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on December 13, 2012
I read an article recently that burglars are more likely to smash a window than try to pry it open because if a neighbor hears the noise, they'll stop and listen for the second noise. When none is forthcoming, they'll go on with what they're doing and someone is in your house.

I have a couple of windows on the side of my house that aren't easily visible because of a privacy fence and I wanted to alarm them for broken glass (this device does NOT detect someone prying your window open - that's an entirely different alarm system). When my order for this product arrived I read through the instructions and it's quite easy to arm the device for placement - I'll just note that they didn't arm right away because the instructions didn't tell you to open the battery pack and remove a tab. I figured that out on my own and as expected, the LED on the unit flashed, and then beeped, and they were armed.

You peel the sticker on the back and stick them on the window. I liked that the back of the device has a warning sticker stating that the window is alarmed - any bit of extra security is good. They adhered very well to the window and as I have double-paned windows I put the alarm high on the lower pane, then gave a thump to the upper pane and the alarm went off. You really don't need to alarm both panes but if it makes you feel better go for it.

I like that the LED doesn't stay on, which help conserve battery power.

For the price this is an excellent layer of security to have. It isn't so sensitive that it gives off false alarms in a heavy wind, but it definitely responds to a significant vibration to the glass. Very happy with the product.

UPDATE 6/1/13: In a recent hail storm, the vibration from the hail (not very large hail, perhaps nickel size) hitting the windows set off the alarms. My neighbor came running out on her front porch with her phone, ready to call the police. These things work.
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on June 14, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this item did an excellent job of detecting any disturbance to the glass. I tested it a few times in some simulations and found that while rapping on the glass door gently would not trigger the alarm, a full smack with the palm of my hand (and think how much harder a baseball bat would be!) would set off the alarm.

A purchaser must keep in mind is that this product is intended to detect someone breaking the glass of a window or door. It is not, as other reviewers have suggested, intended for use as a window/door opening detector.

In short, the alarm is loud, it is not so sensitive that it will be set off by the cat pawing your door but it is definitely going to let you know if someone is trying to break your glass.
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on December 16, 2012
Update 27 SEP 2013: I wanted to add these have been installed over one year and are functioning perfectly. I watched a security video by a inmate who spilled the beans while imprisoned for multiple burglaries. He gained access most often through unsecured doors or windows. His second favorite is forcing sliding glass doors up off their tracks with a wedge and moving it quietly with professional suction cups, and third, breaking a window for entry. He stated glass vibration sensor's are the best deterrent for glass windows. For sliding glass doors, a vibration sensor with screws along the top of the frame to prevent it from being lifted off the bottom tracks is best. I just did mine - my sliding glass doors have a bottom height adjustment screw for the lower door track that needed to be lowered. I added three stainless screws along the top frame of each slider after adjusting the door height, and slowly adjusted the three screws to prevent them from being forcefully lifted off the sliders. I added security bars to the sliding glass doors, too. Another good recommendation is adding extra long screws in all door lock and hinge hardware. I pulled a couple screws for sizing, headed to Lowe's to compare the size, and changed them all with 3 1/2 inch wood screws.

The timer automatically shuts the alarm off after approximately one minute. This works good should a storm trigger the unit while away to conserve the batteries. Before permanently attaching the units with adhesive, I moved them around on the windows and tapped the panes to locate the most sensitive spots for vibration. It's unlikely anyone can jimmie a window or sliding glass door open without triggering the sensor after application to the most sensitive installation spots of the glass panes.

Take care to deep clean and dry the installation spots on the window panes with something like rubbing alcohol. The 3 little batteries lasted about one year. When the batteries become low, the alarm will only go off for a couple seconds as a battery warning - that's easy to test occasionally by bumping the window. If placed on non-sliding traditional glass doors, a small delayed chirp goes off when turning it on - allowing you a quick moment to lock up when leaving.

White or black electrician's tape can be trimmed to help weatherproof the alarm's seal when installed in semi-wet locations. Very consistent performance from unit to unit.
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on April 2, 2015
We were robbed & assaulted during December 2014 and further security devises was necessary to Arm ourselves with doberman window alarm. I purchased 12 units to install them on all windows and was surprised of the loudness of the siren alarm and ease of installation.
Unfortunately the cleaning lady " borrowed " 4 of those units from the windows w/o our knowledge and i had to replace them quickly.
The units arrived today ( 5 days prior to promised delivery time) and were quickly installed.
The am sure that when the intruder make a plan to break the window , they will be faced with scary loud noise , they will think it twice.
It was the cheapest way to buy extra security , i also gave away two widow units to a soldier's family who were agitated by the recent criminal activities in this area.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 13, 2015
This thing is awesome. It's simple, but very easy to set up and straightforward. Based on the sound I heard when testing it out I'm going to say effective (and ow my ears).

I have a silent alarm and a dog but I want to scare the (expletive) out of somebody trying to break into this window and grab somebody's attention. The directions were clear, turn it on with the switch and it's armed in 30 seconds. A rattle or shake sends this thing into an ear-splitting sound off and I can't imagine hanging around to hear it.

It sticks to the window very well and seems to adhere firmly so that's a nice touch. You can see the "Doberman security" logo on the outside of the window.

I was given the opportunity to try this alarm at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something like this.
review image review image
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on December 31, 2015
See attached picture of one unit that had *normal* paper instead of wax on the back, destroying the warning sticker and ability to be properly placed on windows. Two other units simply won't go off. Not sure if I got bad luck or not, but again, customer service sucks. Maybe if I'd been *given* these for free like 90% of the 5* reviewers here have, I'd have a different opinion, but these are about as good as 99 cent dollar-store alarms, except they don't even have the same level of quality assurance.

When I emailed doberman about this issue to try and invoke the 90 day warranty the provide with these product, they told me I'll have to return them on Amazon - they aren't even honoring their own warranty! Not only am I giving a one star review here, but I'm filing a complaint with the FTC since it's ILLEGAL to not honor your warranty unless your company has gone bankrupt.
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on December 4, 2012
We received these and immediately tested and installed them on two sliding doors that are already secured, but we like the loud noise factor of these small alarms.
Unlike others I don't think an intruder would need to crack the glass to set these off, even a good knocking or jostling on the window set them off when we tried them out. Which is exactly is what I expected and received.
They set off a loud, shrill wail which we could easily hear from even two floors away.
Combined with other security this will add peace of mind to the home. I suggest these if you have a door or window you rarely use, but want to keep in your homes security monitoring. If one has a pet that likes to jostle doors, or children that are prone to playfully bang against the door or window you install it on, make sure they are turned off until the kiddos or the fluffy ones are tucked away, then flip a switch and go about your business.
These are small and indiscreet for the most part. Has a reverse side sticker that shows to the outside onlooker to notify them.
Makes me think this would also be quite a nasty surprise for a teenager trying their hand sneaking out of the house... heh heh...
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on November 3, 2015
Wow this thing is loud! I wanted to test it out because it is so small that I had my doubts but I was blown away, literally. My ears are still ringing. I placed it on my sliding glass door that is getting a little old and I think it would be really easy to break into it. I set the alarm and opened the door and the alarm went right off and just about deafened me! I love that the sticker part of the alarm has the red warning symbol of the doberman. I need to get more of these for all of my windows. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.
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on October 17, 2013
If you bang hard on the window, it goes off -- so no doubt it would alarm if glass was broken. The siren itself is fairly loud as well, however, likely not loud enough to get a neighbor to call the police unless they were very close to the unit (say, within 50 feet). Would it scare off a burglar? Probably not. Although it does have a red label on the opposite side, which can be seen through the glass. This could possibly be a deterrent, but probably not. It's hard to get into the (stupid) criminal mind, but personally I would just break the window, grab the alarm and switch it off -- which is quite easy to do.

Bottom line: it's not a home security system, but it's better than nothing. An inexpensive way to have SOME security and peace of mind.
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on October 18, 2013
These work great, and give you a little extra peace of mind at night, knowing you have one more level of defense regarding break-ins. They are pretty sensitive to glass disturbance, but they don't go off if you are just closing the doors. Important: these are not designed to trigger for doors opening, or lock cracking, more like for window breaking. If someone tries to smash your window, these will sound, but not if someone manages to get your sliding door or window open. Another tip: make sure you mount them where they will not be disturbed by your sliding door movement. I mounted one on each pane of my sliding back door, but my sliding door does not clear over it, so if I open the door all the way and it bumps the alarm, it sounds. Make sure to check your door clearance! And they are decently loud, loud enough to alert those around you!
That's about it. I put them on all my sliders, and my big bay windows, basically any large windows that can allow a human to fit through if broken. Hope this helps!
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