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on June 16, 2009
Well, the digital switch wasn't without problems! This TV has a wonderfully clear picture for the stations that you can receive. There are a few things to consider though. You will probably need another different antenna because the one provided doesn't get many stations. I had to purchase an amplified antenna (bought 4 of them and eliminated them one by one) to get my local stations. If you live in an area with tall buildings, mountains, etc. you will no doubt have issues. Apparently, digital signals are not as strong as analog signals and reception is poor because of this. You will also need a tripod to stand it on (like the small ones for digital cameras) as it does not have a base that stands up easily. You also have to have a lot of patience to locate a signal as moving even slightly makes a big difference. It's a bit clumsy with the external antenna attached. I think we were used to the mobility of the old analog type products and this technology is a bit quirky. So if you're the impatient type, this might not be for you.
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on February 16, 2010
This is a very nice little television for what it is. I purchased it at a local CVS pharmacy, for $99.00 in summer of 2008, needing to replace a 1991 model Sony B/W Watchman analog TV that we kept on our kitchen counter for watching and listening during kitchen-work.

After a year of use, after its warranty had run out, we noticed that the power-light that shows the battery charge and status level was popping on and off, and likewise the view-screen, at the same time. My husband would wiggle the power jack around and lift or move the powercord and eventually get power back to the unit. After a month of deteriorating connection, he took the unit apart and found that the powerjack connection to the circuit-board was loose. The single thin wire's solder had broken. He knows a little bit about electrical circuitry, and did some solder work on it and made a connection that delivered power, again. We used it for a very long time after that, almost 6 months, before the jack again became a problem. He experimented and figured out that the fall of the powercord, from the jack to the wall-outlet below the unit, placed a directional stress on that powerjack and its internal connection. There is a rather weighty 'filter or transformer' about 5 inches back from the plug, which pulls against the powerjack. He resoldered the powerjack's connection to the circuitboard inside back into place, again, but believes that the small hook at the upper left of the unit is to hold the cord more-or-less in place to reduce the stress on the jack. (We don't remember reading about that hook in the owner's manual. It looks like an antenna holder-bracket like what used to be found on old portable radios. Use it hold the cord. It'll save one a headache, it seems.) We've been using it like that, with the cord looped behind that hook, and haven't had any power breaks in the last 48 hours. UPDATE: This morning (2/16/10), when moving the tv, the power/charge/standby light faded from green to green-yellow, and back to green, when the power cord came out of its hook-holder and shifted because of the move. Putting the cord back in behind the hook, and giving a little slack to the cable, brought that light back to solid green.

The picture is difficult to adjust. Changing the contrast, bright, color and tint doesn't happen immediately, to my eyes. Whites and bright pictures appear washed out. If there's any dark printing against a white background, like one'll find at the bottom of newscast scrolls, the printing appears smudged. When the printing is white against the dark background, it's much more sharp. (The pre-programmed picture setting choices are Standart, Soft, Dynamic, and Personal. I use Personal, and have the 'sharpness' to 80, and the printing is still 'smudged' when dark print is against white background).

Each change of channel will show the channel number and its call letters, which is a nice thing. That's done automatically when the unit scans for new channels. The remote is small, and relatively easy to use, physically. The channel buttons are small, though. The EPG key will give description of the program on the channel, as long as there's one broadcast by the broadcast-channel.

We hope to get another 2-4 years service out of it, barring any more issues with the powercord jack.

Overall, even with our large television in the living room, using rabbit ears, reception stinks since the digital change of signal. With this Digital Prism unit, sometimes moving around the kitchen will cause the video to freeze, or turn into a checkerboard, and the audio to repeat a single, repetitive syllable, ad infinitum, until the unit is turned, the antenna is moved, or one changes one's own position in the room.

As a portable unit, we tried it in our car while traveling to Florida from Tennessee. Unless we had line-of-sight exposure to broadcast towers, the picture and audio was like described above: choppy, block-like video, repetitive syllables, or black (failed to receive signal), unlike the old analog unit we had, which would receive audio and visual while we were on the move while in the reach of a broadcast signal. Remember with analog, one can receive audio OR visual and both. With digital one can only receive video AND audio AT THE SAME TIME, or nothing at all. On the Florida trip we did NOT use an external car antenna, so it MIGHT work better like that. We weren't going to buy an antenna that we'd possibly use only once on a trip. It's ok when outdoors and the unit remaining in one place. With experimentation, we've found for our home's location, 12 miles line-of-site for all the local broadcast towers, a horizontal antenna position gets the best signal.
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on February 4, 2010
I am exceptionally pleased with this handy little digital TV! The picture quality is great, the built-in ATSC scanner picks up lots of channels, and the remote is easy to use. The included antenna is good, however, when I'm using it at home I attach a 99-cent rabbit ears antenna and pick up more channels and more easily. I went to the 21st-floor roof of my New York City apartment and stood very still as I scanned in 35 channels (about 10 more than I got inside my apartment). Then I can move around wherever I'm using the TV to receive a channel I've already scanned in. The slightest movement of the TV or antenna can make the difference between no reception and crystal-clear reception. The sound is tinny but it's to be expected with such small speakers. When I plug in amplified desktop speakers the sound is terrific, as is using a (not-included) pair of headphones or earbuds. The battery lasted 2 hrs. and 10 minutes on a full charge. When I'm home I use the included AC adapter, of course. The 2-position fold-out stand is flimsy so I'm careful with it. There is a standard tripod screw-hole mount in the base, too. The only improvements I could think of would be to include a protective soft case and to throw in a pair of earphones. If it stops working properly I'll add it to this review, but so far I would recommend it with no hesitation. As a footnote, a week after I bought this from Target, thru Amazon, the price dropped $10 (making the total cost w/tax and shipping $63). A Target rep said that if I had bought it directly from the Target website they would have refunded the difference, but since it was thru Amazon they couldn't do it. Amazon said they would not refund the $10 that represented the sale price, so I was quite annoyed. Buying this TV thru Amazon turned out to be to my detriment in this case.
UPDATE: May 19,2010--So far, 3-1/2 months of use, every day for hours (I keep it on on my desktop next to the computer for "company") and still no problems whatsoever. Very happy with my purchase.
UPDATE: It is now mid-November 2010, and I'm happy to report that the TV is still working like new and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I use it almost every day, in lieu of keeping a larger TV on. I plug it into small amplified speakers, and together they only use 18 kWh as opposed to 40 kWh by my 13" set, and 137 kWh from my 32" HDTV. For some reason I don't get Ch. 25-1, 25-2, 50-1 and 50-2, but I get every other channel crystal-clear that the larger TVs get. My electric bill is more than $10 lower each month. The battery still lasts 2 hr. 10 min. on a charge. Can't recommend highly enough!
UPDATE: April 25, 2012, after 2 years 3 months, the battery won't charge anymore. I'm having trouble locating a new battery, and I think it will probably be too expensive, so I'll just use the AC adapter. It will limit the portability, though.
June 16, 2012: While I still love this little TV, the customer support is deplorable, that is, non-existent. The battery stopped holding a charge so I needed to buy a new one. My emails to the company went unanswered. I've tried to call their "customer support" at different times of the day, but it always rings busy. I have been unable to locate a replacement battery by myself. One of the battery specialist companies I called told me that this type of electronic item often has their batteries specially made in China for that item alone, and that replacement batteries sold alone are probably impossible to locate. Now I can only use the TV when it is plugged in, which really limits its usability.
July 2012: I finally found a replacement battery that fits this TV. It is the Haier HLT71BAT replacement battery, which is made for a 7" Haier TV but fits this Digital Prism. It DOES fit, but it's a little tricky. It is sold on Amazon by Bedford Power for $20, plus $4 shipping. Forget about Digital Prism customer support. They never answered my emails, and I truly believe that their customer support phone number is permanently "busy," that is, probably off the hook! Still, a great little TV.
Update Nov. 2012: Lost power, heat, electricity and water for 4 days because of Hurricane Sandy, but I still had HD TV when I connected this little gem to a 12V battery with the included adapter!
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on October 4, 2009
I bought one of these units from a local CVS after reading reviews. I didn't want the hassle of ordering a potentially defective unit via website then contacting the mfg. and returning by mail. I followed the manual instructions but the unit would not power up. I tested the power supply and battery. Both were functional. The customer service # proved to be worthless. After a 1 minute wait on their (Singapore?)customer service line, the system disconnects you. I tried this 3 times at different times of the same day with the same result. When I returned the unit to CVS, they commented that they had previous returns of this unit for the same problem. Looks like the manufacturer needs better QA and customer service on their product!
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on November 26, 2012
First I ordered this TV because I read all the Amazon reviews and researched most of the one star reviews on this product and found that this is one of those products that many of the one star reviewers have reviewed only this item on Amazon. This is strange because most people like myself that purchase and use Amazon for accurate reviews from real people have more reviews than one review. So moving forward, I will receive this from Walmart (better price) and will give a very accurate review on this product and add a update and change the stars if required.

UPDATE#1 Received the TV today. Its great! If anyone remembers the old casio portable TV's this one is twice as good. I am 30 miles outside of NY TV towers in a very wooded area and I can receive all the major channels. You just have to move the antenna to get reception. Don't just move the antenna up and down and side to side also close the antenna on the lower channels. For example stations 2-1 and 4-1 worked better when I only opened antenna to 4-1/2 bottom sections and full opened for 5-1 and 7-1 and higher. When you first do the channel scan (middle front button) make sure you are in a good area. Love this TV, and wally is selling this for peanuts, wish I had this when Hurricane Sandy hit us!! All those one star reviews are just wrong! I haven't even hooked it up to my roof antenna yet!

UPDATE#2 Hooked up to my house antenna and I did another channel scan and received about 37 channels. Nice! I have it in the kitchen now. This TV is the best for the money. Just make sure you are in an area that you can receive the new ATSC channels. You can go to a government site and enter your zipcode and street address and it will show you how far you are away from your TV towers.
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on March 30, 2010
I purchased this product for travel purposes from Amazon's partner [...] just before Christmas. I saved it as a present for my son for a travel to Disney World over the spring break. The TV worked great for about a day. After that the tuner could not get any stations in any of the populated areas, including Orlando, FL. One day later, the LCD screen went dark and I could not revive it no matter how long I charged the battery. I called the manufacturer's tech support and they issued me a "ticket" and promised to call me about the fix. Obviously, it was a bad joke as no one ever called. Target has a 3 months return policy so no luck their either. Shoddy product, shoddy tech support, unacceptable return policy. Take your chance with this thing at your own risk.
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on January 14, 2010
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loved the picture and the few stations he got were fine.
One week later he got a no database message that he could barely see. Getting hold of customer service was an absolute waste as previously stated by another customer. If you got this product and it has maintained function - great. If you are considering this, I suggest that you might want to look to a brand you are familiar with and that will be easy to return, if need be.
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on February 6, 2010
I purchased this TV to be close to my computer. With the supplied antenna, I could get 3 stations, and they varied from day to day. I attached an old large TV rabbit ears,and now I get 19 channels. The picture is PERFECT. I am so happy with the TV now. At times I have to put the sound all the way up, however, my hearing tends to be failing as I get older, so it could just be me. I couldn't be happier with this TV now. It is just amazing......
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on January 2, 2010
Antenna works fine for me, and picture is very good. Sound is tinny but my daughter says it's okay (very good with earphones). I paid $99 months ago, and it was well worth it. Be sure to tell your hard-of-hearing friends and relatives about this terrific $60 bargain.
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on December 6, 2009
I wanted a small TV for my desk. I must say that I have cable capability - so I had no hassle with antennas. The picture is extremely clear - I am thrilled. Takes up so little space. Could use one more "notch" on the sound bar - but it's still perfect for what I want and need.
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