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Size: 38W x 30L|Color: Covert Khaki - discontinued|Change
Price:$32.47 - $39.99
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on April 25, 2010
These pants are rather comfortable and are Dockers D3 Classic cut. The cargo pocket is a Zip type, and is pretty discreet. The back pockets have a button top flaps to keep things in. The waistband is elastic and also very discreet. The front pocket interior lining on the Carbon pants is Light brown. Sizing was spot on with what i was expecting. Just keep in mind that Carbon does not equal black. The pictures make it look nearly black, but they would seem like a faded black if you placed them side by side.
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VINE VOICEon April 3, 2010
Very nice sturdy fabric, and a very nice look and drape. Not "no iron," but they don't require ironing if you get them out of the drier promptly (better than other flat front casual dockers). Much more professional-looking than typical cargo pants. Waist is slightly flexible, but it's well hidden; they appear to have normal waistband. Room in the seat without looking baggy. This is the best casual khaki design out there. The best summary is that they look sharp without looking too dressy.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2011
Okay. No pair of pant's are perfect, Dockers Men's Flat Front Comfort Cargo Pants come pretty close. Thery are well tailored, and are super comfortable. The elastic in the waist (unseen by anyone) can be a real 'help' when you need it!

The cargo pocket on the right leg is discreet, and is perfect for a cell phone, or even a wallet - the zipper on the pocket is a perfect match to the color of the pant, which is nice. there are no 'flaps' on the cargo pocket, either). As others have noted, remember that "Carbon" is really a a very dark grey - I am happier with the "Black" for most occasions.

The "Green" is more like a dark-ish khaki, and is very attractive, no need to be shy ordering that color either. I really think this is an essential for most guy's - it is tailored enough to easily fit in to a semi-casual workplace, and works well after work, and dressed down on weekends or holidays.

The care is simple - just what you would expect from Dockers - wash 'em, throw them in the dryer, then fold them or better yet, take the extra 3 seconds it takes to put them on a hanger. I am TRYING to "remember" to do THAT).

I hate to use the "I" word that would be IRON ), and and you really never have to - but if you are in the mood, you can and they look a bit more dressy.

The color holds well - dark colors stay dark, lighter shades never yellow or dis-color, when using a regular washing machine. Just to test 'em, I have sent one black pair and and one lighter color (Cement, I think..) to the dry-cleaners for about 8 months, weekly. Result? PERFECTION, for when you want/need the pro-pressed look. Again, no problem with color fade, or "falling apart".

Lastly, the cut and style is ageless - from guys in their 20's to those of us who are...ahem...40+. They run true to size, and with the hidden elastic, I would NOT go up a size, as you sometimes need to do.

Needless to say, I live in them, in all colors.
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on October 31, 2013
I'm very reluctant to buy clothes online, but these worked out just great. As with most of my clothes, I just toss them into the washer and dryer and if they survive, they're good. And that's exactly what I did with these. They survived a regular wash cycle in warm water and a full dry cycle with normal heat. Perfect. The look and fit is great too. They're not outrageously "cargo" like (with too many huge bulging pockets)--instead, they have one extra zippered pocket on the right thigh--good location, well designed, but a bit small. These, of course, are "comfort" pants, meaning they have an expandable elastic waist. I'm not a big fan of "comfort waist pants," but these fit perfectly and the expandable waist is completely hidden and not noticeable at all. Overall, I'd have to say this was a good online purchase.

--Nice looking, good design
--Comfortable to wear
--Very washable
--Seem reasonably durable, time will tell.

--"Cargo" pocket is a bit small and seems a superficial addition to make them "cargo" pants.
--Some may not like the expandable waist

On the whole, very good pants indeed. Perhaps the reason these were a good online purchase is, in fact, the expandable waist--they're more likely to fit without the benefit of trying them on in a store first. (Never thought I'd endorse "comfort fit" pants, but there you go...)
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on January 3, 2012
This is a great pair of pants - they've quickly become some of my favorites.

They hang well - though of course your body type might vary.

They are quite well made - cargo pants tend towards two varieties, in my experience. They're either extremely sturdy and suitable for hard work, or they're cheap imitations. These are definitely the former.

Yet, despite the working-class roots of the pants, they're not out of step at a smart-casual affair either. They hover between the two worlds, a leg in both, comfortable in both. Always a dangerous thing - you don't want something which can't fit in either - but these do pull it off. Highly recommended.
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on February 26, 2014
I can wear slacks or jeans to my day-job. I usually feel too dressy in slacks and sometimes too casual in jeans. These Dockers have solved that problem. I just ordered two more pairs. If worn with dress shoes, people think they are dress slacks. I wore them today with black dress shoes and a tucked in dress shirt and everyone asked why I was so dressed up... I pulled it off! Tomorrow I will try for a more casual look with sneakers and casual shirt. I already know it will work just fine. Size is great and they aren't too baggy like other brands, but just loose fitting enough for me not to feel like an old man (I'm a pretty hip 30 something guy who dresses casual most of the time). OK, I will admit that the elastic waist band is a little cheesy and usually more geared towards old men, but if you wear a belt, you cannot even tell. It's actually hidden quite well AND it makes them fit soooo comfortably. That was my big questions about these... whether I would like the elastic or not... It's just fine with me and I don't feel like an old man. Seriously, these things are versatile enough to wear to the office or on a weekend to play a gig at the local bar! They aren’t your typical Docker style pants, but not your average cargo style either… they are a true Hybrid and a great innovation! (seriously I didn’t think I would get this excited about a pair of friggin’ pants!). Buy with confidents guys.
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on January 5, 2012
These are great pants. They have a comfortable fit and a very useful extra pocket, sort of a cross between the utility of cargo pants and the look of classic Dockers.
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on August 3, 2013
Breathable cotton with a right leg zipper pocket perfect for your favorite smart phone.

Expandable for those days when 4 beers is just not enough.

Durable and attractive. Nobody knows I'm really a bum.
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on May 10, 2010
I like the pants. I didn't realize they were elastic in the waist when I purchased them but it's cool.
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on July 15, 2013
These pants would be near perfect except for the "comfort" part. That means they have elastic hidden in the waistband, right above the front pockets, that is meant to allow the pants to "give" when you bend, squat, sit, etc. Of course, if you're wearing a belt (they are made with belt loops), then the elastic is pointless. But if you don't wear a belt, that elastic is stretching back and forth every day and eventually wears out. Then the waist gets saggy and the pockets start ballooning out. This happened to me after wearing these pants a couple of days per week for about 2 and a half years. Some blame may lie with the fact that I dry clean my pants about once a month, and I've read that dry cleaning is hard on elastic. So what did I do? I bought new ones. I don't like the fact that I had to throw out pants that otherwise were still in great shape, but the other features of the pants make them hard to give up. They are great for dressier work situations as well as more casual occasions, have a good fit without looking baggy or shapeless, are made from a tough, canvas-like material that still looks on the dressy side (most colors), and the hidden side pocket is great. I cut off the canvas tassle from the zipper, then the pocket is almost unnoticeable, unlike most cargo pockets, and yet much bigger than most 'hidden' pockets. The result is not having to sit on my wallet, and being able to reach it easily in my car for drive thru service. The pocket could easily accomodate a large mobile phone instead of a wallet. Another modification I made was to remove the rear pocket flaps with their center buttons. These just get in the way of sliding something into my back pocket (which I do daily), and they have a tendency to stick out of your rear end and not look so great in my opinion (yours may differ). As for the material, the carbon (black) and khaki and walnut and steelhead all come in a tough, canvas like fabric that doesn't look like canvas (looks dressier). The navy pants almost look black and the material has a very soft, velvety texture that is a lint magnet so I returned those. The rifle green is really a nice olive color and looks a bit more like canvas, but still soft and I can wear them to work. The other interesting thing is that different colors sometimes have different fit even if they are labeled as the same size. I bought the steelhead color over 2 years ago and they were bigger than the other colors, even though they were supposed to be the same size. Same thing happened with the same color the second time I bought them, so I got one size smaller. So I haven't yet found any pants better than these overall for the versatility and fit, but I really wish they would ditch the rear pocket flaps and the hidden elastic in the waistband. I've been getting along just fine without elastic in my pants all these years, and it would make the pants last a lot longer. And I've never had a problem with stuff falling out of my rear pockets with any pants I've owned, so I really don't see the point of the rear pocket flaps. But like I said, after trying lots of other khakis, these still come out on top despite the flaws.
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