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on September 27, 2011
One of my twins was refusing to sit on the potty, yet preschool was starting soon and we were looking for some suggestions on getting her potty trained. The pediatrician had said that she was capable of using the potty now that she was over 3, but that it was a matter of motivating her to do so. I was so glad to have found this book! We had read several potty books to the kids over the past few months, but this one was different. It specifically deals with kids who don't want to use the toilet. I read my kids the "Going Peepee" story first and they asked me to read it over and over. There were a couple of messages in the story that really made an impact on my potty-resistant child: 1)EVERYONE has to go pee many times each day 2)learning new things can be hard, but we still do them, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and learning to pee. The accompanying illustrations for these pages really got my kids' attention and they wanted to look at the story on their own for long periods of time and talk about what they saw. The guidelines for parents at the back of the book were also helpful. We didn't do a surprise potty box, but did buy a special fairy doll that could only be played with while sitting on the potty. We had been trying to potty train for a few weeks and had lots of accidents, and one child refusing to sit on the potty. After two days with this book, she finally sat! She potty trained within 3 days, and seven weeks later is still doing great. The second story for kids, "Going Poop", grabbed my kids' attention too, especially the diagram of how liquids and foods pass through the body. We read this one aloud to the kids several days after the pee story. Both stories provide a lot of information in an easily accessible narrative for kids. This book is based on the author's many years of experience working with young children and their parents. I highly recommend it for anyone with a child who is resisting potty training!
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on June 4, 2012
I bought this book when my son refused to poop in the potty and would only go in a pull-up because for some reason he was scared to death of pooping sitting on the potty and if we didn't let him go poop in a pull-up he would hold it for days. The book was great for my son, I think he liked knowing that other kids had problems with pooping too. The book was helpful in explaining to my son why it is not good to hold in poop. I think it was encouraging to my son that the little boy kept trying even though it was really hard at first and then finally got it after lots of practice (which was helpful to get my son to practice too).

This Book was also very helpful to me as a parent. It gave me some do's and don'ts and also help explain why kids might have certain issues. The book helped me figure out that my son hadn't learned to poop sitting down and after I figured that out, getting him poop trained was much easier, although it still took time and many small steps to get there. I didn't have issues with my son peeing in the potty, but I would would recommend this book simply on the pooping story and the parent information alone.
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on August 15, 2014
I gave this four stars for one thing. There is a very simple picture of what body organs are used when your drink something and when you eat something. That alone is worth buying the book for. My three year old loves those pictures so much I taped them on the wall in front of the toilet. She tells me, "When I drink something, it goes to my tummy, then to my kidneys to my bladder and then I let it out. When I eat an apple it goes to my tummy, then my intestines squish up and the left overs come out as poop" The book is also informative on some difficult potty trainers for the parent, another reason why I bought it. My daughter is scared to poop in the potty and this has some creative solutions and warns about constipation for those that like to withhold their poop. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was the verbage of the stories for the poop one. I find it dorky and it did not appeal to my daughter either. "you pesky poop, you come out". yeah, Im sure the problem is not about commanding something. I even tried to change it up, but it just doesn't fit the picture. Still worth buying, especially before you start potty training.
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on March 12, 2012
This book was very helpful for my 4 year old grandson who had developed a fear of going "poo" on the potty. It helped for him to know that another little boy was afraid too but conquered his fear. The example of learning to ride a bike and other activities by practicing every day was especially good because this problem is not solved with a one-time occurrence but requires daily "practice". Thank you for offering this assistance to a scared little boy.
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on January 14, 2012
My son was having problems potty training with poos. My pediatrician recommended this book to help him along. The book seems excellent. It is divided into 2 sections, one dedicated to wees and one to poos. I read the poo section to my son, and he listened, but then he wanted to read the other story about the wees. I tried to distract him, but he was having none of it. I eventually gave in and read it to him..boy was I sorry. Within the next few days he started wetting himself again. It didn't occur to me straight away that reading the wee section in this book had given him the idea, until he directly said to me that it was ok for the little girl in the book to have accidents, so he had them too!
Just a word of warning to anyone out there training their kids just for poos, don't read the wees section to your kids..or if you do, just explain to them that they don't need to have accidents now.

I was disappointed, as I'd such high hopes for this book. In saying that, the literature in the book for the parent to read is very informative.
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on October 28, 2015
This is probably the best item I have ever purchased in my entire life. Out of nowhere, my 4 year old daughter started holding in her poop and was refusing to go, becoming hysterical over the subject. I remembered reading about encopresis quite a while ago and looked it up again. She was fearful of hurting and blood and no matter what I did, nothing helped. So I went straight to Amazon to find helpful books and this one popped up. I upgraded delivery to next day and we read this book as soon as it arrived. She instantly connected with the little boy in the story and we read it together twice in a row. She wanted to be just like him and decided she "would try to let the poop out" and she did. Ever since reading this book with her (and I left it with her at nap time and throughout the day) we haven't had any issues with her holding in her poop. She reminds me she wants to be just like Ryan and beams with pride when I praise her after she goes poop. I highly, highly recommend this book as well as the "Where's the Poop?" lift-the-flap book. It's been months since the issue first arose and I'm happy to have found this book, it's priceless to me.
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on March 24, 2015
I have never written a customer review on Amazon before...
But this time I had to. My 3 year old son was withholding his stool for 9 months. It was horrendous. He was put on a high dose of Miralax, saw an occupational therapist and a GI but nothing at all helped. We went through 9 months of him each night screaming for up to 3 hours while trying to hold it in. It was so awful and typically ended with all of us in tears because we couldn't stand to see him so uncomfortable. No matter what we tried or how much we explained to him that it was safe to go and important to poop, nothing worked. We didn't even attempt potty training (he's still in diapers) because all we wanted was for him to poop without fear, stress, and tears. (We will tackle potty training later.) In a last ditch effort, I bought two books. This book and "Softy the Poop". Over a four day period, I read them both to him dozens of times, and reiterated much of the language that the authors used over and over again when I spoke to him about pooping. Miraculously and suddenly, after 4 days, my 3 year old began pooping without pain, withholding, or tears. He initially would say "I'm a little scared but I know it's good to go." And now he doesn't even say that. If anything, he is so proud of himself after pooping! The last two weeks have been an absolute miracle in our house. When he has to go, he just tells us, asks for a hand to hold, and poops. The doctors/therapists were all shocked that books fixed a problem that they could not, but I'm eternally grateful to this book and the author.
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on February 8, 2016
I have a preschooler who regressed when I got pregnant with our second child from being fully potty trained to not at all. To make matters worse, she got constipated when sick and then became afraid to poop at all (even when it was soft from Mirolax) so she started withholding. I thought we'd never get her out of diapers. She liked this book a lot. It made her want to try again, though she still struggled. Even though it didn't totally reach past her emotions on this, I think it would help a lot of kids who are struggling to make themselves go on the potty.
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on November 27, 2012
This book worked well to explain to my daughter why people need to use the toilet and helped ease her fear and resistance to going number 2 in the potty. She seemed to understand and relate to the children in each story, and she found the illustration of food going into the body, being used, and coming back out again as waste very interesting. The language used in the stories was very age appropriate, and again the illustrations were interesting for a toddler to view.

The book was a great tool to have and had a noticeable positive effect on easing fear and uncertainty relating to potty training. I highly recommend it.
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on March 24, 2015
This book is one of the best I've ever Amazon purchases I've made and I am so thankful to all the other reviewers for recommending this one. It is such a gentle, easy, smart approach. My 3 year old had started to use the potty around 2 but then went to exclusivly pullups and refused to even sit on a little potty. After browsing amazon for some help last month and investing in a ton of panties I ordered this book and the potty stools that help to poop on the toilet. (After you buy this book stop what you're doing and order the "poop stool!") Best money ever spent hands down. After reading the book together multiple times the first day and introducing the stool she decided she would be wearing her big girl panties and was very proud of herself for learning how her body works. I believe that is a big part of her finding comfort and relating to the stories. She now understands her bodies signals thanks to this and has been pooping and peeing at home and when out ever since. When she feels uneasy we read the book again. Only a few weeks in and she is mostly dry at night as well. I bought a second book for my nephew and will update once I hear how he has taken to it. Trash your other potty books, seriously. The section in the back for parents and caregivers, share it with friends. Print out the tips and send it to your little ones preschool or daycare. The confidence this gives toddlers and parents to get through potty training is 5 stars alone.
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