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on October 29, 2012
I will start this review off with the positive. The Doom 3: BFG Edition's new "Lost Missions" episode is fantastic. These few new levels prove that id Software has the potential to make a thrilling and mind bending Doom 4. The plot is simple... you show up and everyone's dead, so you grab a gun and start killing your way to a scientist. The scientist tells you everything's jacked up and sends you to hell to turn off the teleporter. This is honestly the deepest plot a Doom game should have. Really. Because now I'm going to tell about the 2 things that made this new episode a hit.

Front and center is level design. Lost Missions wastes no time with long corridors of build up only to fight off 2 zombies with your pistol in the dark. Instead, by the second room, you have a machine gun. The next room? The Shotgun. I'd average that in most large rooms you fight an average of 4 or more monsters. And they're tough. Fortunately, plenty of ammo is given, leaving you with less ammo management to do and more twitchy reflexes to control. There are moments where you know you're building to something else, waiting for a scare. You see a dark corner, walk in. Grab the armor. Turn around and BAM! There's an imp ready to rip your face off. Doom 3 always did this well. Trouble is, that was its crown jewel, rather than an accessory. Lost Missions takes the best of Doom 3 and makes you feel like you're playing Doom II in the 90s.

The next great triumph of Lost Missions is the visual design. Levels are bloody. The Mars levels are familiar in their design. In one part, you have to walk outside and open another door. Solid design makes this scene look great even with the decade old graphics. I was also particularly fond of the Hell levels. They were just plain cool. I kept having moments of nostalgia that reminded me of Doom II. Dark corridors that lead to rooms with hidden doors that open up to reveal 2 Mancubuses flinging rockets at you. Cacodemons get unleashed from a hidden room above you as you come within proximity. All good things.

I played the Playstation 3 version of Doom 3: BFG Edition. The graphics looked like they could've used some anti aliasing. Other than that, the graphics were sharp and the frame rate solid. The original Doom 3 has been tweaked to be less dark and a bit more ammo is handed out. This makes the game a more enjoyable experience without diminishing its creepyness. Also, the flashlight on the armor makes the game a little less frustrating since you can see where you're going easier now. Fortunately, there is a time limit to how long you can keep the light on. Now onto the Doom I & II ports. This part here I think is especially PS3 specific because according to Tim Willits, they actually remade those 2 games in whole for the PS3. They're actually built on the same engine as Rage, the id Tech 5 engine. I also don't understand why they made the music so damn quiet. Doom's music is iconic and should've been louder. Overall, they're fine ports but certain things have been changed, which to me as a purist, I find frustrating. The changes are mostly arbitrary and do not effect gameplay. Some of the changes are also improvements. The nerds over at the Doom Wikia have compiled a list of changes...

Includes the recently released Doom 2 expansion "No Rest for The Living"
Runs at 1080p resolution on consoles
Improved and smoother animations at 120hz
Improved weapon sound quality and MIDI music quality
Removal of the International Red Cross symbol on medpacks and berserker packs
Removal of all Nazi references, including the Swastika, Hitler's portrait, furniture and textures
Map `Wolfenstein' (map31) and map "Grosse" (map32) have been renamed to "IDKFA" and "Keen"
Changed unit ID's in maps 31 and 32
Changed textures in map 31
Changed music in maps 31 and 32
iddqd no longer works nor do any of the idbehold# cheats. However, idkfa DOES work.

In closing, this collection is worth getting for people who don't own Doom and want a console introduction. It's also worth getting for Doom fans who want to play a thrilling new Doom episode. Basically, the enjoyment of playing Lost Missions made this good to me. I already played all the other games it included, but its nice to have them all in one package.

You can get id Sofware's Doom 3 BFG Edition for Windows PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
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on October 20, 2012
So I picked up DOOM 3 BFG edition for PC and for Xbox 360. The PC version is great, some new improvements to the game and updated graphics options (not quite 'sikkmod' style for vanilla doom 3, but has a few new ting to tinker with plus updated menu options and configurations). The Lost Mission is a great map pack, btw. The addition of 3D stereoscopic support and VR headset are a huge plus... I don't have the Virutal Reality headset as it isn't out just yet, but the 3D stereo output is probably the best 3D mode for any game I've seen... There are a few good games for 3D out there, but DOOM 3 BFG Edition's 3D mode tops them all. The only options I wish they add are a menu option for FOV (it can still be changed via ingame console or config file) and eventually Co-op (something the console version has, but they decided to not add to the PC BFG edition release). Course there's alway LMS coop mod... whenever they update it for the enhanced BFG edition, that is, but it would still be nice to see an official coop from id/bethesda for the PC version.

On a side note... I picked up the 360 version just to see the improvements over the original Xbox release. If you remember, Doom 3 was released on Xbox just right before the Xbox 360 came out... so it had to be heavily watered down for graphics and maps to meet performance requirements for the original Xbox. Sadly, while it still made for a great experience, visually and gameplay wise, it was lacking quite a bit in comparison to its PC counterpart.
That's most certainly not the case. Not only has the engine had some nice touches and updates and it's running purely on the PC engine for the Xbox 360 now... but it looks great!. The console version of DOOM 3 BFG Edition is definetely side by side with the BFG edition enhanced PC version now. Especially character models and textures, as well as level/wall textures. It looks every bit as a modern game as any current game out for the 360. And it feels just as fresh. It also supports 3D mode. Both versions include:

DOOM 3, and its huge expansion pack "Resurrection of Evil" along with a new expansion pack called "The Lost Missions". All of them support 3D and run on the enhanced id tech engine, multiplayer is available. 3D mode is supported. Features like a gun-attached flashlight, improved audio, lighting, some new graphics features and enhancements (not exactly sikkmod, but still nice touches and additions) for both versions (and much needed and improved config/graphics management for PC version), even updated FX (shotgun now sounds nastier, etc) and it includes DOOM 1 and DOOM 2 as vanilla as I've seen them other than owning the original PC copies.

Pick it up! you'll like it. May I say playing Doom 3 on my 56" LG Cinema display LED 3DTV is fricking AMAZINGLY TERRIFYING! And on my 30" HP ZR30w 2560x1600 pc monitor, it looks every bit as nice as it should, and holds up pretty well for a PC game. Definetely one nice 20th anniversary release to get anyone ready for Doom 4.

9/10 for a great bundle and new additions.. but the lack of co-op on PC and some other very minor changes kept it from a perfect 10/10 (Keep in mind, the PC version originally did not have Co-op either). Though if your picking up the PC version, beware that mods and modding are not going to work as of current, so if you need mod support, should stick to buying the original Doom 3 or Doom 1/2 for PC.. but for anyone but the mod enthusiasts, this release is a great deal.
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on November 25, 2012
With Doom 3 BFG Edition you get these improvements:
16:9 HUD for Doom 3
Improved sound quality for Doom 3

Here is the cons with BFG:
No dynamic lighting
No Parallax mapping
No option for original flashlight style
A nonsensical version of the flashlight that would even make people who liked the duct tape mod upset
Enemies often lack reactions to bullet fire so the guns feel off
TONS of glitches that were not in the original especially with the Doom 3 expansion RoE
locked console that is considered "cheating" to use
A worse multiplayer experience for Doom 3
Lost Missions is almost all recycled content (reused maps and all for the most part)
No multiplayer for DOOM 1 or 2 on PC
Doom 1 and 2 have sound issues
Secret levels in Doom 2 are censored for all regions
An overall brightness increase that kills not only the need for the flashlight but the atmosphere for the levels.
Doom 1 and 2s WADS cannot be used outside of BFG Edition for source ports or mods.
No Mod Support
No ability to switch controls on Doom 1 and 2

I may be forgetting some things but the main purpose is to say that I not only had no real fun with this "remastered" collection, but see no point in getting it above the originals.
Going back to playing the original Doom 3 and playing original Doom 1 and 2 is a far better and cheaper experience.
Carmack said he would update BFG, but its been a while since release without even one.
I consider ID at this point Doomed, and dread the thought of the upcoming Doom 4.
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on February 21, 2016
!!!WARNING!!! You will need a steam account. You really need to review the recent history of Steam before you purchase this. They have had a lot of problem with hackers and they have publicly stated that they cannot guarantee the security of your personal information. That being said, on to the review. I guess I am a 40 something reliving my youth... Extensive gaming time has been on the docket for a few years now. In any case, It took a little figuring on how to get this to work. You will need a Steam account and need to download their app/program (or whatever they are calling them these days). It wasn't exactly an intuitive installation. Funny how great you remember some of these old games (Doom 1 & 2). Then you play them again and realize just how corny they really were. Well, compared to their modern descendants anyway. Doom 3 is still a really good game though. This will provide hours of mindless killing for your enjoyment!. Took me about 24 hours total playing time to beat the game on mid level difficulty. This worked on a low end machine without any special graphics accelerator. If you are aware of and accept the security risk, this is a great purchase..
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on December 12, 2013
I'm someone who defends Doom 3 still today. It's not a perfect game, and it's not exactly like the original two, but it's a solid horror shooter with great style, mood and combat. Unfortunately the "BFG Edition" is a step back in most ways, worse than the original game on PC.

First off the lighting changes are for the worse. Everything is brighter, but Doom 3 is meant to be dark. The textures look worse under harsh lighting and the mood of each level is thrown off considerably. Even on a gameplay level this matters, since many ammo clips and armor packs were previously hidden in darkness, but now stand right out. The flashlight, long a thing people have complained about needing to switch to, can now be on permanently, but this ruins a lot of the level design and mood of the game. To be blunt: this game and these levels were not meant to be seen under bright lights, and the gameplay is thrown off by the changes as well as the visuals.

Other changes annoy. Quicksaves now pause the action and pop up a menu prompt, which throws off the pace and takes you out of the game. The in game touch screens seem less fluid for some reason, and the PDA is now designed more for a gamepad than a mouse. On top of this the game takes a lot more HDD space, a lot more GPU power and has less ability for tweaking, which will annoy if you want to play it on an older machine or laptop.

The only reason to get this on PC is for the "lost levels," eight additional levels exclusive to this release. The problem here is that Doom 3 and its original expansion are already so long and packed with content you don't really need any more, and these added levels look identical to the main game and play worse, since they aren't as well designed. Just not worth the effort, let alone the money.

I knew the BFG edition wasn't perfect, but I didn't expect it to be worse than playing the original. That makes it worse than a pointless release, it makes it a damaging release.
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on November 3, 2015
An excellent collection if you are a fan of DOOM in any way. Everything comes packaged on a single DVD with a single product key. The DVD itself includes DOOM, DOOM II (oldies but goodies), DOOM III, the DOOM III: Resurrection of Evil (short expansion) plus 8 additional missions not originally included in either DOOM III or DOOM III: ROE. The 8 additional levels even out the relative "meh" factor of DOOM III: ROE. All in all, the star of the show is still DOOM III itself, but all the extras (plus new packaging) is a good excuse to buy. NOTE: UNLIKE ORIGINAL DOOM III, THIS VERSION REQUIRES STEAM.
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on July 19, 2014
I already own DooM3 but I thought I'd buy the BFG edition for the extra levels. I was delighted to find the original DooM and DooM2 games on the CD. What's more, when you set the key binds for DooM3, they are automatically set the same for DooM and DooM2 so those games are more playable than ever.

One problem with DooM3 on this disc is a flicker on my monitor. The setting for vertical sync defaults to "smart" and produces the flicker. However, when I set it to "on," I get frame rate problems. This isn't too big an issue since I can play DooM3 on my other installation. Frankly to me, it's worth the modest cost of this game for DooM and DooM2 in playable form.

I'm running Windows 8.1 with nVidia graphics. You may not have the same problem with your installation.
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on May 18, 2015
I ordered this with the expectation that I would be taken back to the old PC gamer days. I expected blocky graphics and the mediocre sound. It met my expectations and I was thrill. Just as I remembered DOOM. Was awesome to have one, two, and three in one place at such a low price.
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on December 12, 2014
Great fun. Allows you to play old Doom I and Doom II with a mouse, making them far easier to play than the classic game. Does an outstanding job with 3D---using Nvidia---in Doom 3. It feels like you are peering into another, darker world you can reach out and touch. If it has any flaws, I haven't found them. Great fun at a Bargain Price.
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on September 16, 2013
I already have DOOM 3 but, I bought this for the lost Mission. It was well worth every dollar! There just aren't many good first person shooter games out there for the PC. I installed it and STEAM updated it. The graphics are good and the game played flawlessly. If your like me and still gaming on the old PC than this is a bargain. I highly recommend this buy!
The Lost Mission was worth every bit of what the game is selling for now! I fully enjoyed playing this new addition to DOOM 3.
I have been with STEAM since the first Half Life days and still play Team Fortress 2, there is nothing wrong with STEAM.
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