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on January 29, 2013
First off they give you no ratings on the back of the package. I was hoping to finally get an unrated version of live free or die hard and in the package was the RATED version like the previous release!!! ABSOLUTELY PISSED about that. Next comes the packaging, not the easiest to get the disc out and besides some nice collage of images for each movie there's not much else to say. DO NOT BUY to upgrade previous 4 movie set. The documentary in disc 5 is not even 2 hours and all they show additional to that is all of the trailers for die hard. Nothing worth the extra 40 bucks!! I just couldn't believe they wouldn't put the unrated version of Live Free or Die Hard in this collection on blu ray. Additionally they don't give you any of the movies rating so you can buy this version hoping you'd get the unrated version. No die hard should ever be PG-13. That is a disgrace to the franchise. As much as I am a die hard Die Hard fan, Die easy with the idea of this purchase!
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on January 7, 2009
I thought only Live free or Die Hard was a 2 disc special edition...
They all are: total of 8 dvds! Excellent Collection!
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on February 14, 2013
I got the edition released on 1/29/13 and have not watched all the movies yet and will amend this review after I do. The PG-13 version of Live Free Or Die Hard is included, not the R version. Fox did an amazing job not putting the ratings anywhere on the box, the discs themselves, or in any of the product descriptions. The only way to know was to actually put the disc in.
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on May 7, 2008
Chances are you've seen at least one of the first three Die Hard films, and you're familiar with the vocabulary, one liners, and over the top action that gives the series the brilliant style it has. In theaters, Die Hard 4 had the displeasure of a PG-13 rating, and really gutted most of what made Die Hard what it is.

Now, I understand that most of you think swears or not the movie was fine, but I truly disagree. Iconic moments from all three films (including the incredibly famous Yippie Kai Yay, *@#$%@) had swears in them. From all the films. To not include the unrated edition in this collectors edition set was a slap to my face. Especially because I didn't realize it till I put the Bluray in!

Now, that being said, this "unrated version" is still completely unavailable on bluray! You won't find it yet! So if you are looking for the gritty laughter and iconic style of the other films, and you want a high definition experience, you'll have to wait.

If you don't give a damn then get this set because other than that its completely amazing.
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on February 16, 2013
First off, not a review of the movies themselves - I'm a Die Hard fan.

This set, however, has some known issues. If you search around the net, you will find reports that various discs will not even load up in players - sometimes it's the first disc, sometimes the 4th. There have been a few reports of all discs loading up, but freezing taking place in the middle of playback.

I tried two different sets in three different blu-ray players. In two of the three players, the first Die Hard would not even load up. In the third blu-ray player, it did - however I must point out that this particular blu-ray player is old and has not had a firmware update in years. Yes, the oldest most out-of-date player is the only one that would read the first Die Hard. In my "primary" blu-ray player, I made sure to have the most up-to-date firmware - and it is connected to the internet for any "OMG there's a problem with the Die Hard set" updates that may come flashing across the net. No luck - still would not work.

The reason I tried two sets is because I took the first set back to Best Buy (where I originally bought), and they tried that set as well as the other copy they had in the store on their players. I even waited as they updated the firmware on their player - still would not even load up.

I have a feeling many people are buying the set and just shelving it, or watching one or two of the movies, and do not even know that they have a defective set. From what I've read, since the problem isn't necessarily with the same disc in every set, and since it can also happen mid-way through playback - you're not going to know if you have a problem until you watch all of all four movies. I don't know of many people who do that with these collections within the 30-day return period. I was "lucky" in that my problem manifested immediately, with both sets, during the first disc.

Regardless - I would be very wary about buying this set. I am not a fan of people who give bad reviews on Amazon related to a single issue like this, however, in my mind this is a pretty serious flaw in the product. Some people may go months or even years before actually watching all four movies in the set - and then it will be too late for them to try to get their money back in the case of a problem.
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on March 19, 2011
Let me get some technical things I would want to know out of the way. This set includes Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard with a Vengence, and Live Free or Die Hard, the Unrated version. There was some question in the reviews as to whether it was the unrated version, which makes me question why they would review a product that they don't own. Now the really big question for me at least is what medium to buy this movie on. I got a blu ray player last year, and rented the original die hard on blu ray, and have to say that i was disappointed. When I first got the blu ray player i was originally going ro just rebuy most of the movies in my collection, but I was starting to see that movies made before 2000, or some made just after, just don't look very good in high def. Some studios really put the time and money into making their classics really look amazing, but Fox just really hasn't done that for its old movies yet, and though Die Hard is by far one of if not the greatest action movie of all time, I would reccoment getting the set on DVD. The only movie in the set that is going to look better (if not worse) on Blu Ray is Live Free or Die Hard, which is by far the worst movie in the set, so I would reccomend getting it on DVD, or find the Die Hard Trilogy on DVD and getting Live Free or Die Hard on Blu Ray if you are a completionist, or just really like that movie for some reason, but for most fans, this will do nicely. As far as the movies go, as previously stated Die Hard, the original, is a classic, and easily the best action movie ever made. Up until Die Hard, action movies were either the tense cat and mouse movies, or over the top (Looke at the director's own Predator, especially the fight in the compound) and when Die Hard came along, it was the idea that the person at the center of an over the top situation could still be human and vulnerable, but it was his will (and wit) that would keep him going when average people would just give up. It was his love of his family, but that also is a convaluted mess. Life isn't easy, and there are a lot of pieces that fail within the society, and a lot of people that don't want to get their hands dirty, and the hard works get passed down to John, not because he is the best, but because he won't let it go. I can tell you having worked in the government that so many things get through the cracks, and the people that get things done because of a sense of duty that they won't give up is at the heart of this movie. This movie is about not giving up, even though it seems like life is against you because there are too many people in suits that are only interested about what they can acquire, and the world changes more and more to where the buck keeps getting passed. The whole movie keeps movie on with a dying cowboy breed motif and killer dialogue, and complete control from the director, not to mention great director of photography in jan debont, who went on to direct speed, and also dp for robocop as well as a lot of verhoven's other work, so just a great film all around. The second tried to be too similar to the first. It was actually the first Die Hard movie I saw, and though at the time I was in love with the movie, it really doesn't compare to the original in terms of pacing and action, so i have to say it seems a little too much, as in one man couldn't do all that, and becomes a little too cartoony, such as the airplane explosion where he survives via the ejection seat, even though there is no way he would have escaped without internal injuries. It tries too hard to improve upon a perfect film. The third film spends a majority of the movie with a buddy team between McClain and Samual L. Jackson, whose racial tensions seem too much of a rip off between what Bruce already did better in the Last Boy Scout, however the twists and turns, not to mention that it doesn't seem as unrealistic in its action sequences. If you take the best moments from the first two sequals and leave the bad parts you get the first films equal, however the fourth film is just complete garbage. I remember seeing it in theaters dispite it having a pg 13 rating which should have been my first clue, but I remember the studio talking about it being a hard pg 13 and that there would be a unrated, or really an r rated cut on dvd, however it doesn't help a really tired and unbelevable set of action sequences that do not remind me of the first at all. its one man takes on a jet plane, and lives. its like bad video game cgi with McClain insight and one liners interjected. Over all a really great set of movies, and worth watching all the way through, because you know part five will come out eventually. I hope they kill off our protaganist so they will stop doing stupid sequels.
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on April 4, 2014
I already have these movies in the DVD format, and I was reluctant to spend money on the same movies again, since they are quite old. I just thought it was a long shot that their quality on Blu-ray would be much better than their anniversary DVD edition. And thankfully, I was wrong about that, but I was right about buying the Blu-ray set!

Never in a million years would I have thought that these old movies could be converted so well to the HD quality, but they turned out amazingly well. Exceeded all my expectations. Now I am going to buy some more of my favorites from the 1980s and 1990s.
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on December 16, 2009
The first three are the same romps they've always been, only they look tremendous in a very nice BluRay HiDef transfer. This is a great buy on those merits alone, however, I dropped two of my stars for a very aggravating omission from the set. In hindsight, I did it to myself by not reading deeper into the product description.

I own the previous DVD collection which includes both a theatrical AND unrated version of Live Free of Die Hard. The unrated has been completely sapped from the BluRay treatment. As a lifelong fan of these movies I found that Live Free was actually a good time, and really in the same spirit as the others while in it's unrated form. This was the McLane we've known all along, not watered down to appeal to (and be accessible to) a younger (PG-13) crowd.

Why was my option to watch the REAL McLane in Live Free taken away for this set? Now it ensures that I have to retain an inferior DVD for my shelf instead of allowing these BluRays to condense my collection.

Bad move Fox. Bad, bad move.
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on April 28, 2008
Having just purchased a Blue-Ray player, I decided to get some of my favorite movies on BD-ROM.

In every case except this one, the watching the BD-ROM version was an entirely new experience. The quality of this one was like watching up-converted DVDs.
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on September 14, 2009
The die hard movies have been reviewed to death. Obviously most considered the first one of the best action moves ever made, if not the best. It's the sequels that cause debate and get the additional reviews. The second flick is usually considered the least favorite, and with good reason. The plots more silly than usual, the action is not the best, with long periods where nothing interesting occurs. Oh yeah, and Bruce willis is only allowed to by funny about two and half times in the entire movie. Thought its not the worst movie, its hardly up to die hard standards.

As to the third, while it is far more entertaining, with great action and dialogue, the one thing missing is the claustrophobic nature of the first. While the second flick wasn't great, at least it felt like a sequel. This one feels like its own movie, with John McClane thrown in. Though this may not be a bad thing, depending on what you're hoping from a sequel. Overall a pretty fun movie, that I've watched quite a few times over the years.

Then there's the hotly debated fourth movie. Was it necessary? Probably not, but frankly I think it's the better of the sequels. The action is top notch, John is wise cracking, but the thing I like most about it is that they didn't provide a huge cheat in the use of technology. John doesn't do technology. He admits it, and can't get it right even when he needs to. His character is older, and the world is starting to out grow him, though not his usefullness. I was particularly fond of seeing the older john mcclane still beating bad guys and saving the day, but acknowledging he couldn't do everything.

As to the blu ray, it is certainly a great deal. All four films and a ridiculous amount of special features. While I admit the transfer of the first two flicks is nothing special, I did compare to my dvds unconverted, and noticed a difference, thought not that great. The fourth however is my demo movie as it looks AMAZING. There are also a ton of special features, though I note alot of those that were on the dvds for the first movie are missing, outtakes and such.

While I'm sure there will eventually be a re-release (there were three or four releases on dvd), I'm thrilled with what I have. Tons of features, pretty picture, and some really great flicks. If you have a blu ray player give it a shot.
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