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on March 17, 2011
Every time the Doctor Who soundtracks come out, which is almost as exciting as the series itself, I think there's no possible way that Murray Gold can improve on the last one, but this one, Series Five, is simply gorgeous. It's just beautiful. Differing from the last few soundtracks, Gold has divided the music by episode, which I think works very well. He picked the best music of each episode to highlight as musical suites of sorts, and it creates a nice flow. The obvious highlight is, of course, the music from The Eleventh Hour, which has the eleventh Doctor's new theme song, I Am The Doctor, which is one of Gold's best pieces, I think. It's a beautiful piece of music, and the music for this season, in general, feels more sweeping, more epic, with a new energy that matches the new Doctor. Gold's music has matured as the series has, as well, and with each new season there's a new layer added that adds to the depth and grandeur of our favorite Whoniverse. It's inspiring music for a character that has inspired millions the world over. Bravo, Mr. Gold.
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on February 8, 2011
I have been waiting for this soundtrack since series 5 premiered last year. I am so excited to finally own it! Everything about this soundtrack gives me chills, especially I Am the Doctor. And for only $15, this is a steal! I would recommend this to anyone, even if they've never watched an episode.
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on March 25, 2011
If you have enjoyed previous Doctor Who albums, or just the music playing while watching series 5, you should pick this up. With two discs, the season is fully represented in all of its variations. Multiple beautiful tracks, including "Mad Man With a Box" and "Sad Man With a Box", "The Vampires of Venice" and "With Love Vincent." Of course, for me the highlight is the best Doctor theme to date with "I Am The Doctor", a brilliant high energy piece that finds its way woven throughout multiple tracks in the album. Check it out.
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on May 21, 2012
Murray Gold doesn't skimp when it comes to the enrapturing phenomena that is instrumental music. With over 60 tracks on two discs, Gold gives a new adventure in each piece, which is very rare these days. From fresh wonder to bold peril, The Doctor can always be found lingering somewhere in the music, being the legend that he is. Yet, throughout the whole soundtrack, Gold incorporates the essence of Matt Smith's unique performance: ingenious, comical, witty, and self-contradicting. His companion, however, provides a fresh contrast to him in several tracks ("Little Amy: The Apple," "Amy in the TARDIS," "Amy and Rory," "The Life and Death of Amy Pond," "Amy's Starless Life," "You and Me, Amy"). All in all, Gold knows how to make the music aid the show, and to be interactive when listening separately. One simply can't help but think of their respective scenes. I am quite appreciative of Murray Gold for such a moving compilation.
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on December 29, 2011
This is excellent music. We know that, we've heard it, it has touched us. But wait, there's more. BBC did a special, Dr. Who at the Proms, the Royal Albert Hall. This was a television release of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing Gold's compositions in front of a live audience. Please, please, BBC release a soundtrack of this live recording. The music sparkles, the audience swings between laughter, tears, and shouts. Please release this on both DVD and CD. May The Doctor ever travel!
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on June 17, 2011
This two-disc set is a must-have for all Dr Who fans and audiophiles looking for a great example of music written on an epic scale. Sometimes you forget you're listening to something that's written for the small screen. It's a real shame orchestral scoring for TV is slowly dying out.

I like the themes he's written for each character. The Doctor surely has the most catchy theme, in fact it was my main reason for buying this soundtrack. You'll find yourself humming this theme alot after listening to this album. His theme is very dramatic with big brassy sounds, strings, and drums. It all very much captures what the character spends a lot doing onscreen---running to and from danger. The theme also captures the Doctor's unspoken power over time and space using ethereal-sounding vocals (though sometimes they do get a little annoying). Murray also writes beautifully for the small tender moments, like the track "Amy and Rory".
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on November 30, 2011
I have bought almost all of the Doctor Who soundtracks and this is one of the best. I have only listened to the first CD but I'm already in love with it! (By the way I'm not sure if it said or not but there is 2 CD's! Even more awesome Doctor Who music!) I would recomend this for anyone who likes Doctor Who and even if you havn't seen it, it's still wonderful music! "I am the Doctor" and "Can I come with you?" are 2 astonishing tracks! Both are very moving, especially because they occur very often in season 5. Long story short, bye this, it's worth your money. You won't regret it.
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on May 19, 2013
The first album I ever bought was a movie soundtrack, but I haven't always been thrilled with Television music as a whole. It tends to be too closely tied to the action on the screen to stand well on it's own. This album is an exception. I put it on while going on a long drive, and it just kept on pushing the car right along the road.

Love it.
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on April 4, 2011
Murray Gold hits off again with the Doctor Who: Series 5 soundtrack. Throughout the season, we encountered vicious angels, the Silurians, and of course, the return of the Daleks. Every single episode, Murray Gold did not fail to bring his power to the stage. I got this CD when it first came out in Europe, and because of my love for Murray Gold's music, have not stopped listening to it. Overall, this is a fantastic listen, and with two discs, a HUGE bargain with over two hours of music. There is one con though- like all TV soundtracks, there is music missing.

Track Pros and Cons-

Doctor Who XI: The classic Doctor Who title theme comes back bigger and badder, in a bada** form for series 5.

Down to Earth: Short, but epic. A great opening.

Fish Custard: A short, fun piece that reminds you of Happy Tree Friends...if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't look it up.

I Am The Doctor: The Doctor's main theme, but not the whole thing. If there was one thing that I was sad that was missing, it was the full theme with drums and everything, that you can find in "Every Star, Every Planet" (Not on the disc)

Amy In The TARDIS: A beautiful piece opening with Amy's theme, then at the 3:00 mark, goes into a better, but still not full version of the Doctor's theme.

The Time of Angels: My FAVORITE track. Opens with the creepy angel theme, then at 2:38, goes into the full-blown angel battle scene with epic drums and creepy strings.

Signora Rosanna Calvierri: Both goods and bads in this one, but still one of my favorites. On my disc, there was something wrong with this track, so it wasn't as good quality. But despite the quieter sound and softer notes, it was good. Even though the beginning is boring, if you stick around until 2:56, you will get a HUGE surprise.

Cab For Amy Pond: Starts a little tedious, then builds up to an ending that is both epic and beautiful. If you like trailer music, than this is one for you. 'Nuff said.

The Vampires of Venice: The main theme for the vampires. Zimmer meets Elfman. Also, 'Nuff said.

*** Until Disc 2, when music from the Lodger starts, most music isn't worth noting.

A Useful Striker: when I first heard this it struck me as a good ring tone. And sure enough, listening to it every day on my phone still isn't enough.

Kiss the Girl: Probably one of the most deceiving titles. The longest track in the soundtrack, clocking at 5:14, its full of epic action and quick-paced frenzy. The end, when the Doctor is walking out of the upstairs space ship at the end of the episode, the epic theme that is playing is slightly cloaked by horns in the soundtrack (4:28). As far as I could tell, it was pure drums and strings in the episodes, no horns.

River Runs Through It: A really great song if you are a fan of Zimmer or Sean Murray.

Words Win Wars: An epic version of the Doctor's theme. Wait until no one is in the house, then BLAST IT.

The Life and Death of Amy Pond: BEAUTIFUL. but the name says it all.

Honey I'm Home: My favorite track on Disc 2. Perfect to listen to on a rainy day. But what really gets me every time I hear it, is the cello blip at 0:28.

The Sad Man With A Box: If you play piano, find this sheet music. Absolutely astounding. And then it goes into an epic version of Little Amy's theme at 1:55.

Onwards: Another track of the Doctor's theme, this time closer to "Every Star, Every Planet".

Package Pros and Cons-
> Pros-
Good sized booklet for reading all about the tracks. (Yes...unlike a lot of composers, Murray Gold includes information on his music.)
Tight, slim, fancy package.
> Cons-
The back is just a little boring, but I suppose it has to be if you have 63 tracks.

One of the best soundtracks I have! Buy Now!

- Soundtrack Horder014- AL3X
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on May 16, 2011
If enjoyed the three other cds you like this even more because Murry out did the others with more music for the new Doctor. The 2 cd set is nice music to take a walk outside or walk the mall.
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