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on February 26, 2014
This is a sturdy-yet-lightweight case for my Optimus G. The TPU material is awesome; not bulky at all, provides a good amount of protection, not slippery but not an overly-high coefficient of friction. The one improvement needed would be a way to see the phone's notification light, which is a thin ring around the power button. Really, it's more of a mediocre design decision on LG's part, but if the case had facilitated it and made it visible, that would've been great; as it is, the case completely covers the button and ring

I tried using an Xact-O to make a cutout for the button, but that was a terrible idea; the phone's button was too recessed in the little cut-out area, and the light still wasn't visible when looking at the phone's front or back, only a little when you looked at the ring/power button head-on. So, I re-purchased the same case and left well-enough alone.
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on March 19, 2014
Protects all parts of the phone.
Does not collect fingerprints.
Slides into pocket well.


I have had this cover on my phone for almost a year now. Thanks to this case, I do not have a single scratch anywhere. The ridge on the front has protected my screen from multiple drops. The sides and back have protected the buttons and camera, leaving them dust free. The material allows me to slide my phone in and out of my skinny jeans with little effort. The case does not pick up fingerprints at all.

If you don't want a bulky case, get this one!
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on December 17, 2012
Finally I found a case for my LG OPTIMUS G for AT&T. Yes you are reading this right.

Confirmed goes in perfectly to the phone including the side with a frontal gap to protect the screen when put down on the table. I find this protector to be better well designed compared to the Sprint version. The side covers the buttons which I find it good but will loose light notification on the power button. But that is fine with me since for sure without the protection the buttons will fade on prolong use. It also doesn't make the whole phone bulky. Perfectly snug fit!
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on January 11, 2013
Considering the usual dearth of well-designed cases for EACH AND EVERY AT&T smartphone (it's a curse AT&T gladly perpetuates in order to corner you--the market--and force you to buy their high-priced ones, regardless of quality)...these are fine.
Not works of art, but sensible, utilitarian, not-bad-looking, and again--they do their job.
After buying my E970 right after Christmas, I noticed--'Gorilla-glass' or no--the back of it had ALREADY SCRATCHED within a week, by simply slipping the phone into my pocket alongside my house and car keys.
This simply won't do--tired of dealing with smartphone 'hype', I decided to avoid all 'Customer Dis-Service' routes, stop being picky (although it really was going to get bad, without a case)...and just buy myself a case.
I went with this one after shopping around--even checking out what 'developers' said on XDA Developers forums--and finding that YET AGAIN, Otterbox's case for this 'model' phone wasn't 'actually' made for 'the AT&T one', and so, would not have fit (it was my first choice, too, and looked good).
Tough for Otterbox, for continuing to avoid AT&T Android phones (they failed to make a case for my last phone, too--an HTC Aria).
I'll list my reasons for liking this Diztronic case, same as I reviewed it on the XDA Dev's site:
*It helps you grip this massive, mini-tablet-sized phone, without slippage (otherwise--well, can you palm a basketball? You're ok then)
*It looks good--not too flashy or flamboyant, not 'over-done'
*It's functional--the cut-outs match every port I need (rear slot for speaker--'perfect', camera & LED--'flawless', charging port--'ideal')
*I like the texture as well--'grippy', not rubbery, if you can see that.
*Power button and side volume buttons 'intact'--in 'this case' (heheh), meaning 'there, and still tactile'. (Nice play on words, too.)
*It was affordable, yet well-made. Nice--thanks for that.
*I found ours easily on Amazon (yup--bought two, one for my GF, who's paying the bills on these things)
*It fits the phone PERFECTLY. I mean it--I had it on in under a minute, with no concerns at all that it could possibly break the phone during the process, or after. It's snug, and if it's stretched since I put it on, I can't tell--still perfect, after the first week, anyway.

So, that's it--it's a keeper.
The seller I bought them from let them 'qualify' for 'SuperSaverShipping', too, so I didn't have to pay to ship 'em. I paid $25 for the pair of these I bought.
Oh--I don't even notice whether it hides the notifications LED, or not. I hate that thing--I'm 'all notified up' with the various sounds made by the apps I use for personal messaging, already.
I DO know it DOES NOT affect the speakerphone--many bulkier, 'TPU'-style cases, cause your speakerphone to feedback, which is, just, forever, awful.
I also know that the 'Gorilla Glass' on the front of my E970 had BETTER NOT SCRATCH, or I'll be after LG with all my digital 'might' complaining about that junky, hypey, stuff. The back was supposedly made of 'lesser stuff'--the front, better NOT BE, because, as with MANY other cases, this one DID cause both my 'ill-advised' clear screen protectors to peel off as soon as I replaced this cover. If you could, 'somebody out there' might even have more success applying their clear screen covers WITH ANY CASE 'ON'. Just a suggestion, if you're 'good enough'. I had to throw both mine away, which made me VERY ANGRY! (as Geddy Lee once said, "Hey, five bucks is five bucks").
As for these things...worth every penny. Affordable, good-looking, well-designed-and-made, and highly functional.
Good buys.
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on February 7, 2013
After looking far and wide for a half way decent case for my Optimus G, I finally opted for a basic Amazon TPU case, and I'm glad I did. This case fits perfectly on the phone, is very snug and doesn't add much bulk to the device at all. The front edge is shallow enough that it won't peel up the edges of a screen protector, and the material is very smooth, with no ruff edges or seams. My only criticism would be the logo on the reverse, but for this price and quality, I'll gladly show off their name.
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on March 10, 2015
Owned for over a year.

Protects my LG Optimus

Bought because my back glass is shattered but still in one piece, happened one night no idea how. This covers that glass and protects from drops on the corners.

Attaches easily and holds very secure

Nice feel to it, it won't slip out of your hands but won't glue itself to your pocket either (I'm looking at you silicone)

Best protector I have ever owned. Dropped it accidentally a half dozen times over the year and no damage to phone yet.

I will always buy Diztronic from now on.
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on May 31, 2013
This case was one of only a few options available at the time of purchase, but has turned out to be great. One of my biggest concerns with this phone was that any case would make it so large that I couldn't fit it in my pocket (I wasn't in the market to switch to a belt-clip case). Luckily this one was perfect:

Size without case: .35" x 2.84" x 5.15"
Size with case: .46" x 2.96" x 5.27"

The fact that the phone is still less than 1/2" even with a case is fantastic. Also, looking only at height & width, the overall size of the phone increases by less than 10%. And I can confirm from experience that this case will protect the phone from minor drops (up to around a foot, largest of several accidental drops).

-Does not increase size significantly
-Easy install/removal of phone
-All ports easily accessible (i.e. case does not interfere with phone, except SD card - see below)
-Seems to offer decent protection from accidental drops

-Cannot access SD card when case is on (although not something I frequently need to do)
-LED notification around power button is obscured
-Lint & dust gets inside case easily (easily cleaned, but mildly irritating. This is a flaw I have seen in all flexible cases like this)

Overall, this is a good case for the phone. It will provide protection from scratches and minor drops, has a very small size increase, and appears to be quite well made. I expect it to last for as long as I have the phone & would definitely recommend it.
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on June 6, 2014
It blocks the notification light. I don't really care about that though, most cases for this phone do. What drove me absolutely nuts about this case was it made me think the speakerphone was broke for at least 2 months. I use speakerphone a lot and everyone on the phone always complained that they were echoing when I turned on the speakerphone. One day I had an idea that the case was distorting the sound and causing an echo. I took the case off and the echo was gone. I bought a different case and no problems since. The case wasn't bad looking or anything, but I'm not sure how the holes all seemed cut properly and I'm the only user writing about this issue.
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on May 28, 2014
It offers protection, and you barely know it there! When I first got this case, I didn't think it was thick enough protect my phone from hard falls, but I've been using the case for about 8 months with no incident. I come from a big family of boys (I'm the only girl), and things (including my phone) are constantly being passed around and thrown about. My phone can become a football, elbow rest, boombox, or flatscreen television at a moments notice, and despite several accident (being thrown against a limestone fireplace and falling downstairs onto hardwood), it still appears brand new. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH ON THE SCREEN. Either I'm lucky or the case does the job surprisingly well. Who knows.
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on May 22, 2013
This case has a very nice feel to it. It fits the phone like a glove and has that slightly smooth but slightly matte texture that I really like. I don't like covering up the pattern on the back or the notification light off to the side, but covering the glass on the back helps make sure the phone doesn't slide around everywhere like it has a tendency to do. I have long legs and when I sit in most peoples cars I have my knees up at an angle that is always letting my phone slide backwards out of my pocket. Not with this case.

It doesn't pick up a ton of lint or add a ton of bulk to the phone. It actually feels just about the same size in my hand when I'm using it. I don't think this case would help a lot if you dropped your phone from a decent height, but as far as preventing the everyday scratches and nicks I think this case will do very well. I will only use a case if it doesn't make the phone feel cheap, and while I wouldn't say it makes it feel more expensive it definitely doesn't detract from it in any way.

I've tried other cases but this is the one I'm going to actually use on the phone full time.
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