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Style Name: Phineas & Ferb Toy Box PackChange
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on December 27, 2013
First of all - excellent game, has kept the kiddos busy and they really love it...

Enter the parental sets, toy box. figurines oh my
Playsets: necessary to enter story mode where you are playing in the figurines world ie: you need that little crystal-looking statue to get there and it is not included with individual figurines
Toybox: alternate mode of playing where you can create things...different figurines have different playing options there.
Figurines: sold as individual pieces or in pairs (Frozen sisters), these complement characters you already own in Story mode and can enter their worlds. (Remember only people from that world can enter their world - no cross world visiting) OR you can use them independently in Toy box mode and everybody can play together depending on your gaming system.

to date the Playsets available that I have found are:
. the starter pack with the worlds of : Monster University, Metropolis (The Incredibles) and The Carribean (from Pirates)
the Cars world
the Toy Story world
the Lone Ranger world

There are many figurines available that I have not found have their corresponding world available yet (12/2013) I am hoping that Disney will make these worlds available soon and that I won't have to repeat purchasing figurines to get that precious little crystal world holding device (cause I won't) :)

So buyer, beware - read your packaging carefully - know what you have, where you can go and what you're expecting to be able to do with it. ie: if you have wii - remember only 1 can play in world mode at a time and only 2 can play in toy box mode at a time. etc... know what your gaming system allows :)
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on December 13, 2013
Before anyone gets mad at my score let me say I knew what I was getting into and I dont regret buying this. BUT... just because you love something doesnt mean you can't point out its flaws. And this "Play Set" is exactly whats wrong with Disney Infinity. No matter how beautiful the character looks, if there's no custom adventure for them then the game gets incredibly boring.

Frozen Play Set

+ Great looking figurines
+ Elsa has some of the coolest powers in all of Infinity

- Sold as a "Playset" but there's no actual game. Just some wallpaper.
- $30 for two figures means $15/ea which is more than an individual figure
- Anna had no actual trademarks in the film so they gave her... a shovel? Huh?
- Elsa minigame is shooting a catapult so you can't utilize her awesome powers or even see her
- No actual game. I know I said it several times but it's a valid complaint. Elsa and Anna join Jack Skellington, Rapunzel, Ralph and Vanelope as cool figures with nowhere to play. WHY!!!! Lone Ranger made $89M its ENTIRE domestic run, but Frozen made $93M in a single weekend yet they didnt bother making a Frozen adventure?!?

Again, my girls loved the film so I dont regret buying this. But I'm positive that my girls will spend more time admiring the figures than actually playing them and that's a big problem. Disney just needs to make more playsets (especially for the much neglected girl gamers).
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on November 15, 2013
It if definitely one of the most action packed play sets and very much worth playing more than once. If I had any complaints about the Disney Infinity Play Sets it would be the lack of Microsoft achievements associated with new sets. Another issue with the Infinity is the custom characters are limited without their own sets. Cars, Lone Ranger, and Toy Story are better investments than Rapunzel, Wreck-it Ralph, Jack Skellington or other 1 offs because of a lack of story line. Don't get me wrong at half off I would probably buy them for my grandkids, however a lack of story limits how long they want to play with them.
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on January 1, 2014
While the figures are beautiful and look lovely sitting next to my Anna and Elsa dolls, this product does NOT come with a playset. That is, there is no Frozen story mode to play in. What comes with this pack is the two figures, which each include ONE personalized mini-game, the ability to run around the Toy Box as the girls, and two appearance packs that alter the sky and ground respectively to look snowy. I was very disappointed to learn that there is no actual story mode for these figures, and sincerely hope that Disney releases an ACTUAL Frozen playset soon. Rapunzel's figure, and the Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope figures suffer the same fate. It is unfortunate that Disney decided not to include story modes for these characters, especially since they have done such a good job with releasing figures of playable female characters, such as Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible, Violet, and Jessie.
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on October 30, 2013
SHORT ANSWER: This is an add-on world playset for the Disney Infinity game. You still need the base portal that comes in the base set, and the game CD itself, in order to play with this set. With that said, the Cars playset adds more to the Disney Infinity game than one might originally expect. The Cars world has more appeal to it than just racing, and a lot of the Cars movie "charm" is present in spades. The additional toybox pieces are great for helping build your own race-tracks, as well. This single playset does come with two Cars character figures so is also all you need to play either single player or local multiplayer, making it a great buy for people with multiple kids who all want to play together.

LONG ANSWER: This playset is, of course, for the Disney Infinity game. With it, you can play in the Cars world as well as add Cars-themed pieces to your own toyboxes. Initially, when my 5-year-old daughter stated that she wanted this playset I was a bit skeptical. I was under the impression that all it would offer was some car racing; which is something you can actually do in the base sets already. I was very pleasantly surprised to find this playset actually offers more than just racing.

The Cars world, itself, has a lot more to it than just having the player race constantly. Like pretty much all of the other Infinity game worlds, this one is open-world. This means you are put into the middle of the Cars world, and allowed to roam around freely doing what you want. There are tons of side quests you can accept to do, but you are also free to just ignore them if you choose. Doing certain ones does open up new areas and items to the game, but it is completely possible for someone to just have fun driving around Radiator Springs without ever doing a single quest.

The missions, themselves, have variety. Some of them are definitely more inspired than others, however. There are the pre-requisite fetch quests (made a little more fun by being able to speed wildly to pick up the items), as well as regular racing quests. There are also destruction derby style quests where the object is to destroy as much of the scenery as possible (a lot more fun than one might initially expect), and trick quests where the object is to perform flips, rolls, etc off of ramps. All in all, they are not always the most inspired of quests, but they are usually still fun enough as to not feel like a chore.

Graphics-wise, Radiator Springs looks wonderful. The color palette for this one was nicely chosen, and gives you that mid-western, desert/canyon feel. This makes it all the more enjoyable to drive around in it. Almost all of the characters from the Cars movie are present, and you get a lot of your missions from them. There are even cute little touches in the game world from the movie; like the ability to knock down Luigi's tire tower, etc.

Most of the terrain is also skillfully set up to be a joy to drive through; with plenty of stuff to run into and destroy as well as ample scenery that acts as make-shift ramps and the like. There are plenty of levels to the environment as well, making exploring all the more interesting.

The story-line is not a very strong presence in this game, however. Do not expect any type of over-arching, epic storyline to add color and perspective to your game-play. Most of the quests are one-off tasks that the individual characters have you do; nothing that has any larger meaning for the game world. Considering the Cars gameplay is open-world, this is not too uncommon of that type of gameplay, however.

The actual character figurines and playset piece are of high quality and sturdiness; much like all of the Disney Infinity pieces. There is still the fatal flaw that if you lose that clear playset master piece (in this case, a clear piston cup), then you are no longer able to play in the Cars world unless you buy the complete set again. Disney REALLY needs to offer a way just to buy the playset master piece for people with children prone to misplacing things. This is one of my largest complaints regarding the whole Disney Infinity game; those playset master pieces are just too important (losing them locks you out of that world), and Disney provides no way to replace just them. You either by that whole set a second time, or you go without.

In addition, there is not much reason to buy any additional Car character figures past the two that come with this set. Unlike other worlds like The Incredibles, where each character figure plays somewhat differently in their world than the others of the set with differing powers, all of the Cars play exactly the same as each other. There is no difference between playing as Lightning McQueen from that of playing as Toemater, except how they look in the game. This can be a benefit, though. Once you have this one set, you no longer have any reason to spend any additional money on any of the other Cars pieces.

Overall, this set adds some good variety to the Disney Infinity game. It is a lot more than just racing, like I initially though. I would not bother buying any more Cars figures past the ones that come in this set, however. They provide nothing extra to the experience.

I hope this review helped at least one person decide whether to purchase this set or not.
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on September 20, 2013
This was a birthday gift for my grandson. it did not look like
Much to me.......Boy was I wrong.!!!!!!!!! He loved it. It looks
like a couple of small cars but is so much more. It is an interactive
game and he still hasn't been able to tell me everything it does.
he gets excited every time he talks about it.
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on January 11, 2014
I have to start by saying, I did not do my research on this purchase; instead succumbing to my children's excitement of the new game system and want for anything Frozen. That being said, I was disappointed to find that the set does not include a game world piece, making the characters only able to play around in the Toy Box. I can hope for a future game piece to be released, but would also know that would be an additional cost. The figures themselves look great, and Elsa is quite cool in her abilities. I would definitely recommend purchasing this set-once the game world is available as well.
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on December 11, 2013
Love the figurines, beautiful details. The powers are fun as well, especially for Elsa, she has the ability to freeze, and throw snow balls.
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on December 25, 2013
Not cool. No play set with it. So basically you can't enter frozen just the playset. Very misleading. Expensive and dissapointing.
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on February 3, 2014
We bought this for our kids for Christmas and it was well worth it. My daughter's eyes lit up when she opened it. The gameplay is fun and enjoyable for most ages.
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