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on September 5, 2000
If you haven't seen the underrated original DR. DOLITLE in widescreen stereo as you will be able to on DVD, you haven't seen it! The photography is outstanding (shot in TODD-AO 70MM) and the orchestrations and songs sound great! The Laser Disc was the only way to experience this oustanding family musical...until now. Sadly, though, two of the films best songs, "Where Are The Words" and the beautiful "Something In Your Smile" were cut from the film right before its release and are not restored here as hoped; be sure to check them out on the soundtrack, available on CD (you can hear the melodies play in the overture, opening credits, and exit music). Still, this is a great looking, great sounding musical for everyone! Many muusicals of the late Sixties were unfairly compared (or indeed did try to emulate) "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins" As time has gone on, they can be finally apprecaited as the outstanding entertainments some of them are, like DOCTOR DOLITTLE.
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on June 8, 2004
What were you thinking? I'll admit the 1998 remake was entertaining, the way "Wings" is at one o'clock in the morning when nothing else is on, but, like "The Nutty Professor" Murphy's kid-friendly remake looks like a crime against cinema when placed next to its source material. First off, this is a musical with a beautiful score by Leslie Bricusse (who wrote the songs for "Willy Wonka" and "Stop the World, I Want To Get Off" with longtime partner Anthony Newley, who stars in this film). Also, Rex Harrison WORKED to learn to talk to animals. It wasn't a magical power he was born with, the man studied! He doesn't need cheesy (if well-cast) celebrity voiceovers and computer-generated mouth-movement to convince us, either. So if you want your kids to settle for second best and, as a result, drag you to mediocre kiddy-fair after mediocre kiddy-fair (which, in the age of "The Cat in the Hat" is pretty bad) let 'em have Eddie Murphy. But if you want your kids to have taste and appreciate a quality piece of filmmaking, rent this film immediately. Even if you have no kids, buy it, rent it, whatever.
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on January 10, 2007
This movie is one of the all time classics. It is fantastic and every child should see it at least once. A true family film.
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on June 30, 2006
This is a great movie, Rex Harrison is a genius, and Eddie Murphy is an idiot. This is the original story the way it is supposed to be seen, as a musical. Dr. Doolittle 1998, and its subsequent sequals is a disgrace. I could go on all day about how much I think Eddie sucks for not having done the songs, but you can look to my other review for that.

As far as Rex is concerned, there's been no one like him since. All the classics are here, "If I Could Talk To The Animals," "I'm A Vegetarian," and my personal favorite "Why Must We Treat Animals Like Animals?" All sung by Harrison in his brilliant half-singing, half-speaking style that he innovated so well all the way up through My Fair Lady.

Great kid movie too, even if it is a little bit dated, buy hey, what's the alternative? To show a movie to your kids that stars a guy who once made a living for himself by screaming the F-Word at people through a stage microphone? The choice is yours, but if you are a decent parent, I think it's a no-brainer.
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on January 10, 2007
I purchased this to watch with my wife and she had never seen it and I had forgetten that it is a musical, nicely done, alot of laughs, romance and adventure. The animals do not speak like in the newer movie, so it is a little more realistic. I do not like musicals as a whole but this one is fun to watch with all of the animals and stuff that goes on.
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on January 28, 2006
I fell in love with this movie when I was a little girl and was thrilled to find it on DVD. A must for anyone wanting to re-live wonderful childhood memories. Puts the new Dr. Dolittle to shame.
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on January 11, 2007
It is a very playful film,completely diferent from the new versions,it is not a comedy, is a very poetic story, in my oppinion better than the new ones.
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on January 18, 2007
After searching many different places, I finally found the original "Dr. Dolittle" here at Amazon. I was very pleased with the quick service and the DVD arrived in perfect shape. The quality of the movie was superb and my grandchildren and I all loved watching it.
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on December 15, 2009
"Doctor Dolittle" is one of those fun movies that kids and their parents can enjoy together, and it's a picture that people will want to watch again and again.

It follows the adventures of a man who can talk to animals. Dr. John Dolittle was an unhappy people doctor when he realizes his calling as a very happy animal doctor. Thanks to the help from his 188 year old parrot Polynesia the doctor learns the languages of animals and then proceeds to set up a veterinarian clinic in his home where scores of animals ... domesticated and wild ... come to him ... of their own accord ... to complain about their various ailments and then to be cured, always, by the good doctor.

As a result of some bad luck and a magistrate (judge) who seems to have a personal vendetta against the him, the doctor is, because of his talking to animals, deemed to be insane and is committed to an asylum. Not to worry though as the doctor's faithful parrot Polynesia orchestrates a jail break. Doctor Dolittle, his friend Matthew, Matthew's young friend Thomas, and a lady friend Emma then board the doctor's sailing ship and make good their escape from the law.

Being at sea allows the doctor to pursue the one overriding passion in his life: To find ... and talk to ... the legendary giant pink sea snail. This quest produces some fun, but it also gets our little crew into some trouble. The ending of the movie is, however, a happy and satisfying one.

If "Doctor Dolittle" is so good, why only 3 stars? Well, it's a solid piece of entertainment. It takes a great movie idea and fills it with good acting, good special effects, and songs and dancing that are mostly delightful and fun, but the writing is a culprit here. It lets us down.

It's good writing ... most of the time ... but it goes off course here and there and we are given scenes and dialogue (not the fantastic scenes and dialogue ... which are fun ... but the human nature type ones) that are hard to buy into, that is to say, hard to believe would ever happen.

Rex Harrison plays the articulate, urbane, and unflappable Doctor Dolittle, and he is his usual excellent self. Anthony Newley plays the doctor's friend and admirer Matthew, and he is a lot of fun as the wise-cracking Irishman. I love that quick-witted Irish sense of humor. Peter Bull plays the tag along boy ... the innocent youth of the movie. And Samantha Eggar starved herself to play Emma, and she does OK, but her character is not easy to like.

I don't know why movie makers do that, but they often make the female lead character be mean. Maybe they believe it will appeal to the women in the audience, but, whatever the reason, they do it here in "Doctor Dolittle" and it is hard to take and makes no sense at all.

The special effects in "Doctor Dolittle" work very well. It's hard to figure out how they are done and, for 1967, that's pretty good special effects work.

But there is a lot of fun to be had watching "Doctor Dolittle." It's a movie to be kept up front on the movie shelf so it can be easily gotten to.
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on August 20, 2001
It was, in actually, the tiny village of Castle Combe, England, roughly 5 miles to the northeast of Bath [...] Did you know that Sea Star Island was actually the Caribbean island of Santa Lucia and that the great doctor came about because its author, caught in the throws of World War I, was having a difficult time communicating with his family back in England because of wartime censorship, "I do not understand the human race...It has no compassion for creatures with a different face."
Read all about the whole movie here: [...]
This movie was very beautiful, and deep, and just plain wonderful, and we all know it!
I grew up in that wonderful era of "Willy Wonka" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" where Life was beautiful and you couldn't wait to get to the movies to see Samantha Eggar sing across the sunny, green English countryside, "Here I stand at the crossroads of Life" and you wished that your family could live in a windmill or could jump into a chalk drawing on a lazy summer's afternoon. Those movies were that beautiful!
Haven't you ever felt like singing, "After today...nothing will be the same again! After today, I'll say, oh what a day it's been!" or longed to chase the great Luna Moth or sail the earth in your own magnificent boat complete with...geraniums? Am I the only one?
Couldn't it all be that beautiful? This film is THAT beautiful!
"Let's hope and pray, that is the way! The Life we love will always stay! For my friend the Doctor! My friend the Doctor and me!"
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