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on December 20, 2009
I have 4 automatic watches and 2 (2 watch) winders for them. I recently purchased my 5th Invicta Pro Diver and needed a single watch winder. I have ordered from Amazon several times and have always like their good prices on everything I have purchased. I ordered the Diplomat winder. When I opened the box, I was very impressed by its quality. The instructions were very easy to follow. My other winders are very good and work well. However, one couldn't call them quiet. The Diplomat is extremely quiet. It is on a bookcase just a few feet from my desk. It is so quiet that I have to check if it's running. If you have one automatic watch, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Diplomat. It works well and is also an attractive accessory. I have an Invicta Offshore Diver watch that is 47mm in size and very heavy. My other winders couldn't turn it fast enough to keep the watch from losing time. Since I started using this winder for the Invicta, it keeps excellent time. I recommend it if you have large, heavy watches
Finally, I simply have to endorse Amazon's prices and the quality of merchandise one can purchase through Amazon's website. I have ordered several books from Amazon and am blown away when I can order a like new 30.00 book for 2.98. That's true of so many of their products. When I am looking for a specialty item, I check with Amazon first.
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on December 10, 2010
i have ben using this winder for almost six months. It winds a heavy 220 gram watch. the watch keeps time. The winder is near my bed and makes very little noise. Has been a very sound investment.
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on March 22, 2010
The product worked beautifully for about 6 or 7 weeks before it completely stopped working. Unfortunately, Diplomat customer service won't even return my email or phone call about possible diagnostics to determine the problem. Too bad it didn't last, it was a nice product for the short time it worked.
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on January 14, 2013
Yes, it's plastic - but it's understated and not at all unattractive for what it is.

For my watch (a 46 year old Rolex 'Datejust' that is still going strong) - it's perfect. I see that some purchasers with large watches have said it may not be ideally sized for such timepieces, but it seems to me the watch would have to be 'huge' for this to be an issue.

The watch holder is constructed such that, when the clasp or band is closed on the removeable watch holder, a compressible spring accommodates the wrist size by moving a plastic pad in or out to maintain sufficient pressure on the band / watch (from the 'inside'), ensuring the watch stays in place.

A word about operation. The switch is a three position slide type: center off, with rotation clockwise when moved one way and counterclockwise when moved the other.

During any single winding "session" the winder rotates the watch head in one direction only, and I was initially concerned about that (during normal wearing of a watch on one's wrist, the internal winding mechanism rotates alternately clockwise / counterclockwise according to how the watch wearer's wrist moves - evening out the "wear" on internal parts).

But seeing how this works, I don't really think it's an issue. That is, I now simply move the slide switch to its center position when removing the watch to wear. (That puts it in standby / 'off' mode so that the mechanism won't rotate while the watch is out of the unit.) When I return the watch to the winder I reinstall the watch, close the lid, and move the switch to rotate the watch in the other direction. Alternating in this way will, it would seem, accomplish the same beneficial effect of evening out wear on internal watch parts.

For a second watch I have another (much more expensive) winder. It works beautifully, and has for more than five years. It is programmable as to duration of on / off cycles, and it alternates rotation direction on its own, unattended. It's real wood with a real glass 'bubble' over the front of the watch, and can be battery operated if desired. All of that is great, but then again it cost seven times as much as this one - and in the world of 'watch winders,' I don't think even that amount is terribly expensive: one can spend much more.

The winding cycle appears to be something like "one hour rotating; three to four hours off." That seems to work fine for my watch: it does not run down, and is always ready to go. Others have said the (non-adjustable) cycle was insufficient for the watch with which they were trying to use the unit. This could be a consideration to some, but as mentioned, it's been fine for my old Rolex.

A side note: placing the switch in the center position seems really to be a "standby" operation. That is, if the watch was turning when you wanted to wear it, and you moved the switch to the center, rotation stops and you can remove the watch. When you reinstall the watch and move the switch to either of the 'on' positions, it immediately continues its rotation. On the other hand, if the watch was NOT rotating when you moved the switch to the center, no rotation will occur right away when you reinstall the watch later and the switch is moved to one of the two rotation positions. Initially I worried that something was wrong, but it seems what is happening is that the internal 'timer' for rotation simply picks back up at the same point in the cycle: if in 'sleep' mode when you removed the watch, it will be in 'sleep' mode when you switch it back to 'rotation' mode. But when that sleep portion of the cycle ends, normal rotation continues. Bottom line: it picks up wherever it left off... (All bets are off if you unplug it, however: my guess [only a guess] is that it then 'reboots' itself.)

Finally, it's amazingly quiet! I have it on my desk not two feet away from me, and (though my hearing is fine) I simply cannot hear the motor at all. Maybe I'm lucky, and got a silent example - but that is a very nice feature.

I have no idea about the reliability / longevity; we shall see. But the initial impression is: it works very well and appears to be an excellent value!
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on December 12, 2009
I previously purchased a low priced watch winder from Overstock for my husband and returned it because it stopped working immediately. That experience made me hesitant about the $40 Diplomat from Amazon. But I was pleasantly surprised - we have had the unit for one week now and it works great - one hour winding and three hours at rest. My husband has a larger faced Invicta watch but it fits perfectly in the case. The watch is placed on a removable watch holder. Also, the unit makes no noise at all! The cord is a decent length, and there is an option for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. The Diplomat weights 14.10 ounces (400 grams). The winder works perfectly for our automatic watch, and I recommend it.
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on May 18, 2011
I would not recommend this product at all. I purchased this product on the 1st of April and already it no longer winds my watch. Was working fine the first couple months, then it just stopped rotating for no apparent reason. The product was positioned on a flat solid surface and was not dropped or jolted. I only removed and replaced my watch five times max. This product is not only made out of cheap plastic but is poorly constructed mechanically as well. I hope Diplomats warranty will cover this malfunction, even so for it to last a mere two months is ridiculous and really speaks to the quality of the product.
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on December 28, 2009
I just received this as a gift in the black color but it seems to work great. I can't comment on how long it will hold up but will make sure to update this post should the thing die a premature death.

The watch fits into the winder really well and is easy to put in and take out. (I am using it for a Submariner).

Also, the 1 hour / 3 hour timer seems to be working exactly as expected.

As long as this holds up, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't get one.
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on November 6, 2010
Works Great is not noisy during the day... with other noise around, but cant keep it in bedroom and night , wakes me up... so i just put it in bathroom on vanity.
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on October 30, 2015
This product is perfect - low cost, works as designed, keeps my Seiko Automatic watch wound and is totally silent. The mechanism is for mounting the watch is easy to use and it only has one switch - basically on/off and direction (clockwise or counterclockwise rotation). My Seiko winds in either direction so the switch is a moot point.

Directions are very clear and it's an easy product to use - very intuitive.

I highly recommend this winder for anyone with an automatic wrist watch that is not worn on the body 24 x 7 on a continuous basis.

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on July 11, 2011
I am very happy with how quiet it is. And it looks nice and works like a charm. Quick, easy delivery. Only had it a few weeks, but no complaints yet.
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