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on May 1, 2014
Hard to find information on the dynamic duo in film making. Been a fan since the beginning. A must have!
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on February 16, 2014
arrived safely with much care and attention. I would and will look forward to our next transaction!!I really plan to see dealer again!
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DIVINE TRASH is an excellent 1998 documentary that follows underground filmmaker, Baltimorean John Waters, from his early experiments with a gift movie camera to his shocking - and highly amusing - early works like MONDO TRASHO, MULTIPLE MANIACS and PINK FLAMINGOS (1972). Actors in Waters films, including David Lochary, Edith Massey and Mink Stole, are there to reminisce, not only on how the films were shot but how they were promoted and screened (in the beginning, with flyers under car windshields and showings in rented church basements). Acquaintances like Steve Buscemi and promoters like Hal Hartley also bear witness. (Kenneth Anger and Russ Meyer were approached, but would not be interviewed.) High points include interview footage of Waters' own bemused, but supportive parents; highly opinionated takes from Waters' biggest career non-supporter, the woman who was the last professional censor for the State of Maryland; posthumous footage of Harris Glen Milstead (d. 1988), who played Waters own "favorite transvestite" and lodestone Divine; and on-set home movies from PINK FLAMINGOS, including the technical aspect of burning the primary-set trailer. Although this documentary was made in 1998, most of the narrative is concerned with the period predating the late 1970s, so do not expect to see more mainstream actors like Tab Hunter or Kathleen Turner who appeared in Waters' later, more generously funded comedies. But DIVINE TRASH is a well-crafted, enjoyable look at Waters' life and mission, enlivened by filmed interviews with the auteur himself at various points in his career. The film makes a fairly good point of promoting Waters as a seminal indie filmmaker of the 1960s and 1970s while revealing just how funny those pix were. A very good companion to DIVINE TRASH, of course, would be the DVD of PINK FLAMINGOS, readily available and reasonably priced.
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on November 20, 2011
John Waters hits gold yet again. This was the last and only copy I could locate on amazon. It was not brand new but in great shape. As a fan, one must own every piece of work created by the maestro... and now I do.
It becomes increasingly difficult to find a title you are looking for. I am the old fashioned type that likes to hold the finished product, look over and see the effort. I am impressed at the quality of the even though I purchased it on-line. It was in immaculate shape...Thank you for the great find. No complaints.
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on January 29, 2010
This DVD is everything I expected it to be, and alot more! I've told everyone about it and just recently, it was on one of the movie channels. If you love John Waters and Divine, you'll love this DVD.
Buy This NOW!!!
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I first found out about John Waters when I was a high school student and a buddy of mine told me that his mother had taken him and his brother to see the movie "Polyester." We rented it one time and although I was somewhat startled, I was also interested enough to make a mental note of this man's name and I tried hard to track down a copy of "Polyester" for my own video collection. I didn't know much about John Waters' past but I thought he had a hit with "Polyester." I was also wondering if he had had more success with other films.

Flash forward several years. I was really happy to add "Polyester" to my DVD collection; and I loved `Hairspray" and "Cry-Baby" in particular. I knew more about John Waters than before and to learn even more about him I got this DVD and watched it.

This movie does an excellent job of telling the story of John Waters; the interview footage with his family members, friends and colleagues is all extremely interesting. We get both recent and archival footage with Waters himself being interviewed as well. There's even footage of the last censor in Maryland, an elderly woman who is the only one interviewed in this film who dislikes John's work! We learn that he encouraged a whole subculture of would-be movie-makers to be confident about their abilities and make the movies that they really wanted to make. I can truly say I learned a lot about John Waters by watching this movie. There's also great, great footage with actors who worked with John and who starred in his films; I liked the interviews with Mink Stole, David Lochary and Edith Massey. The interview footage of the late actor Divine and footage of Divine's acting both onscreen and onstage is the film's tender tribute to this character actor.

Unfortunately, however, although this was released in 1998 the film stops shortly after John's movie "Pink Flamingos" hit the theaters. I've seen "Pink Flamingos" and it is worthy of discussion; but I don't think that they should have gone into it in such detail here. I'm also left wondering why there's no mention of "Hairspray," which was a huge, huge coup for Waters and his stars--why this isn't given any time at all remains a mystery to me! It would have shown just how far John Waters as an unconventional, creative artist, always thinking outside of the box, became quite famous and probably wealthy. Wouldn't this have encouraged budding film-makers and artists even more?

The extras are slight but they're informative. We get three sets of filmographies and awards for John Waters, Divine and Steve Yeager who produced this documentary in addition to doing some acting in a few films including "Pink Flamingos" and "Polyester."

Overall, Divine Trash does an excellent job of telling John Water's unique and remarkable story; it's quite engaging, too. However, the film inexplicably stops with Pink Flamingos which was released in 1972 and I don't know why a documentary that was done in 1998 stops with John Waters' history in 1972. John was still living and he was experiencing greater success than ever before by 1998. Nevertheless, what we do get is excellent; and I do recommend this for John Waters' fans although it's not as complete a documentary as it really should be. In addition, people who like the stars in John's films will enjoy this.
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on September 2, 2007
This is a great documentary DVD for fans of the over-the-top
cult director John Waters! I didn't discover his movies until
the early 80's when I was bored with whatever selection
of VHS that the video store had that week and came across a
title called "Female Trouble" with an interesting-looking
group of characters on the cover! I took it home, popped it in
and was shocked, horrified and laughing uncontrollably throughout!
It was everything that your mother tried to protect you from,
your clergy warned you about, and it tickled my darkest funny bone
and need for the new & exciting in a way nothing had before!
I was transported past the shotty sets and cinematography
and drawn in by "Dawn Davenport", played masterfully by the
one and only late-great DIVINE, a 300-pound drag queen that was
doing her own kamikaze anti-drag/drag thing in her unique
larger-than-life way, as well as the rest of the purient
sicko cast of zanies like Mink Stole, the great-late Edith Massey,
etc. etc.!!--I was forever changed!
I went out the next day and rented the infamous but crucial
"Pink Flamingos", "Desperate Living", "Polyester" and even
"Lust In The Dust", which was not a John Waters vehicle,
but was just as hysterical anywayz!
This is a very in-depth back story behind John Waters,
DIVINE, and his cast of zanies that is definitive!--
I enjoyed it immensely!
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on April 13, 2007
All freaks and weird people have experienced, by now, the absolute beauty and glamor if the 300 lb monstrosity, "Divine!" But what kind of Frankenstein could have created "HIr?" This little movie provides the answer!

Of course, the answer is: the deliciously hillarious perverted mind of John Waters! William S. Burroughs coined him as "The Pope Of Trash!" Yet Waters was raised normally in an upper class Baltimore family! Is it his fault that he became as a child obsessed with car accidents, trials of murderers and sleasy "B" movies? How could such environmental influences create the most tastefully outrageous antics depicted in his earlier films? This movie provides the answer!

There is a difference between mere shocking bad taste and bad taste that is so good that it generates a cult following! Here we see the delicious Divine give interviews that are as shocking as HIr films! We see the deliciously ugly Edith Massey glory in her new roles of glamor and stardom in John's movies. We see the hours and hours of rehearsals that Divine and the Dreamlanders did in front of the perfectionist Waters' cameras. There was a lot of work and planning that went on in even the most notorious scene of "Pink Flamingos:" the infamous Dog-Spoor scene!

John Waters.... we all await the day that you can once again release the tiger in you that created your early works! We all are getting too old to be "pattycaked" by your newer works! SHOCK US AGAIN!
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on October 29, 2006
If your mind withstood "Pink Flamingoes", this is the movie for you. More than you ever wanted to know about John Waters and Divine (Peace Be Unto Him/Her).
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This is a gr8 documentary on John Waters & DIVINE. Very informative & well put together. Talks about how John got his start in his insane flicks, has a mini interview with Edith Massey, behind the scenes footage & of course this DVD would not be complete without "DIVINE". DIVINE Trash is simply the best garbage i've seen in years. Loaded with unseen video footage & surprises. DIVINE Trash is a MUST 4 any Waters/DIVINE fan. Check it out, U won't regret it!! Schroeder (DJ WACK "O") (ORBITAL TRAXX RECORDS & Cult Movies Magazine).
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