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on March 19, 2011
This is my third read of Ms. Nelson's (see previous reviews) and by far the most disappointing. What a reader would expect from this author, especially since she has shown that she does have some strengths as a writer, would be growth. Growth in her writing style, growth in her lack of character development, growth in her story resolutions, but unfortunately she severely missed the mark with her second book in the Medlov Crime saga.

However, let me begin with the highlights: I have made a big deal in the past with the seemingly insurmountable number of grammatical errors in her books, but I've found this book to be a much better improvement. She thanks her copyeditor in the beginning of this book which means she is having someone look over her work. However, I wouldn't thank the copyeditor too much as there still are overlooked errors. But as I said it is a large improvement over the last two novels. Additionally, the sex scenes continue to get better and better! I think Ms. Nelson creates them with just the right blend of finesse and steaminess without being crude or over the top.

Now onto the not so brilliant parts of the novel: There is no consistency between how the previous novel left off and how this one began. In our last novel, Royal had seemed to come back after her devastating attack and was finally happily married to Dmitry, which seemed to be setting a preface for this storyline. However, this novel is entitled ". . . Rise of the Queen," but what rise are they taking about? Is it just that she finally got out of bed?! The novel begins with Royal suffering from PTSD which in turn has her self-medicating and alienating herself from her family, including now 3-year old Anya. I had always thought that the way Dmitry's Closet ended just seemed too tidy for Royal's character after her ordeal, now in DRF we're having a more realistic response to the attack, but it doesn't seem to flow in concordance with how DC ended. Nonetheless, I tried to overlook that as people respond to tragedy in different ways and figured things would start to fall into place as I continued reading. Not the case. I presume the ending of the story is supposed to be designed to "set her on her throne" but it completely does not sync with what we've been lead to see in Royal's character in this book. I would have been more satisfied, and the story more believable, if she had used her anger from her attack to harden and fuel her as she "rose through the ranks." Instead she quits her valium and alcohol binges, cold turkey, in one day, despite the fact that this has been going on for more than two years and goes back to being a good wife and mother. She should be thankful for a daughter who has seemed to come off unscathed from three years of neglect that continues to love her unconditionally and seems to still want to be with her mother, despite the fact that Dmitry (and the house staff) has practically raised her alone. And after getting her life back in order she's able to commit a brutal act herself without as much as a blink of an eye. Where was the buildup to this new Royal?

I was further disturbed by the characterization of Dmitry. He is now this shell of a former mob boss, who does nothing with his time except look after a lethargic Royal, who additionally has not been intimate with her husband in the 3 years that has taken place since the last book. He does not come off as a man who once had so much control others self-sacrificingly did his biding or ruthlessly killed and tortured his opponents. Yes, he "hung up his hat" so to speak in the last book, but after reigning for over 10 years you don't just shut it off and live happily ever after. This is obvious in his decision to return for one last job in which he smoothly transitioned back into head boss. His character does too many flip flops for me.

Then comes the pointless character of Victoria. How is it that Dmitry is so powerful and has so much reach throughout the world but doesn't get the intel that she's a cokehead?! This, by the way, totally does not blend with her character, or further develop her disposition, or have any point to the overarching storyline of the novel. Bottomline, her character could have been her character without that pointless vice. It made her seem ineffectual. Her worthless attempt at seducing Dmitry made me laugh and seemed so impractical to the whole story. And oh, heavens! Don't get me started on the whole Victoria/Anatoly fiasco! Here is a woman who tried to break up your father's marriage, could have killed Royal and is under the influence while in the presence of your little sister, who she's being paid to care for, but you let her live. But not only let her live, you hire her! So much for being a big, bad mob boss! This is mostly why I don't like Anatoly's character. His decision-making skills are worse than his father's!

Other reviewers, have mentioned the farce of a friendship that develops soon after for Royal and Victoria. By far, one of the most fallacious storyline choices Ms. Nelson made within this novel. What would have "upped the ante" is if Victoria and Royal had become bitter enemies and that played out in the novel. The character of Dorian, from DC returns, but for what? He's character seemed to make no sense in his goal for vengeance for a woman he never personally knew. He would have been better put to use if he and Victoria teamed up to bring down the Medlov family. Now that might have really been a storyline!

Additionally, things are revealed in the novel that don't get resolved or explained, such as facts surrounding Dmitry and Royal's marriage. Why mention it if you're not going to take it anywhere? Or how Dmitry and Royal seemed to be working together in the final showdown (or did I miss something?). I would have liked to know how that managed to fall into place.

The novel is set in Prague, but you could have just easily inserted Chicago or Baltimore and not have known the difference. There's no discussion of the culture or what the city really looks like, except we know it was cold because they bundled up in fur coats. The entire novel practically takes place in the chateau! I don't know whether Ms. Nelson has actually spent any time in Prague but it seemed to be a pointless setting since it didn't serve to move the story along.

As in my previous reviews, this book was loaned to me, so I did not have any monetary obligation to finish the book (or the series), but thought I'd give an author, whom I saw some promise in, a try. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be further partaking in the Medlov saga (on my own dime) if the author does not show any evolution.
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on December 22, 2015
Poor job by the author in the second book of the series. Spoilers......The last word from the previous book had a happy and pregnant Royal going off into the sunset. First chapter had her suffering from the rape and a total disconnect from her family for 3 years. Enter real history yet a pivotal role in the book ( approximately 35% of the book) with significant relationships with the main characters. Really?. Now we have jealous Royal, who is jealous enough to change her pill popping, alcoholic behavior; however, the love of her child or man was not enough incentive for her to try to change.....Really? In addition, am I supposed to believe that her she could cure her 3 year addictive behavior in 1 day, but refused to deal with what happened with Ivan for 3 years. Really? In addition, am I supposed to believe that she was/is growing into her own? What "own" except to become a delusional, disingenuous , immature and unrealistic she dog. And I do not care how many times the author tells me that she is beautiful, she was incredibly immature and a she dog. Am I to understand that because she was beautiful that I should accept or understand her behavior.? If so, make me understand by developing the character and allowing me to walk in her shoes. I might not like; however, I can understand and appreciate. There was a reason she had the luxuries in her life...figure it out and deal. In addition, she still has not fully accepted the really of the H. And he the baddest mafia boss in the world or simply totally pu##ywhipped? Really? Really? And the working relationship between Victoria and Royal after all that transpired between them.....really? So inconsistent, so disappointed....There is potential; however, extremely poor execution.
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VINE VOICEon July 16, 2010
I was so looking forward to reading this book! Without giving away too much detail about the plot, I just wanted to say that Latrivia did an excellent job with the entire story! With Dimitry's Closet, I only gave it 4 stars because I was a little annoyed by all the brand name dropping. With this book, I wish I could give it more than 5 stars because it's like Ms. Nelson actually listened to her readers/supporters and took into account some of the things that were said about Dimitry's closet to make Dimitry's Royal Flush even more awesome. The brand name dropping was very limited and to be honest....I don't think I came across any in the story. It's much appreciated:) Ms. Nelson, if you do happen to read this review, I want to say thank you and I'll always be a supporter of your books!

Dimitry's Royal Flush didn't have as much action as Dimitry's closet, but that didn't bother me at all because I got the feeling that Latrivia wanted to focus more on the family dynamics. There were some really low moments in Dimitry and Royal's marriage especially in the first couple of chapters. At first I thought Royal was going to be a completely different person than her character was in the first book and I was beginning to get a little disappointed. And for those reasons, I thought the story wasn't going to be anything like Dimitry's Closet, but then Royal started to become herself again. That's when I breathed a sigh of relief lol. Those who have read the story know exactly what I'm talking about! My heart went out to Dimitry because you could feel his pain. Anya was a breath of fresh air. I loved her addition to the story. She made the family complete and brought reality with her character. Victoria was so trifling in the beginning but by the end of the story, I actually came to love her character. I hope her character continues on in the next installment! We got to see a different side of Anatoly in this book. He actually does have a heart and the moral of the story is that all bad asses aren't invincible when it comes to displaying emotion. He did a move in the bedroom that had my mouth wide open and gaping. I was like I didn't just read that lol so I had to re-read that section to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me! Anatoly was something else!!!! The feelings that he had for his baby sister were genuine and pure. I'm really enjoying reading about this family. I loved all the characters even the people on their staff! Royal's bodyguard was another excellent addition to the story. I highly recommend getting this book because of the overall writing, plot direction, and character development. This one is definitely a keeper:)
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on September 1, 2010
This book reminds me of a term paper that was done the night before it was due. It is extremely weak on plot and character development. It appears to have been written and/or edited by someone whose first language is not English. It is rife with typos as well as spelling and grammatical errors. The scenarios are also extremely implausible. After at least a year of abusing drugs and alcohol, Royal decides to stop one day - no withdrawal, no physical ramifications, nothing. Ridiculous. Royal was not my favorite character in Dmitry's Closet. In this book, she is completely repugnant. (I don't care how kind you are to the staff, it is not okay to ignore your child for a year.) Victoria is revolting and Brigette is simply pathetic. I have to wonder why all the female characters (except Anya) are so extremely flawed. While the male characters are portrayed with numerous redeeming qualities even though they all appear to be psychotic murderers. I also wonder how many women the author knows who would become friends after one tries to poison the other and then receives a stilletto in the face in retaliation.

Overall, the book was completely rushed, not well thought out and poorly written. I was very disappointed with the finished product, especially since I enjoyed Dmitry's Closet so much (in spite of the typos and grammatical errors). If you want to read Dmitry's Royal Flush, get the e-book version or borrow it from a friend. I purchased the book and it was not worth it.
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on June 8, 2016
Love Anya, such a bright girl. At the beginning of the book Royal was a sore sight to read about. She was quite combative, even jealous. The situation at the house became somewhat complicated by the dynamics between Royal and Victoria, and Anatoly sleeping with Bridgette. Victoria was way too aggressive, and obviously dangerous. I like Anatoly, and the way he handled Victoria. Love how doted on this sister, Anya and the respect she show for both his father, Dmitry and Royal, his stepmother, even though, he probably is about the same age. And of course, Dmitry is plain gorgeous! There were some funny scenes in the midst of drama. Like the end.
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on December 21, 2015
I love Royal and Dmitry. They are such an awesome couple. I would recommend this to anyone. Great mix of suspense, sex, romance, violence. Again, a great investment, because I do consider what I spend money on. There are some books that are one-offs, that I will read once and forget, and some that are kindle-unlimited, and I would never pay money for. I can honestly say that this is one of the few authors who I enjoy spending my money on and know I won't be disappointed. Great story!
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on April 7, 2012
Part two was thrilling. It seems Anatoly is the new boss but its Royal who's changed. After the hinderous assault she suffered at the hands of Dmitry psychotic brother Ivan caused a strain on her marriage forcing her to come to terms or lose her husband and child. Dmitry takes a back seat in this novel so that his son could take over the family business and Royal cope with her feelings towards him after being so badly damaged that for a while her personality was bitchy at best. Presumed dead and given up everything she known in order to live a life of obscurity transforms Royal into an addicit and Dmitry a little weak. Its only when their dark past that she had so many nightmares about comes to invade their new life will she stop playing the victim role. Dmitry is hiding a secret from his wife and Royal is too; even from the grave Ivan still reeks havoc on the unsuspecting beautiful couple.
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on September 30, 2014
This book was really good. I must admit to being a little skeptical. The 1st book was ok, not my favorite but a good read none the less. This book did not have the high action of book 1 but what it did have was a better insight into Royal and Dmitry’s relationship. Their love for each other was put to the test this time around. My heart broke for Dmitry; you could really feel his pain and love for his wife. Now if you read my review of Dimity’s Closet, you know I had some pretty strong opinions on Royals character being too naive and blind at times, but I have to say that in this book Royal develops into a stronger character and the story was better for it. We also got to see more of Anatoly who is a very strong alpha male in his own right, but we saw his softer side too, loved it! This was a really good follow up to Dimity’s Closet.
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on May 11, 2013
I think this book showed what Royal is capable of. In Dmitry's closet we learn that Royal killed a man to protect her sister and in this book she will do anything to protect her family. The one thing I couldn't understand is why Royal and Dmitry couldn't talk and be honest with each other. They wait until everything blows up to finally trust each other. I guess there is good in that because it proves that even when things look bad on the part of either one of them they will still love and trust each other above anyone else.

Dmitry is such a Boss!! He is the right mix of bad and good. He can be ruthless yet loving with his wife, daughter, and even son. Anatoly has so much to learn from Dmitry because Dmitry is so organized and strategic with everything he does. He thinks things through and then executes it. As much as this story was about Royal getting over her traumatic experience, we get to Dmitry as the powerful and caring man that he is.

I'll be honest and say it was a bit hard for me to get over what happened to Royal. Even though it has been three years it was just awful that he had to go through it and I think it explains how people who go through what she went through feel. You get to understand more of the their pain....pain that no one should have to experience.

One thing I didn't like was Anatoly's relationship with Victoria. I just wanted her to go away....not that I hated her character because she did start to come around towards the end of the book but I just couldn't stand his infatuation with her. It might be because she was a bit tainted in my eyes from what she tried to do to the Medlov family and I couldn't get past it enough for me to like Anatoly to be with her.

The only normal person in that family is Anya LOL and I love her relationship with Anatoly. Her interaction with everyone was great....even with Victoria. I think even Anya was suspicious of Victoria.

Love this series so far. I'm practically hooked and I hope I will not be disappointed with the next one.
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on July 6, 2010
Dmitry's Royal flush: Rise of the Queen was an awesome read. I was up to 4:30 in the morning reading the free PDF copy and I loved every second of it. I could not leave my computer. Enormous props to Latrivia Nelson for the second book, I do not think it was possible to top the first book but she did. I found the book funny, sad, crazy, and completely and utterly sexy. If Anatoly were real, I would marry his crazy cold killer ass, tattoos and all. Now I don't know what I will do until January.
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