Customer Reviews: Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove
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on October 2, 2008
I love this stove!!! After a week of going back in forth between this size and the smaller one, and reading countless reviews I made my choice and selected this larger one and I am so happy that I did!! I ordered the stove on Tuesday morning and it arrived Wednesday afternoon, how is that for service? It looks great and it fits perfectly under our TV. We live in a drafty house built in 1936 and even though we live in central Texas, the winters at times can be quite cold. Having always had a fireplace as a fixture in childhood memories, and loving its warmth and glow, I was determined to find something that could fit our needs and this was it!

As soon as it arrived, I literally lifted it out of the box and plugged it in. The remote is simply an on/off remote, which can be manually customized on the back of the unit so it can turn on/off according to your preferences. (I wish the remote was able to control the heat.) There are three controls on the back, a knob to adjust the heat/temperature level, a three part switch to turn the unit off, on, and remote mode, and a third switch to turn heat on/off, (a winning feature). Just for kicks I decided to crank up the heat and in no time, hot/warm heat was coming out of the bottom. I like that it was almost radiating heat with a slight force; I don't like having heat blowing at me. This was putting out heat at the bottom and since heat rises it was no time before the room was toasty warm.

The stoves' overall appearance is very pleasing, it reminds me of what one might find in an old farm house, but please keep in mind it is on the smaller size; 20 in long, 23 in tall and 10 in deep. But if you have a smaller, draftier room, such as a den, this will work great. And keep in mind; it is super light so you can move it around the house depending on where you are. I can't wait to move it to the kitchen, for that nostalgic "fireplace in the kitchen" feeling!

Hope this helps, and enjoy! º
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on September 28, 2008
I went searching for a woodstove this summer-to offset frighteningly high oil costs. I was upset to find that my rooms are too small--and apparently rafters and clearance are a big issue! To console myself I went online to look for a nice looking electric fireplace-a friend had purchased a more expensive wood mantel type. I found this one, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. It is small and will definitely fit just about anywhere-if space is an issue-this is nice. I have had other heaters-"and electric log, the oil filled radiator, and one of those that rotates and blows hot air-they all work well-but this one is the prettiest and you can leave it in your room year round, thanks to the option of a no heat "fire".

The fire effect is pretty realistic (better than my friend's pricey one)and I feel it is pretty safe-it has a blower underneath-so the top and sides stay cool (nice if you have cats and kids) I'm thinking of making a fake hearth for it because the floor does get a little warm under it. I wouldn't put a rug under it.

As for heating capacity-it takes awhile to heat an area up-but if you leave it on, it can heat a large area-I have it in the center of an open floor plan 1100 sq ft house-I have left it on overnight so I don't have to turn on the furnace-keeps the room it is in nice and toasty and the bedroom is a bit cooler(perfect!). I got my first electric bill and after leaving it on for about 7 nights, all night-no major change in my bill! I haven't tested it in the dead of winter yet-but I feel that it will definitely help with the bills! hey-and no lugging logs!
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on October 30, 2010
Like other reviewers, I was considering an oil-filled electric radiator heater which costs about a third to a half the price of the CS3311 Compact Electric Stove but instead bought this item. As others have pointed out, the name on the unit is NOT Dimplex but is ElectraLog (not an issue in my view). I am very pleased with the purchase. We have an 11X16 foot room (9 foot ceilings) at the end of a gas forced air furnace run and with an unfinished basement space below. The room can be isolated from the rest of the house by closing a set of french doors. It gets cool in the winter and in the past we have had to turn the furnace up to a point where it was very warm in the rest of the house to get this room comfortable. We spend a lot of time in this room where we read, watch TV and "game".

While we are not in the dead of winter yet, I can say that the heater provides plenty of heat to bring the temperature up quickly and to a point where it is downright toasty. To get the room to that temperature, it seems to cycle about 50% of the time (the outside temperature has been about 40 degrees). As pointed out in other reviews, the unit itself does not get hot like a traditional wood stove but rather the heat comes out of a lower blower unit which houses the electic heater. The blower remains on even when the electic heating element has cycled to "off". I had no concern about the wood floor temperature getting too hot in front of the unit.

About the unit...It seems to be built well, the finish looks like a real cast iron wood stove but the unit weighs only about 25 pounds. The flames are very realistic! We have three fireplaces in the house and while this unit does not provide the same ambiance (you don't feel radiant heat coming from the stove), it is much better than a ceramic or oil-filled heater. For our purpose of heating the room and having a nice looking piece in the room, it is perfect. The heater is 1500 watts and when it kicks in, the lights in the room dim a little (everything is on a single circuit). Despite this, the plug on the unit or the wall receptacle does not seem to get warm. The fan on the unit makes a low hum which is not very noticeable. There is a knob on the back of the unit which operates as a thermostat or you can purchase one of these thermostat'ed plugs from Amazon WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat. Love the on/off remote and like others, wish you could control the temperature setting from it. Great unit and we may purchase another for the upstairs master bedroom to sit in front of the wood fireplace which gets sparse use.

I will update this review in the middle of winter to comment on how well it heats when the winter nights go below 20 or 30 degrees and the unit gets much more use. Also, we will be able to get an idea of whether or not we are saving money by turning down the thermostat in the rest of the house and heating the room we spend much of our time in. There were some who commented on the reliability of the unit and that, only time will tell. But for now, it gets five stars for looks, realism and functionality. Dimplex Compact Electric Stove (CS3311)

Update 1: After using the unit for a month, we love it even more. We ordered a second one for the upstairs bedroom. I have cut back the gas furnace thermostat 2 degrees and use the current unit in the family room where it has kept the room "warm and cozy".

People are wondering how much does this cost to run? You can calculate how much once you go to your electric bill and see how much you are being charged per kilowatt hour (kWh) - on our bill, it is broken into two charges: a delivery and a supply need to add these two costs together). A kilowatt hour is equal to running a device that uses one thousand watts for one hour. A 100 watt bulb needs to burn for 10 hours to use one kilowatt. The CS3311 would use 1500 watts (heater and "flame") or 1.5 kilowatts (kW). If the heater was on 100% of the time for 24 hours (which it usually would not be), it would use 1.5 kW X 24 hours = 36 kilowatt hours (kWh). My electric costs about 18.5 cents ($0.185) per kWh so it would cost me (36 X $0.185) $6.66 to run it 24 hours a day (which is a maximum of $200 per month) IF the heating element stayed on constantly. If the heating element cycles 50% of the time (which is what I have noticed but it depends on how high you turn the little temperature knob up in the back of the unit), then it would cost $4.00 per day (this number is not half of $6.66 because the unit still uses 300 watts per hour to run the light bulbs, heater fan and internal motor that "produces" the flame even when the heating element is off). Now, we only run the unit when we are in the room (about 5 hours a day) so it should actually cost us about ($4.00 X 5 / 24 ) = $0.83 per day (or about $25 per month).

Now, Dimplex makes this all even easier. They say it costs 3 cents an hour to run the "flame" and 8 cents an hour to run the heater and the flame (assumes heater element is on 50% of the time) for a typical electric rate. My cost to run the heater and the flame is about $0.17 per hour (to run the "flame" alone it is 5.6 cents per hour). Clearly, their electric costs less than mine :-(

So how much does it cost you? You need to know your electric rate then follow one of the formulas below:

The MOST it could cost you per day in dollars = (your electric rate in dollars per kWh) X (1.5) X (24)

Daily cost in dollars with a 50% heater cycle time = (your electric rate in dollars per kWh) X (0.9) X (24)

Typical HOURLY cost in dollars with a 50% heater cycle time = (your electric rate in dollars per kWh) X (0.9)
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on October 3, 2007
The Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electic Stove has the same great flame-effect technology as other Dimplex products. There just simply is no better "artificial flame" at this price, and probably not at a higher price either.

I purchased this heater more for looks than for heat, but the added heat may come in handy too. It's fun to put a basket of wood by the stove to add to the illusion. Speaking of "illusion, Dimplex in the UK sells an optional, fake "stove pipe" to use with the Dimplex stoves. This isn't available in the U.S., but if you're creative, you could probably improvise your own. We also use a KrackleBox sound system purchased separately for the realistic crackle sound, and a candle with a woodburning scent from Kinfolk Candle for that great fireplace aroma.

My only other suggestion is that the stove looks best in an area with a neutral floor color because the mirror at the back of the "fire compartment" picks up the color of the floor and gives away the illusion, if it's in a room with a blue carpet, for example. At night that isn't a problem, and the flame effect is very realistic. This is a very cute little stove-- warm and cozy! I also like the heat adjustment options, including no heat at all!
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on July 8, 2008
Here she is in action.

Never thought I could tolerate an electric fireplace after growing up with the real thing but this is great.

Also heats a lot better than my old electric space heater did.
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on November 6, 2007
My daughter in London bought one of these and loved it. She sent me the Eail addess and we bought one for our TV room. It's fun to watch and when it heats (quickly) it take the chill out of the room. The heat is optional as you can just have the heatless fire lit as it has dual switches, one the other or both.

The controls are convenient and the romote control work well too. The outside does't heat up so you can use the top for books, a lamp, etc.

A well engineered and usefull product.
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on January 16, 2010
I purchased my Dimplex CS3311 back in November and it was love at first sight. But I've waited to review it until I had some solid utility bill facts to provide and am now able to give prospective consumers some good, helpul information. My small 10' x 10' bedroom is cold and draughty in the winter - the house heating system doesn't reach well into that corner - making it difficult to be in except during warm afternoons. Many nights this December 2009 reached temperatures below 40 degrees and I gave this adorable little heater a big workout in that room where I also write and read as well as sleep. The result, which is True Love Reason (TLR)#1, is that my electric bill was only $30 dollars higher than the same time last year, in an area where the average kilowatt hour is 8 cents. Meanwhile, my gas heating bill was more than halved (TLR #2). In other words, TLR #3, I suspect that by the end of January, the Dimplex will have just about paid for itself.

Left on, this heater will spill heat out into the rest of the cottage (TLR #4) and flood the adjacent bathroom with warmth: no wonder I don't use the gas heater system as much! In fact the heater, which is so quiet you have to focus a bit to hear if it is on (TLR #5) can actually make that room a bit too toasty, which is why I heartily recommend this model, with its remote control (TLR #6). You will make a big mistake if you don't opt for this feature. Because with the remote, once tucked in under the duvets, you can switch the heater on and off at will, throughout the night if need be, without bestirring yourself or others.

Now my gas heater is programmed to go on in the rest of the house only in the morning, which means that my four cats, who adore watching the flickering toy flames, now sleep with me and the Dimplex, every night - which makes TLR #7,8,9,10!

More reasons to love this little heater : TLR #11 - very lightweight yet, TLR #12, very well-made, TLR #13, charming and full of 'ambience', TLR #14, very safe, even on carpet it doesn't heat the surrounding floor but sends the heat upward, #TLR 15, and kind of goofy fun, like a toy for a grown-up, TLR #16.

So there you have it: my sixteen reasons for highly recommending this heater, esp. if you have an area in your house that just doesn't heat up easily.
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on April 20, 2008
I've owned the Dimplex CS3311 Compact Electric Stove for 3 months and love it. I have tried other electric heaters but have found this one to be far superior. It was delivered quickly and was ready to use right out of the box. It's surprisingly light and looks amazingly real - the "flames" look very convincing. Admittedly I have a very small house, but I was able to turn off my gas furnace completely and heat the first floor with this heater alone. I recommend this product highly.
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on November 7, 2006
Great item, heated my townhouse when my heat pump went up. It's a great addition to any room needing a little extra heat and has good flame effects! Thanks for a great product Dimplex.
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on October 28, 2008
I bought the more expensive model after purchasing the smaller unit and
I am very pleased with both. This unit has a nicer log arrangement and the
door swings open (you must resist the urge to place another log on or stick a marshmallow in the flames)! The remote control is a nice addition. The
psychological effect of viewing a fire makes you feel warmer even before
turning on the heat. I replaced the 2 60-watt bulbs with 7-watt night lights and see no difference in the flame effect. Within minutes of turning on the heat, my bedroom is nice and toasty! I love the fact that no surface gets cats even sit on it. The heat blows out from the bottom and warms the entire room quickly! I love it!
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