Customer Reviews: Disney WOW: World of Wonder [Blu-ray]
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on December 3, 2015
I previously owed the Digital Video Essentials calibration DVD (non-Bluray) and was happy with the calibration it provided. After moving to Bluray and reading reviews and looking at cost, I bought the WOW Bluray. It provides good calibration tools, but I preferred the previous DVE DVD as I felt it was more technical to use. I think WOW may have been created for the 'average' video user which may be swaying my opinion. None the less, it will get your factory shipped TV picture looking better and more natural.
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on May 31, 2014
If you own an hd tv then you definitely need this.

I usually do it myself and tweak to what I like but I figure since I bought a new tv I'll try it out.

Tweaked the settings to what I usually like then played and when this DVD came in I tried it out and I am impressed!
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on July 9, 2016
This disc is worth its weight in gold if you want a fantastic picture. When people see how much clearer my TV is with it calibrated, they wonder how much it cost to have it done.

The reality is that it took about a solid 45 minutes. But I'm picky. The interface was pretty easy to use. There were times that the directions were not the easiest to follow, but that was when the TV was calibrated close enough that they didn't make sense right away. An adjustment way out of band, showed more of what they were talking about, and the directions then made way more sense.

While most people will tell you to perform the calibration in your most used viewing hours, what I found to work best was to calibrate at dusk. There was still some good daylight in the house, but it wasn't really bright. This gave me the best all around calibration, and the TV looks great at any time.
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on March 1, 2014
I dove into my TV settings the day I purchased it. I made some changes that I read about online, things like white balance and auto smoothing. I was never unhappy with the picture but always figured there was more that I could do, I just didn't know where to start. This package was just what I needed.

There are a few home theater tweaking DVDs out there but most cost twice as much and, from my understanding, don't offer anything more. This package included 2 BluRays, the first is the meat and potatoes with all manner of patterns and instructions on how to use them. There is also a color filter included that is used specifically in color adjustment. The second disc is to admire the work you have done and includes a wide selection of nature and Disney clips.

There is a quick setup that covers the basics and, including the instructions for each section, takes about 10 minutes to get through. My guess is that no one that buys this package uses the quick setup. The expert setup takes closer to 30 minutes including instructions and about 10 minutes if you've used the disc before, if you're setting up a second TV for example.

I learned much more than I thought I would from the setup instructions. The disc kept indicating that my TV was set to automatically scale images and, as a result, was not providing an accurate image from BluRays. It took me a while to dig through the menus but I finally found out how to turn it off. The dozens of small adjustments, like that, made a pretty noticeable difference. Even my wife, who does not typically care about that kind of stuff, mentioned the picture looked better.
There is also a small section for testing a surround sound setup but it is not nearly as robust.

This disc is easy to use, especially for the type of person that would purchase this kind of thing in the first place. For the cost I would recommend it to anyone who has purchased a nice TV and wants to get the most out of it.
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on April 1, 2013
I purchased this disc after reading reviews and deciding to go with the Disney WOW in order to hopefully perfect the picture of my television. After using the disc the picture did look noticeably better however, when I looked up calibrations done for my same model of tv and applied them to another picture setting, then switching back between. The disc based calibration left much to desire compared to just looking up settings. My advice would be to look and see if there are any certified calibrations from a reliable source available online and trying those settings before purchasing this disc.
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on June 8, 2014
Before purchasing this disc I had gone online and searched for settings for my LG LED 3D TV. I had used those settings for several months, but it wondered if a detailed system might achieve an even better picture for my particular set.

The descriptions of the technology on the intro portion of this disc are very basic. These videos would be best for people who bought a new set on sale (Black Friday for instance,) or someone who is considering a new purchase but doesn't know the differences between LCD, LED, Plasma, DVD and Blu-Ray, etc. To be honest, the very basic info would likely only be revealing to those who have not done any research at all. My parents, seniors with no time or patience for online research, would probably learn what they needed to at least understand the differences on the tags describing sets at the big box stores.

As for the usefulness of the disc for actually making adjustments to the settings on an existing set, it depends on how much time you want to put into it. When I went through the basic set up, no changes were made to the settings I found online for my set. When I went into the advanced settings there were a few minor adjustments that may help slightly, but overall the online codes were very close to my final settings.

So, bottom line, for those who aren't interested in seeking out detailed settings for their model set online, the disc would probably be much more useful and helpful. This disc would be a great idea for my parents, or for my technology-phobic friends, but it didn't make enough difference in the settings from the online forums to justify the expense to me.
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on May 10, 2013
This item has lots and lots of test patterns, and while this is good, I found it slow to go through each menu and finally get to the tests. I calibrated my plasma using it, and I don't think there's much if any difference. What would make this better is if all the tests were in one place, rather than being in submenu after submenu, and if the tests loaded faster. I was expecting something a little easier to use; I have an older calibration disk from another vendor that is much easier to use and understand. I am a tech guy.
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on December 31, 2014
Have only updated brightness and contrast so far and I am very happy with this. I'll do more adjustments as I have the chance.

Write down you setting for whatever you are going to change so you can go back if you wish. More useful to do this when you are making adjustments the first time and getting used to the process. I also found it interesting to see how much the value for contrast changed. I original used calibrations I found online when I bought my LED TV.
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on January 7, 2013
Even though this isn't meant for tuning computer displays, I bought the product because I wanted to tune up an old computer display that seemed to be getting dull, rather than buying a new one. I had tried using some free online tools, but they could only get me so far. I figured that a tune-up, if successful, would be cheaper than a new monitor.

To practice using it, I went through the disc on my usual home TV, which was "fine" beforehand. I was quite surprised to see that, after some fairly minimal adjustments, the screen seemed brighter, sharper, and "like new" again. The changes I made were small changes in brightness and contrast and very minor color adjustments, but I think the major part of the improvement came from correcting overscan. Whatever the reason, I got my money's worth before I even used it for the reason I bought it.
Then I went to another, older TV in the house to see if another miracle was possible. This TV was an older LED TV, which had been moved with the household twice. Again, it was "OK" before I started, but I had been thinking about replacing it with a new, brighter model. Because it had been set up professionally twice before for different homes (and lighting conditions, etc.), I found this TV to be impossible to adjust with the Disney disc. Out of desperation, I did a "reset to defaults" on all the adjustments and tried again. I was pleased to find that I could now use the tools on the Disney disc to make the display look far better than it had before. Unfortunately, I found that the "overscan" was way off on this set, but it was not adjustable (like it was on TV #1). Therefore, this set may still be destined for replacement, but I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.
That was 2 big wins, again, making the cost of the disc easily justifiable.

I finally tried it on my computer display. Again, after a "reset to defaults" and going through the adjustments, there was a small improvement in the monitor's output. I guess there's a reason why this product doesn't mention adjusting computer monitors - the TVs I adjusted benefited far more, and the free online tools I had found previously had allowed me to get about the same results.

SUMMARY: Well worth the money if you have an older TV that you're considering replacing, or you want to make sure your TV monitor is giving you the best output you can get.
PROs: VERY easy to use. VERY clear background and instructions for each test so you know what you're looking for and why. Included color filter makes color adjustment easy and takes out all the guesswork and personal preference.
CONs: Menus can be a bit of a challenge to navigate through if you need to go back and forth between tests quickly. Audio section is rudimentary if you don't have a sound meter, which most people don't.
TIPS: Consider resetting the monitor to its original defaults if you are having trouble improving the output. Adjust overscan if possible. Use it on every TV you have - you might be surprised.
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2013
This DVD offers 3 levels of adjustments, pending on your technical abilities. We liked that as we tried all three and even if you are not technical you will get the critical adjustments you need like the black color definition and the contrast color definition, at the basic level. Then if you are super technical, you still feel the DVD offered value for you as you are taken through more adjustments for your HD TV. Also what comes with the DVD is a whole bunch of Disney movies to enhance the viewing the pleasures. We actually liked this tuning tool: more for the techy nerds in your family!
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