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on June 25, 2014
My 3 year old is obsessed with Frozen (the first princess movie she's ever liked!). I recently bought her the Glitter Glider castle and knew it would not be complete without Anna, Elsa and Olaf. I love a lot of things about this set:

1. The quality of the dresses. These dresses are fuller, sturdier, and much more detailed than regular Magiclip dresses. They sparkle (like glittery diamonds, as my daughter says) and have wheels on the bottom so that the dolls can glide around a surface or their glider castle.

2. Anna's cap. This is the only Anna doll (we have all of the Magiclip Anna dolls now) that has her cap on. It's the most representative of the way Anna looks when she's searching for Elsa.

3. Elsa's braid. I love Elsa's hair when it's down, and it's hard to find Elsa dolls with her hair in the braid. The ones we have, her hair is in a bun, which is still pretty, but the long braid is my daughter's favorite.

4. Olaf. This Olaf stands so easily. This is our third Magiclip Olaf, and the other two have to be positioned just right to stay upright. This Olaf stands on his own quite easily.

These dolls were more expensive than the other Glitter Glider dolls, but they were well worth the money, and a huge hit for my little girl.
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on June 19, 2014
I received these to go with my personal Frozen collection and I love them so much! My daughters have the regular magic clips and I couldn't believe the difference in quality with the dresses. These are heavy and sturdy with rollers on the bottom - even Olaf has a little metal ball in his butt so he can roll too! Haha. They are cute, and I love that Anna is actually wearing her hat. I highly recommend these!
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on July 5, 2014
Adorable play set! Excellent quality! My granddaughter loves rolling the little figures around. The clothes are easily removed, but I'm not sure if they can be interchanged. The fit doesn't seem to be as well as when they each have their own dress on. I think the hairstyle may interfere with the switch, but this is no big deal. She loves that they are small enough to hold in her hand or put in her little purse. The dolls measure approximately 3-3/4" tall. The colors are very nice, and the faces are very well done. The material is not cheap plastic but is a nice rubber/vinyl. I am very pleased with this purchase, and only purchased this set because of it's prior excellent reviews. Hope this helps! Thanks!
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on September 5, 2014
My 1 year old daughter (and 4 year old son) LOVE these little guys! She carries them all over the house. And my son is always trying to snag them from her. We don't have the castle that goes with them, but we do have some of the other swappable clothes princesses. The outfits are interchangeable, as the dolls inside are all the same size. Olaf is great! He has a little rollerball underneath him that lets him slide around on any smooth surface, like he's gliding on ice.

The princess dresses are glittery and opaque, so they let a little light through. Overall, these are great little Frozen toys for younger children. They are also quite durable. My kids have sat on them, tried to chew them, dropped them over and over again, and they still look like new.
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on October 16, 2015
Mattel's MagiClip toys are simply awesome--they have been my daughter's favorite toys for over a year now. If you are not familiar, these are toys that have little clip-on dresses that are easy for kids to remove and put back on. They are interchangeable across many different princesses. There are two types of dresses for MagiClip toys. Some are just simple dresses that would allow the characters to stand on their own. You can even buy entire wardrobes, like Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip Fashion Giftset. Then there are those like the Disney Frozen Glitter Gliders that have wheels on the bottom of the dresses, allowing them to roll across the floor.

Being like many other kids her age, my daughter LOVES all things Frozen, and these are no exception. Compared to other MagiClip dresses, these wheeled dresses tend to be sturdier, thicker, and heavier. These are definitely quality products. Both Elsa and Anna are detailed, but I also love little Olav. He has a marble on the bottom of him that allows him to roll around, much like Gus Gus from Disney Princess Glitter Glider Castle Playset. Speaking of which, all of these are compatible with each other. Elsa and Anna can skate along with everyone else. The wheeled dresses also fit fine on other characters.

Sometimes it can be a bit tough to put Elsa's dresses on, especially if using other dresses. Her braid gets in the way, but that is a minor issue overall. That is really the only thing close to negative I can say about these. They are much easier to dress than Barbies or similar dolls. These things are awesome, and make a good start to collecting a full set of princesses.
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on November 9, 2015
I threw a last minute Frozen birthday party and didn't have time to order a fancy cake. I bought these for cake toppers, even though that's not what they are. I simply ordered a simple blue cake, added white sprinkles for "snow", rock candy for "ice", and these toys for the toppers. They were perfect and afterwards my daughter got to play with them.
review image review image
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on December 15, 2014
Product-I bought these at Target for my daughter's birthday cake. They were perfect sized and adorable. She was very excited when we cleaned them off and she was then able to play with them. They are small but we have tons of the other princesses so we had to add the frozen girls to the collection! * Elsa's dress did break, but my boys were playing rough as boys like to do. Anna is holding up very well.
Price- The price on here is ridiculously high! I feel they are taking advantage of consumers and the popularity/demand of frozen products. I paid $16.99.
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on June 24, 2015
I purchased then frozen Glitter Glider duo (Anna and Elsa and Olaf) since my girls love Frozen and Amazon had them at $9.98 which was a bargain considering one Glitter Glider princess cost about $7-10. Shop around for these Glitter Glider princesses and other MagiClip dolls. Walmart, Target and Toys R' Us usually have them in stock from $4-6. The MagiClip dresses seem to be rare, mostly sold with additional dolls (1 doll + 1 or 2 dresses). Amazon had a two different packs of 12 dress and 4 dolls. However they had ridiculously high price tag of $72. I shopped around and found one of the 12 dress packs from Walmart for just $24. It was an online only purchase. (Walmart store had the least magiClip dolls in stock). The 12 dresses pack comes with 4 princess dolls (Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel and Merida). Tiana MagiClip doll seems to be more rare and I didn't want to pay Amazon price of $20+ for a 4 inch doll. But I did find a Tiana MagiClip at Toys R' Us for $6.99.

I LOVE how the easily the MagiClip dresses come off and on the dolls. Just a squeeze at the bottom. Unlike their previous predecessor where the clothing are made of stretchy rubbers that are so difficult for kids to pull onto their dolls. My 3 year old daughter worked it out on her own! My daughters no longer need my help to play dress-up with their dolls. My 6 year old son accidently squeezed too hard and the dress snapped in two. No worries, he just clicked the pieces back together and problem solved.

In total I probably spent more than what I wanted with MagiClips/Glitter Gliders (about $125 total, which includes the Glitter Glider castle and one add-on room). And I only had a Cinderella duplicate since one came with the Glitter Glider Castle. So that wasn't too bad. Later on, I did purchase the Anna and Elsa MagiClip dolls that came with the vanity and the mirror and rings. These dolls looked different than the dolls from the Glitter Glider set. And they each come with a separate cloak that is not attached to their MagiClip dresses. Did I think it was all worth it? Yes, especially since my 3 year old loves her Glitter Glide castle and she likes carrying her Anna MagiClip doll everywhere. My older daughter loves to play dress-up with the MagiClip dolls. And the MagiClip dolls can all be packed in a small bag, making them easy for travel play in long car rides. The Polly Pocket doll case works really well for storing the MagiClip dolls. But any make-up bag will work as well. And all four of my kids will occasionally play with the Glitter Glider castle.
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on July 5, 2015
My girls (ages 4 and 2) love these clip on princesses. They received the set of the classic ones for Christmas and those have lasted and endured a good amount of pounding on by toddlers. My girls bring them EVERYWHERE! So of course like every other child in the known universe they love frozen and I found these on amazon for a great price. They were so surprised when My wife and I gave it to them. They had a blast.

Then the problem happened... Elsa's arm fell off after 3 days. With the beating the other ones took I couldn't believe this lasted only 3 days.

Major props to Mattel though. I emailed them about it, and get a very quick response saying that should not happen and they sent out a brand new set which arrived really fast.

My girls are very much enjoying these once again!

The bonus with these is they slide, which the classics don't do. My girls have both enjoyed this feature, and have put the dresses on their other princesses to make them slide too.
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on December 28, 2015
These were hands down one of the best gifts my daughter got this year (she's 3 but I know she'll be using them for years to come). First off, they are adorable. The characters are cute and the sparkly dresses are beautiful. Then, the gliders on the bottom make them twirl when you slide them on the table or floor. They actually "glide" better than I expected, especially Olaf. Also, the dresses are interchangeable with each other as well as other magiclip dolls. They are so easy to put on, even for my 3 year old. For the girl who loves to change doll clothes constantly like mine, these are the best!
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