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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2011
Disney Universe is simply a must have game for all Disney geeks and a perfect game for kids just starting out with games. The game will draw an immediate comparison to the Lego series of games and for good reason, there is a lot of borrowing. However, the differences that Disney Universe includes are almost always for the better.

The story is simple, Disney Universe is a new system that essentially allows people to live Disney movies. The places are occupied by bots which turn evil under the control of Hex, the game's villian.

To save the guests stuck in Disney Universe, your blue character dons the suit of a popular Disney hero and smashes their way through levels.

You start out in levels inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean with a limited number of suits. From my experience playing with about 10 different suits thus far, they all control basically the same, using a sort of slash attack to defend themselves (A sword for Jack Sparrow, a guitar for Stitch, a broom for Donald etc). This is a tad unfortunate as many of the Lego characters had different talents which made that game more strategic.

Each level has severla objectives before you can reach the end. Generally this involves building some objects, solving small puzzles and completing challenges. None are particularly difficult but it becomes insultingly easy with the inclusion of a big blue arrow guilding you from place to place. Thankfully more experienced games can turn this hint system off.

The puzzles are suprisingly fun, considering many puzzles in Lego games become tedious. One particularly amusing section involves turning into a zombie to walk underwater (I don't get the logic, but I go with it) and opening gates and moving mines. You then return to the surface to use a paddling duck with a cannon to move through the canals. It is bizarre and fun. Another fun level involves the Monsters Inc Doors.

Combat is frequent and also fun. Mostly it just involves smashing the B button until the enemy explodes, but for whatever reason it feels just right. You can also get occasional powerups to your normal attacks in the form of glowing blue cubes. Lazers, freeze guns, gold producing swords, all are there and useful. Boss encounters are also fun, especially several early encounters with a Pirate ship you must sink with a series of large cannons. There is no real downside to dying either, so it is hard to get frustrated, you just lose a bit of gold and respawn.

The main currency of the game is golden Mickey ears which can be used to buy new levels as well as the suits of guests you have saved. The gold is scattered throughout and can be gotten through a variety of ways, breaking boxes, defeating enemies, solving puzzles, etc.

Multiplayer is also a hoot, going up to four players that can work together or against each other in order to "win" the level with the highest score. It is frantic and enjoyable the more people you have.

Disney Universe is an unmitigated success, capitalizing on all that Lego great and adding in new and enjoyable elements. If you like Disney or the Lego games, you are going to eat this up.
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on November 5, 2011
I am not sure about others, but I am always looking for good games to play with my kid. They have to be easy, but not too easy. Disney U game play very similar to Lego (although it is not as good as the Lego games - your kids will probably like it more because you get to be in the actual Disney/Pixar worlds).
Up to 4 people can play simultaneously which is great for inviting friends and so on.

Bad things about the game I don't like (and these are mistakes Lego didn't make by the way, so I am kind of dumbfounded by some of them).
1. it is possible to hurt and kill your coplayers. The nature of the gameplay - a bunch of little bad guys try to jump you all the time - and the 4 players going at once, make it very easy to hurt friends. Among kids, this will tick them off.
2. As far as I can tell, you can't drop in and out of the game at will - in fact, the level needs to paused entirely or quit entirely. so if one kid needs to go to the bathroom (and they will since the levels are long) it can be a problem.
3. the gameplay is quite repetitive. I am not sure if this will irritate anyone other than adults. But basically, there are 3 levels of 3 stages with a boss at the end of each world.
4. I have a feeling you are going to finish it in record time. Unless there is a lot of hidden worlds, and I doubt it, you can blow through this game is a couple of weeks at an hour a day. If I had to guess, it's about 1/4th the length of the Lego games.
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on November 6, 2011
My nine year old son and I got this game and started playing it this weekend. We like it - it's fun, however playing the game frustrated us both at first. The game is best played if you understand that it's really a competitive game and not a cooperative game. It's too easy to accidentally kill the other players. The consequences of dying in the game aren't severe - you respawn almost immediately, only having lost some gold coins, but it's annoying if the person you kill is trying to accomplish something. And really, that's the point of the game - head to head annoyance, but in a cute way.

The game plays like an expansive world of minigames. The levels are small and linearly sectioned so each part seems like it's own little minigame. There are some puzzles, but most aren't too hard. There's a lot of button mashing. And then there are some little arcade-ish minigames interspersed.

The game is a cross between the Lego series and Little Big Planet, but beyond some Disney magic, it lacks the depth and interest of those. The music is fun, though, and the background art is beautiful. The collection of different costumes keeps us motivated in playing, and replaying.

We just need to take turns instead of trying to co-op. :)
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on November 12, 2011
This game makes use of many different Disney characters and scenes from great movies. It is definitely a fun way to spend some time for "kids" of all ages. The games are not too difficult but challenging enough to be interesting and keep you coming back for more. Some of the sound effects are cute and some are annoying. Our favorite is the farting pigs, they are just too cute and too much fun.
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on December 28, 2011
I have to say, this is a great game for kids. It's very simple, funny, and Disney managed to use it's characters and scenarios very creatively. It reminded me a lot of the Lego games; it has mini puzzles in every level that you need to solve in order to advance and unlock new costumes.
But beware... although this game can be played by up to 4 players at a time, it is MOSTLY a competitive rather than a cooperative game. Players can hit each other freely and make each other "die" very easily, plus they have to compete in order to get upgrades, power-ups and health for their characters, so it becomes very hectic most of the time.... if your kids tend to fight over this kind of things, be ready.
In my opinion what really kills the Wii version is that it doesn't support downloadable content, which is basically the point of buying the game. Once you clear every level and purchase all 40 costumes there's nothing else to do whatsoever. On the other hand, you can download extra levels and new costume packs via Xbox Live/Playstation Network, which makes the experience almost never-ending.
The game has 6 worlds, each world consists of 3 levels, each level is divided in 3 areas (sigh...) In other words, it takes a while... but once you're done, you're done. The only thing you can do is replay the same levels over and over, which can bore kids very easily.
The concept is great and the creativity is there, but it's not what I expected and the Wii version falls short.
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on February 17, 2015
A great co-op game. The camera doesn't zoom out very far, so it can be a bit difficult to accomplish the tasks if you are playing with small kids (as they like to wander to the edges, which sometimes blocks your ability to get something just off screen).

My kids are 6 and 4, and they really enjoy it. I would say 4 is a little too young for the game though. Some of the easier levels he can do fine, but a lot of the levels require jumping over holes which can be tricky for him. My daughter is 6, and the game is perfect for her.

There are a decent number of levels, and fun costumes to unlock. The kids enjoy feeling like they've accomplished something by finding and unlocking each costume.
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on December 20, 2011
This game could be a really good kids game but it is built upon a flawed process. During Multi player games, the 4 characters are tethered together. The group must move as a whole, and can not progress without doing so. Previous series that attempted this, such as Lego Star Wars, later realized the error of their ways and in later games (Lego Harry Potter) they moved to a split screen method. Unfortunately Disney did not do their research this time. The tethering makes for a very frustrating multi player game. Bad multi player doesn't always mean a nail in the coffin. Games, such as the aforementioned Lego Star Wars, are able to stand on their single player alone. However, this game is entirely designed to be a multi player game. Like playing 1 player You Don't Know Jack, the single player function of this game is completely pointless. Overall, this game is a great idea and a sadly missed opportunity.
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on November 1, 2015
We bought this for our three girls, but I think my husband and I ended up playing it more than them. They love it, don't get me wrong, but we love it just as much if not more! The characters are fun and the levels are interesting and challenging enough to keep you interested. It is very much a type of puzzle game where each level you are trying to figure out how to maneuver each obstacle and survive to reach the end. You can play single player or multi player. Multiplayer is very fun because you HAVE to work together in many cases to be able to pass certain obstacles BUT you also can hit your partner and attack them if they get on your nerves and kill them. When you die (either by being killed by the game or by your loving partner) you lose some of your coins and they fall on the ground and can be picked up for a short time after your death. If you are fast, you can recover your own coins, or if you are like us, you can kill your partner and steal their coins! hehe. Just be careful that you don't get them too upset, because like I said, you WILL have to work together to pass the level. Also, in the levels there are bonus things (like mini games) that you can do and many of those are competitions between you and the other player. The mini games are just as fun as the game itself. All in all, a really enjoyable game that we have spent way too many hours playing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 30, 2012
I purchased this for my seven year old daughter- not only are we all Disney fanatics, she LOVES all the Lego Wii games and I heard this one was similar.

There are a lot of similarities, and my daughter picked up on the gameplay instantly. Basically, it's about navigating a Disney character (compact and customizable, like the Lego games) through various worlds and challenges, all based on Disney stories, movies, parks, franchises, etc. It's lots of fun, especially if you love Disney.

However, I don't think that gameplay is quite as fun and intuitive as the Lego games can be. There were a few spots where my daughter either felt the game was too simple or just too complex. She'd pass up things like power-ups and puzzles because they didn't jump out at her, but then when she did various stages, she would blaze through them quickly.

We're still at the beginning stages of the game, and she's choosing it as her "go to" game at the moment, which means a lot in this house- usually she'll decide whether or not a game is good the first time she plays. So we'll see how it develops. Yesterday she played for a while but then flicked it off earlier than she usually would because she said it would be a lot more fun if someone played with her. She doesn't do that with Lego games, so who knows how it will go. But I'm already impressed and hoping it will be something she continues to enjoy playing.
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on May 28, 2014
Granted we have a small TV compared to most people, but the real killer with this game is that it's hard (especially for kids) to tell what is going on in the game. It's dark, for one thing, and when the characters get any distance apart, you really can't tell what your character is doing. So, my kids haven't ever chosen to play it. Which is a bummer, because it's a really fun idea.
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