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The first half of this season set such a high standard that a certain final disappointment was downright inevitable. Yet the valiant, spirited progress makes for engaging watching, even if the ultimate conclusion seems slightly obvious (only slightly!). This season has a distinct fatalistic edge, reclaiming a level of darkness unseen on DW since "The Horror of Fang Rock." All science fiction dramas should aspire to this level of witty, mordant insight.

For one, Matt Smith is finally breaking from playing a version of David Tennant. Though he retains Tennant's rapid-fire verbal tendencies, Smith shirks the attitude of using humor to cover rage. His Doctor runs more on guilt, and his journey has the feeling of exile and penance rather than meandering. He makes this clear in the first episode of this half-season, when several successive holograms of past traveling companions send him into a spiral of self-recrimination.

Russell T. Davies suggested the Doctor was somehow responsible for the chaos surrounding him. Margaret's monologue in the episode "Boomtown" stresses that, to his vanquished enemies, the Doctor is the real criminal. Steven Moffat takes a more nuanced tack: while the Doctor holds some culpability for bad choices, he's the product of a violent and conflicted universe. In such a setting, the show suggests, a good man has little choice but to lash out in the name of justice.

Observant viewers will spot how the conundrum introduced in the first half of this season will be resolved in the second half, if they pay attention to the episode "Let's Kill Hitler." The resolution, while earned, does seem a bit pat, and that's disappointing, considering how the series has striven to boost our expectations. Yet the conflict leading to that resolution is anything but simplistic. Not since Andrew Cartmel has anyone tried such ambitious themes on DW.

I did not care for Season 5. I thought Moffat got off on the wrong foot. But I can see how that season set the stage for everything occurring here. This psychological realism and existential dread in a science fiction adventure setting first drew me to the original DW when I was seven, and I joy to see it reinstated, and taken to new heights, here. This half-season is what Doctor Who should be about, and I can't get enough.
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on March 22, 2012
Not only is this the greatest sci-fi show on television. But I think this is the best season. We finally learn more about my favorite character, River Song an her complicated history with the Doctor.

I personally am too impatient to wait for the entire season (the call each season a "series" in the UK unlike here in the US)to come out on DVD so I did buy The Sixth Series in both parts, but at this point it might be worth just buying the whole season at once.
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on October 13, 2011
Can somebody explain why the complete sixth season is twenty bucks higher than buying the 2 halves? I really wish the BBC would not mimic the scifi channel's split season multiple dvd set nonsense.
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on October 20, 2015
don't blink in this show for a second or you shall miss something crucial... wow this season, well thought out, all the episodes practically weave together in a large tapestry of good television, and the acting/writing are phenomenal! matt smith is a worthy follow up as the doctor, and the ponds are great companions, and are brilliant together. also go river song!
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on February 5, 2013
Series Six of Doctor Who seemed to be all filler because of the way the season started. The Doctor's destiny at Lake Silencio--which we knew within the first 15 minutes of the season--seemed to turn the whole of the season into just waiting to see how The Eleventh Iteration of the TimeLord got out of this ultimate fixed point in time. Which sort of rendered all other issues within the season...well, moot. Even the Big Reveal of the first half of the season--that River Song is Melody Pond, the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams--seemed minor. That is, until one remembers that in this continuity, it is the Tenth Doctor who loses River--so the "out" becomes reasonable.
Such seems the nature of this set, and it almost makes one want to watch "The Wedding Of River Song"--the last episode of the season--FIRST. But one cannot. "Let's Kill Hitler" explains the evolvement of Melody Pond into River, and introduces us to the Tesselecta, the humanoid shape-shifting robots that contain miniaturized human crews. "Night Terrors" and "The Girl Who Waited" are both looks into the three-person dynamic of The Doctor, Amy and Rory; with "The Girl..." being a revealing look at the depth and length of Amy's feelings for Rory (Also, sort of portending the first part of Series Seven...). "The God Complex" ultimately reveals how much Eleven really cares for both Amy and Rory; pushing them away and back into "normal" life at the end of the episode. "Closing Time" is fun; bringing back James Corden as Craig Owens (From Series 5's "The Visitor") along with a visit from The Cybermen.
Which brings us to "The Wedding Of River Song", one of those wild, season-ending mismashes we've gotten used to in the Davies/Moffatt Era of Doctor Who; where time seems dyfunctional (In this case, occuring all at once) due to the Doctor NOT being killed at Lake Silencio. Again, this is an episode that ties up another longstanding question--in this case, it's the question of why River Song was in interplanetary prison (Murder) and who she murdered--as it turns out, The Doctor.
In the era of The Eleventh Doctor, we have gotten used to the crowded TARDIS. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill...they make this work. If we look at The Doctor and Amy through the eyes of the "traditional" relationship between The Doctor and his Companion...well, we can't. Eleven sees Amy and Rory as a unit, so in that way Moffatt writes Smith clearly not as romantic as Davies made Tennant (or Chris Eccelston) with Billie Piper. This is where the magical work of Alex Kingston comes into play. From the introduction of River in "Silence In The Library", Kingston has always been able to give an extra page to River's story in every appearance with the page being perfectly...sensible. Plus, her appeal--both on the eyes and in character to Smith--comes across magnificently.
Overall, the back half of Series Six seemed for the most part to be a set of one-offs in preparation for the Season Finale...and setting up the first part of Series Seven. The flow of the season seems disrupted in getting the Series in two parts...but it does not take away from the enjoyment of watching Matt, Karen, Arthur and Alex in this whole set.
Highly Recommended.
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on January 24, 2014
Really, sometimes (or most of the time) when I watch any of the Doctor's stories, I'm not sure what is going on more than half of the time. But it's like a roller coaster ride. Don't think about it--just strap yourself in and go with it. Always fun, even if not always believable. The Brits seem to always have the upper hand in entertaining us. Can't beat any of these DVDs. I suggest you buy all of the ones available for a fun ride.
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on December 5, 2012
Love this. I am a River Song fan. And I am so glad that she is so in this series.
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on February 2, 2014
I didn't like the fact that it had no tracking number. It (as you can imagine) made it difficult to track. I didn't know where it was coming from & kinda got a bit worried. But after e-mailing the seller he helped along the way. Although he didn't have the tracking number he assured me it would get to me soon. It came yesterday & I am very happy with it. I would definitely buy from this seller again. I just hope he uses tracking numbers in the future...I love the DVD. It's the 11th doctor's best season.
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on September 12, 2013
This Doctor [Matt Smith] and his episodes finally got me and so having this series was a must have for me to add to my Eccelston and Tennant collection. Really interested to see what they do with a Doctor that is not considered to be 'hot' by the fan base!
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on January 16, 2013
Shortly after becoming a Whovian, I saw this in a store for $10. It was such a deal, I couldn't resist buying it. And of course I couldn't resist watching it.

When I watched Let's Kill Hitler, I was immediately captivated by Matt Smith's performance, even though all the continuity references confused me. It was a good episode, just bewildering to a new-comer. But after that awkward first episode, I was hooked for the rest of the set. The remaining episodes are all classics. Night Terrors is one of the scariest episodes in the whole franchise; The Girl Who Waited is a beautifully done episode that had me wanting to tear up; The God Complex is another creepy one with a very interesting monster of the wee;, Closing Time is funny & introduced me to the Cybermen, possibly my favorite Doctor Who villains; and the Wedding of River Song is just an awesome finale that is probably the most suspenseful episode in the history of the franchise. I ordered the 5th season as soon as I finished watching this, it was that good. Matt Smith is the best Doctor apart from Tom Baker.
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