Difference between S and SD series? Hi,
I was hoping someone could tell me what the difference is between the Canon S series, and the SD series...specifically the SD1200 IS. What are the major differences between the S90 and the SD1200 IS? Does the S90 take clearer/better color pictures? My SD1200 seems to have a lot of noise in the photos, no matter what setting I have it on. It's REALLY frustrating. Also, it seems to pick up a lot of red...people's skin tones look very reddish/warm, and not accurate to life.

Any advice/info would be GREATLY appreciated!

Cheers! :)
asked by Tiffany Robinson on June 28, 2010
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SD series is more for the "point and shoot" crowd whereas the Sxx series offers more exposure adjustability for better creative control. The Sxx series also generally has larger image sensors which creates more interpixel spacing which reduces light bleeding between pixels thus reducing noise. (The "larger" reference is in reference to physical size of the sensor not pixel count.)

As for whether the S90 takes better/clearer pictures the answer is most likely yes but how much better is going to be based on the situation. In low light situations the answer is a definite yes as the S90 has an f2.0 aperature which allows twice as much light as the f2.8 of the SD1200. This combined with the larger sensor will allow the S90 to take better low light pictures.

Some other differences favoring the S90 are the 28mm wide angle lens and flash range. The 28mm lens captures an image roughly 25% wider than the 35mm lens on the SD1200. Flash distance increases from 14 to 21 feet at wide angle setting. The downside of the S90 is size. It is considerably larger and heavier than the SD1200.

As for the reddish tones, this is a function of Canon cameras. It can be minimized however through proper use of the white balance/lighting type settings in the camera.

I hope this helps.

(note: Sxx refers to the S10 through S90 series not the S100 through S500 series which were point and shoot models.)
J. Robertson answered on June 30, 2010
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