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I did not use it for a camera. I wrapped 2 glass dildos, each about 8" long... Laid one down and folded the bottom corner up over it and laid the other right alongside the first one so they were separated by a layer. Then rolled both pieces up and then folded the side corners in exactly as it looks in the pictures, kinda like an envelope. Then rolled it up the rest of the way so the velcro closed it and made a tight and secure package. I think you definitely need the largest one if you intend to wrap the camera with the lens attached... If it is too big(I don't think it is) the extra material will just be extra padding...
Jun 10, 2013 by Al
Aloha Jill, Gaurantee you can use a smaller size but what I found is that, if you buy the bigger size it'll allow you to use it for other things or double wrap your 18-200. I use my 19" to wrap everything from fish eye lenses to my surf housing, or 10" over under port. I will most likely only buy the 19"... I have five of them and love them! 😊
Nov 15, 2014 by M. Santos
Not fleece. According to Tiffen web site, "smooth, no-scratch nylon on one side, colorful Velcro knit on the other with a resilient foam layer in between." This are excellent protectors for lenses and I can even wrap my Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the 12-40mm lens attached in one of the 19" ones!
15 days ago by Bill Booz
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