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on November 13, 2012
I bought this 2 weeks ago thru the website and am using it with a magicjack plus serving several phones in my home.

After reading the recommendations about surge protection I also purchased the belkin protector with 6 wall outlets, this setup
was a snap to setup and I had it up and working in less than 5 minutes.

I had 1 small problem with it not suppressing the 1st ring. I called their toll free number for help (and HELP is what I got).

Guess what, I was talking with one of the principles in the company by the name of Bill, after explaining the problem, he had me do a few tests, and found there was a small issue with compatability with the magicjack plus and the 1st ring suppression.

He sent me out a new revised model to try. It now works PERFECT.
Their shipping was great and I received my packages in 2 days with tracking information (much better than I expected).

With all the junk calls I was getting driving me nuts, the quiet now is just fantastic.

I have never had a call blocker before, but this thing is amazing how well it works, I guess you get what you pay for.

I have never written a review of anything before, but this product and the customer support are so great that I felt I needed to inform more people about this product and how pleased I am with the device AND the support.

I would suggest you read the FAQ's on their website and take a look at the manual that is located there, as well as calling them to make sure you are going to order the correct model for you phone system.

Just a side note to let you know that until I purchased this call blocker I had never heard of this company and have no connections with them, I'm just trying to let people know of the GREAT experience I have had with them.

Steve H
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on November 12, 2012
I have had this little device installed for at least 2 or 3 years now and have enjoyed total telephone peace in my own home. Now, the phone ONLY rings for family, friends and co-workers that I want to talk with. Anonymous callers and callers from toll free numbers just get hung up on automatically; I have no desire to talk to them or listen to their pitches. Everyone else, including legitimate callers who are not on my list, go right to voicemail (which is fine; I'll call them back at MY convenience). I cannot imagine why every home does not have one of these. It is less than a hundred bucks and you own it!
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on March 29, 2013
Update: This product worked great for six months. Then, on September 8th, 2013, the unit started blocking all calls. Thinking that the device had become defective, I ordered a replacement. The replacement unit did the same thing. Therefore I must conclude that both units are identically defective, or that Fairpoint changed their caller ID so that the device is no longer compatible. I had originally rated this as 5 stars, but now I feel that I must lower this rating to 3 stars because of either poor quality or incompatibility.

I purchased this product after trying another cheaper one that did not work. This product cost a little more, but the price difference was well worth it. While the number of blocked or invited numbers is limited, the option of using an invited list and blocking all others works well for me. I mostly block complete area codes, but I can still invite a few numbers from the blocked area codes, or I can block certain numbers from an allowed area code. This product works well and keeps my phone from ringing when the lying telemarketers call. Note that you can download the manual from the manufacturer's website before buying, so you'll know what you're getting into beforehand.

The following is a brief list I have compiled of the codes to program the device: (Of course you would need to refer to the manual for more information.)

28 Turn off LED flashing when line rings.
29 Turn On LED flashing when line rings.
30 Enable Blocking of Anonymous, Private & unknown phone numbers (default mode)
31 Enter Business Mode
32 Enter Standby Mode

40 Block specific area code.
41 View Blocked Caller list.

50 Invite specific area code.
51 View Individually Invited caller list.
52 Invite callers within blocked area code.
53 View Invited caller in blocked area code list.

60 Enter VIP caller
61 View VIP Caller list

70 Turn on first ring suppression.
71 Turn off first ring suppression.
72 OPX Override On.
73 OPX Override Off.
74 Private Caller Invited On.
75 Private Caller Invited Off.
76 Allow Out Of Area anonymous callers.
77 Disallow Out Of area anonymous callers.

80 After hours mode On.
81 After hours mode Off.
82 Enter Start time for after hours mode.
83 Enter end time for after hours mode.
84 Monday through Friday After hours mode On.
85 Monday through Friday After hours mode Off.
86 Saturday & Sunday After hours mode On.
87 Saturday & Sunday After hours mode Off.

90 Disable "Dial 1?" prompt.
91 Enable "Dial 1?" prompt.
92 Display current settings.

96 Invite all callers who display number.
97 Block all callers (and then invite specific numbers)
98 Delete a single number from individual number type list. Deletes all numbers with # sign.
99 Reset Call Blocker User Settings to factory default.
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on January 17, 2013
The Digitone Call Blocker has dozens of ways it can be programmed to block individual calls, area codes, or groups of area codes. For example code: 40 8## ### #### * will block 800, 888, etc. But you'd also block St. College, PA (814). You can program it to block all calls from Washington DC area code. Or you can block just one number on your display by paging down to it and pressing 'Block' twice fast.

But the big problem today is robocalls from scammers. They've already discovered that they must provide a phone number and name (like Akron, OH) to avoid being blocked. They ignore federal and state do-not-call lists. Worse, they change phone numbers or area codes frequently, so you constantly have to add new area codes to block. But there is a better way.

If you are an individual who receives calls (that you want) from a dozen or more area codes, there is an easy way to program the call blocker once and done. Program the Digitone to block everything by entering 97#*. Then invite the area codes that you want to receive by entering 50 484 ### #### * (484 is the area code). Repeat this with every area code that your friends, family, business, American Legion and Boy Scout associates (examples) use and you are done.

Note: You cannot program blanks; they are there for clarity.
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on February 24, 2013
I've had this unit for a month and I'm very happy with it. However, it's important to go to Digitone's web site and download the user manual before you buy it, so you're familiar with what it can do and how it works.

It has to let the call ring once so it can receive the CallerID number. It blocks that first ring from going through to the phone that's attached to it. This is ideal for anyone who uses a modern cordless phone system with multiple handsets. I do but I have one other phone in its own wall jack. That phone rings once when a call comes in, but I like that because when it doesn't ring a second time I know the call was blocked and I smile.

It can block an area code + exchange. You would use that for callers who rotate the last four digits. The problem is that you need to keep track of the blocked calls so you can detect this, and one reviewer recommends keepimg a written list of the blocked call numbers. I do that (a speadsheet) but frankly, in this age of computers that's silly. For $100 the unit should hane a USB interface and software that allows you to upload, manage, and download the blocked caller list. You can do this with the contact list on cell phones that cost less than this unit costs. This is the reason for four starts instead of five - I'm manually typing numbers into a spreadsheet and for $100 I object to that.

One more note: You can block an entire area code but you need to be careful with that, especially not blocking the area codes the fraud departments of your credit card banks use to call you. They are using software to detect suspicious patterns in credit card use - typically a charge in a State more than one State away from yours. You really do want to receive those calls - they can save you a lot of trouble.
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on December 5, 2012
I moved into a new house a year and a half ago. Immediately after my home phone was connected, the junk phone calls started. DNC list is useless. I got TONS of these calls. So I found the Digitone and ordered one last summer from their website. I think it may have been an older version of what they are selling now. My life soon became much quieter. The caller ID for blocked calls continued to show up on the television screen and always brought me joy, yet this little gem blocks the ringing totally (it suppresses the first ring so that Caller ID can kick in, then bbye!). The other call blocker on Amazon still allows the first ring (how does this help me when I'm sleeping??). When a new number discovers me, I just block it and that's that. Anyway, this summer our back fence was hit by lightning and our Digitone was killed (sadly, along with our TV with the surge protection!). I was so sad. I have a Panasonic phone with call blocking capabilities, but it allows the first ring and has a limited memory. So, here I am forking out almost $100 bucks again. The box feels really cheap but it works, so I am willing to spend the money because I'm desperate. If it were not as expensive, I'd give it five stars. You'll just have to decide if you are willing to spend the money. Oh, and I'll pick up a surge protector this time around, although I doubt it would have worked in this recent incident. I mean, switches blew off the walls! Buy this and save yourselves.

Update: My new call blocker came today. Super-fast shipping. I'm actually looking forward to those obnoxious rings so I can press BLOCK on my call blocker!! I've already blocked two numbers since this came about an hour ago.

Up-update: So, it's frozen up a couple of times just like the old one. I find no dial tone and no one can call in or out. Not a problem as long as you realize it and nobody is trying to get in touch with me, but it's annoying. I just unplug it, wait about a minute and plug it back in. Just talked to my sister last week about hers and it does the same thing.
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on March 31, 2013
Because Amazon does not have a 4.8 star I had to give it a 4.0. I am an engineer with many years experience in telephone installation and repair. So I intended to install the Digitone at my home's "demark" or incoming "company" lines which would according to Digitone eliminate any ringing from a blocked caller. Their tech line is good and helpful and we determined that some more complex systems such as mine will not accommodate the "demark" connection.

Therefore it is helpful to know that any phone not connected to the Digitone unit will ring ONE time prior to the blocker cancelling the call. Example: if you have a portable phone system connected to the blocker and other direct wired phones which are plugged into your phone jacks, on "blocked calls" the phones not connected to the blocker will ring once and the phone system connected directly to the Digitone will not ring. Please note that "non-blocked" calls connected to the Digitone will be delayed one ring before ringing in.
It is an excellent piece of engineering and extremely flexible in its ability to program almost any scenario you can imagine. You can block individual numbers, area codes and combinations of each. You can accept only certain "VIP" numbers. It is an absolute blessing as we were (are) getting 4 to 7 annoyance calls per day. We don't hear them anymore! Thanks Digitone!
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on January 27, 2013
Set up was easy, just connect between phone base and wall. I was getting an annoying number of junk calls and resorted to Digitone. No more of those "unknown" or "anonymous" whatevers at all. Easy to block full numbers or wild carding by 1) press and hold down "program" button until it blinks and tells you to release button and pick up your phone. 2) It doesn't say to press talk on the phone but do that 3) then it says enter code so enter 40 followed by the offending phone number such as 87740#####* and that will block any callers from 877-40whatever. You can then enter more numbers or just hang up. I would recommend recording all your blocked numbers on paper for reference just in case you want to unblock or modify. You can easily see your block set by scrolling through but scanning a piece of paper is easier for me. I set it to let it ring thru once for now because I wanted to see how it works. Very happy.
The only thing I can suggest is allowing characters in the caller id to be blocked but that would require a bigger and more expensive unit with keyboard functionality. Things like "card services", "telemarketer".
This thing is expensive and that is the only reason I don't give it 5 stars. It probably costs $10 to make but the satisfaction I get from derailing junk callers is worth it. In the words of one frustrated individual on a website 800notes dot com puts it: JUST RECEIVED A CALL FROM THIS *-HOLE. DIDN'T ANSWER. GOVERMENT NEEDS TO CLEAN THIS UP. THEY SHOULD BREAK THEIR ARMS AND PULL THEIR PANTS DOWN AND PUT THEM ON A BUS TO COLUMBUS OHIO.
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on March 15, 2013
The Digitone Call Blocker is high-priced but if you value peace and quiet, it's worth the price. Over the years I used my Panasonic cordless phone system to block unwanted calls but it had its limitations. I could block only 20 numbers at most, and even for blocked numbers the phone would ring once before hanging up on the caller. When I had all 20 blocks in place it was always frustrating to try to figure out which number I could risk deleting so that I could add a new number. The Digitone can block 80 individual numbers or area codes, so it should be quite a long time before I will have that problem again. It also suppresses the first ring on all calls, so if a blocked number calls, the phone does not ring at all. The instruction book is complicated, because the unit can be used in several different ways, but it's easy enough to use for simply blocking known numbers. I set it up initially to block all the obnoxious callers on a list that I had compiled during the last few weeks, and now as soon as I get a new obnoxious call, I block it immediately with a few presses of buttons. It does get a bit lonely these days when the phone hardly rings at all, but I can see from looking at the ID that it's blocking lots of calls that I don't want to be bothered with.

Highly recommended. I should have bought it long ago.
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on April 26, 2013
We bought the Digitone Call Blocker as our next to last option, the last being disconnecting the land line if we can't get a handle on the problem. The device has reduced the number of calls we're getting significantly but there are still some from the most problematic callers getting through and it requires additional programming to stay ahead of them.

One type of call that's still presenting a problem are those with CID of Out of Area. We'd believed that all numbers with the Out of Area would CID would be blocked by default and indeed many of those we used to get have been, but some that have one of two obviously spoofed area codes that are local to us are still getting through occasionally. Since we can't block those area codes completely without having to create an extensive VIP list to allow people we want to receive calls from to get through, this has stumped us a bit. We're trying to block individual numbers as we receiving them but that seems like a losing proposition. Fortunately these don't represent a large number of calls so it's manageable so far.

Second type of call we're having difficulty with are those with the CIDs of "Client Retention" and "Client/Customer Dept" before installing the Call Blocker 10 we were getting between 15 and 20 calls per day seven days a week from these numbers. Initially all of the calls were stopped but eventually we began getting them again with what we noticed were new area codes. We block the entire area code, they stop for awhile then they show up again with another new area code. It seems likely that the winner of this ongoing battle will be whoever runs out new area codes to call from or space to store blocked area codes first.

If we had to guesstimate the call blocker has knocked out about 70-80% of the daily calls we used to receive and while that's not perfect, it's nothing to sneeze at either.

5/21 - update.

It's been nearly a month since we reported the decrease in unwanted calls received and thought it was time for an update. Perhaps it's a bit early to declare victory but it seems we may have won the battle of ever changing area codes. During this time period two(2), literally TWO, calls have snuck through with those being of the "Out of Area" with a fake local area codes variety. The silence is glorious!

Highly recommend this product.
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