Customer Reviews: DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer, Spring Green/Grey
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on May 6, 2009
My husband and I recently bought new bikes after not having them for many years. I then looked for the best way to take our dog along for the ride. At eighteen pounds she is a little too big for the baskets. Then we found the Doggyride Mini. It is perfect for her! Most importantly, it is easy to assemble, sturdy and so cute. It is smooth and so quiet you barely notice you are pulling anything at all. I did walk the bike and trailer up a couple of hills ,but that is more about me being back on a bike again after a lot of years and not the operation of the Mini.
We are very pleased with the Mini. It really was exactly what we needed to include our dog on our outings in a safe and secure way.
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on February 26, 2013
I have an 8 year old Lhasa Apso, about 19 lbs, who literally hates everything. She hates collars, she hates leashes, she doesn't like the sound when her tags clink against her water bowl. This dog is on her own agenda and even though she is as sweet as can be, she's just as stubborn! I've been getting into biking lately and because she is the slowest walker ever (read: sniff every.single.plant/flower in existence) I wanted to find a way to get my exercise in while not having to leave her at home. But when I purchased the Doggyride Mini I will admit that I was thinking, "she's gunna hate this too, what a waste..."

Against all intuition, I bought it; and for some reason, my dog LOVES it. It's baffling. We did introduce her to it right, though. We had her climb in, gave her treats galore, and she hopped out. Then she got back in, treats galore, and let her hop out. After a couple minutes, she was sitting in there on her own.

It rides so smooth, the color is a great spring green, and it just feels very sturdy and well made. It feels SAFE, which is the most important part. So now, me and the Lhasa will soon be riding around town, wind in our hair. Can't wait for spring/summer!
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on August 28, 2013
I regularly commute to work by bike with my dog, a 10lb Maltese mix, so I use my bike trailer a lot. I first purchased the Solvit HoundAbout Medium (original version, they recently came out with a new version called the HoundAbout II), but after a year I wanted one with a rain cover, so I switched to the DoggyRide Mini, which I've now used for three months. So, here's a point-by-point comparison for anyone else looking at these two:

Quality: my Solvit HoundAbout wore out in a number of ways within a year (tires, velcro, faded fabric, safety hitch), and while I haven't put the DoggyRide to the same duration of a test, it seems to use higher quality materials overall. More details on this with respect to specific components are below.

Smoothness of ride: the DoggyRide is lighter (the HoundAbout II advertises a lighter aluminum frame) and smoother. Not only do I notice it while biking, I think my dog notices it too -- in the Solvit HoundAbout, when I'd glance back while in motion, he would be either sitting or standing, never lying down, but with the DoggyRide, when I glance back, he's sitting or lying down, rarely standing. I bought the sold-separately pad for the DoggyRide; I don't think it'd be nearly as comfortable for my dog without this. However, he climbs into each with equal eagerness, so he was never uncomfortable in either. Also, the DoggyRide seems to have a better turning radius that makes it easier to maneuver.

Hitch: the Solvit HoundAbout safety strap broke in two places (clip no longer closed fully and ring it hooks to bent out of shape); the DoggyRide safety strap is constructed in a way to avoid both these breaks (better clip and solid ring -- the HoundAbout II also now has a solid ring). The pin for the main hitch in the DoggyRide is quite springy, so I have to watch my fingers when putting it in, but that makes it feel stronger. The Solvit HoundAbout has a built-in strap to hang on to the hitch pin when taking the trailer off, which was nice; in the DoggyRide it isn't attached to anything once it's out.

Screens/windows: my dog jumps up against the screens when I pass other dogs, and both trailers hold up to this well. The Solvit HoundAbout windbreak (that zips over the front screen to keep out wind on cold days) used velcro to hold it in the rolled-up position, which eventually wore out (it looks like the HoundAbout II now uses a strap); the equivalent piece on the DoggyRide uses elastic loops that seem like they'll be more durable. I've never tried opening in the top window in either, as my dog is too excitable for that to be safe.

Pockets: the Solvit HoundAbout has three small pockets that are shallow; after the velcro wore out I had items bounce out of these pockets when biking in bumpy areas. The DoggyRide Mini has one deep pocket in the back with what seems like higher-quality velcro. I like that I don't have to worry about things falling out and I can better fit bulky items like my climbing-rope leash; the one downside to this is that the back is solid instead of having a screen like the Solvit HoundAbout, so my dog can't see out the back (I particularly miss this when I'm closing it after he's climbed in).

Size: the DoggyRide is smaller; I wouldn't have a dog much bigger than my 10lb dog in it (in terms of length/comfort rather than weight). The Solvit HoundAbout could take a bigger dog, although not too tall of one. I'm glad to have the smallest possible trailer where my dog is comfortable so it can better fit into tight places. The wheels on the DoggyRide have a significantly smaller diameter than the Solvit HoundAbout wheels; I haven't notice this affecting anything.

Leash: the DoggyRide leash comes down from the top in a Y; the Solvit HoundAbout attaches to the side. I haven't come to a strong preference on this.

Accessories: the DoggyRide has an integrated flag (the bottom of the flag sleeve is starting to wear out, but it looks like the bottom bar will still stop the flag from slipping through) that comes with it in addition to the sold-separately rain cover. For the Solvit Houndabout, I purchased my own flag and strapped it in, but it was always a little awkward (in part because my local bike shop only sold the really long ones), and there is no rain cover option, but the pad comes with it instead of being sold separately like the DoggyRide.

Assembly: the DoggyRide instructions where not the most intelligible, but assembly is pretty straightforward for both. The DoggyRide crossbeam is a tight fit, which isn't an issue for me because I don't regularly collapse it; it might be more of a concern if someone's use requires frequent collapse for storage or putting it in a car trunk. The tradeoff here is that the Solvit HoundAbout crossbeam screws sometimes loosened from vibration.

Customer service: Solvit had excellent customer service when I needed a replacement part. I have not yet needed to test this with DoggyRide.
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on August 24, 2012
After leaving the house many times for bike rides and getting sad puppy dog eyes from two adorable little yorkies I decided one day that they should go for a ride with me. I figured it would be good for them and for me at the same time. Well it's been a couple years now with the girls having their trailer and for the most part it's been a good experience though there have been a few lessons learned along the way.

First off it's important to know that you can go too fast with this. And, when you go too fast you are likely to have a sick dog on your hands. After using this trailer behind my road bike and hybrid frame I decided that it is only going to go behind the hybrid frame. I simply go too fast and the ride gets too rough for the girls when I'm cranking away on my light weight road bike. At least one of the girls got sick several times with the road bike.

My little girls weigh in at 5.5 and 6.5 lbs each. They are very small and they can both ride in this trailer together very easily with room to turn around. I haven't tried the trailer with any dog larger than my girls, but I'm guessing you can fit a couple of ten pound dogs in there ok, but anything larger than that and you'll probably want to have only one dog in this trailer.

The bottom of the trailer is not cushioned at all. If you want cushioning you can buy the doggy ride cushion separately or find some other option. I did opt to buy the cushion which fits perfectly in the bottom and I put a couple of doggy fleece blankets in as well so the girls have as cushioned a ride as they can have. There are a couple of anchor points inside the trailer to which you could attach a lead but I found that with both girls in there that they simply got tangled up if I tried to tie them to the anchor points. Personally I think the anchors only really work if you buy the stroller kit and want to let your pup jump in and out of the trailer as you go along. Otherwise simply put your dog inside and zip it up.

I personally have not purchased the stroller kit, but it is out there. The trailer is easily converted from bike trailer to stroller and back. All the mounting points are there on the base unit with either quick releases or pins to hold things in place.

The mesh on the trailer is all a fine metal mesh that can not be easily chewed through or pawed through. This makes this trailer a lot more suitable for dogs to ride in than any kid trailer.

The sides are mostly mesh covered and will not provide any wind or rain protection for your pup. The front has a roll down plastic cover that can help shield your pup from tire spray and wind. The front also has a zipper all the way around it so you can open the front of the trailer for easy access to your pups.

The back of the trailer has a large zippered flap with a pocket in the middle. I tried placing a water bottle in this pocket only to have it bounce out on a ride. I quickly gave up on keeping a water bottle there and instead keep a small water bowl, poop bags, and tuck the girls' leashes in there.

The top of the cart has another zippered panel that will let you gain access to your pet from above for access to their leash. I've found this very helpful for connecting their leashes when I need to let them out. You need to be careful if you have a jumper on your hands though as I have had near escapes when I wasn't paying close enough attention and had the panel open.

If your pup is crate trained and you plan to be traveling you could use this as a travel crate. The wheels both have quick releases on them and the front arm is held on with a pin. Simply remove these and you have a crate.

I've had quite a few people catch up to me on my bike and ask about this trailer when I've had it out and about. And, more than a few "awww's" as people realize the tiny faces in the cart are adorable little puppies.

The trailer will give you an additional workout when you are riding too. It adds at least another thirty pounds when fully loaded with yorkies for me. I find that after a ride or two with the girls along that the next ride without them I'm flying. So it's a good opportunity for you to bring your pups along on a ride and get a bonus workout at the same time.

If you are going at a decent not too fast speed this trailer is very stable. But, if you do like I did and go too fast you also run the risk of having a trailer wipeout. Coming around a curve in the trail at too high a speed this cart did overturn on me and my little girls were shaken up in a sideways trailer. It didn't torque my bike over, but it did give me quite a scare. I quickly righted the trailer, spent a minute comforting and calming down my little girls and was able to get back into the ride. The trailer took a few scratches but held up admirably. And, more importantly it protected the precious cargo inside. They were only shaken.
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on March 16, 2010
We received ours last week and had the chance to try it out for the first time this past weekend. We spent a bit of time acclimating our beagle to it in the house (and he loved it! He slept in it for several hours.). Definitely get the cushion with it - your dog will thank you. I had a bit of trouble connecting the trailer to my bike because I have quick disconnect wheels, but with some creative manipulation, I managed to get it hooked up. Our beagle loved it! He stuck his head out of the top and enjoyed the wind and scenery without complaint.

We love that the wheels come off easily and that it can be collapsed down for easy transport - this will make it perfect to take along with us camping. It can even serve as a travel crate if need be. It is constructed very well and has a very well thought-out design.

If you have a smaller dog and want to include him in your biking activities, definitely give this a serious look. It is the best of the bunch out there.
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on June 6, 2013
Pros: The unit is very well constructed compared to a few others I've used... therein lies the reason for the higher purchase price. There are several zippered access points that are made of quality materials. My biggest concerns were the hardware pieces that take the most abuse... that said, the pneumatic tires, the trailer arm and bike hitch are all very high quality components. Once assembled... connecting the carrier to the bike takes 20 seconds... simple.

Cons: The floor of the unit isn't comfortable if you are riding anywhere that isn't perfectly smooth. The DoggyRide pad is sold separately but for the price paid should be included.

Recommendations: 1) During assembly... when connecting the trailer arm to the carrier... the instructions don't show the right placement for the locking pin. I inserted the trailer arm into the chassis and aligned the holes then pressed the pin through and locked it down with the tensioner arm. There's no way it will disconnect. 2) When installing the bike hitch to the bike... temporarily connect the trailer to the hitch and stand the bike upright before tightening so you can ensure the right angle of the hitch to the mating trailer arm. 3) Buy an extra bike hitch if you have a second bike. It'll save you the trouble of having to remove the hitch and swap it to the other bike. The hitch isn't a bother and doesn't ever need to be removed, it's barely noticeable
when riding without the carrier in tow.
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on March 5, 2010
I ordered this trailer for my small Sheltie to ride in behind my cruiser bicycle. I am very pleased with it. The construction and materials are of top quality and the trailer is very safe. The internal frame locks securely and easily into place so there is no concern of collapse. The design is quite cute, as well. It is also quite easy to fold flat for storage or transport. All of the parts fit together nicely and it is very easy to connect and disconnect to and from the bike. The wheels easily come off so the trailer can double as a crate for when you may be traveling. There are vents on all sides as well as on the top and plastic covers that can be rolled up or down, depending on the weather or other conditions.

If you have an Electra cruiser or another bike with an internal hub gear system, there is a special bracket that you will have to order separately in order to connect the trailer to your bike. When I discovered this, I contacted the company directly, and they added it to my order. They were very pleasant to deal with and highly professional.
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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2013
After doing a ton of research on doggy trailers, i got this one. I'm so glad! This dog trailer is extremely well built, sturdy and gives an ultra smooth ride. I can't even feel any difference when it's on my bike the the dogs are in it, it rolls so smoothly. There is a spring on the part that connects it to the bike so it can move easily, even with sharp turns. Super easy to tow. It holds both my Maltese dogs easily, one is 16 pounds, the other is 6 pounds. (See my photos).
I set it up myself with in about 20 minutes. The only tool you need is a socket wrench or crescent wrench to attach the tow hitch to the bike wheel. Since I live on the second floor of an apartment, I have to carry it down stairs to get outside, but that was not a problem since its pretty light.
One tip about he pneumatic tires. Don't try to measure the air pressure with a gauge, just go by how hard the tire feels when you pump it up. This is because, when I was testing the tire pressure, the amount if air that would come out when I put on the pressure gauge on was enough to let out 10 psi of pressure, so the tire would get soft. I though there was a leak in the tire at first, but after removing the tube and checking, no leak was found. That is when I realized the problem was with testing the air pressure. If you can fill it with one of those pumps that has the built in pressure gauge that would work great. Or just pump up the tire until it feels nice and hard. ( like we used to do in the good old days with out bike tires).
I also highly recommend either buying the foam pad to put in, or put in your own pad or folded blanket or even a little dog bed to add comfort and security for the dogs. It has a clasp inside so you can snap it to your dogs collar or harness to keep him from jumping out, but I ended up taking it off because my dog is not trying to jump out at all. They both love it. I think for the first few rides its a good idea to stope every 15 minutes or so, to let the dog out to potty and have a short break until they are fully acclimated to the experience.

Also, the instructions recommend teaching the dog to enter and exit thought the back, instead of the top, which is a good idea to help prevent the dog from thinking to jump out the top as you ride. There is a zipper flap that closes the top though, so you can always just keep it zipped if you worry about the dog jumping out. The front has a flap you can zip closed too, if it's cold out, or you can roll it up and there is a screen so the dog can have a nice breeze.

I am so extremely happy with this doggy ride mini. I give it a 100%positive review and highly recommend it. You will be so happy if you get one, and so will your dogs! Ok, we're gonna go out for another ride now, see ya later!
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on February 20, 2013
Now I don't have to feel guilty when I go out for a bike ride. You know, those little eyes staring at me pleading to go along and not be left home alone. Now they can share the ride as I can now bring them with me and they can enjoy the ride also. I have two 7-8lb Yorkies and they both fit well inside this Mini Doggie Ride together with room to spare. I also bought the extra pad (DoggyRide Ruffpad Pet Mat for Mini Bike Trailer or Stroller) to cushion the ride for them as sometimes I ride over those markers in the road or uneven pavement by accident and their ride can get a bit bumpy. This cushions the bottom of the trailer for them. The Doggie Ride Mini is so cute and easy to store because of its small size. I get so many smiles when I ride by people in the street walking their dogs. The best part is that my pups can go along with me on my bike rides and I don't have to feel guilty that I am doing something that is good for me as now they go along for the ride too! The trailer is well built and very sturdy. It is so easy to hook on to my bicycle with the two pieces that fit together along with the toggle pin with a safety bar that snaps closed over the pin. A strap is also included that goes around the frame of the bike for added safety measures so if in the event the pin ever came out (I don't see how it could) the trailer is still attached to my bike. It was very easy to assemble by myself. No tools needed girls! Bonus! The trailer can also convert to a stroller if you purchase that seperate stroller handle. The ride is just as smooth with the trailer as without it. I don't even know it is behind me if I don't look back at it. I can see my pups inside if I do look back to check on them. The front panel is mesh and see thru. The mesh is strong and cant be clawed thru although my dogs nevr try to claw out. They just sit there or lay down and enjoy the ride. The sides also are vented with the same mesh so everyone can see out from all sides. The back is solid canvas with a pocket for things like leashes and it aslo has a water bottle mesh pocket. The front has a fold down clear vinyl window if it rains or you can purchse a seperate rain cover for the entire trailer. I think I would just stay home if it looked like rain! There are two reflectors that go on each side of the rear of the trailer but I also clip on a bicycle strobe light to the back pocket as I want to be seen as my babies safety is the most important thing for me. This is my second Doggie Ride trailer. I had the larger one before they came out with the mini. It was great but it was seriously large for two small Yorkies. I am so happy Doggie Ride came out with the smaller version. It is pleanty large for smaller dogs or two small dogs. I am happy with the product and my dogs are even happier and now when I say "lets go for a bike ride" and they both jump into the front zipper opening. I zip it closed and off we all go. There is also a top opening that zips shut that you can place or remove your pup thru.
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on September 3, 2012
Our two papillions LOVE going on rides with us now. We used to have to leave them at home and they were sad. Now, they jump in their DoggyRide without us even having to ask once they see us putting our helmets on. We started them out slowly, just an hour or so with a few stops for a run in a park or a few licks of an ice cream. They now associate wonderful things with the DoggyRide. We have them up to 14 miles in just a few weeks. We purchased the pad that is advertised. We also put a dog bed inside for them. They are usually sitting and watching the world go by, but sometimes they just lay down and go to sleep. We've had no buyer's remorse. The trailer is light and well made. See attached photos of Louie and Mimi.
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