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on August 15, 2014
EDIT: 1/2/15

A patch has been released and has fixed text issues, the Baciel voice bug, and apparently managed to optimize the framerate a bit. I have confirmed that voice bug *and* text issues have been fixed after playing it. Framerate issues are better, but not gone; it seems to vary from player to player. The patch fixed some of the nitpicks that I had with the game so it gets a post-patch 9/10 from me.


I've played every Disgaea game, and I can say that Disgaea 4 back when it released on the Playstation 3, was the one of the best in the series. Disgaea D2 takes my top spot just because of streamlined combat and menus on it; while some people hate it, I personally loved it and beat it to 100%. Disgaea 4 on the Vita (as every port does) tries to bring in some new features and content to justify buying it a second time. This game is worth it alone just for the all the DLC and extra new scenario that comes with it. While I didn't buy it on Amazon, (I bought it from NISA themselves) I've been playing ever since I got it and have been enjoying my return to D4. I will admit that I do miss Troy Baker's act for Valvatorez, but Matt Mercer's act was not bad. Matt Mercer only voices Valvatorez in the new extra scenario "Time Leap".

Here's some of the new content I've noticed D4: A Promise Revisited has:
-The Cheat Shop à la Disgaea D2. While the cheat shop does let you change EXP/Mana/HL growth, it does not seem to have the abiity to change game modes (i.e. LoC/Rasetsu)which is a shame because unlocking LoC in D4 is tedious in my opinion.
-There is an event shop in the base. Just like in Disgaea D2, you can view story events and endings here.
-If you have Disgaea 3 save files on your Vita, you can recruit Rutile and Stella as playable characters. Both of them have the same base stats and evilities as they did in Disgaea 3.
-The item bag has a limit of 64. (Which helps alot if you don't like cluttering things in the warehouse)
-The warehouse has a limit of 999. (I doubt you'll ever use up all 999 spaces, but it's good that you never have to worry)
-If you move your unit you can move them again as long as you don't go over the movement range of said unit.
-Peta magic is back.

I spent 600+ hours on the original D4 so I can say without a doubt that this version in terms of features is vastly superior to the original. However, I knocked off one star from my review because of one major issue I'm having with this port. This game tanks so damn much in framerate to the point where it's visually unappealing to me. Imagine moving your cursor to one (and sometimes a whole area) specific point in the map and everything slows down; the sprite animations, the cursor, menu navigation, you name it. This may just be me experiencing this, but that's enough for me to not be able to fully enjoy the game.

Take my previous statement with a grain of salt if you have to, but nonetheless this game is definitely worth your money if you enjoy this series or SRPGs in general.
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on August 12, 2014
I haven't gotten very far, but the story is just as crazy as previous Disgaea entries. Also IF you have a save file for D3 you can recruit Rutile and Stella. All the DLC from the PS3 version is also included as post-game content. I find waiting for the handheld ports is worth it because you get all the DLC for free.

-Graphics: 4/5

The sprites are hi-res, don't think they were on Disgaea 3 for Vita. The attack animations also seem better.

-Sound/VA: 5/5

The English VA is good, but you can change it to JP audio as well.

-Characters: 5/5

D4's cast is certainly more likable than D3's, Rasberyl was probably my favorite, though Mao is far less interesting than Valvatorez.

-Gameplay: 4/5

If you've played a Disgaea game you'll know what to expect, there's still "move, attack, special, lift, defend, and item" during battles, and magichange. However now monster types can fuse, except Prinnies in battle.

Outside of battle you can do new things:
1. Cheat Shop - Here you can modify the percentage for EXP, HL, and Mana, and enemy difficulty
2. Cam-pain HQ/Senate/Support Group - The Cam-pain HQ is the equivalent of the classroom in D3 however, its been revamped with many new features. Senate is essentially where you do bill votes
3.Chara World - Random dungeons (Not unlocked right away)
4. Data shop, Memory Shop, and Music Room
5. Netherbattle Tournament
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on November 13, 2014
Nippon Ichi has made itself known for its deep tactical RPGs despite their humble beginnings with the polarizing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on the Sony PlayStation. It has become tradition for them, furthermore, to port titles of their chief Disgaea series to Sony’s portable systems, with the first and second Disgaeas receiving PlayStation Portable editions with added content, the third game originally for the PlayStation 3 receiving a port to the PlayStation Vita. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the announcement of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited for the PSVita came as little surprise to the gaming community, providing an experience on par with its predecessors.

Like previous Disgaea entries, the fourth title features a deep tactical battle system with endless character and monster classes from which to create at the game’s hub town. In battle, the player can summon up to ten characters from a base panel, with a Game Over coming if the player has lost ten characters in combat, and while the player has several options from which to choose in this situation, such as retrying the battle, going back to the hub town, or returning to the title screen, any of them doesn’t preserve the levels the player’s characters gained in the lost battle like the third entry, providing a greater degree of difficulty akin to the first and second games that handled death the same way.

Fortunately, the Item World, coupled with at least one Mr. Gency’s Exit if the player reaches a tight situation there, makes for a decent, somewhat enjoyable grinding experience for the primary storyline battles, many of which require some sort of strategy, typically involving Geo Cubes that provide beneficial/detrimental effects to the player’s characters and/or the enemy, to overcome. Some of these battles can certainly be annoying, although they are by no means cheap, and coupled with skill boosting and the ability to promote characters to more powerful versions of their current classes outside battle, the fourth game’s battle engine makes for a fun experience.

Control hardly leaves room for improvement, with easy menus and character management, although the in-game clock is hard to find, and the game may crash occasionally, although some updates to the fourth game have since seen release since this reviewer began his playthrough.

As with its predecessors, Disgaea 4 features a superb comical storyline, this time revolving around a sardine-loving vampire named Valvatorez and the allies he gains during his quest, comical scenes in between missions adding another touch of humor while supplementing occasional trivia about the Japanese language, particularly with relation to sardines. The storyline script is generally free of error, and ultimately, the plot helps the game far more than hurts.

The same goes for the soundtrack and voice acting, in spite of some recycled tracks from prior series entries and some unusual battle dialogue such as Valvatorez shouting “Sardines!” when performing certain attacks.

The visuals too show more polish than usual for a Nippon Ichi title, with the character and enemy sprites in particular looking marvelous in spite of some slightly-choppy animation, although the environments hardly show any bland texturing, and many cutscenes rely on animated character portraits to do the job, accounting for an excellent-looking game.

Finally, completing the main storyline can take anywhere from thirty-five to fifty hours, although like its predecessors, the fourth entry features plenty of content and achievement trophies to pad out playing time even more. Overall, Disgaea 4 is another solid tactical RPG offering worthy of its ancestors’ moniker, what with its deep, engaging battle system, tight control, humorous narrative, excellent sound, and polished visuals. Admittedly, those that typically don’t enjoy tactical RPGs might not appreciate the depth of its mechanics, and may find the third entry to be more accessible due to its anti-frustration feature involving slaps on the wrist that accompany Game Overs, but even so, series fans are sure to take delight that the fourth entry very well builds upon prior entries’ mechanics.

The Good:
+Deep Disgaea battle mechanics.
+Great control.
+Superb story.
+Nice soundtrack.
+Polished visuals.

The Bad:
-Doesn’t include third game’s anti-frustration feature.
-In-game clock is hard to find.
-May crash occasionally

The Bottom Line:
Another solid Disgaea game.
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on October 24, 2014
For a strategy RPG fan, this is a must play. The gameplay mechanics are incredibly evolved and refined by this version and there are more features than you'll know what to do with.

Comparing it to games like Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, and FF Tactics are apt comparisons with the exception of the level of seriousness. Disgaea 4 does not take itself very serious and I found that pretty refreshing. The dialog is constantly humorous and the plot is entertaining.

I had not played a prior Disgaea but I'm excited for Disgaea 5 now.
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on August 7, 2015
Great game with literally hundreds (possibly a thousand) hours of game play. There are many different levels to the game play, but they are laid out in an understandable and manageable manner.

If you have been searching for a good strategy rpg, this is it. I had been looking for a game akin to FF Tactics or the Shining Force games from Genesis, and this perfectly scratched my itch.
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on March 5, 2015
Great music, funny characters. The game play is fun, but can get repetitive. Good bonus content. You are a Vampire, with a Werewolf best friend, who wants to take over the demon government (everyone has super-powers) because you think that you can do a better job, with the usual plot twists, as well as some unexpected moments.
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on September 11, 2014
Just as expected i'm sinking lot and lots of hours into this game. So if you aren't willing to sacrifice your freetime for a game you can restart over and over just stick to the main story, which is hilarious and as a nice change after Disgaea 3 you have a nice main hero who isn't completely insane. He just likes sardines. A lot.

For those willing to spend more time on leveling for the side stuff, bonus maps and other challenges, this game offers even more of those than the ones before.

As a nice addition in regards to Disgaea 3 you have the "Cheat Shop" which makes power leveling easier, as it allows you to make enemies stronger and gain more EXP and mana.

This VITA port also contains all the DLC of the PS3 version, which saves money in hindsight^^
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on August 22, 2014
Finally it's here! For those who have never played the disgaea games but enjoy the rpg and jrpg genre, Disgaea is must buy!
Originally released for the ps3, this ps vita port comes with all the dlc of the original without sacrificing anything we love about the disgaea series!
Hours of fun in the story! Days of fun in the character leveling, customization, and item world, all with the outrageous Lv 9999 character cap!
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on April 27, 2015
One of the best game ever!

I owned every single game in this series, disgaea 1-4 + D2 (still waiting for disgaea 5 to be released in the US) and I must say this is probably the best so far. I have the original version on PS3, and this version on VITA is even 10 times better. The game overall is hugely improved, make it so much more convenient for players. Graphic is also better, add more content and include all the DLC, I have never played this on my VITA, I have only played it on TV through my PSTV, It works well mostly except a little bit of the frame rate issue.

It's a must have if you love disgaea even if you have the original game.
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on September 11, 2014
This game is everything I've ever wanted in a Portable Disgaea.
the Cheat system replaces alot of the functions previously only available after passing the senate bill for said function. This makes things infinitely more streamlined, even though it doesn't make anything easier. It just removes a step by turning into a "unlock via reward" system.

As for Disgaea 4 itself, the story was better than the third series entry, and I'd place this at second or even first, except the overuse of Sardines as a punchline. It even got meta when in-game they would start complaining about the overuse of Sardines too. Unnecessary and repetitive, but does not detract from the game. If anything, it only characterizes the lead, Valvatorez, as this bumbling fool who jumbled up his marbles at some point after quitting human blood. So it kind of works, but you've got to let it work in your own "head canon".

The only thing that I wish the Portable release had was the option for low res graphics. The lack of the option didn't make the game any less awesome so it's not going to lessen the rating for me.

I'm just excited for Disgaea D2
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