Customer Reviews: Disease Prevention and Treatment, 4th Edition
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on July 18, 2003
There's a truth to the saying "knowledge is power". The more a person learns about the functions and dis-functions of their own body, the better chance they have of living a healthy life. But most people don't talk to their doctor or visit a hospital on a daily basis - so how would you know, for example, if your diet is not the best one for your gout.
By no means am I saying the "Disease Prevention and Treatment" book should replace your visits to the doctor - but it's an amazing source for medical knowledge.
Just about anything you need to know from preventing acne to treating cardiovascular disease can be found in this well written and easy to comprehend reference book. What I found most interesting is that Melanie Segala and The Life Extension Foundation are not biased when offering treatment advice. Both traditional treatments and therapies not yet accepted by mainstream medicine are explained as well as a comprehensive overview of the disease itself. All the information is backed up by years of scientific research.
If you care about living healthy, as opposed to just living, I highly recommend this book.
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on August 17, 2003
As a registered nurse and also a diabetic, I found the Fourth Edition to
contain an impressive amount of helpful information. I not only read the
chapter on Diabetes, but I also read several other chapters that are related
to health conditions that both my husband and I experience. I was very
impressed by the fact that the information was presented in a professional
manner and was substantiated by numerous recent scientific studies to refer
to for more specific information about the methods used and the findings
described. I plan to implement some of the information given in the Diabetes
chapter and to discuss other issues that might apply to my condition with my
doctor during my next visit. I have no reservations about encouraging
everyone to read the information in this book.
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on August 8, 2003
Now in an updated and expanded fourth edition, Disease Prevention And Treatment from the Life Extension Foundation is an exhaustive, 1535-page encyclopedic style, "user friendly" resource compiling information drawn from research studies and the experiences of physicians worldwide. The "reader friendly" entries range from allergies, to thyroid disease, to scientific protocols that integrate mainstream and alternative medicine. Disease Prevention And Treatment is an impressive and strongly recommended resource for medical students, medical practitioners, and the non-professional general reader in need of quick and authoritative medical reference.
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DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT is a book that belongs in the library of everyone concerned about the state of health not only of the nation but also of each of us as individuals. While traditional medicine continues to raise the banners of the most sophisticated scientific investigation resulting in new machinery for treating critical illness that have indeed become robotic, physically distancing the doctor from the patient, and more and more drugs that flood the market and have become popular television commercials (complete with endless lists of the most terrifying side effects that would occur related by smiling satisfied patients tripping along the surf or enjoying senior status!), along comes this book that concentrates on preventive medicine. If we are going to correct the giant wall of Health Care failures in this country then the role of Health Emphasis and Preventive Medicine simply must become the focus.

In a very readable manner this book goes through the systems of the body, explaining how each works, offers current thoughts on the discrepancies of how to treat diseases, offers alternative ways of thinking about disease and health so that potential patients will be informed before they step in to the doctors' offices and have the ability to think clearly about the pros and cons of recommended treatments. It emphasizes diet and how to find the correct management of individual diets according to the manner in which the boy is reacting, exercise and what type is healthy and what type tears down the body, and how these factors influence the prevention of the factors that lead to diseased organ systems.

Published by Life Extension Media, the name of the publisher should be taken seriously. 'Life Extension' is another way of addressing health. The book addresses cancer -the genesis of carcinoma changes and progress, atherosclerosis, infections, psychogenic diseases, and then follows with specific diseases with all the current and well documented information about the causes and prevention and treatments of each. All of this is written for the lay person, though more and more physicians and medical personnel are purchasing this invaluable aid to more thoroughly expand their own concepts of what else is available to maintain the Health of their patients. This very fine volume integrates Mainstream Medicine with Alternative Medicine and the result is a book that contains as much information under one cover as many other books on separate topics. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, June 11
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on May 29, 2008
I got this book with my initial subscription to Life Extension Foundation. It is an amazing source of health information and my husband and I (both over 50) refer to it over and over. I just had a copy sent to my sister as a birthday present as she was very interested after I told her about it. The book is formatted to present many, many common diseases and conditions in alphabetical order with a chapter on each (such as Asthma, Heart Disease, Thyroid problems, HIV, Hypertension just to name a few). For each subject, they talk about the symptoms, how diagnosis is done, what mainstream treatments are, what medications are used (plus pros and cons), and most importantly to me, what alternatives treatments are either currently being used, or, under investigation and gives sources so you can research it yourself. The chapter about blood testing is particularly interesting because it explains each test you see on your lab report in detail. Also, most labs print "normal" ranges that are not necessarily considered normal anymore and the book describes what LEF considers "normal", what the target should be, and why. The one thing that non-LEF member readers may find off-putting is that LEF products are often mentioned with info on how to buy them. [...] They do research that is not funded by food or drug companies and sell (high quality) supplements and products. I think everyone should have this book and at least take time to read about heart disease and hypertension.. two topics that are completely misrepresented by the FDA and food and drug industries these days.. take the time to update your knowledge on these important topics!
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on December 9, 2012
On June 15, 2012 I was shockingly diagnosed with two large brain tumors after having stroke symptoms at my job. I had not been to a hospital for 25 years and had no primary doctor as I've always been athletic and ate well, or so I thought. I refused to go through the allopathic slow death of poisoning my body and destroying my immune system through chemo-therapy, radiation, and surgery and knew my body, even at the crisis stage I was in, and still am, can heal itself. In my quest I came across this book and ordered it, a used version for very little cost. This is exactly a resource I've been looking for. It was published and written in 2003, so it is not the most up to date, but what it provides is information that is all relevant today and the vast majority of well documented researched protocols are not known by people. Why it's not known information is because there is no money made in UN-pantentable natural healing plant based cures. Large pharmaceutical companies spend more money on advertising on all media sources and as a result mass media will not report on information that threatens their income/advertising leader. It's that simple. This book gives you much education and information that gives you the power to heal yourself and stacks the deck in your favor to beat any disease, including Cancer. What you don't know can help you only if you're willing to step outside our bought and sold pharmaceutical controlled medical system. Get This Book AND read it AND follow the suggestions. I have been doing many of the things they suggest already which is comforting to know I'm on the right path. I am living proof that you can live and beat cancer, even with what the medical system considers hopeless for me to live without "their" oncology recommendations. I hope this helps.
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on April 7, 2012
One of the things which this work focuses upon as its reason for being is the number of years it can can take for definitive findings by medical researchers to find their way into the practices of medical providers. This was a groundbreaking book when it was published in "expanded" version in 2003. But if you are reading this in 2012 or later that means that this information is nearly 10 years old! So the cutting-edge aspect of this book has been dulled to the point where it seems as sharp as the back end of a butter knife.

The last 9 years of medical research into the kind of topics of integrative medical significance which this book provides has skyrocketed. The body of knowledge which currently exists now is so much more sophisticated and advanced that it is almost hard to believe that the publisher, the Life Extension Foundation is still releasing this thing.

It may be that attempting to rewrite this huge volume is no longer feasible. consider that having been 9 years on the market a mere 15 or so reviews have been left here. If this is the case and if LEF is truly committed to the education of the public it would publish not a whole new guide but a supplement volume to this one. This is how it gets done for nearly all professional level legal publications which attempt to cover the current state of the law. Much like medical research the law changes so rapidly that a volume soon becomes obsolete unless it is undated, and the way thousands of legal encyclopedias and treatises are updated is through the inclusion of a "pocket part" which addresses, page by page and chapter by chapter what is currently different from the contents of the original hardback. Furthermore, even the pocket parts are replaced, usually yearly, because the supplements provided can quickly become legally obsolete as well.

I cannot say that a great deal of what is stated in this volume has been proven to be incorrect but undoubted much of it has been. /and perhaps more importantly advances have taken place in the ensuing years which would be invaluable for people to learn. But you won't find it here.
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on April 17, 2009
Disease Prevention & Treatment 4th Edition
This is an excellent book. The science and medical knowledge are very sound. Many discoveries are things that current medical doctors do not know about yet. I recommend it for anyone with health problems, or who just like to read about such things. Anne Fesler-Butts MD
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on February 17, 2010
This book is amazing, It gives you the information how to manage your health in the best possible way.
They cover normal chemical medication, natural medication as well as lifestyle changes. All this information is based on actual research.
The book is also easy to understand and implement.
I followed some suggestions for flu, my normal 7 days of symptoms were reduced to 3 without any major expense to the doctor. And no unnecessary anti-biotics.
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on October 18, 2011
A review of this thick book quickly allows you to see how comprehensive the subject matter is. Although it is somewhat technical, novices can easily understand what the authors are trying to convey. The book and the knoweldge gained is well worth the price.
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