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on November 21, 2012
"Epic Mickey 2" is a blast, and it's a true pleasure to behold the imaginative worlds that were sculpted for this adventure. The game is fairly simplistic, but that doesn't matter- it's just plain fun. The level of polish isn't quite on par with the "Ratchet and Clank" universe (the king of cartoon games, in my opinion), but it's pretty darned close. Consoles NEED more games like "Epic Mickey 2!" It's great, whimsical, nonviolent fun for all ages.

The game's major fault (if you want to call it that) is that it's rather short in length. This does not bother me at all, since I'm a very busy adult, and I don't have all that much time for gaming. I would much rather have a beautiful, finely tuned experience than a bloated one that can drag at times. And if you're buying this game for your child, it's nice to know that whis game won't suck them in for endless hours like WOW or Skyrim, but will lend itself well to short, enjoyable sessions. However, there are plenty of collectibles to go back for, so you can still spend plenty of time in Mickey's world.

Also- this is a great co-op game! Fun for an adult and their child, two siblings, or even you and your significant other.
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on January 8, 2013
This is written based on the xbox360 version of this game.

The concept - a new storyline for Mickey (and Oswald) - is a great one. The cut scenes are spectacular. Watching the opening scenes really gives you the feeling like you are playing characters in a Disney cartoon.

Then the game play starts.

The camera is horrid, and the same stick controls the camera and the aiming. The aiming is just as bad, with Mickey's paint going in random ways, but rarely where you want it to. To add to the frustration, in co-op, if you miss with the thinner and hit Oswald, you do damage.

Co-op is more fun, as you cannot switch and control Oswald if you are playing solo, it's only Mickey. However, the vertical split and the zoom level they've chosen means that you cannot see much. Paired with the bad camera control and how finicky platforms, puzzles, and combat is - let's just say you have to REALLY love Mickey to be willing to keep slogging through this.

This had the potential to be amazing. It, unfortunately, is not.
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on November 18, 2012
I pre-ordered my copy of Epic Mickey 2 on Xbox 360 and picked it up today. The graphics are amazing (on the 360 anyways). I was wondering how the gameplay would be compared to using the wii remote to use the brush, but the right joystick on the xbox controller is used to aim the brush. The controls are very simple. I am excited to play co-op. I was excited to see if you could co-op over Xbox live, but unfortunately it is just a local co-op. Another great thing about the game is that the characters actually talk, instead of having to read all of the text boxes in the first game. Overall it is a great game so far!
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on November 28, 2012
I bought this game because has a 2 player option. It is a blast to work and play in pair. game offers much fun as you really have to do good team work if you wana get anywhere. Only downfall is split screen but if TV is large enuf shouldnt be an isshue.
pros. wonderfull graphics, entertaining story and flawless gameplay
cons. splitscreen for co-op
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on April 29, 2015
The Game is really fun overall. If you're a really big disney guru, this is your game. The voice acting of all of your favorite characters and more are phenomenal, and the story is pretty creative as well. The graphics beat the first game too. I wished they could've made the story longer and the game more detailed like the first game. Otherwise, I loved Epic Mickey 2, and recommend it to any gamer or fan of disney.
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on January 14, 2013
Epic Mickey was the first video game I played all the way through, and though I got frustrated with some of the puzzles, and the controls, and the camera, I attributed it largely to the fact that I was a newbie. Also, I played it on the Wii, so the graphics were chunky enough that it made it difficult not to fall off cliffs and miss critical objects from time to time, which didn't help. But overall, I had a blast, and really enjoyed following it all the way to the end. I then went back and played it again, as evil Mickey, and found more hidden stuff and adventures than before. Big thumbs up.

So I was excited to play this one. Really. Excited. But not so much now.

Hated the Mad Singing Doctor. Had to turn off the sound and read subtitles instead. Not sure if it was an homage or a joke, but I do know that it was annoying as all getout.

The overall mission was easy to follow, but I was not focusing as much as I should have been (I realize in retrospect) on side missions, because all of a sudden I realized the game was "over" and I had missed a ton of opportunities. So I started over, intending on being far more thorough. And I was, but didn't get out of it what I had hoped. Plus, after completing the mission, and then doing a ton of side journeys, there's no END. You just sort of at some point decide to quit. Extremely unsatisfying way to end a game after that much time invested. Big BOO on that one.

The camera in this game can be really awkward. All of a sudden I'd be looking at a rock instead of Mickey's POV because the rock is behind him, where the camera is. Hmmm. Also, lots of dizzying perspective shifts made it hard to deal with situations requiring any sort of rapid reflex reactions.

I found myself yelling at Oswald to get with the program a lot. His AI tendencies stunk, and when I was trying to get him to engage an object or enemy or something, I'd end up throwing him in the air and waiting 15 seconds for him to come back down because they both use the same button. Uhhhhhh...? He would also not join me when I tried to summon him, and I'd have to pick up a second remote and play him myself to get him to do what I wanted, then sign back out and return to just playing Mickey by myself. Not good. His voice also grated after a while, and again, I turned off the sound to avoid hearing his whiny complaints.

There were also far too many opportunities for me to screw up a side mission by doing something that seemed totally innocuous, but ended up destroying the chance to finish up a quest. Like putting the pearl in the wrong place, when I didn't even know what all my options were for it in the first place.

Or, I'd try really hard to follow the rules, and STILL get screwed up somehow. Ian and his love of blotlings is my favorite example. I made it through Blot Alley without hurting any, and he was thrilled. I then made it all the way through the Fort without ONCE touching my thinner button, and yet somehow, while fighting the slobber monster, it cut to Ian saying I'd thinned out the little guys and he was mad and not going to help me ever again. I had many bad words for Ian, as I had done no such thing, but at that point, it didn't matter, the game had decided I had been naughty and that avenue was closed for further activities.

Meanwhile, all I can do is fantasize about the release of Portal 3. <sigh> Now THERE are some puzzles!!!!!
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on February 8, 2013
Originally, I bought this for my girlfriend. She's a huge Disney fanatic and loves anything with Mickey. Oswald was a major jump in the factor for her. So I surprised her with it and tried not to grit my teeth too obviously at the thought of having to play as I am quite the opposite as far as Disney themes go. I picked up the controller and tried my best to play along. I did not expect to have so much fun doing so. Now I can't wait when it's time to continue along in our co-op. I've even started my own game as the only downside to this 'co-op' adventure is the opening level is only single player, so in order to get those achievements/story credit, you'd have to start your own.

The levels are basic and fun enough for the little ones to wander and laugh at the mishaps you can get yourself into, along with the dialogue and very animated actions shared between our two heroes in the game. It's very interactive for mid-range children to be able to play and understand the story line. Then, for our older group of gamers, get ready for a twist and turn of work to gain every achievement possible. Including the achievement of nightmares 'Perfectionist', which entails doing every single side quest in perfect, which means not teetering, talking to every single character you come across, and running back and forth between every single explored area to pull your hair out.

Everything aside however, it really is a great game for the whole family, any age. You don't have to play the story to enjoy. It's just as much fun to just wander and appreciate the work that went into the game, landscape and characters.
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on January 14, 2013
First, I was very excited to see Epic Mickey 2 come to xbox 360. We enjoyed the original, but have a tendency to not play our Wii, as it doesn't have HD capability. So when I saw the sequel available for xbox, I just had to have it! The other feature that drew me in was the coop play. My husband and I love gaming together, and rarely find a game for xbox that plays coop well. For local coop, this game is really enjoyable. The controls took some getting used to - and my five-year-old has a much harder time than he did with the original on the Wii. The game itself isn't as much fun as the first, but the environment is still great.

One thing I appreciated over the original is the voice-overs. I didn't mind reading everything in the original, but it made it hard for my younger children to play. With this Epic Mickey, the dialogue is all spoken as well (and can be skipped with the push of a button).

All in all, this is a fun game. Great if you liked the first one, great to have in HD, and great split-screen coop. I was lucky enough to buy it as the Amazon Deal of the Day, and I thought I got real bang for my buck. Not sure if I would have appreciated the game as much at full price...
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on January 3, 2013
This is the Xbox360 version. This game is fun and graphics are good... but you definately need to for co-op play. Its hard to solve some of the puzzles without the second person. Camera sometimes is wonky so you have to spin around to find out where you are. When playing with two, it splits the screen, left and right. Sometimes you cannot see what you are doing so you have to press start to unsplit the screen to finish a task. The adventure is good and for the most part it guides you to your next task. I would find this game a little hard if my kids were younger. Otherwise great adventure. You may want to rent it first before deciding to purchase to make that choice.
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on February 11, 2013
This review is based solely on what my kids tell me... I do no play video games and have not played this one. My kids got this game after christmas and love it...I have not helped them pass any of the levels, they had some difficulties at first but seemed to pass them all on their own (as I said, I don't play games). I don't know what level they are on, but I've seen them pass quite a few. They are not video game wizzes as this is their first console and they just got it for christmas, so I think it is pretty easy if they are able to unlock secrets and pass levels....Anyways, they love it and i haven't heard them complain about it once.
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