Not very respectuful at all and if you want to be taken seriously start showing respect to others.

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Posted on Jul 13, 2010 5:35:08 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
I know im not making a big difference right now and you have clearly proved that to me. I will not buy anymore video games. And for college, colorado is number 3 for jobs and green jobs. and i already have a good paying job. Golf course.

Thats why our government is terrible and especially obama by making it a communist place like you said above, but his plans havent worked out and the ways of the republicans is not even a thought to change this crisis. Lets face it we have no plans for anything! We need somebody to make us realize that we are in a crisis not an economic crisis(which we are in) but more of a wake up call to the future of humanity. (sites on left side and down not top right) Dude that website is scary im afraid to buy another car only to have to destroy it in a few years because of no oil. Ok J peterson you have my full undivided attention that site is really great well not what it says. i cant get off that site its truly informative. J peterson you should tell other people about this. the website is great. but dang that site scares the crap out of me, howcome no senator knows about this?

For our next president we need somebody who is neither liberal and conservative but who understands peak oil and to not spend as much as obama and bush. we need a president who brings jobs that went overseas back here. there should be limits to unemployment benefits like you only get unemployment benefits for so long. If i was president i would get a large group of scientists together to make a new energy solution that does not produce waste that can be used in everyday life. i know it might seem goofy to think like that but hey its just an idea. we really deperatly need somebody who cares about change for the better. thats what i thought about obama but as everyday passes and still not getting better i feel we need a new leader to look up to.

I'll be honest with you on why i saw avatar eight times in theaters its because when i watched this movie it didnt feel like a movie more like i was watching a culture function. the navi(thats what they're called) have no overpopulation, no poverty and they are diverse and they best part of all is that they dont kill they're land. Pandora is just stunning'ly beautiful. bio-lume, massive trees that tower the rainforest, and the best part is the hallelujah mountains that float in they remarkable sky. i know you proably call me a nerd for saying this but id rather be a navi than be a human being right now. considering what were going through right now as human beings. destruction of earth, riots, war, genicide, nuclear warfare, arguing between everybody, peak oil and the biggest of them all polution

i just cant get off that site, its scary and makes me want to live on an island far away from civilization. thats for showing me that site!

Posted on Jul 13, 2010 6:00:16 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
J peterson you have really changed my views not towards being a conservative but definetly not liberal anymore. you have made me realize everyday we do nothing about this problem, and that we have no plans for anything.

That page alone is makes me want to do something about this. you have made me realize what is wrong about government today and i thank you for that.

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In reply to an earlier post on Jul 15, 2010 8:21:25 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
Ok thanks dude ill check out that book. also other than the road is another postapocalypitic movie in the book of eli that is very good also.

We might be able to buy ourselves some more time, but everyone is gonna have to do it, there isnt much of chance on that happening. Pulling Obama off the campaign trail..... AKA flying Airforce One all over the place, might be a good place to start. If you start looking at everything threw some peak oil glasses you might be a fan of Glenn Beck before too long!

Thats whats wrong about all parties that were not doing anything major to change this fate. thats whats wrong with people like me who thought little things like i was doing could help but without. we need a leader who will go to every place in america and promote what peak oil is and ways to definetly change that. and i dont know about becoming a fan of beck, he has some good thoughts about our founding fathers and other stuff but most of the time before he goes on a rant he needs to step into the other persons shoes and expericence what they expericence.

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Posted on Jul 22, 2010 8:28:57 AM PDT
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Man this thread is so true and sad. The only thing I cant agree on is the thought that doing nothing is OK since it wont make any difference. Every one of us needs to do whatever we can to change things even if it proves to mean nothing. A change in attitude about things is the only slight chance we have and we owe it future generations considering we have pretty much doomed them with our self indulgent ways. I still commend our president for what he has accomplished as he is trying to fight the establishment as is a testament to doing the right thing even though I believe he also knows it wont make much difference.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2010 7:19:51 AM PDT
Well Joshua as much as I respect your opinion since its mostly true unfortunately I cant agree with your attitude about saving the earth is a scam and lie. I agree there is little that can be done at this point and unfortunately the special interests have no desire to attempt to do anything but that does not give me right to ignore the crisis and not go down fighting the establishment. I am well aware this is a losing proposition but nonetheless it is something I need to do and hope others feel the same way. The real problem here is overpopulation as there is no way the earth can continue to support 8 billion people and counting. Japan had it right when they limited couples to having 1 child. I honestly dont care how much money Gore and Obama may stand to profit from going green and seriously doubt either would make a dime from this cause but thats a different point. The point is that I agree with you 100% EXCEPT with the saving the earth is a scam and lie. Maybe we can develop a technology which would capture carbon from the atmosphere. I know its a longshot but ignoring the situation since its become so dire is not acceptable (as much as I would like to be able to ignore it). Anyways, thanks for the post.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2010 11:37:08 AM PDT
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Thanks for the post Joshua. I did have the chance to go and read several of these links. The problem I have with these is the source. Political action committees and weblog pages are not credible sources of information. The links I did read, and I admit I stopped after 5, are not credible whatsoever. Also treehugging and saving the earth is not hippe nonsense as it is based upon scientific fact that carbon is a pollutant and should be taxed. Now I dont think cap and trade would work but a straight tax on emission would work and is needed to get other countries on board with cutting emission also. I admit this is likely to never happen as our country has been stolen by the special interest groups but that doesnt give us the right to quit trying no matter how dire our situation. Anyways, thanks for the post as the links were interesting albeit questionable at the very least.

Posted on Jul 23, 2010 2:29:57 PM PDT
C. Schein says:
i know obama and gore are possibly corrupt but isnt that the point of doing all this to actually try and start a revolution to save our dying world. they may not be doing it right in your view j peterson but at least their trying. i know there is a lot more the could be doing with the money they are getting like trying to actually fix peak oil, but what are we goin to do because basically every governmtent corporation out there is corrupt yes that includes demcrats and republicans. your right about obama playing games with the american public on those websites(not very creditble) but i dont think putting someother government parrty into the office will not change a thing because theyre all filled with greed and how they can get the next quick buck. j peterson thats what is going to kill us is peak oil because everybody will freak out and then chaos follows. thats what we need in the office is someone who will take a big push to becoming more environmentaliy resbonsible and someone who understands what peak oil will to do us. but quitting is not an option right now.

like tim said is that scientists across the globe should work on a product that we can run on without damiging our world. if we can solve both as a human race then we can actually live together without oil everywhere we go.

Posted on Jul 23, 2010 4:37:51 PM PDT
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YES !!! ABSOLUTELY C. Schein !!!!!! Now were talking as I couldnt agree with you more. You hit it on the head as our president does what he can as most dont know of the vast number of prominant MIT scientists he has who are dedicated to finding solutions to these issues. I dont know how Joshua can come off and say that nothing we do matters but then again claims he is against the president and socialism. BLAH BLAH BLAH..if it doesnt matter what we do because we are doomed then why worry about socialism and the deficit ??? Yes its contradictory and an excuse to try to get us to quit caring. Sorry Joshua but thats not in my vocabulary and I will do everything I can whether or not it ever matters as it matters to me.

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