Customer Reviews: Dirt Devil Jaguar Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UD70230
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on February 16, 2013
States that it's ideal for pets, but I was sceptical. I don't have pets, but my two daughters and wife have long hair, so it would always jam up our other vacuum. Somehow, this one does not get hair wrapped around the brush! It all ends up in the canister! I'm very pleased and now I don't burn out the vacuum belts anymore!

Update: Well, my initial enthusiasm should have been tempered by patience. After this vacuum working great for a handful of months it really started to disappoint me. Always clogging in the main hose, and the bottom one as well just above the brush. Very difficult to take apart to clean out. Belts seem to break every few weeks, and I don't have this thing at the lowest carpet setting even though we have very low carpet. I should have shopped around a little more. In good conscience, I cannot recommend this vacuum to anyone who has a family and needs something that can be used 3+ times per week as it just won't last.
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on November 23, 2012
UPDATE: after three months of use, it is still a winner. So, I upgraded to 5 stars from 4. Will update again if any noticeable changes.

I bought this on black Friday, 112312, for under 40, locally. I have a Hoover Breath Easy vac, but I wanted something specifically for pet hair. My Saint Bernard/Jack Russell mix places clumps of his hair under every table and furniture, secretly, when I am not looking, it seems in revenge for frequent combings. I can just barely detect a look of glee in his face for annoying me. Back to Dirt Devil:

It is a bit cumbersome to put together, but I don't mind because it is a one time event.

I replied to a concern that the hose keeps slipping, but if one pushes, with a twist, a bit harder, it will stay on.

It does a very good job of cleaning the couch and chairs of pet hair with the power brush tool.

The BEST part is the suction. My Hoover fills its bag after 3 carpet and hard floor cleanings. But, the Dirt Devil Jaguar Pet bagless vac had 10x the dirt in the 1st cleaning and 5x the dirt after a 2nd cleaning soon after the 1st cleaning. I am very impressed. And, it is 1/2 as heavy as the Hoover to push around, so I don't know if that means it is less sturdy. Time will tell.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a siberian husky who sheds a ridiculous amount of hair. Despite using a FURminator on him twice daily, I am constantly vacuuming my house to remove hair that he has shed. The problem with most traditional vacuums, is that the hair very quickly clogs the filters, most of which are not well-designed to handle animal hair and dander. After trying several pet vacs, I've noticed the filters are specifically designed to clump animal hair and make removal easy. The Dirt Devil Jaguar is no exception.

The instructions are pretty useless except for explaning how to empty it and clean the filter. It comes with a few parts and attachments that take about 5 minutes to put together. Although the vacuum initially looked a bit cheap out fo the box, I was surprised when I turned it on and realized how powerful it is. The motor is noticeably more powerful (and louder) than any other pet vac I have used. It works very well as a traditional vacuum on carpets. Bare floor use was acceptable, although there is not a way to turn off the brush rollers, so it will sometimes sweep dirt out and away from the vacuum. It has no problem sucking up hair however, I was also worried that the brush rollers would get clogged with hair, but three weeks later, and there isn't any hair or pet fur on the rollers. The back of the vacuum does collapse to allow you to get under beds, but it doesn't drop down a full 180 degrees, so you're a bit limited on how far under something you can reach.

The best part about the Dirt Devil Jaguar are the rubber accents on the Turbo Tool and the Crevice Tool. If you have ever had problems with pet hair on a sofa or chair, you can easily get it off by rubbing over it with a dishwashing glove, which somehow clumps up the pet hair and makes it easy to remove. The rubber accent on the crevice tool works the same way. Instead of spending 15 minutes going over the sofa to such up hair, the rubber accent pulls the hair up off of the sofa, which allows it to easily move down the suction tube. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving the vacuum unattended and my dog ate the rubber accent. It still works, but not nearly as well as it previously did.

The Turbo Tool is another hand tool that has separate mini brush rollers attached to it, along with another rubber accent. I have not found much of a use for it yet except to get in hard to reach areas. It doesn't seem to work as well as the non-motorized crevice tool did, and the rollers don't add much as far as functionality with grabbing pet hair.

There may be better pet vacuums out there, but this is the best one I've used so far, and is very sufficient for the price.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am going to rate the Jaguar 4 stars (I like it) mainly because of one great feature: price. Everything else is either just Okay or a little below par.


But let me start with the good features. Besides the good price, the Pet Jaguar comes with an easy to clean HEPA filter, a couple of tools/accessories, a small but very easy to empty, see-through dirt cup, a reasonably long cord and a dial for adjusting its height above the floor so it will operate well on either carpets or bare floors.

It does a pretty good job at removing dust and it's relatively easy to drive. The attachments include a crevice tool that works well, a pet hair removal tool and another brush that you could use to clean up sofas and upholsteries.


So far so good but not everything is perfect.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a terrible manual. It's trilingual English/Spanish/French with each topic or installation step or operation activity discussed in all three languages on the same page which makes it very difficult to read. And, because of that, putting it together took longer than I expected and I had to get back to the manual and try to re-interpret the instructions several times before everything was in place correctly. But, to be fair, you only do installation once and there is a phone number provided where someone might be able to help. I didn't get to actually speak with anyone because while on hold for about 10 minutes I was able to properly figure out what I was expected to do.

The build is what one would expect on a product this cheap. Low price, not high quality were 'job one' in this case. The body is cheap-looking, rather thin plastic, not perfectly glued together and the pedal that releases the handle acts as if it's not going to last too long because there is some unexpected resistance when you push it down. There's also a louder than expected noise whenever the handle snaps back and locks itself into the vertical position.


The warranty does not cover accessories or attachments and, of course does not cover any damages that may result from accident, abuse or unusual wear of the product. For something this inexpensive the requirement that the owner pays for shipping the vacuum cleaner to the repair center makes it unlikely that most are going to actually take advantage of it during the one year covered.


I would not have this as a primary vacuum cleaner unless it was meant to operate in a small dwelling or had to be purchased in a hurry to meet a temporary need. Its claim of better handling pet hair seems to reinforce my impression that it's not really meant to be THE vacuum cleaner in the house but it can be a good backup or it can be relegated to a certain section of the house such as the areas that pets access or perhaps one specific floor or the basement. It did a good cleaning job so far but I'm not sure for how long it's going to last. If it does break or performance degrades faster than expected I will come back to this review, document my experience and re-evaluate my rating.


Update: 6/21/2013

The Jaguar nearly disintegrated after a few uses. Its internal airducts tend to get clogged with dust to the point where it stops cleaning and the motor is about to burn under overload - I can smell the burned rubber. Cleaning up the clogged pipes and hoses is anything from 'very difficult' to 'impossible'. It will never be used again.

The Jaguar turned out to be a low quality implement that is badly designed, feels cheap and doesn't last. My initial 4-star review (because of it being cheap) gets now downgraded to one star because this would not be a good deal no matter how low the price.
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on November 2, 2013
This vacuum is GREAT! I have to empty it EVERY time I vacuum because it picks up that much pet hair! I also wash the filters every time I vacuum - rinse them out with warm water until the water runs clear, and then let them (both the soft spongy filter and the hard plastic one) dry for at least 24 hours before putting them back into the vacuum.
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on July 21, 2013
So I waited until I had this vacuum for a month before I reviewed it but OMGSH I cannot stop talking about this thing. It is amazing! It is such a great product, especially for the price! I have two cats (who shed like nobody's business) and I live in a smallish apartment. This thing... takes care of everything. A couple of swipes and it cleaned off the back of my curtains (where the cats smashed their faces to sit by the window). Moved it over to the bed (which, in a moment of blind shopper's fury I purchased a MICROFIBER COMFORTER), a couple of swipes, and I can flop on my bed and not be swallowed by a puff of hair that went airborne. When talking about my comforter, this thing was the devil... my old vacuum did not have any attachments so i would just pick it up and run it across the bed (yes sometimes I have resorted to drastic cleaning methods) but it did not pick up nearly as much hair. Having the bagless is awesome as well! After pushing through an hour or so of cleaning you get to look at all the trapped hair and particles in the filter, then take it outside and empty it in the trash, feeling a sense of satsifaction and accomplishment as you watch your tormentors fall into the abyss. My boyfriend is allergic to pet dander (sucks to be him) and he has not had half as much trouble as he used to with my old vacuum. But back to the glorious day of cleaning, curtains, bed, ah! the floor; turned this kitten on to the carpet and poof! the filter was full! I mean seriously, my old room (I had lived there for a year with a crappy goodwill vacuum) was 10x17 feet. It took three times of emptying the filter to get the room clean! There was so much stuff on the floor! It was disgusting. But amazing! I seriously cannot praise this vacuum enough!

The pet attachment actually has it's own spinners inside which grab the hair and pull it in (making it the most useful attachment I've ever owned). The floor vacuum has 5 different settings, from thick carpet to flooring. The hose is long enough and feels pretty durable. And the pointed attachment is perfect for getting into cracks and the like.

My only problem with it...

Dun dun dun!

Now, seeing as this is my first vacuum purchase as an adult that wasn't from a second-hand store this might be user-error but I would recommend stretching out the hose before use. When using the attachments, especially when I first got the machine, it would make the vacuum tip over. This vacuum doesn't weigh very much so I can't expect it to be that well-balanced to handle my cleansing fury but I'm about a foot away. I've resorted to keeping my foot next to the vacuum when I've had to stretch the hose to clean (probably quite hilarious to watch). Now, no one else seemed to be complaining about this so again, this might be just me. But that is seriously the only thing I can complain about.
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on January 14, 2014
When I was researching for a new sweeper, the number one issue for me was the need for a beater bar that lifts high enough for thick frieze carpet. This was it! It does not drag on my carpet; and therefore does not destroy the twisted strands. After several sweepings, my carpet actually looks new again. I also love how light-weight this Dirt Devil is. I have arthritis and my old Bissell was impossible to push. I like the fact that it has one washable filter and a Hepa filter that does not need replaced often. I was surprised that it had a light on the front which is normally reserved for the more expensive sweepers. Another surprise was that it was not loud! Yes, the hose will pull out if you don't push it in solidly. But it will stay in place once you do. I like the little flap over the opening so when the hose is out, the dust will not blow out. Another great feature is the turbo brush. This quickly cleans couches, chairs, and steps. I did not buy this for the pet tools but because one reviewer mentioned it picked up long hair well, I decided to give it a try as I have very long hair. Some hair does go up in the sweeper due to the shape of beater bar but some still winds around it. I am used to cleaning the bar often on other machines. It goes with the long hair territory. I also love the bag-less canister that dumps easy and does not get clogged up like the cheaper Eureka model I had prior to this one. This is not an industrial grade sweeper by any means but for normal household use, it is awesome! And the price can't be beat. Do you homework, and if this meets the standards you are looking for, I highly recommend!
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on April 18, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You don't know pet hair problems until you've lived with two Himalayan cats. Our carpet goes from perfectly clean to hair-city in 48 hours, so I'm familiar with vacuums.

The best parts of this vacuum are the turbo tool and crevice tool. The crevice has a rubber end on it, so you can get hair off of tricky surfaces like pillows and couches - it works about as well as a wet hand, and much more pleasant. Best of all, the Dirt Devil hasn't clogged on the hair yet, which I believe might be part of the design.

Love it.
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on May 27, 2013
I bought this vacuum a month ago. It worked great for the first two times and then it melted my vacuum belt in half. Tried to replace the belt and it melted a 2nd belt within 1 minute or so. I'm told by dirt devil that in order for it to be covered by the warranty (and, of course, Amazon won't take it back because it is 2 days past the return date), I have to drive over an hour away to their nearest "Authorized" shop to get it fixed. This is the biggest pile I've ever bought. Should have just bought something good instead of trying to get a deal. I will never buy a dirt devil again.
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on November 24, 2013
This vacuum my Wife and I have been using for awhile now, and we are overall pleased with the vacuum. One item to mention is that the extension hose is a little rigid. Not a lot of distance to the hose, but we like how the vacuum is able to clean our cat's hair with ease. For the price, easy of cleaning, and overall weight I would recommend this vacuum.
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