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on February 21, 2016
!!!WARNING!!! You will need a steam account. You really need to review the recent history of Steam before you purchase this. They have had a lot of problem with hackers and they have publicly stated that they cannot guarantee the security of your personal information. That being said, on to the review. I guess I am a 40 something reliving my youth... Extensive gaming time has been on the docket for a few years now. In any case, It took a little figuring on how to get this to work. You will need a Steam account and need to download their app/program (or whatever they are calling them these days). It wasn't exactly an intuitive installation. Funny how great you remember some of these old games (Doom 1 & 2). Then you play them again and realize just how corny they really were. Well, compared to their modern descendants anyway. Doom 3 is still a really good game though. This will provide hours of mindless killing for your enjoyment!. Took me about 24 hours total playing time to beat the game on mid level difficulty. This worked on a low end machine without any special graphics accelerator. If you are aware of and accept the security risk, this is a great purchase..
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on February 27, 2013
I had bought this game originally when it came out (back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) and for the life of me could not get it to load and run on my newer Window 7 Dell. Frustrated and ready to just give up the idea I'd ever be able to play this game again, out comes the new PC-DVD addition. The price was more then fair (especially in comparison to box stores prices. 60 bucks at Best Buy for the same darn game! 55 at Target and Walmart!) I had it in my hot little hand in under 48 hours (oh how I love my Prime membership) and had it loaded (to Steam, immediate upload) within moments.

The play is still as spectacular as ever. The lines, shadows, sounds, graphics are sharper than ever. They really retooled this game well for today's machines. If you've never played Doom 3.... you gotta try it. It's keep you on the edge of your seat, scare the holy flying frogs right out of you, first person kill it kill it kinda game.

....oh...and just make sure you play it in the dark...with the sound cranked'll never view gaming the same again! I promise!

Pamela J. Olson
Citrus Heights, Ca.
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on January 9, 2013
As it happens, I bought this game a few days after release. I hadn't realized this at the time. I saw a special edition of Doom 3 and bought it as my original version was long lost.

I was in grad-school when I bought it so it sat on my shelf for a few months. A couple days ago, I opened and installed it. I'm extremely pleased with it.

It's great fun! I can't account for how many new additions have been made to this BFG edition. I understand just an expansion pack and some graphics updates. Frankly, I didn't buy it for any additions -- I just wanted Doom 3 again.

It was an absolute pleasant surprise that this BFG edition came with Doom and Doom 2 with expansion packs. I wasn't expecting that. Controls can't be adjusted but it's a great stroll down memory lane.

This game is running extremely smoothly on my computer (a laptop). I'm confidant it would run well on most modern set ups.

Performance Side-note
Regardless of how smoothly it is running for you, I suggest that you get the free edition of FRAPS [...] and tweak things to get high frame rates. Out of the box, my computer was running it at 60 consistent. This is considered optimal in the industry. I tweaked things to get more but this was unnecessary. My overall point is that you'll enjoy the game more if you verify your frame-rate performance (but adjustment is probably not required unless your computer is older.)

I can't quite recall what the original version looked like; I suspect this has been greatly enhanced or -- perhaps my hardware is significantly better. I've compared with some YouTube clips of Original vs BFG and that seems to confirm my suspicion. Regardless, for a 7 or 8 year old game, this looks great. And because it's old, it runs so smoothly. No issues like some newer games.

This game and franchise is a classic and for good reason. Doom (along with Quake) basically defined the first person shooter genre for a great many. If you are buying this looking for something new, please don't -- it's not intended to be "new". It's intended to be a visually optimized special edition of a classic game. I feel it delivers.
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on October 24, 2012
I played Doom 1, 2, and 3 when they first came out years ago. This game is awesome but don't expect mind-blowing graphics like some reviewers are expecting. I don't have any graphics of the old game to compare this new edition to but it seems they are no worse and no better. They are quite adequate though and this game is a blast to play! Yes, you do have to connect to the internet initially, using Steam, but once you have installed you CAN play offline. I do it every day. Some reviewers rated the game low because they did not want to connect to Steam online. I repeat, you DO NOT have to connect to Steam once the installation is complete. There are settings on your Steam account that you can select to play offline.
That said, this game is a BLAST. New levels are added and the sound is enhanced for Doom 3. You no longer have to hold the flashlight in place of the gun. That alone makes Doom 3 better.
DOOM 4 will be out hopefully soon after the first of the year and this game enhances the waiting period.
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on March 11, 2013
This is one of those games that you end up needing to utilize the Steam software to run (my Call of Duty was the same way). only with this game I kept gettting error messages and interrupts just as the game began to initiate. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and tried using the Steam "tech support" (worthless) and finally contacted Bethesda tech support directly and they had me do a couple of things and then gave me exact instructions on how to get the game to run and Voila! It runs flawlessly. All of the versions and the extra game levels as well.
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on August 4, 2014
I had originally downloaded a free version of DOOM from CNET, and I also had to use DOSBOX for it to work.
The thing is, the graphics weren't too good.
On this version, the graphics are much better.
I've played DOOM and DOOM 2 from this Steam version, but DOOM 3 seems too slow to start up, and
it's difficult to determine where to walk in the game.
I just want to start the game and start shooting monsters, not go through 20 steps in order to play.
I don't know if there are any shortcuts to have DOOM 3 start up faster or not.
If not, then I think DOOM 3 is pretty worthless.
Get this if you want better graphics for DOOM and you also want to play DOOM 2.
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on February 26, 2016
Using this on my hp beats touch screen lap top windows 8, I refuse windows 10 because the 1 time I did install 10 it neglected to give me my firewall. This works great on windows 8. My mini techie me says bethesda bought the rights to DOOM. I don't know but I've always loved the movie and the games
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on January 25, 2014
Ah, DOOM! This franchise brings back so many memories.

This BFG Edition comes with the original DOOM and DOOM II. I hear a lot of people say that's it's better to get the original DOOM 3 because it's more mod friendly, and get the Doom Classic Complete because it comes with Final DOOM and Master Levels of DOOM II.

Well I already own DOOM 3. I believe it was the first game i got back in the day when I built my first rig and dove into PC gaming. I remember that awesome feeling. The graphics were just beautiful. There was all this talk about how you needed a $3,000- $4,000 PC to run the game on Ultra I was so giddy with my new PC being able to run DOOM 3 in at least High settings. I never got the expansions, so this edition takes care of that. I am looking forward to finally playing them. The biggest difference from the original DOOM 3 and this re-release is the fact that the flashlight is gone. The flashlight added a tad to the game, you chose to light up the room and be vulnerable or walk in the dark but properly equipped. After a while the whole thing was just annoying and you just wanted to ductape the damn flashlight to your shotgun. In DOOM 3 BFG, the flashlight is now integrated into your armor. So far, i really don't miss the flashlight.

Right now I've mostly played the Original DOOM. I love that game. I never played it on PC, I owned it on the SEGA 32x. At the time I really had no idea how watered down the 32x version was. I almost don't recognize the stages because they are not as dull as they were on the 32x. It had been like a decade since i played the original DOOM and for the most part, i still remember a lot of the stages and secret areas. I'm having a blast reliving this game. I got this whole game for $5 on Amazon. I already feel like i got my money's worth.

I never played DOOM II, so i am definitely looking forward to that.

For $5 I think this was a great pickup for me. I can live with not having the complete edition of the classic DOOM games, and as far as DOOM 3, i never really used mods with it. Maybe I'll get the classic complete on the side later. Only thing that puts me off a bit is that i hear that DOOM Classic Complete runs on DOS Box. The games that are included on this version, don't run off DOS Box.

The only real con about this game (Maybe others aren't having this issue) is the fact that i cannot minimize the game. The game acts like it's minimized, your windows taskbar comes up on the bottom, but the game is on top of your desktop, so you can't pull anything up, the game is always on top.
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on May 16, 2014
love the doom series and this is an excellent nostalgic feel from playing the original port from 2004.
the only thing I did not like about this is the fact that the ultra video settings (graphics settings) have been removed so you can not run this game any better then in High settings (without modding) so it falls a little short compared to the original 2004 release , which gives you a feeling of playing it on xbox360 or playstation3 (which I own). that being said if you can get the original 2004 versions on PC then do it otherwise just get it on console (x360 or ps3) I believe this was rereleased mainly to cater to that audience.
I am a sucker for getting retail (physical disk) copy's of games so I picked this up for fairly cheap (on sale) So no major complaints on my end.(otherwise just wait for the steam sale's)

Pro - it includes the original Ultimate Doom & Doom 2.

Con-Ultra graphics settings removed from original 2004 release
- if you can live without getting the retail copy then wait for the digital sales such as steam sales (winter, summer, midweek, daily). ,or

this does require Steam
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on December 26, 2013
Major functionality in DOOM/DOOM II is disabled. Cannot even expand to full screen. This may be due to the Steam environment--dunno. Anyway, it stinks. I have a big monitor and a great video card, both of which are wasted here. DOOM III is fine, although different than the original in small ways that I found more annoying than worthwhile. I was looking forward to playing old school DOOM, but the disabled features completely ruined it for me. You cannot even modify the keyboard controls!! I am right handed, and the right control is how I fire. Period. Unfortunately, this is completely impossible here. Useless. Save your money if you are looking for an authentic old school DOOM gaming experience, as I was. The only reason this got 2 stars from me was that it was only $5.
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