Customer Reviews: LG Nexus 5 Case - Diztronic Matte Back Flexible TPU Series - Black
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on December 3, 2013
Exactly what I was looking for. A great cheap case that adds some protection without the bulk. Very slight (1mm) off at the speaker on the bottom and camera on the back, but it in no way hinders protection, audio quality or picture quality. Only something an OCD would worry about. Buttons are easy to press. Maybe even better than they were with no case. Easy to put on and take off. Headphone jack nice and open and should accommodate just about any headphone plug. Front has a raised edge that will allow you to set the phone face down on a surface without much worry. Camera is protected on the back so you can set it back down without much worry. The case is clean cut, no sharp edges. Made of high quality materials that feels soft and smooth, much like the phone itself. Only a small Diztronic logo on the back that actually looks pretty cool. All in all this is a great case that will offer a bit of extra protection from scuffs and scrapes without the bulk or high cost of some other cases.
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on November 6, 2013
Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for LG Nexus 5 - Retail Packaging

I was able to get my order for the Nexus 5 in time for it to arrive on Nov. 5 2013, so when I saw that the phone had shipped I started to search for a case. The choice came down to Spigen or Diztronic, and I had no familiarity with either brand. I chose the Diztronic because their reviews for cases for other devices were mostly positive, and the price was more than reasonable at $10.

Overall, the case itself has a nice feel to it. The back has the look of silicone (I really dig the matte look), but it has the feel of harder plastic; very low risk of this being a lint magnet. That said I can tell it will be prone to spotting and streaking over time. No big deal though as long as it does its job.

The buttons on the case are positioned nicely and line up well with what's on the phone. They only protrude slightly from the edge of the case, so be aware if you like the larger nubs in lieu of something more flush with the case.

The lip of the case that goes around the front of the phone has a more glossy finish and is raised just a tiny bit that will hopefully allow for some protection against a face first drop of the phone. Looks good against the matte back/edge, and is easy to wipe down after the phone has been up to your face or as you touch it while you swipe around.

The case is low profile and doesn't add anything considerable to the size and weight of the phone. I had a Ballistic case for my Galaxy Nexus (Ballistic SA0789-M005 Soft Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus), and while I loved how safe my phone was it was bulky and doubled the thickness off the device. The Diztronic case has a much more sleek and streamlined look and feel to it, although I'm a bit skeptical on what kind of drops it will protect against.

What kills the case for me (and the reason I can't quite give a 4 or 5 star review) is that on the back edge of the case below the USB port there is a ridge that feels like it came from 2 plastic molds being snapped apart (which is probably what that spot is anyway). It's like when you snap a SIM out of that credit card sized piece of plastic. There are those ridges that end up on either the SIM or the larger piece of plastic that are rough/jagged when compared to the rest of the edge of the surface. That spot on the bottom of my case feels like that. It's indented rather than protruding, but it's still really irritating since I usually put a finger there when I'm typing/swyping to balance the phone.

The cut outs are also a slight problem, but nothing major. The camera cutout is just a bit off and hugs the top-right of the camera lens a little more snuggly than the rest. The cutout for the speaker(s) [there's really only one speaker for this phone despite there being 2 grates] at the bottom covers up a very small amount of the speaker grates along the top and sides, and has a lot of room at the bottom of the grate. I caveat the above, again, as being nitpicks. Nothing is really obstructed; it's just not symmetrical.

If that jagged spot on the case were flush with the rest of the material on the back (soft, matte plastic) I'd be happy camper. It could be that I received a dud from the production line, but it's really a shame since the semi-off cutouts aren't all that big a deal since they don't really interfere with anything. If I could give it a 3.5 out of 5 I would, but given how Amazon rates 3 stars as "Ok" and 4 as "Like" I think 3 best fits the bill.

I'll be on the lookout for something else as more products hit the market, but this case will certainly do in the mean time especially for the price.

-Low profile, light
-Nice feel along the edges and on the back
-Available for the first batch of deliveries of the Nexus 5

-Cut outs are slightly off, but nothing to obstruct any function
-Weird, jagged "dent" on the edge of the back of the case below the USB port.

Not exactly related to the product itself, but major kudos to Diztronic for how quickly this arrived. The item was not eligible for Amazon Prime, but I ordered it on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday.

UPDATE 2013-11-07: Diztronic responded to this review in the comments and stated that the "jagged" spot I referred to in my review was the mold injection mark, and I wanted to make the correction. Seems to be a necessary evil with a lot of TPU cases, and it just so happens the position chosen for this case is only a problem given how I hold my phone at times.
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on November 29, 2013
I've tried most cases available and settled for the Diztronic.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid, Slim Armor, Ultra Hybrid and Ringke Fusion alter the natural contours of the phone by giving it a boxy shape. They're bulky, uncomfortable to hold and like you said, are slippery.

The Spigen Ultra Fit feels closest to the Nexus 5 finish but has sharp edges which makes it uncomfortable to hold. Plus, it provides very little protection.

The Diztronic maintains the natural shape of the device which makes for a pleasant experience while using the phone. The matte finish feels quite nice as well. It is very lightweight and doesn't bulk up the phone.

They're on the 2nd revision of the case which addressed all anomalies.
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on April 21, 2014
After having the Spigen Neo Hybrid (champagne color clashed with most wallpapers I used and I just wasn't digging the rigid plastic frame for it) and the official LG bumper case from the Google Play Store (loved the yellow color, but became very discolored around the edges after about 1 month of light use and the tactile feedback from the buttons was non-existant. Believe all the negative hype surrounding it), THIS is finally the case I'm sticking with. I LOVE the little window to show the Nexus branding (cuz I'm nerdy like that), plus the appearance and feeling of the buttons and the case itself is really nice. Just got it today, but I was compelled to profess my affection for it immediately. I have the black N5, but check out the pic I uploaded in the "customer images" section of the bright red N5 with this case. Very nice!
review image
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on January 27, 2014

As per Diztronic Style, the packaging is minimalistic. Simple and easy to open. It's nice to not to see money isn't going for flash of presentation but towards substance to the actual product.

Build Quality/Design

Once again, Diztronic opted for a two tone style; where the majority is this nice soft matte finish with accents of glossy black. It's designed very tastefully. The gloss accents flows well with the matte finish and is seemless in its presentation. The front bezel/frame is glossy and the rest is almost entirely matte black. One very nice touch I'd like to point out, the "buttons" are matte but are outlined with the gloss finish border. It made the buttons "pop" out more and was just very visually appealing imo. Also, the cutout for the camera is outlined in the gloss finish to breakup the dominating matte finish on the back. The biggest difference between the this case and the older one would be the back, it has a "window" showing the nexus logo. There is a plastic film protector that I didn't remove when taking the pictures but its a nice clear sturdy plastic. Last; the Diztronic logo was moved from the back to the side at the bottom right (also in the Gloss finish). Very nice job Diztronic, the style of the case flows very well that isn't too dull and boring but a nice blend of aesthetic cues and functionality.

Also, the "frame" around the edges of the phone isn't the same all the way around. The corners have more plastic to be able to endure harder drops. It's not blatantly obvious but noticeable under close inspection . See pictures to see the "bumper" corners. The back also has very small rubber feet when laying the phone down on its back. I believe its to prevent too many scratches on the clear plastic window. Like the last version, the front border is lifted so the screen isn't touching the table when placed faced down.

As like the last case, the "buttons" on the case are the nicest feeling and looking buttons I've come across on any tpu case. They looks and feel like actual buttons. Pressing them is easy and works like pressing the real buttons on the Nexus 5 itself.

All cutouts are placed/cut correctly with everything lining up just fine. The cutouts for ports are big enough for the use of mostly any usb cable or headphone plug. The fit is pretty much perfect, the plastic isn't too stiff where its impossible to the get phone in the case but not too soft where it feels cheap. When in the case the Nexus 5 seems solid in hand w/ a good weight to it. It's what I look for in the compromise between slimness and protection in a case.


This is my new favorite case for the Nexus 5. It's a solid performer for a good price! Diztronic has hit another homerun with this case.
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on January 25, 2014
The good:
Great diztronic texture, great feel
Slim profile about the size for supcase
Tight fitting case
Buttons still fairly easy to press
You can see the nexus logo clearly and the texture of the phone blends into the texture of the case
Light weight
Simple minimalist design
The protective bumps on the corner offer great protection but are small enough that they dont get in the way
Easy to install
Ports and headphone jack easy to access
Looks cool
Nice lay on the table design
Easy to hold
Works well with screen protector

The bad:
The back and side of the phone is too angular:
- needs more curvature to feel better in the hand
- the sides should angle in like the supcase
The back acrylic section should be poly-carbonate to reduce scratching
The back ports shows some small defects perhaps due to the overmolding process
The case makes the phone look iphone-esque

Great buy, dont regret it. Basically it give your nexus 5 the protection the supcase, shows the nexus logo and also has that amazing distronic feel. I recommend this case.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 16, 2014
I've been a fan of the Diztronic TPU cases since I got my first Galaxy Nexus phone 2 years ago. At first I was skeptical at how much protection a simple case like this could provide, but after many drops my phone still looks brand new and the case has almost no marks on it.

So when I got the Nexus 5 and started looking for cases I looked to Diztronic first, after looking what else is on the market and not finding anything that would provide good protection without making the phone look bloated. When I placed the order for Diztronic I had high expectations from it and I was not disappointed. The feel of the case has been improved since the original Galaxy Nexus case and feels less slippery and offers very good grip. The case does not add any real bulk to the phone and feels natural, like there was no case at all. The case does raise the phone a little bit and the camera is now recessed and the case is raised off the screen so it should protect it on flat falls.

I was at first skeptical about the buttons not being cutout, like they do on the Galaxy Nexus case, but they line up perfectly and are still easy to use. The case fits very tightly and just feels like part of the phone. I don't notice that it's on the phone at all.

Highly recommended if you are looking for good protection without making the phone look like a piece of military equipment.
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on December 26, 2013
When I first received the case, I was a little bit disappointed because the case was a bit more flexible/rubbery than I expected. This worried me because I thought the case would be flimsy or fall off of the phone easily. From looking at the pictures, I was expecting a very stiff case that bent very minimally. However, after actually using it, I was very impressed with the quality of the material. The case fits the phone like a glove! After I put the phone into the case, I noticed immediately that there was no wiggle room whatsoever. The case is perfectly contoured to the phone.

The buttons on the case work very well with the phone. They are aligned perfectly with all of the buttons on my phone. Also, they are easy to press and don't need to be "broken in."

The cutouts on the phone align perfectly with the phone's speakers, mic, camera, camera flash, power port, and earphone port. I've heard that other cases don't provide a large enough cutout for the power or earphone port to be able to use the case while the phone is charging or with an earphone, but this is certainly not the case with this case. I've also heard that some Nexus 5 cases provide a cutout for the sim slot (which seems like a bad idea to me because how often are you going to need to access your sim card?). This case covers that up (thankfully). So if you needed to swap out your sim card, you would need to take the phone case off.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase.
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on December 17, 2013
- great feel, love the matte texture
- fits snugly
- raised front edge protects your screen
- thickness of the case easily protects the camera lens area
- cutouts all seem good
- tactile feedback is excellent! I tried the Ringke Slim first and wasn't happy about the exposed top and bottom edges. Then I tried the Spigen Slim Armor. I liked the protection but the button feel was terrible. This case is perfect. I barely can tell its on the device!
- preserves much of the Nexus 5 design such as the rounded edges on the back
- doesn't seem to be a fingerprint magnet
-the gloss edge was a real turn off for me in the pictures but in person it looks much nicer and with the phone in the case it still looks good. If that is holding you back I'd urge you to give this case a try.

- the case is still pretty low profile so hard drops might not be totally protected compared to an otterbox or a full silicone case which is very springy but it looks like it'll be great for casual bumps and short falls.

Bottom line: I put this case on and I knew immediately that it was perfect. This is the case that all Nexus 5 owners need. From what I've seen in reviews and photos this seems much nicer than the official Google bumper case, aside from the Nexus logo being visible.


Update: After a day I've noticed it attracts a little bit of lint, but it isn't too bad. And some fingerprints show up, but again, not that bad either.
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on March 30, 2015
On the plus-side, this case works fairly well for protection against drops. Very comfortable to hold, non-bulky design, affordable. Wards of scratches like a wizard, as I see no scratches after owning this case for a considerable amount of time. On the downside, the volume/power buttons are very sensitive. On the big downside, if you keep your phone in your pocket most of the time, there may be an instance where a coin/lighter/small object positions itself directly centered to the camera's lens. It then shatters, causing you to freak out for a second because it seems you've broken your camera. From here one may be able to dig the broken glass out with tweezers, as the photo shows. If you keep your phone in your pocket a lot, try to keep it separate from other pocket-litter and this case should work very well. If you keep your phone elsewhere, this case is worth what others pay for pricier cases. Overall, I give it a B.
review image
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