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on January 12, 2006
I have read the 5 reviews on this installment of the almost-classic SNES game, "Dixie Kong's Double Trouble," and the reviews are kind of discouraging. That's why I want to vindicate the reason this game came with its flaws.

The Game Boy Advance has almost miraculously resurrected Super Nintendo games like Final Fantasy and Super Mario. The ubiquitous flaw with the transfer is the audio, and the usual tweaks in the storyline. Well, I for one would appreciate the fact that new features are added...they somewhat endeavor to make up for the loss in audio capabilities and graphics. One can only do so much on the GBA. I read the review of this game on gamespot, and that's what I'll base this review on.

The music was no rehashed from the SNES to the GBA because the latter has very limited space for the soundtracks. While some tracks from the previous game, including the Frosty Frolics and the Hot Pursuit tracks (remember the song in the race levels? that tune was fantastic). And unfortunately many of the tracks are replayed on too many occasions, whereas the original SNES had a track for everything it seemed. But some of the songs are a lot better on occasion, and I personally enjoyed the background of the songs where birds tweet and the breeze blows (it is so convincingly realistic, especially in the Enchanted River levels, where two tracks are listenable--that's pretty cool, no?) Now that I tired the music factor out, I'll list the pros and cons of this version of the game.


Pacifica is a nice addition to the game, although most would think it's just made to make you busy looking for bonus barrels and DK Coins. Highlights are the pier level (which is at night), the sunken tree level, and the water level.

Funky's bonus games are actually a bit of a challenge, especially if you have thick fingers like me, and have to shoot down 10 Kremlings before you reach the limit line and possible destruction in a crash. The tune for these bonus games is a fun one. The first bonus level was, in my opinion, the hardest.

The replacement of the tracks is not all for the worse. The Stilt Village tune is much better now, and is not at all "toddler-like." The Water World track is one I look forward since it's a rehashed version of "Aquatic Ambiance" (DKC). Waterfall levels are fun to play and have a great melody to accompany the fast-paced action of the Tracker and Rocket Barrels.

The difficulty of the levels is considerably higher now because of the GBA's limitations (or are they perhaps intentional?) and some of Dixie and Kiddy's quirks. While the SNES version may have been passed without ever losing a life, the GBA version is not as merciful. You know what I mean when you play the Lost World.


What ever happened to the original Swanky's Sideshow? I loved knocking down each and every Croc target just so Cranky would chase me out of the tent and get a few goodies. I don't particularly like the tunnel bonus because it's easy once you get the hang of it.

Boss tracks suck, with the exception of Arich's and the new boss. Speaking of bosses, note how difficult it is to fight Squirt now, although the GBA version makes it possible to get sprayed with water without falling off the stage (nifty if you ask me). I loathe the fact the the Brothers Bear and the Banana Queen stages have the most annoying song in the entire game. The Mama Bird tune was catchy, and they never should have removed it, or the Rockface Rumble (the cliff) song, because a lot of us don't like country music.

Overall, however, this game is more than worth getting, because the SNES is vulnerable and fragile and whatnot, and GBA is quite handy and reliable. To those who have it, treasure it. To those who wish to purchase it but have doubt, don't worry--I had doubts too. But you won't be disappointed in the long run. Just kick the Snowman boss's butt and revel in the snowfight, which I did.
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on January 8, 2015
I really liked this one, however, I think that the second one in the series is the best one. Collecting everything in this one was easier than Donkey Kong Country 2, but there was more to this one when it came to all of the well hidden secrets in this one. Most of the boss battles were pretty easy but there were more worlds and secrets in this one.
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on April 15, 2013
While it isn't quite up there with its two predecessors, Donkey Kong Country 3 is one of the best games ever, and it's also all sorts of difficult. Just like the first two, there will be moments where you just want to give up, but there will always be something pushing you forward, telling you that you can do it and you just have to try harder. It's not easy, but boy oh boy is it fun!
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on October 31, 2015
It was delivered on time and in great condition but it lacks the some of the vigor that Donkey Kong Country 1 and Donkey Kong Country 2 has but is still a good addition to my library. Now my Donkey Kong Country collection is complete.
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on October 9, 2015
This game is a blast. No need to spend time making endless comparisons to the SNES versions or any of the DKC games for that matter. I bought DKC 2 and DKC3 for GBA and loved both of them. If you didn't grow up playing any of the series you must pick them up, they're great! If you already own the SNES versions then you're not really missing out on anything new. The cheaper price tag is also a huge perk of the GBA versions.
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on December 27, 2005
First of all, I'd like to say that overall, the SNES version of this game is what I'd recommend; while it was a pretty good decision to make DKC3 available for the GBA. it still does not live up to its SNES twin's expectations.

First of all, the plot is the same as SNES: DK and Diddy were kidnapped by K.Rool and it's your job to save them. So I won't go into the story. The controls, music, and sound are what really bother me.

The controls: well, I played this game on the DS. Its controls on the DS are maddening; when I expect to run, I jump. When I try to use Dixie's hair whip, I jump instead. Although DS' control layout is different from the GBA's, it is not the system at fault; it's the game. After all, on the back of the game box, it says only for DS and GBA; you'd think that Rareware would try to make the controls suit both systems. But instead, it takes around ten minutes to beat each level as you are struggling with the silly control layout.

The music. YIKES. Try the winter level on the first world; what the heck, are there drunk monks singing in the background? On the SNES version, the music was great; it played along with the level's surroundings and whatnot. in this game, it is as if the music is meant for 3-year-olds. It is too happy. Even on the gloomiest of levels, music remains happy and friendly. The overworld music is the only piece I remotely enjoy listening to.

The sound effects are really annoying. Those kremlings that hop on their tails...those sound effects make me want to mute the game. The sliding kremlings on the winter levels...thew sound is so out of place. All the sound effects are so lame and goofy, again--is this game meant for toddlers or what?

Overall, the game was an okay transfer from one system to another--but I would recommend the SNES version over the GBA one anyday.
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on February 26, 2009
I just love the game. It takes me back to my childhood years playin it on Super Nentendo. But even though the game is great to play. There is deffinatly something wrong with that particular cartridge. It wont let me advance to other levels and just takes me back to the beginning where I have to start all over again. So I am very unsatisfied about getting a deffective cartridge.
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on October 28, 2013
First let me start off by saying this was a HUGE dissapointment. I've played the SNES version since it came out and the visuals, sound, controls, gameplay were top notch. Well, don't expect to find that here. Cranky's Dojo?!?! What the hell was Rare thinking? the controls suck, the sound is from DKC 1, and it feels nothing like the SNES version. While it was decent overall, I would not reccamend picking this up if you already own the SNES DKC3. VERY dissapointed =(
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on February 19, 2007
...The Super NES Version is better.

Gameplay 2/5-/- It's a little more complicated. not much more to say

Music 3/5-/- They took out the original stuff [that got a 2 disc soundtrack] and put new stuff in. It's okay and all but, the other stuff is better.

Graphics 3/50-/- We all know that Gameboy graphics aren't as good as the SNES, but they did they're best.

Overall 3/5-/- eh, I don't like it that much.
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on September 20, 2008
I liked this game boy game, but not nearly as much as DKC or DKC2. The game was fun but towards the end, it is almost impossible to win because you have to get EVERY SINGLE COIN to get to the last world. There is no plot, and it is really confusing to get to some of the levels. You definately have to know what you are doing to get to them..... (if you are lucky). It took me a VERY LONG time to figure it all out. It was definately a let-down compared to DKC and DKC2. I wish they would have made it better.
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