Differences between Roku HD and the Roku 2xs I currently have the old top of the line roku model (the one that is 1080 capable) and want to know the changes that the 2 xs provides to see if ugrading is worth it? I wish someone had a chart somewhere, but can't find one:-<
asked by Lisa on October 2, 2011
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Both the XD and the XDS models did 1080p (XDS was the top model) on the previous models.
Are the new Roku 2s worth the upgrade? Well that depends on what you see as an upgrade and what you see as a downgrade...
The new models, with the exception of the XS, lost LAN connections for 10/100 networks. This was standard across all the previous models. As wireless is unreliable at best, this makes anything but the XS a definate "NO BUY".
Wireless on the new models has lost Dual band N and now only has single or 2.5Ghz wireless N. No 5Ghz Wireless like what came on the XDS model.
The new models lost all but HDMI and the Composite A/V combo output (for standard-definition; works with included A/V cable) connections. No more Component video and optical audio outputs that were on the XDS.
The new Wii-like enhanced bluetooth remote only comes with the XS model, but you can buy one for the other two models.
While the new models add games and Closed Captioning, they lost the ability to run some channels that the last models play.
There have been complaints that some HD content doesn't look right on the new players. Complaints the wireless isn't as good. The USB brings nothing new to the table and plays the same stuff the last model (XDS) did. Some report chronic rebuffering problems which the new models were supposed to fix but apparently made worse.
I personally will be buying another XDS from Amazon.

(The following, I direct at the Roku Execs)
Let's face it, If you really want to play games on the TV, your going to want a Wii, Xbox or Playstation anyway as it will be far more satisfying than with a remote control with the action buttons in odd spots (bottom of the remote, who's bright idea was that?). Roku needs to stick with what they do best, which is streaming internet media. They would do better by pushing more content (Youtube still doesn't have an App for one and they could push to get a few others added like Vudu and Blockbuster... the more the better) and beefing up the connection types (Add the missing Media connections back and bring back 5Ghz N as well as finally adding Gigabit LAN!) Built in memory, requiring micro SD? What were you thinking? Memory is incredibly cheap! Don't make your customer require an upgrade out of box! Drop making 3 models... stick with one model in the next release with all the features at a $99 price. You can keep the current XS as the $69, $79, whatever model.
R. Diamond answered on October 3, 2011
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Buffering is related to your network and internet connection speeds. It has nothing to do with memory which is all that USB memory sticks are.
R. Diamond answered on December 2, 2011
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there is a big diff in picture clarity between my old xd and the new apple tv 2013 model
the new appletv is steaming alot of data on my network and the old suposedly 1080 xd does not
i beleive the old xd which they say is 1080 is not 1080
.Net learner answered on May 14, 2013
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Here's a chart: http://www.roku.com/roku-products
I still don't know what one to buy though >_<
Kate answered on January 18, 2013
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Sure wish I could add a USB stick for more "buffering" power.
Victor Volkman answered on December 2, 2011
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