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on September 19, 2010
I ordered this pedal expecting something better than what I recieved. Im using a Fender Frontman 65R, and playing this pedal through this amp sounds very digital and shrill.. Maybe Im just a fan for low end growl, but I felt like in any setting you put this pedal on, it is missing something..

I was able to get a couple of decent sounds out of it, but as I stated before, it still leaves something to be desired.

The interface is a pain to work with untill you get used to it and the settings are confusing unless you are sitting with the instruction manual in your hands..

I was hoping to use this pedal to save me from dumping more money into my musical gear by buying a bunch of different pedals.. But, you get what you pay for.. Overall, I was a little disappointed with this pedal. It is better to classify this pedal as a toy, rather than a serious guitar pedal.


So Ive been playing with this pedal for the past few months. Ive decided that I like all of the effects it has to offer EXCEPT for most of the distortions on the pedal (This may also be influenced by my amp, a Fender Frontman 65R). If you play clean, all the effects (tremelo, chorus, delay, etc.) are actually pretty good.. Distortion sounds coming from the pedal do seem digital and are overall horrible (at least on my amp). This pedal actually replaced ALL of my stomp boxes. I find it easier to hook up this one pedal rather than make a whole chain of stomp boxes.

It grows on you..
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on September 17, 2010
I purchased this to replace my recently departed RP-200. (It could take a lot, but not a cat throwing up on it at point blank range.) My economic situation meant I had to settle for the lower priced RP-90 instead of the the 250. (I figured since I already have a way to record on my computer, I didn't need the USB jack.)

I've got to admit, after the ergonomic ease of working with the 200, the interface on RP-90, although no worse than similarly priced products or half a dozen modeling amps, IS A PAIN IN THE NECK. Don't lose the manual. You'll be lost. Heck, download an extra copy. Make copies of the settings page. Tape them to your amp or the bottom side of the pedal.

However, I'm pleased to announce that the actual sound of the pedal, either through headphones or through my Behringer GX212 is pretty good. The hard rock sounds are superlative, of course, but it also does a decent job on vintage "cowpie" and other effects. Actually, I prefer using it as a stomp box right through the Behringer's effects loop because I like the tube virtuizer circuitry on the Behringer. If you want stereo, for "swells" for example, you can bypass the Behringer's amp and plug it directly into the stereo input on the preamp, controlling the sound through your pedal's controls. It's a little more synthetic that way, though.

I should mention that mostly I try to play blues - and for that, I prefer plugging a Samick Royale 1 outfitted with Seymour Duncan Fat Cats directly into the amp and setting it for Tweed clean -- maybe using a little bit of distortion if I'm using my Strat. Rock and roll is more or less of a hobby for me, and so this does the job nicely. Nope. You can't beat a Les Paul plugged directly into a Marshall (simulation.)

No. It's not a REAL Marshall amp or a REAL Fender Bassman. No, they're not genuine BOSS effects. This is, simply, a useful, reasonably priced collection of decent to good effects for people on a budget.
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on November 10, 2010
After some research, I decided upon the DigiTech RP90 for several reasons: 1)digitech quality, 2) I wanted a variety of effects, BUT not so many that it would resemble programing a NASA launch [like so many others out there] just to get the sound I desired, 3) Price at was the best I could find anywhere.
Easy to hook up and operate. Excellent sound quality and much less "digital" sounding than many other pedals in this price point. Overall, its a great compromise between funtionality and cost.
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on October 6, 2012
The product was in good working order. Was disappointed with packing/shipping by seller. It could have been damaged during shipping. The seller put the product in envelope without padding and un-boxed and mailed it the least expensive way possible and I know I paid for better shipping than that. The postage on envelope did not reflect what I was charged for shipping or even come close. Other than that issue, the product funtioned as expected and amazingly was in good working order without any damage. This product is very good for beginner players and also experienced players and provideds a wide variety of settings/effects.
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on January 27, 2012
As someone who's just recently started electric guitar, I'm glad I got this. I've used Digitech effects processors for my keyboards for decades (DSP128+) and it's great, so I thought I'd try out this pedal. It makes a big difference in sound quality compared to dry signals; I like using patch 27 the best (heavy metal guitar style), and also patches 4 and 19, for smoother sounds when playing jazz/blues. Most of the other comments by others here are correct.

It's not something I'd gig with, as it's plastic; fine though for home studio/home use and practicing. Has lots of parameters to work with, and the built in drum machine is better than expected. Overall a super value with solid sounds, very good for new guitar players.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 24, 2015
This is a multi effects pedal, with a simple drum machine and and tuner built in too. I've had two others in this RP line and these will sound really good if you know how to program them.

I can plug this into the AUX in on my sound bar in my living room and play along with a simple beat in just minutes, and it will sound good. You do need to know programming however and I learned with the first units in the 80's.

But if you can find a preset program that's close to the sound that you want, than you can copy it and save it to a user number, and then tweak it . Now copy that one to the next preset and add a little more grit, and you have two good sounds, do it again, adding delay and more reverb for solos, now you have a third preset of your own.

The pedal can be used for volume, wah or to increase the effects level, and this works well.

I need to warn you about the pedals on these though. You don't want to stomp on them, you want to gently toe them. I messed up the first one that I bought being too hard on the stomp, so treat yours accordingly and you'll be alright.

Today I'm also using a Digitech RP360XP, which costs more, but is a much better model with it's normal stomp switches. I also have a Zoom that I like.

I have a dozen nice amps and a couple nice practice amps, and I still find myself playing through this wherever I happen to have it setup.
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on June 29, 2014
i like it. easy to use, convincing effects. played through a stagg 10 watt amp. sounds great. at times i can hear the wood. i don't have much room and must watch the volume. fits the bill perfectly. had rp 350. good, but to much fuss for me. sold it. i'd rather play more and mess with tones less. just my preferance.
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on November 3, 2010
I've owned this pedal for a couple years and overall i'm decently pleased with it but it has its problems. When I started out with this pedal it sounded great, absolutely awesome. However as i get to be a more accomplished guitarist and am able to hear different sounds, i start to realize that the sounds just are not as great as most other pedals on the market. The distortions sound extremely electronic and unnatural. The other effects (flangers, chorus, delay, etc.) are one heck of alot better than the distortions but still not as good as a single effect pedal from mxr or boss. As a side note, it is a serious pain in the butt to program this thing! I would highly recommend this to a beginner guitarist or someone who just wants a pedal for at home use. However this pedal is definitely not good for on the road gigging. it has a plastic casing that cracks extremely easily and overall just doesn't sound as good as a professional multi-effects pedal such as the Vox Tonelab, the Boss ME-70, or the Boss GT-10. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. This pedal is a cheap alternative to the more expensive but ultimately nicer pedals.
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on January 3, 2012
Bought this for myself for a birthday present. Overall I really like it! Great bang for the buck. I got the RP90 over the RP255 because I didn't feel the RP255 has 50% more capability for 50% more cost.

* Pretty decent sounding factory presets (I don't know what the people complaining about the distortions are comparing them to, honestly).
* Direct headphone out jack. No need to go buy a 1/4" to 1/8" converter.
* LOTS of effects to play with.
* Expression pedal can be used to control not only volume/wah but also effect parameters for almost any effect e.g. chorus speed or depth.
* Drum machine is actually much cooler than I had expected. Makes practicing alone much more enjoyable than with just a metronome.

Cons (what keeps me from giving it 5 stars):
* No battery option. Must be plugged into a wall outlet. This limits usability but overall not too big of a deal.
* Creating/editing patches is a bit of a hassle, but not too bad. Keep the manual handy!
* You must start with an existing preset to create a new patch. I'd much rather hit a button sequence that's effectively "start a new preset" that has all effects/tones turned off, then start adding effects one by one.
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on January 22, 2014
I got this product and while it was working, it was pretty decent and allowed me to get a feel for effects as a beginner to the world of effects. But then, after using it about 10-20 times, it broke and none of the common solutions to problems worked to fix it. It was really poorly built and I would recommend buyers to look at other multi guitar effects even if they have to spend a little more.
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