Difference between Oster Beehive 4093-008 and 4096-009 I've noticed that there are two different Oster Beehive blender models, the 4093-008 and the 4096-009. What are the differences between the two models.?
asked by Linda M. Guyette on February 13, 2012
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The -008 appears to be brushed stainless and 600 watts, while the -009 is chrome and 500 watts.
Tara L. Wisely answered on August 31, 2012
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The 4093 has a square pitcher while the 4096 has a circular pitcher. If the diameter of the 4096 equals the length of one side of the 4093, then the 4093 has a larger capacity, but if diameter of 4096 equals the diagonal between opposite angles of the 4093, then the 4096 has a larger capacity. Think of if looking straight down at the top of the pitcher...Whichever shape fits completely inside the other, will have the smaller capacity, if both pitchers have the same height. The 4096 is listed as a 6-cup pitcher, so the diameter of the 4096 must equal the diagonal of the 4093, so looking top down, the 4093 fits inside the 4096, if both pitchers have the same height. Otherwise, Tara's answer is correct about the metals -- the 4093 is stainless and the 4096 is die cast metal, so the $4093 costs a little more; but Tara is incorrect about the wattage -- the Oster website lists both models at 600 watts. The website also lists both models at a 6-cup capacity, which means that the 4093 pitcher may be slightly taller. I'm buying the 4093 because I prefer pouring from a corner.
Richard stone answered on May 23, 2014
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