Customer Reviews: CTA Digital Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack (White)
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on January 5, 2010
I received this sports pack a couple of days ago and proceeded to pretty much test every attachment that very evening. Everything looked pretty impressive when I opened the package. But there are some major shortcomings. The first is the fact that there are no instructions inside the box or anything. It may look like all the parts are pretty self explanatory, but a little guidance may have been helpful. I'll break down each attachment for you here:

1. Sword attachment: This was one of the major reasons that I wanted to get this pack. My kids and I (even my 3 year old) love the swordplay in Wii Sports Resort. The issue I have with the Wiimote alone is that whilst the Motion + adds remarkable depth to all the games, it puts the balance of the remote off. In order to reach the A and especially the B button, you have to hold the remote "high" or "forward" which can be a bit uncomfortable. I was hoping the sword attachment would balance it out a bit, which it absolutely does. Kudos for that! However, you have two choices of attaching the sword to the Wiimote. First you can remove the gel casing and use the included "spacer" to fit it in. I DO NOT recommend this as it's a pretty loose fit and it took me only about 10 slicing motions before the attachment became a "detachment". It fits more snugly with the gel casing on the Wiimote. It does not come apart this way. Next I thought I was having the same problem that another reviewer was mentioning that you have to take the attachment off to start a game (point to the screen and press A). You do NOT have to remove the attachment to get it to work, but you do have to turn the Wiimote sideways or upside down so that the Infrared transceiver can "see" the sensor bar. It's a bit of a hassle, but not insurmountable. The real problem is that during gameplay the attachment pulls the gel casing over the IR sensor and then your calibration is thrown off. Not good for the swordplay games at a higher level. That said I think I might be part of the problem. I may just "slice" too hard which jars the whole remote. My kids don't seem to have issues. Overall grade for the sword attachment: C-.

2. Canoe Paddle: No real issues with this attachment and it seems to balance the motion. One of the better attachments in the set and you can use it with the wiimote's gel casing intact. Because the attachment doesn't cover the front/top of the Wiimote is doesn't have the issues with the "point and press A" like the Sword. Overall grade: A-.

3. Golf club: Only issue with this attachment is the same as with the sword, you can't point and hit the A button without turning the Wiimote sideways or upside down. But you don't have to do this very often in Golf. It does balance the Wiimote for a better swing, but takes a bit of getting used to. You can put it on with the Wiimote Gel casing intact. Overall grade for the golf club attachment: B.

4. Table Tennis Paddle: One of the best attachments in the set. It really helps you hold the paddle the right way for game play. Only issue is the "point and press A" problem noted above. Overall grade: B+.

5. Frisbee: I see that other reviewers like this attachment and so does my daughter, but I have two major issues with it. First, despite the product descriptions implications you CANNOT use the Wiimote gel casing with the Frisbee. You have to remove the gel casing from the Wiimote, including the Motion Plus for it to fit into the frisbee. This is, to say the least, a pain in the you know where.. Second, I still haven't figured out exactly how to hold the darn thing once the remote is in it. You need to press, hold and release B to "throw" the frisbee, but I'm finding it difficult to hold it like a frisbee and get at the B button. There's a hole that I think you're supposed to put you hand through to help, but my hand is just too big. Again, some insructions would have been nice. Overall grade on the Frisbee: D.

6. Wakeoarding: Like the frisbee, I'm annoyed by the fact that the Wiimote has to be removed from it's gel casing to place into the wakeboarding handle. Other than that, though, it seems to work as expected for this game in which no buttons ever have to be pressed (except A at the beginning, but you don't have to point). Overall grade: C- (mostly because I reall HATE having to take the gel casing off.

7. Archery: This one can be used with the gel casing (or without by using the "spacer"). That's a plus. And the actual "bow" part of the attachment adds a little bit to the game. The issue is the "string". The picture implies that you can "hang" the nunchuck from the string. Not so.. There is a little clip to "grab" the string, but it won't stay there. And that makes it a little awkward to pull back whilst at the same time hold down the "Z" button. Also, be careful to only let go of Z and not the bow string itself when you're firing or you likely drop the nunchuck. I do like the feel of the attachment, however despite the weird "pull the string back but hold Z at the same time" issue, the main bow part does seem to add to the gameplay. Overall grade: C

8. Power Crusing Handlebar: Oddly enough the attachment I was looking forward to the least in the set turns out to be pretty much the best of all. In fact, I don't think I'd want to power cruise without this attachment now. The game is kind of awkward holding up your Wiimote and Nunchuck at an angle in front of you by themselves. But with the handlebars, you can really play the game a lot better. And I know that many consider the power cruising one of the weakest and least played games of the Wii Sports resort game pack, but with this atttachment, you'll be more likely to want to play it. It really gives you an easier way to hold the controllers and "rev" the Wiimote for those power boosts. Overall grade: A

In conclusion, I'm still a little unsure whether I'm going to send this set back. It was a gift and a few of the pieces seem to work well, but overall I can't give it a glowing recommendation. For around $30.00 I think the price is too high, especially if you think, like me, that you will be unlikely to use up to half the attachments.
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on October 27, 2009
On my son's birthday, we opened up this set to go with his new Wii Resort. The set looked like fun. When we first tried putting the remotes in, they would not go in. We had to work hard to get it ready to play. After we got the remotes in, we tried to start a game. We could not understand why we could not pick a game. You have to take the front of the remote out of the foam pieces that came with the set, pick your game and then work to get it back in. You have to do this each time you start a game. Our second game was sword fighting. During the fight, the sword attachment flew across the room. The third game was table tennis. It looked easy enough to attach the paddle. We locked it in place and began the game. As we were playing, the paddle flew off and hit the base of our TV. I'm glad it was not an inch higher or it would have busted our TV. After that, I put the set back into the box. I was not taking the chance of busting our TV or hitting someone in the head. I am returning this set. I would rather play with just the remote, than try to struggle with this set.
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on November 12, 2009
I really enjoyed this purchase and it makes playing Wii Resort more fun. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is a snug fit with the attachments and the wii remote. It can be difficult to get it in but once its in its great. The frisbee attachment and archery bow really add to the game play.
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on July 31, 2010
Wii sports Resort on its own is extremely fun, but with these 8 accessories, the game play became even more fun and using them added a whole new level to the game than with just the remotes themselves.

Sword: This is made of a soft clear plastic which can bend slightly and is a little less than 14 inches long. A hit to the head or body does not hurt but stings for a little. The sword is light enough that it does not cause you to tire very quickly but adds enough weight to counterbalance the added motion plus on the Wii remote. The sword does block sensor on the remote slightly so when trying to point to the bottom or the top of the screen the little hand can disappear, but with a little work, you can work around that. I give this a 9 out of 10 because I would have preferred the sword to be made out of something softer than plastic, like the Nerf accessories are.

Golf Club: Made of a harder white plastic that is unbendable and is a little less than 10 inches at its tallest point, this is a good accessory. It also adds enough weight to counterbalance the added motion plus. This accessory does not block the sensor on the remote. However, it should be foam like the Nerf accessories to make it less painful when you hit your legs, or your mother's. 9.5 out of 10 because it is plastic.

Bow: This comes in two pieces made in hard white plastic. The first piece, the bow, is a little over 14 inches, and has a rubber stretchy string attached to it. Holding the bow out with you arm completely stretched, the string will stretch to about an arm length. If you accidentally release the string, it stings a bit, but it does not hurt a lot. The bow is perfectly balanced so the stop does not feel lighter than the bottom. The second is a case for the nunchuk that has a little hook on it to attach to the string. It does not stay attached to the string and it takes practice to keep it attached to the string. The sensor is not blocked. The one thing I am waiting to see is that if over time the rubber string will break, but it has yet to. 10 out of 10.

Rowboat Paddle: This is made of hard white plastic that has no bend in it and it is about 15 inches long. This one is a little more top heavy, but it works great. This one does not block the sensor at all. 9 out of 10 for being top heavy and being plastic instead of foam.

Wakeboard: Made out of a hard but flexible white foam--which it what the sword should be made out of--it is a simple accessory. It is hard to get the Wii remote into the cut out--which cannot fit with the jacket--but once it is in it is solid. Despite the fact that there is no cut out for the sensor, the remote works just fine inside of it. You can hit play or point to the screen just fine. 9 out of 10 before being hard to put the remote in.

Ping-Pong Paddle: A light weight hard white plastic with red and black foam on either side of the paddle, this is a good accessory. It does not block the sensor at all. It is also balanced. 9.5 out of 10 since it should be foam instead of plastic.

Frisbee: Made out of a hard blue and white foam, it is slightly heavy. The remote without jacket is hard to get into the cutout. Fitting your hand through the hole is awkward but putting your hand outside makes it hard to reach the buttons--if you make it automatic that makes it so you don't need to push the buttons to throw, but it takes the fun out of it. Plus the hole makes it a little unbalanced. 8 out of 10 because I still have not found out how to use it without it being awkward.

Jet Ski Handlebars: This is made of hard white plastic that comes in three pieces, the main part and the two remote holders (the Wii remote holder connects to the sword, golf club...). The two remotes can turn 360 degrees and they can be pulled in depending on how far apart you want them. This does cause small problems when you are turning because the remotes move closer together when you don't want them to. It is also lightly unbalanced in that the Wii remote side is heavier than the nunchuk side. However, it does make it easier to play the game because the remotes are fixed together in a way that makes it easier to control the turns than without it. 9 out of 10 because while it does make it easier to play the game, it is unbalanced.

Wii Remote Tray: This pack comes with a Wii remote tray that can be used in place of the jacket for everything but the Frisbee and the wakeboard accessories. The remote does fit snuggly into it, but the tray does not fit snuggly into the attachments. When using each of the accessories, I found that just a little too much pressure can cause it to come loose very quickly. It is better to use the jacket and ignore the remote tray because the jacket does fit perfectly into the accessories. Though the jacket can come loose over time, but not to the extent of the tray. 0 out of 10, completely useless.

Wii Base: This is what the Wii remote goes into which attaches to the sword, the golf club, the rowboat paddle, the ping-pong paddle, and the jet ski handlebars. However, it is not just a matter of inserting this into one of the accessories. You have to twist it until the little locking mechanism pushes into place. Otherwise the accessory will fly off and hit the TV. I think this makes it a little more secure than the other accessories I have because it cannot just come apart. 10 out of 10.

Overall: These accessories enhance the gaming experience. Despite the awkwardness of the Frisbee and the uselessness of the Wii remote tray, this sports pack is a great buy and is worth the price to buy for one more of these sets because it offers more accessories for more of the events.
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on November 1, 2009
We bought this game about a month ago..........and we have a lot of fun, every peripheral is essential; it gives you the real feel.

The Frisbee, I love the design, it matches to a beach look and its foam so it feels very comfortable in hands and also environmental friendly

The Wakeboard attachment is the right size and does the job, Bow attachment is really cool, and with this attachment my kids learn how to aim. - Row boat paddle, Ping Pong, Golf Attachment, and the Sword, I have one without the M+, no comparison, much more fun with the M+, it pays the upgrade.

In conclusion,
Pros: Increases Fun, Great Quality, Good Price,
Cons: The remote is strong in the attachment
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on December 31, 2013
After reading all the bad reviews I was hesitant to order these attachments; but, I went ahead and ordered two sets. I had nightmares of not being able to make them work. I saved the picture on the box showing the remotes installed on the attachments and was able to figure out what went where very easily. I have the MotionPlus remotes and they fit perfectly. To my happy surprise the attachments are easy to use and make the games so much more realistic and fun. I am a seventy years old grandmother and I use the Wii to get me moving. If I could just figure out how to throw the basketball while jumping up!
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on January 10, 2010
What a pain. Talk about aggravation. If you're like my family of four, we move from game to game to game pretty quickly. We don't sit there and play the same game over and over. So - - - unless you want to constantly be changing your remotes in and out of the accessories every single time you change games, not to mention we play all at once so we need to purchase 3 more sets so everyone has one - and you know how kids are - my turn, my turn, my turn; then this should not be purchased. We all stand side by side and go from game to game to game. When you have to stop and 3 people wait for one person to change out their accessory, well......I hope you get the idea. It's a "novelty item" that wore off in 3 seconds. I'm embarassed I did not think of these issues earlier. It may be better if you are a solo player, but even if I played alone, I realy can't see myself stopping to change out the accessories.

The Wii remotes work just fine and do not need these ridiculous acccesories. If you practice, you will figure out how to properly hold your remote and find the best way to use it - and sometimes its different from what the game suggests.

I can't review on how well the remotes stay in the accessories, and I can't comment on durability since we will never use them again. They are already back in the box ready to be returned. I'm just glad I bought them locally so I don't have to pay for shipping.
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on August 5, 2013
First, let me say that you don't really need this attachment set to play the games on the Wii BUT their use will enhance the fun and add some realism to playing the games. All the pieces are made from light weight blown plastic which helps minimize problems if you make contact with something. However, the plastic is sturdy and helps balance the particular tool you are using.

No instructions were included in my package. That's unfortunate because I think many of the one-star reviews were based on the fact that people didn't know what they were doing. That being said, instructions really aren't necessary for those with a modicum of common sense and logic.

I had no problem fitting my Wii remote with motion-plus built-in into the various pieces with the skin on and still have the A&B buttons accessible. There is an adapter for remotes without the skin. The only way I can see that this could be a problem is to put the remote in backwards so that the A button is not visible. The B button may be covered in games where it is not needed.

Some of the pieces are multi-functional. For example, the frisbee can used as a frisbee or as a steering wheel for racing games. The ping pong paddle can be used as a tennis raquet as well as for ping pong and it works really well for both.

Considering the very low price for this set, it's an outstanding value and well worth the investment. I'm truly glad I bought it and would do it again.
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on October 6, 2015
We purchased this to use with our non-U Wii, as part of an extended bribery campaign aimed at keeping our six year old nephew engaged with us instead of his iPad during regular sleepovers. He loves the Wii and you can't beat a little friendly inter-family competition to keep things fun for the kids AND the so-called grown-ups (much bigger kids!). Packaging is fine, with clear and accurate images that the kid liked so much he took the empty box home with him. We kicked off our very exciting Wii marathon by unpacking this treasure trove of plastic and fitting our controllers into each of the attachments for the specific sport we chose to play. And that's where things got a bit tricky! If you have the Wii remote with the motion plus attachment at the bottom, I suspect the fit might be different. If you have the Wii remote with the motion plus sensor built-in, like we do, you will probably have to spend some time at the beginning of each new sport, fiddling and finessing how to fit your remote in, gel cover on or off, taking care to ensure that the IR sensor still can properly interact with the reader and be seen during the games and that your remote can be calibrated or read when needed. It's a lot of stop-start twiddly fiddle (very technical terms!) that might make you wonder if perhaps taking up the real version of the sport might be simpler, but ultimately you can appreciate that these lightweight plastic pieces that make each of the games on Wii Resort even MORE fun and MORE challenging in a realistic and engrossing way. Sure, there's that voice in the back of your head that squawks about *cheap plastic toys made in china* (we got lucky on price and paid only 9-12 bucks per set with prime shipping) but it was hard to hear the squawks over the happy noise of a super excited kid ready to kick some serious archery butts. (Ba-dum!).
Everything was copacetic and it was all fun and games until pieces went flying.
Literally. Ouch.
If you're familiar with Wii, you know that the controller comes with a safety wrist strap and all of the game operating instructions remind the players -frequently- to make sure that the strap is safely secured to their wrist.
Nintendo doesn't want to be a party pooper so they don't bother saying why. But it's obvious. When you're going through the motions- literally, of throwing a ball or swinging a racket, it's easy to inadvertently let go of what is in your hand. And send it hurtling through the air and into the face of someone standing nearby. Alternatively you could take out the 52" flat screen LED flatscreen you're playing on. Or just knock over the urn holding your grandmother's ashes off the mantelpiece into a mess on the carpet and then Jinx the cat will come and start to pee... Wait, that's a movie.
But you get the idea. Safety is key.
Wear the wrist strap. We say it over and over and over again. With a six year old it's easy to forget so during a Wii Marathon we have signs up and even tape on the floor to keep him back far enough from the TV. You know how excited kids get. When there's so much happiness inside them that they have to use their entire body to express it. That's how he felt the day these plastic controller attachments arrived.
To be fair, we were getting a lot of joy for a little bucks, and making some memories, too.
He couldn't stop dancing, spinning, hopping and leaping around as I set up the Wii and loaded the game, fitted the remote and started with the twiddly fiddly business of getting the IR Sensor to still be clear enough to work.
The last thing I expected as I turned back to him was to be hit upside the head by a flying plastic missile.
Yet I was.
With saucer wide eyes, my shocked little gamer started to apologize profusely. His controller was still in his hand, safely secured by his wrist strap. *Part* of the plastic toy attachment was still attached. But one third had detached, flown across the room- hitting me and only narrowly missing our new TV.
Yikes!!! When I examined the two reunited pieces, it was at a join that they had split and it looked as if it had simply been sheared off. I was mystified because he had only been waving it around, not hitting anything or (technically) using it the wrong way. Little man was nonplussed that he had inadvertently broken a brand new toy, dismayed that I couldn't fix it, and very very relieved that he had not dinged his Uncle's new Telly. We considered ourselves super duper lucky that it had broken during warm-up when he was not aiming at the sensor bar above the TV. We did consider taping the broken pieces back together but ultimately decided that was just too risky and decided to just persevere with one broken game piece and eventually commenced our marathon as planned. Of course he gave me broken piece to play with.
It was less than an hour later that another piece went flying from another of the set's attachments.
For the most part it was a repeat of the first incident: Cause looked to be the same thing; it appeared to be a spontaneous detachment at what might have been a seam or joint, where there was a change of thickness in the attachment- possibly a weak area of the molded plastic?
Same again, without being hit on something or bent or having any force applied to it beyond gravitational pull, the piece simply separated from the body of the attachment, sheared off and went flying through the air at an injurious speed.
The only thing different was that this time, mid-game, this time, we were aiming directly at that beautiful new pristine TV screen.
That happened.
For fun, I would give this kit a few stars. For safety, I would have to recommend you proceed with caution. Most definitely you're going to want to see if your home and contents insurance covers damage to your TV screen. Or you know, your eye balls. Ok, that's exaggerating. Obviously. I know (most) eyeballs aren't covered in home & contents.
For the sake of flat screens and cremation urns everywhere, may I recommend that you consider fortifying your plastic attachment pieces with some duct tape or something similar, to reinforce the places that might not be up to centrifugal forces and excited elementary school sized kids.
Alternatively, you could put a protective net in front of your TV, and move Grandma's ashes to another room. Whatever you do, please don't stop playing together as a family with your kids, your lovers and your friends. Life is too short not to get moving and laughing.
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on March 30, 2016
The wii controllers do not fit in place secure at all. So you have to make sure you have a tight grip on the sports attachment like the bat and make sure to hold onto the controller tightly also they don't have wrist straps so they slip .I thought the remote controller would click in place secure.. My grandchildren 7 and nine year old were very disappointed and so was i wasted my money we just use the remote controllers to play i thought t really sounded like fun and i think it would have been if the sport attachments had fit correctly you might buy it and not mind it not being securely in place but i didn't want to take a chance of a part flying across the room.
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