Customer Reviews: Dire Needs: A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan
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on March 6, 2012
Rifter leads a pack of Dire wolves, they're immortal and responsible for keeping humans safe. Only a handful of Dire wolves remain, they're all Alphas, circumstances have forced them to work and live together, and Rifter is their leader.

Gwen is a doctor suffering from seizures which will eventually kill her. She meets Rifter the day she learns her death is imminent. She wants nothing more than to live and enjoy a real life while Rifter dreams of the ability to die.

This is a fascinating new world that I'm really excited about. Within the first few chapters I was feeling a very strong resemblance to other series like the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Lords of the Underworld. Somehow the author has made this story interesting and fresh. Each brother in the pack has a past and a separate identity which begs to be explored in subsequent books.

It's not the smoothest book to read because of the world building. Getting to know all the brothers also makes it a little choppy and difficult to digest. I really could have used a cheat sheet in the back giving me a basic description of each brother as well as a few definitions of terms used. I'm sure the next book will be much easier to read now that the introductions have been made and the world established. Honestly, I can't wait for the next book to see where it's all going.
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on March 6, 2012
Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson - LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha]:
I was excited for this book from the minute LITERAL ADDICTION hosted Stephanie to promote the last Sydney Croft ACRO novel and she announced that she was working on bringing it to life.
When I finally received my Advance Reading Copy from Stephanie I set all other books aside and settled in, reminding myself that I needed to keep an open mind and judge based on what I was reading and feeling, and not what I had hyped it up to be. That wasn't difficult, seeing as Stephanie literally grabs hold of the reader 5 pages in and doesn't let go.
The Eternal Wolf Clan is comprised of 6 sexy alpha males who are the last of their kind and who have been thrown into the battle of good vs. evil to save themselves, their distant cousins the Werewolves, and humankind from a group of overzealous humans known as the weretrappers. The trappers basically have a grudge against any `others', though their grudge has evolved into a nefarious plot to use the `others' before exterminating them. To make matters worse, they have conned a coven of powerful witches into helping them, and that is just making things harder for the Dires.
This is Rifter and Gwen's story, but it's also a beautiful set up for the rest of the series and I can pretty much guarantee that readers will be picking their favorite Dire immediately upon meeting him in this first installment. Without breaking the flow, Stephanie gives great descriptions of each of the Dires and some of their backstory, making it almost impossible for the reader not to choose their own personal hunky wolf to champion.
Rifter is a fabulous male lead - the leader of the Dires with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a melancholy that he can't shake just for the simple fact that he's felt so alone for so long.
Gwen is a great female lead. She's smart, sassy, strong, and while looking for her prince charming, doesn't completely turn herself off when she finds him.
The story was beautifully told; extraordinarily crafted, not only as a standalone book but as a set up for the rest of the series. The world that Stephanie has built for the Eternal Wolf Clan is unique and fresh, not something easily done in today's market of rampant shifter stories. The added twists of magic and the Dires' individual gifts add another layer of intrigue to the mix and there were just enough secrets left untold to keep the reader wanting more.
I can't believe that I've finished book one of this long awaited treasure already. I want book 2 so badly now, it's not going to be pretty until the next release. I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with spreading the word about Dire Needs and the Eternal Wolf Clan series so that everyone can read it, love it, and be in misery along with me while we wait for book 2. ;-)
LITERAL ADDICTION gives Dire Needs 5 Skulls and would recommend it to everyone. It's a great read for Urban Fantasy buffs, Paranormal Romance lovers, fans of the strong sexy alpha male, lovers of magic and mayhem... it's a well rounded book for just about everyone.
Kudos to Stephanie for giving us an amazing new shifter world to fall in love with.
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on May 2, 2012
This is a fun and sexy start to a new series that I will be keeping my eye on!

Stephanie Tyler is not a new author, but she is new to me. After reading Dire Needs, with all its sexual tension and fantasy werewolf politics, I am interested to check out her other work! Now, let's get real here, the writing in this book is not exactly high brow. This is classic paranormal romance with typical characters and predictable events. However, it entertained the hell out of me so I certainly can't complain!

Gwen is a human with a death sentence. She only has a few months left before her body succumbs to her illness, and she has decided to visit a dangerous bar and pick up the first hunk she can find. Unbeknownst to her, Gwen has entered a werewolf hangout and is being eyed by some hungry, horny wolves. Enter Rifter, a Dire Wolf who has just spotted Gwen and is instantly attracted to her. Rifter, all around badass hunk, doesn't understand why he is so drawn to Gwen, a human. Yes, we have insta-love here in the most corny sense of the term. But, for some strange reason, it works for Rifter and Gwen. Both Rifter and Gwen are pretty common character types for PNR, but as soon as they end up in her bedroom together and we discover more about Gwen I liked her much better as the leading lady. When we get to hear more of Rifter's thoughts than just "Horny. Need woman. Wolf wants to run. Etc." he becomes more likable and completely alphalicious. Rifter and Gwen's story is filled with attraction and lust and several wonderfully delicious bedroom scenes.

Rifter, is begrudgingly leading his band of brother Dire Wolves, which are a group of six: Rifter, Vice, Stray, Harm, Jinx, and Rogue. They are bigger and stronger than their cousins, the typical werewolf. The Dire Wolves are special wolves that were created and are governed by a council that makes major life decisions for the Wolves. There are not many of them left due to an almost-extinction thousands of years ago - an extinction attempt made by the council that governs them.

Though this book focuses on Rifter and Gwen's story, we get to read from other characters POV occasionally, including Vice, my favorite of the small Dire Wolf pack. He is one serious bad boy and I can't wait to read his book whenever we get it! I enjoyed the POV changes more than I usually do in PNR, but I must say the lack of transitions confused me at times. By this I mean that often Tyler would transition from one setting or time to another without the transition words necessary to help the reader understand the change.

My overall opinion of this series starter is that it is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I will most definitely read the next in the series, which will focus on Stray. Stephanie Tyler was one half of the writing pair behind the pseudonym Sydney Croft (erotica). The other half was Larissa Ione, who pens the Demonica series. Why mention this? Because Tyler mentions Eidolen and the demon-run hospital from Ione's Demonica series a few times in Dire Needs and I found this to be quite clever!

Recommended for fans of: werewolves, Black Dagger Brotherhood, paranormal romance, Sydney Croft, and the Demonica series.
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on May 5, 2012
Saw this as a recommendation on Amazon and it had gotten good reviews so I ordered the book, expecting to at least like it somewhat.

But I didn't like it at all. Quite disappointing and I definitely would not recommend this book to anybody who enjoys romances.

The author appears to want the create a compelling, angst ridden, edgy environment for her story. Her technique is to throw the reader into a whirlwind of hyper-drama with pain filled characters and tons of old, bad blood and scores to settle. Every now and again she remembers there is supposed to be a romance thrown in. It's so pathetically done. There is zero chemistry between the couple and then, suddenly, Rifter decides Gwen is "his". It was completely unbelievable and nothing that had happened between the characters gave me any feeling of actual connection between Rifter and Gwen.
I only read about half the book before I decided I didn't want to waste any more of my time on this book or this author.

Read Kresley Cole, Thea Harrison or Larrisa Ione for much better paranormal romance and save your money by avoiding this book.
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on February 1, 2013
I purchased and read this book on a Kindle DX.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I knew starting this book that it was going to be the first in a series, so I expected the world building and character building, but I didn't find it to be all that tedious. One of the things that I really like about this author is her sense of humor. She tends to inject funny little blurbs into her writing that I find myself laughing out loud at. I also like that there is an overarching story to the whole series, as well as the story of the two main characters.

I bought and read this book months ago, and am about 80% through the second book, Dire Wants. I find I am enjoying the second book as much as, if not more than, this book. This is definitely a series I will stick with till the end.

Finally, I also like that I didn't find a lot of formatting or spelling errors. That tends to distract me from a good book, but this was not the case here. Well done!
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on October 10, 2013
Rifter sweet baby Jesus the things that man does to my insides, "I want yo take you home," he emphasized, in case the naked part hadn't been enough of a clue." He seems like a needy guy, of course him and his wolfie are always the horny type, "come on - need you naked," he murmured." He likes having Gwen in his bed, "nothing ever does," Rifter told her. "And you still ended up in my bed, just where you belong." He's also a possessive man, not a force to be reckoned with, "Rifter caught him by the throat, the next words he uttered taking everyone by surprise, including himself. "Gwen is mine. Do you understand? Mine." I mean the book was action packed but I felt there were to many point of views in the story, I thought there should have been only two Gwen and Rifter's.
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on March 27, 2013
Dire Needs is a very good novel. I have read lots of descriptions about any book and the reviews. No one talks about the entire book and that the story itself is from the imagination of the author. Instead of a retelling of a book synopsis, what I like to do is review the author each book at a time. If the author is a good writer then the book will be good. That is what I like to base a review on. This author, Stephanie Tyler is a good writer. Her books are good. Her cast of characters is well defined. The price of the book is well within accepted limits for this book. Thank you Ms. Stephanie for the entertainment of Dire Needs! Cannot wait till I read Dire Wants!!
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on March 6, 2012
"The full moon is their mistress. They are predators of pleasure and pain. Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire Wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures. Once they were many, but now only six remain, a dangerous wolfpack forever on the hunt..."

Rifter leads his small but powerful pack of immortal wolf shifters called the Dire wolves as best as he can but it's hard to lead a group of alphas. Facing an ancient evil set on destroying all Dire wolves he has just about as much as he can handle but then it gets much much worse. Not only is he stuck with the missing son of the murdered werewolf alpha King, he also has a dying woman he can't seem to let go...ever.
Gwen is dying, the seizures she's dealt with her entire life are killing her. So instead of sitting at home and slowly fading away she decided to go out and enjoy what's left of her life, which is how she ends up in a bar where she meets Rifter. She knows the big sexy man has a secret but she doesn't care. She's drawn to him and he to her.
Together they face the biggest challenge of their lives and learn secrets that could make or break the Dire pack!

I have waited months for this book! It feels like forever now that I've finally gotten to read it but it was so worth it! I wasn't disappointed at all! The action was energetic and always interesting, the characters, while confusing because there a quite a few main characters, where fantastic and extremely entertaining.
Rifter was the perfect male lead for this story. He's such a big hulking man, he knows how to fight and he does it very very well. He manages to lead 5 other big alpha males (the other Dire Wolves) successfully which isn't an easy task since they are all born leaders, not one of them a follower.
Gwen was a great female lead for this story too. Even though she's weak from her illness she still manages to be strong and sassy too and while she doesn't totally fit in with the Dire's, she definitely holds her own and doesn't let them intimidate her.
I very much enjoyed the interaction between Gwen and Rifter, they just seemed perfect for each other. And Rifter was so caring towards her, it was really sweet. Even though he thinks she's going to die he still takes care of her. It takes a special man to do that after only knowing each other a day or two.
The other Dire's were pretty amazing too. Vice would have to be my favorite since he's so out of control and I can't wait to see where she takes his story and how she works his bisexuality into it. That should make for a fantastic read!!!
Over all, this book was more than I expected it to be! I am so so excited for the future books in this series and I look forward to hearing more from these incredibly sexy men!!!

Reviewed by Anna at Book Lovin Mamas
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on August 24, 2013
I hadn't read any Stephanie Tyler works before but she is now on my favourites list of authors. Yes it is similar to so many others in this genre but I loved the action & the different take on the hierarchy of wolves. I read this one first but have now read all of this series so far & I can say that they were worth the read. I'm waiting for the next in the series to come out.
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on September 24, 2013
I did finally manage to finish this book, the plot was basically quite good but so many characters and so many story lines going on that I read it with a perpetual frown trying hard to concentrate.Hope any sequels are a lot more clarifying.
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