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on April 21, 2000
When I first starting readin this book I was sceptical because it wasn't science fiction like most of Crichton's other books. But, reluctantly, I sat down and started reading, the first ten pages were pretty boring then it got up pace and I started to really enjoy this book, I was hooked around page 25 and couldn't stop reading, and at page 100 I was deeply lost in this wonderful novel. I read the next 400 pages quickly and loved every single minute of it. The characters were interesting and enjoyable to read about. And after I was done I noticed that no one else really wrote about sexual harassment and the man be the victim and I then saw how Crichton told the truth about sexual harassment, that the man is always blamed no matter what. I advise everybody to go out to your local book store and pick this book up, I promise you'll love it like I did!
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on March 19, 2003
Michael Crichton has done pretty well on this one. It is a fairly exciting book that managed to keep me interested throughout the story. The characters are highly believable, and it explores an issue (sexual harassment) that is rarely touched by most writers. This is not really the central focus of the book however; it gravitates more towards corporate intrigues and the balance of power within a company, which is fine with me =) Be forewarned, however, that this book contains a graphic sex scene and plenty of profanity, so if such things offend you it might be better to stay away from this one. Overall however, Disclosure is a very entertaining novel.
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This novel is centered on corporate politics in a high-tech computer firm in Seattle. A high level executive in the company has been passed over for promotion by a woman from another division in the firm. This woman, with whom he had a relationship ten years earlier when she wasn't a part of the company, sexually harasses him. He now finds himself in a serious predicament. How can he keep his current position, how can he address the issue of harassment by a female superior, and can he find the underlying political reasons why he has been placed in this situation? The novel also includes some interesting discussions about the use of virtual reality in obtaining computer data. There is an interesting statistic given in the novel. About 5% of all the reported cases of sexual harassment are made by men with respect to female supervisors. That doesn't sound like much. Yet, only about 5% of top-level executives in the U. S. today are women. This suggests that the rate of harassment by women is the same as for men. Sexual harassment is about misuse of power and is independent of the gender of the person with the power.
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on October 1, 2004
Tom Sanders never thinks about the old days in Cupertino, when he lived for a time with a woman named Meredith Johnson. He's settled happily into his company's Seattle office, has married, and is busy raising a young family. At 41, he's also anticipating the reward for his years of service when his division spins off and goes public. That will certainly secure his financial future, and it just might make him rich. But first he and the company must get through a merger. That may not be easy, because the promotion Tom anticipates goes to - complete surprise - his old girlfriend.

To this Tom thinks he can adjust. When Meredith Johnson starts their new relationship with broad references to their old one, and then demands sexual favors, Tom finds out that adjusting won't be possible. What he doesn't know is Meredith's real reason for doing this. If he doesn't discover her hidden agenda in time, the life he treasures now and the future he dreams of for his family will both disappear. And that's if he's lucky. What happens if he isn't lucky? He loses it all. His wife and kids, too.

Like Crichton's other books, this one is gripping and well written. However, his stated intention - to show the reader certain truths about sexual harassment by writing the tale in "role reversal" mode - didn't work for me. Despite meticulous research and a good outward understanding of his subject matter, Crichton's inability to write female characters trips him up this time. The only woman he really "gets right," attorney Fernandez, he ruins in the postscript by putting views into her mouth that are at odds (wildly) with her characterization throughout the chapters in which she appears. I agree completely with his pounded in point that women and men are all, in the end, simply people. Individuals, who should no more be stereotyped and expected to behave in certain ways than should Blacks, Hispanics, etc. The trouble is, he works so hard at reversing the stereotypes that he winds up leaving me curiously convinced that in his heart of hearts he still believes in them.
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on February 19, 2003
This is Michael Crichtons second non techno thriller. What i mean by this, is that it doesnt have crazy biological stuff about it. But that doesnt mean he cant right a good novel about real life.
In this book we follow Tom Sanders, a well off family man that is a manager of a computer company. He is expecting a promotion, but the day he expects it, he finds that an old lover from ten years ago comes out of nowhere and gets the job he was planning on getting. While catching up with her later that night in her office, things happen. The next day Tom is accused of sexual Harassment. Tom is stuck in a corner, with his marriage, job, and life on the line, unless he does something about it.
Everyone is against Sanders, i mean, what man accuses a woman of sexual harassment. This is what Crichton is trying to put out there for us. It can happen, and it does/did happen.
This book is based on a true story that will leave you gasping every chapter. This book was great. I loved it. Don't pass this up because its not set in a dinosaur park. Michael Crichton can still right one hell of a thriller set in an everyday environment. Every page has a new meaning and makes you think differntly, all the way up to the incredibly shocking conclusion.
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on November 9, 2015
I hadn't read anything in a long while. I picked up my Kindle and saw I had downloaded the preliminary pages of Disclosure which allows me to see if an interest is there. I re-read the pages and was immediately captivated. I bought the book, proceeded to read it, skipped dinner, and didn't put it down until The End. Michael Crichton is an amazing and gifted writer; when time allows, which is sparse, he is my go to author after having lost Robert Ludlum. This is a well written novel about a subject fraught with controversy, emotion, and blame, which usually falls in the laps of men. Crichton takes Sexual Harassment to another very compelling in which the reader is stripped of blinders and given a new pair of glasses. Excellent, Michael Crichton!
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on July 7, 2011
I haven't read much novels, I'm more of the modern youthful generation that only cares for games and browsing on my phone. Being tech savvy got me interested, but the events that unfolded soon after got me really hooked, I've went through half the novel in 2 days and am now almost done. I highly recommend everyone read this fantastic piece of literature. Great for those who likes corporate politics, typical Chricton tech talk, lawyer battles, betrayal; this book will keep you turning the pages.
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VINE VOICEon March 12, 2001
This book is a very interesting story of corporate intrigue, suspense and infighting that is a fast paced and enjoyable tale by itself. What makes it fascinating is that Chrichton has woven a current issue -- on the job sexual harrassment -- into the heart of the story.
But its not sexual harrassment the way you'd expect. Tom Sanders -- Digicom's Vice President -- is harrassed by his new boss Meridth Johnson after she wins a promotion fight they both were waging. The old story of a boss using position for sexual gratification is turned on its head -- she is in the power position, demanding performance from the man and creating an environment of retaliation at his refusal.
The book is a wonderful expose of sexual harrassment by examining it from an unconventional vantage point. This serious issue does at first look different when a man is the accuser against a female. But this refreshing portrayal produces a first rate look at the problem.
The rest of the story surrounds high tech corporate culture, market pressure, a fascinating look at virtual reality technology and the tried and true secrative corporate machinations that reveal themselves over the course of the book.
I must add that the issue does not detract from the story. It greatly enhances Chrichton's work proving once again that he is a master story teller and a genius at weaving disparate elements into a first rate thriller.
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on July 12, 2006
Disclosure by Michael Crichton was a little more then I expected it to be. This book is very suspensful and very well written. This story also had better characterization then some of Crichton's other books.

The story revolves around Tom Sanders. Tom is a director for a department of advanced technology for a tech firm. He gets passed up for a promotion that he deserves. The job goes to his ex-girlfriend of ten years past. She has moved up through the company very quickly and some people suspect that she has had an affair with the CEO. This company is about to merge with another company and go public (which means big bucks for all employees). However, Tom loses his chance when he almost gets raped by his new boss. Everyone believes the women's side of the story that Tom had intercourse willingly. This leads Tom to say he was sexually harrassment. Soon Tom finds himself fighting company politics, the law, and blackmail to prove how he has been mistreated. This is a very uphill battle because nobody believes a guy can be a victim.

The story is very modern and realistic. It addresses reverse discrimination with Title VII. It doesn't show men as victims, just how some (I'm sure very few actually do) women use sexual assault/discrimination as a political tool to get ahead in the world.

This certainly wouldn't be on the toread list of a feminist. However, for most people, this book is entertaining and worthy to read to address this very sensitive subject matter.
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on December 14, 2004
Nothing goes right for Tom Sanders from page one of this book. He is running late for work and has to help his wife with the kids. There's problems with the new products he's in charge of. He doesn't get the promotion he expected to get. And to top it all off his ex-girlfriend got his promotion and is now his boss. Things go downhill (if possible) from there when he is sexually harrassed by her. He finds himself stuck in the situation when people don't believe a man could possibly be harrassed by a woman. These events lead to a story that is powerful, gripping, and puts the reader on an emotional roller coaster.

Disclosure is an awesome book. Based on a true events this book grabs the reader and won't let go. It is very well written and is easy to follow. Reader beware though this book has some strong language and some explicit scenes. If you are open-minded enough this shouldn't be a problem and the explicit scene is important in the story as it's the focus of the book.

This book is great at exploring the inner workings of a major corporation. It also explores the idea of a man being sexually harrassed by a woman instead of the usual scenario with the woman as the victim. It focuses on the stigma that is attached to the accuser and the accused.

Disclosure is an incredible book to read. It is very entertaining and is easy to read. It keeps the reader interested until the very last page. Well worth the time and definitely one to recommend!
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