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Disney, Pixar, and the Hidden Messages of Children's Films
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on July 22, 2010
I had enjoyed the author's treatments of science fiction television programs (Science Fiction Television, ISBN: 978-0275981648) and his later book about sci-fi films (Alternate Americas: Science Fiction Film and American Culture, ISBN: 978-0275983956) but I have to sadly say that I didn't enjoy this trip through kid-and-family-friendly animated feature films anywhere near as much.

I think a large part of my dissatisfaction is that I know many of these animated films intimately, through repeated watchings. I have very strong opinions on them myself, and I was hoping the book would go into detail about themes or idealogies which could be seen in these films. I wanted details of his interpretations and his reasoning based on history, culture, and the films themselves, so that I could (when I watch the films yet again) make my own judgements about his conclusions.

The format of the book places very little emphasis on deep meanings in any one film. Instead, it almost acts like a summary guidebook to all of the animated films from the major production houses in the past few decades.

While I applaud the author for wishing to be inclusive and all-encompassing, the title of the book (and additionally, his earlier work with the science fiction genre) led me to expect a book with more depth.

What I found instead was a book with wonderful breadth, and if you are a film or animation student looking for short sound-bite-quality impressions of every single animated film ever, this is the perfect book for you.

I, sadly, wanted something with a bit more meat on it's bones.
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After reading the only review of this shamefully mass produced bit of Marxist irony, I have only to say: I'm so sorry you expected more from Booker, but you see, he is only a fountain of regurgitated nonsense from the University of Florida. Our adorable Booker's life transformed from aimless blue collar child to Marxist critic only when his father was replaced by the university system. And as we all know, Marxist studies was once the wave of the future, a future thought be dominated by water downed summaries of Foucault-like readings of movies, popcorn oil, and the dust left in the bottom of the popcorn kettle itself. For the Marxist critic is a great student of Nothing and Nonsense, just like the classroom of a Marxist professor who had nothing at all to say about Joyce besides, "Oh yes, and Nietzsche once said," but we've heard it all before with Eliot's "saw dust restaurants and oyster shells."

I ask you, you few remaining American thinkers, not to give this charlatan your money. If you do, you are only perpetuating a system of disinformation, a system that cares not for diction, depth, nor the desire to "know" beyond the tentacle reach of the Red Academy. Know that he doesn't care about wisdom, he is only writing his "books" in order to keep a job he bought into long ago when he sacrificed his youth for the "People."

Keith Booker has become...dystopia itself because... "Mistah Kurtz, he dead .."
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