Does this work on white wine? It's unclear whether this product can be used on white wine. Another manufacturer, Vinturi, has a specific white wine aerator but it appears to be part of a set with a red wine aerator. Does anyone have experience with using this on white wine?
asked by Liz Wright on December 8, 2009
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I have tried it with a Chardonnay or 2 and it works well. I never knew that white wine needed to aerate and I know it's not as important to do so as with a full bodied red, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it.
It's like turning a $20 bottle into a $30 bottle in 30 seconds.
I keep one in my car and wehn we got to a BYO restaurant, we will always bring it in with us.
Wine Lover answered on February 22, 2010
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Liz Wright answered on February 23, 2010
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