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on September 7, 2013
The authors make an effort to discuss the digital marketing analytics landscape, from inception to present day. In addition, they make efforts to provide insights in analyzing a select sets of tools, before getting into the art and science of digital data management and analysis. I found the order in which they explain things a bit clunky, taking you in too many different directions for the first 8 chapters. I also found that their technology recommendations are based on short formed opinions are not well found and are also stale, as big data, MCCM and DMPs have grown significantly since this book was published. If you are looking for the opinions of some seasoned marketing professionals, there are some interesting chapters here in what they are doing with data.
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on May 28, 2013
This book was terrible. It contained mostly filler words and sentences to bloat its length. The only substance came in listing out different companies with a blurb about what they do. I read it in a two hour sitting, which is not something an analytics book should allow. Look elsewhere.
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on February 10, 2016
I am an intermediate-level (read: 3-4 years experience) digital analyst and I ordered this book to try to get a better understanding of "marketing analytics," as opposed to the web analytics side, of digital analytics. I didn't expect it to be heavily quantitative or anything, but I did expect it to have some good digital marketing analytics strategy and tactic content.

It didn't.

The book was two-thirds about social media tools and capabilities, with a few pages devoted to digital analytics tools, and maybe one-third about actually taking advantage of marketing analytics. This one-third was very top level, with lots of fluff and fat. I didn't find it very useful at all.

I can usually judge how useful I find a book by how many pages I dog-ear throughout, and this one only had 2-3 pages that I thought were useful enough to mark. Although it was an easy read, it would probably only be useful for someone who knew nothing about social media or digital analytics, but even then, don't expect to get much out of it on the digital analytics front.
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on June 10, 2013
Like many marketing scientists, I'm doing my best to keep pace with the explosion of innovation in recent years. This book is an excellent overview of Digital Marketing Analytics, which is still very new and rapidly evolving. The book is wide-ranging without being superficial. Many sources are provided for those who want to have a closer look at the new tools available or who want to explore specific topics in depth. Don't let "analytics" turn you off; this is a non-technical and very readable book, and I highly recommend it to other marketers and marketing researchers.
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on December 15, 2014
This was a textbook for my Digital Media Metrics class and it was a really valuable supplement that broke down the details of digital analytics. It takes you through the current landscape, what specific tools are out there and how to utilize them based on principles and goals, and it gives you practical approaches to getting started.

If you're new to digital media, or your business hasn't dived into it yet, this book is a great starting point.
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on June 3, 2013
Unlike many marketing and social media books from gurus, wizards or Jedis (yes people have really used that on their business cards) this book is written by two guys with a plethora of experience working with clients across the globe. Instead of writing what you can measure and how you should go about your business in the digital space, Chuck and Ken break it down into manageable segments that readers can come back to when it applies to where they are in the digital or social game.

While the term textbook typically brings back thoughts of college classes, I will call Digital Marketing Analytics a textbook that should be owned by any digital pro or aspiring digital pro still in the college ranks. These guys have won a spot on my desk alongside other reference books.
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on November 20, 2014
5 star reviews by Jason Baer (May 9, 2013), Kevin Gray (June 10, 2013), ebad (July 26, 2013), Jessica Williams (May 29, 2013), Shauna (May 9, 2013), GGERIK (April 25, 2013)--probably the best one, and Jenny (June 24, 2013) all express how thorough and complete this book is and I agree with them that it is of vital importance that those in marketing, PR, & web analytics to read it.

It discusses paid and organic searches, search analytics, utilizing social media & their engagement tools, audience, content and engagement analyses, understanding digital influence, developing your own social media listening program, using listening to inform marketing programs, using online data to anticipate a crisis, improving customer service, launching a new product, formulating a research plan, making reports easy to understand and communicate to the correct management audience, Return on Investment, mobile analytics & how it is different than other digital channels, and the future of digital data: business intelligence.

With over 65 pertinent notions that I wrote down for this review, I will provide a few here.

Digital Strategy defined: " a broad term but essentially involves the research, planning, definition, and creation of a go-to-market plan for digital channels, with the end goal being a return on investment--something affecting the bottom line in a reasonable period of time."

One purpose of the book: "The new era of engagement has resulted in a data explosion that takes us beyond analyzing clicks, counting advertising impressions, and adding up website page views. The data tools available today give you the insight you need to improve marketing and advertising performance. You can now better understand both the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of a prospective audience. You can use this knowledge to personalize user expectations and facilitate a real value exchange that meets user's needs and expectations."

On capturing data: "Best practices suggest that data should be captured over a 12 month period. Utilizing a 12 month window lessens the possibility that holidays (if applicable), quarterly earnings events (if applicable), and crises (if applicable), will unnecessarily bias the data. It also enables you to accurately assess behavioral trends online. The 12 month time window also eliminates a lot of concern about data degradation."

On digital campaign measurement practices that will serve the company effectively:
"Outputs: This is the production of a physical product...if one of the components of your tactical plan is to create a blog, then an output would be the number of posts you have written. These are important to capture, but outputs is the lease valuable of the three O's.

Outtakes: Outtakes are the things that your key stakeholders will glean or absorb from the program....if you are trying to convey to the market that your company is active in corporate sustainability, an outtake would be how well that message resonates after the program has concluded.

Outcomes: What are the quantifiable changes in behavior that you have impacted as a result of the campaign? Outcomes are the most valuable O, but they're also the most difficult to track. It requires robust benchmarke research...and then rigorous post-campaign testing to ensure that the behavior has actually changed.

Your campaign's measurement program should have elements of all three O's in it, with as much focus on outcomes as makes sense. The outcomes are the metrics that will resonate most with your boss and continue to gain budget for you and your team. Tracking those metrics will also show your boss that you are serious about doing something other than racking up fans and followers."
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on June 24, 2013
As "big data" charms its way into the marketing landscape once again, Chuck and Ken bring us back to reality with a well-thought out, insight-laden, detail-rich and actionable book on understanding and using proven digital analytics to inform our marketing and communications efforts. Written to keep you reading, the book progresses from the basic of analytics to more complex analysis for actionable insights. In addition to sharing with you the framework of understanding, tools and roadmap, Chuck and Ken provide key barriers to the roadmap that keep you from just piling in more data just so you have more data.

Who should read Digital Marketing Analytics? Marketing veterans will gain validation for your efforts or insights to help your efforts be more effective. Marketing newbies will learn how to understand and wield data to be a smarter marketer who gets better results. Marketing professors will reference insights to teach students to ground analytics into every marketing conversation and campaign. And for the rest of us who work in marketing or communications, the book gives us the language, understanding, framework and the all-important boundaries to stay focused on analytics that matter most.

As a firm believer in integrated marketing communications, this book shows you how gathering and using the right data can help you build a more customer-centric company that's better for the brand and the bottom line. For me, I marked up my copy with notes and then immediately put what I learned to work, adjusting some of our analytics efforts to be better focused on information we could act upon and influence. I'm certain I'll be referencing it often in integrated marketing conversations and in our own work with clients. It's going to be on my desk and open for quite a while.
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on May 29, 2013
It's embarrassing how long it took me to write this review as this book has already become my go to guide for analytics related questions that I have in my day to day. Even as a social analytics professional I found this book to be so useful and comprehensive in the knowledge it provides. Whether you are a beginner to the field of analytics or a season pro this book is a must read.

As others have noted - books like this are tough to write as the industry moves so fast that many tools or strategies are often outdated weeks or months after they are written about. Not the case in this book. The guidance that Chuck and Ken give will be useful for years to come as it is rooted in the idea that the metrics may vary but the practice of measurement is what is really important.

Chuck and Ken have armed me with the knowledge to walk confidently into meetings and speak about everything from social, website, search and mobile analytics and why each is important to measure. Most importantly they give the guidance on not only how and why to measure these things but how to tie them back to business metrics that execs really care about (and that doesn't necessarily mean revenue or sales!!).

I have recommended this book to every marketer and social media professional in my organization. This is not just a book for measurement professionals - but anyone who wants to become better at our jobs and glean insights from all the data that is available to us.
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on May 9, 2013
Most books tackling digital and social media math and technology shy away from details, because they run the risk of being out-of-date quickly in these fast-changing industries. But not this book. Hemann and Burbury put it all out there, providing specific reviews and guidance on individual software platforms, step-by-step approaches on how to create reports for different level of an organization, and tons of other "in the trenches" how-tos.

If you routinely create or digest digital analytics today, this will be your new favorite book, and you'll keep it on your desk for reference (and I am already referring back to the review copy I was sent by the publisher). If you are a novice in the field, this book will be like drinking from a firehose, but it will be worth the effort to lap us as much as you can.

This is the rare volume that I consider to be a public service in terms of giving away so much knowledge for the price of a book (Social Media ROI was similar in that way), and if this is your industry, Digital Marketing Analytics is a bargain at thrice the price.

Note: as mentioned, I was provided a free copy, and I am acquainted with the authors.
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