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on March 31, 2008
I was really disappointed with this book, having enjoyed his last one. In fact, there are multiple instances in this book where he suggests reading "It's All Too Much". I'd take his advice one step further and say read that book and skip this one, as this is really only applying the principles from that book to the kitchen.

There's nothing groundbreaking here - basically, clean up your kitchen so you'll use it. Stop eating out, reduce portion sizes, plan ahead about what you'll eat for the week and think about what you're putting into your body. That's it. Common sense stuff everyone knows but finds difficult to put into practice.

I'll say it again, if you haven't read "It's All Too Much", do yourself a favor and get it now. That book was life changing in how it forces you to think about your stuff and your relationship with it. This book doesn't come close to that, at least for me.
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I have read the first three chapters of this book and find it to be easy to read and understand and full of valuable information. If you're like me and you're just discovering that your living space is a reflection of your own body then you will find this book enlightening. I come from a family of fat cluttered people. Since starting to read this book, and watching Peter on Oprah, I have started to declutter both my house and my body. It is not a diet book with recipes and calorie counting. This is a book about how to change your relationship with food and clutter. I look forward to continuing this book and continuing my less cluttered life.

Update: I am still reading this but stopped to pick up his first book in the middle. He gets to the point where he says he is not going to rehash his whole first book. He only spends 10 pages on your whole house before focusing in on the kitchen. So this book is now paused while I check out the first book that is supposed be more of a step by step to declutter your whole house. I don't think you HAVE to read his first one, but I want to do this all the way so I am going to myself. I still think this books is worth the time and investment.
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on February 11, 2008
Peter Walsh continues to lead us in the journey of a less cluttered life. This is not a diet book, it's a life changing book. In his own no-nonsense style, Peter shows us that an over-stuffed life can lead to an over-stuffed body. Peter reminds us that we are a society of too much. He attempts to remind us a clean, organized lifestyle will help us to find the path that will take us to a healthy body and spirit. No recipes, no meal plans, no caloric values most of us know the basics already. This book is about changing the way you operate in your life from your home living situation to what you put in your mouth. It makes you think using a organized mind instead of a rushed disorganized mind. If you enjoyed his book "IT'S ALL TOO MUCH" and you need to lose some excess body clutter, read this book. It just might change your life
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on April 5, 2008
The title of the book is certainly an attention-getter, but I wasn't sure whether a clutter expert really had much to say about overeating and struggling to lose weight. I'd never read any of his other books or seen him on TV. What motivated me to buy this book was a review I read in People magazine. Peter Walsh said that he saw a connection between overstuffed bodies and overstuffed homes. Knowing that I was definitely a part of his demographic, I was curious to see what he had to say about it. I found his book intelligent and informative. He takes a down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of approach to addressing the issues, but is also funny and human (as opposed to, say, something more clinical and "professional".) He makes no claims to be a weight-loss or nutrition or fitness expert. He writes as someone with lots of experience in helping other people organize their lives and get out from under things that are weighing them down. As I read through the book, I found myself highlighting many passages that resonated with me. In one quote, he kind of sums up the whole theme of his approach to weight loss: "The starting point for change is the vision you hold in your mind for the life you want to live." This is not a book for people looking for the next miracle diet. This is for people who want to make serious and lasting lifestyle changes. Another quote that resonated with me: "An imbalanced relationship with food doesn't have a place in your best life. At the very least, overeating is a hurdle to achieving the life you want. At its worst, it's life-threatening. You can't invest time in any better work than this. It's an investment toward the life you want for yourself." I fouind this book to be inspirational and motivational, and copied some of his quotes into my diet journal to help keep me on track. I recommend it to anyone struggling with these issues.
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on April 16, 2008
I bought this book along with his other one "It's All too Much!". I suggest reading the first book, then this one because it sets the ground work and you'll get an understanding of where he's going. It was so freeing to get rid of stuff in my cupboard that "maybe I'll make someday". I had pudding in there that was 10 years old. I then made menus, and did grocery shopping. I made what I shopped for, and with the exception of buying fruit /veggies and sandwiches one night, we had enough for a week and a half! This is because in the book he tells you not to bring in anymore stuff until you finish what you have, or use it to plan the next week's menus. This is a great way to save money and be more thoughtful about what you're making. I've only had the book for a month, so whether I'll lose anything remains to be seen. I have dieted since high school. I know tons about nutrition, portion sizes, fat, calories, exercise, etc. This book is not going to give you the latest and greatest fad. It is about getting to the bottom of what's in our kitchens and clearing our heads to focus on what we all know about healthy diets and nutrition.
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on November 24, 2008
Not long after having bought this book on, I received a 'free trial' package for "Wu Yi Tea," a weight loss tea. I have never heard of this stuff, much less ordered it; however, since this was mailed to the same address as my Amazon order, out of curiosity I searched store on weight loss teas, and THIS book is one of the recommended items with the tea product.

The "mystery tea" was billed to the same account that the purchase of this book from Amazon was, within days after my book purchase. A charge of $4.95 (which ended up being "for shipping & handling") appeared from a company called QFL, Inc. Check them out on the BBB website (they have an "unsatisfactory" rating):


Coincidentally enough, the unwanted tea shipped to the SAME address that the previous book order had been shipped to (it wasn't my home address). How can something that I didn't order be billed to me AND shipped to a friend's address by accident? Good question.

Other than this scary experience that no doubt is just starting to take shape, the book itself is very good. It is EXCELLENT. I was a diehard packrat, and this book provided a perspective I hadn't anticipated -- it just made SO much sense. Just buy it elsewhere. If you do buy it from, PLEASE monitor your billing account for a charge from QFL, Inc. for $4.95.
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on March 18, 2008
For those who have read Walsh's It's All Too Much, much of the material will be familiar. However, Walsh and co-author Hilary Liftin manage to give a fresh spin on Walsh's basic premise, that it's not about the stuff or the fat, it's about living the life one is meant to live. No recipes, no menus, no exercises, just plenty of practical suggestions for making constructive change. Does it work? Yes.
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on June 14, 2010
This book hit me like a ton of bricks! All my life I've been fighting both fat and clutter, but had never linked the two together before! The author's premise makes perfect sense, and I feel like there is hope for me to get a handle on both situations by working on them together as symptoms of the same problem. Until now, I had felt overwhelmed and thought it was beyond my capabilities to "tackle everything at once". Peter Walsh described me so accurately that I had the feeling he had been peeping in my window (but not in a creepy way!). He helped relate my overweight to my chaotic house (and life) as I had never considered doing! He gave concrete suggestions for getting past the excuses and taking constructive action! I realize it will take serious work to improve something that has taken me a lifetime to "mess up", but I feel like I now have a plan to make it happen!
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This book was written for me. I needed a plan and it had to be easy or I wouldn't follow through on it.

Now I look at "things" and value them differently.

If your clutter has taken over your life and left you too exhausted to be healthy, take time to read Peter Walsh's books. It might just make a big difference.

Edited much later to say that I've found it much easier to 'let go' of things, a very good feeling. I haven't missed anything I've let go of, but it is making my life easier. I think of it as streamlining my life to make it easier to do the things I want to do without being bogged down with 'things' that get in the way. I give credit to the Peter Walsh books for encouraging me to do what I already knew I needed to do.
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on March 19, 2008
Peter Walsh addresses one's pant size in a way that I've never seen addressed before. He is one of the few people who hit the nail on the head for me. He took everything I have ever known/read about weight loss and got to the point. For me, it happens to be that chaos sends me snacking and in search of comfort food.

It helped me, a relatively organized person until recently, get a few more things organized and working the way I want them to.
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