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on January 14, 2011
I purchased the Food Lover Fat Loss System which is the best thing I ever spent my money on. When I saw Robert came out with a new book, Diet-free for Life, I e-mailed him to ask him what could he possible say more than what was in the system I purchased. He said it was a mindset makeover. That statement struck me hard because I always new the battle ground was in the mind. I thought if he can take the information I learned in the FLFLS and change my mindset about eating I would really be able to reach my goal weight. I am almost finish reading his new book and I can tell you it has a huge influence on the way my mind looks at food. I strongly recommend you get both the system and the book. It will be the last dollar you spend on diets and I spent and tried it all.
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on January 7, 2011
I read this book not knowing exactly what to expect. I found it very easy to read, written in a very common-sense kind of way. I found the fast/slow carb and protein info very interesting. I had no ideas that grouping certain foods together could affect your metabolism and fat burning. I thought the book was motivational without being over-the-top. I enjoyed the recipes in the book as well.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those who are struggling to stop the vicious diet cycles.
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on May 15, 2011
I purchased a copy of Robert Ferguson's "Diet-Free for Life" yesterday and spent most of today plowing through it. I read it twice, up to where the recipes start half way through the book. The second time through I highlighted what I thought I needed to learn this food plan, and then I wrote notes in a journal. I sincerely want to learn and follow this food plan, but I feel that the book is grossly lacking in details to help a person follow the plan. He does a good job of explaining how the body functions, and what happens when using an ordinary diet as opposed to his food plan. But he never mentions what I consider the main point of the diet, and that being which of his three formulas for fat release should a person use at specific meals during the day. He also does not give a complete list of the fast carbs, and the slow carbs, and I do not believe he even called them simple and complex carbohydrates. He does not state WHEN to eat the fast carbs and WHEN to eat the slow carbs. He gives portion size in "grams," but the recipes that are in the second half of the book are in "ounces." Not everyone was trained in both the metric and the English systems. I can not begin to convert the recipes into portions. In the book Ferguson talks so much about his various clients who are supposed to have lost great amounts of weight and he does not give enough information to the people who bought his book and who want to plan meals and lose weight. I went on-line to see if I could get some help to figure it out and I saw many people all over the internet asking for help with my same problems I have as I try to develop menus for myself with too little information. I am wondering if the omission was done on purpose so that people had to purchase the expensive pre-planned meals that he sells on his site. I read that they were $400 but I did not investigate myself.
I am certain that this food plan is a revised and simplified version of Dr. Barry Sears "The Zone." That is okay with me but I feel that it is unethical that no credit is given to Dr. Sears.
I sincerely want to try this plan but because of lack of information I am at a great disadvantage in being able to plan my meals for my personal weight loss. Even the recent article in the women's magazine "First" did not explain WHICH formulas for meals to use. It could possibly be a good plan to lose weight but many will not know because Ferguson was not clear in his presentation of the plan.
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on January 14, 2011
I have been living the Diet Free Lifestyle for 13 months now. This is Robert's greatest work yet. Robert teaches you how to eat the foods you love by combining them in a way that you will release fat....never to store it again! This year my New Year's resolutions did not include the word "diet"! He gives you all the information you need to life diet free as well as many great recipes. I highly recommend this book.
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on January 13, 2011
I enjoyed the information in this book so much I began the Diet Free for Life right away. This is my first week Started on Monday and I've lost 2 lbs. (Thurs.). the best thing is I'm never hungry!!!
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on January 28, 2011
This book is well written, and it covers one of the most commonly missed factors of traditional diets "The Mindset". How you approach and how you view what you are doing and why, is key to success. Very entertaining to read making it easier to learn the principals that Robert is teaching. You learn how to use everyday foods that you love and eat them in a way the you not only lose weight you keep it off - for life. How do I know this you ask? I have been living The Diet Free way for well over a year and a half now enjoying my 41 pound and 40 inch release. I have went from a deniable size 16 to a joyous size 4! The Diet-Free for Life lifestyle is just that it is a lifestyle, one which I will live the rest of my life. I will never be on a diet again thanks to Robert Ferguson and the Diet-Free way!!!!!
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on January 20, 2011
Robert Ferguson was at Lafayette Ind. yesterday to promote the book. I saw him on TV and he made such an impression that I had to go see him in person. At the talk, people walking by were even drawn in, he was so engaging.

Basically Robert is the first person that I have seen that puts everything together: food, exercise, motivation. The opposite of fat is not thin but fit. Worry about putting on muscle rather than loosing weight. That we are engaged not in dieting but in a lifestyle change (how we live). And he uses the food we have to help us.

Look too many try to loose weight by dieting. But it is the way we live that needs to be changed. It is not just eating right but living right. And we can use the food we have, say being on the road as truck driver who mostly eats fast food. Same with exercise, start with 12 minute workouts so that you fool the body. Then increase your workout so that your body thinks that it is doing more. Start slowly. This is practice, it where we live!!!

What Robert has done is put together what I have learned from diabetes counselors, from fitness trainers, from the military. It one complete program. You can see the fusion of his background as a Marine, a nutritional expert (BS/MS/CN) and his work on his Ph.D in Sports Psychology.

Diet-Free for Life: A Revolutionary Food, Fitness, and Mindset Makeover to Maximize Fat Loss
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on January 14, 2011
This is a great book. Very easy to understand. Robert explains the Diet-Free Life in a way that is easy to understand and can apply to your everyday life. He breaks down the Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs, Protein & Fat - even giving you ideas for eating out. This is a lifestyle you can live with the rest of your life - not a Diet, which is temporary. He also explains WHY this plan works - not just an instruction book. When someone takes the time to explain the why, it clicks more in my head. As Robert says - it's all a mindset. I would recommend this book.
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on January 6, 2012
This book is a quick read that includes a diet plan that emphasizes combining food in a certain way to maximize weight loss. The book also includes some exercise information and a lot of information on motivation. I am not overweight, but I've gained weight over the years during pregnancies and as I've aged. I've tried Weight Watchers (actually gained weight on that one) and counting calories and trying to eat right on my own with no success. I have always exercised consistently, but the weight won't budge. I have been on this diet plan for five weeks and for me it has both positives and negatives. The diet is easy to follow. I read the book and started the diet the following day with food that I already had in my kitchen. There was nothing special to buy. For the most part, I haven't been hungry. The diet is set up so that you eat every two or three hours. So, if I find myself kind of hungry, I know that in just a little while I can have something to eat. Also, I've found it very easy to go out to eat and stay on the diet. Just about every restaurant menu has something that fits within the program, but portion sizes do need to be watched. The negative for me is that the results haven't been very impressive. I lost three pounds the first week, one pound the second, one pound the third, nothing at all the fourth week and gained almost 2 pounds the fifth week. So, after five weeks I've only lost three pounds. During the five weeks that I've been on the diet I have followed it religiously with the exception of Christmas Day. I have felt a boost of energy by following the program, but I really would like to lose weight. I plan on sticking with it because at least I can maintain my weight with it, I just wish that the results were a little better.
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on May 20, 2011
I checked out this book in our library to see if I would like it. I saw Robert Ferguson in an infomercial and of course, sceptical. His book was a pleasant surprise. I'm fairly fit 51 year old female and good diet, but would like to lose 5 lbs. I had no idea grouping fast & slow carbs together with protein and having snacks would help, but it's amazing. He lists slow and fast carbs in his book. Most of us would not think of tomatoes and broccoli as slow carbs and eat lots of them. I thought whole wheat was a slow carb. I am never hungry. Also, the recipes are simple and not expensive. You don't have to soak something overnight, or put together a bunch of ingredients. I won't be buying the book, because a bulk of it contains emotional well being about being motivated for change and I'm steady, so that's for people with real issues. I strongly recommend this book.
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