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on February 15, 2010
Overall satisfied, but there are no chapter divisions in the individual shows. They are also on one disc that comes in a paper cd envelope just inserts inside the disk box. The video quality is good, and I would still purchase it.
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on April 15, 2010
Anything Tim Conway does is funny, especially the Dorf series.

Thank you for offering this to us Conway fans.
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on June 19, 2011
Purchase this set of Dorf, as we have been a Tim Conway fan for many many years. This set was on sale and the delivery time was very fast. The video and audio quality was EXCELLENT for the whole set. Buying this set was a great lesson, you don't have to have crude jokes or crude pictures to make you laugh. This set is for everyone and my 9 year old grandson, laughed so hard he was in tears. We even purchased 2 other sets for gifts and our neighbors loved them. If you are an adult or have kids, this set is a must. We watched them over and over. Good clean fun and laughter. 5 Big Stars on this product.
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on July 15, 2011
The Dorf shows are great my absolute favorite is Dorf on Golf. I have watched these shows for years on VHS and finally found them on DVD. They are very funny!!!
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on February 27, 2014
With my husband being and avid golfer and a fan of the old Carol Burnett Show, he quickly fell in love with the Dorf character played by Tim Conway. The skits were hilarious and pretty much true to a certain point. Bill would call his golfing buddies over to watch the video. I would recommend this as a gift to all golfers young and old as well as a fan of Tim Conway
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on June 8, 2014
I got this for a friend who is super hard to buy for...I remember Dorf being extremely funny on Carol Burnett and thought, "why not?" The friend loved it, turns out he's a fan as well! Great minds, I guess.
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on January 2, 2011
Dorf on golf is really cute, but the subsequent themes were extremely boring. We kept waiting for the "funny parts", then (finally) ejected the disc to end our brain drain.
If you're buying this for the golf video, it may be fine, but don't expect much beyond that.
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on November 10, 2014
Good quality, and I purchased it to relive childhood memories of Tim Conway. I had expected our kids might get a kick out of Dorf, but upon seeing this collection, I was rather surprised at some of Conway's language and adult humor, which is of course very inappropriate for kids. I remember seeing Dorf when I was a kid, but this PG13+ rated content must have been censored back then. I still like Tim Conway, but honestly, how long can an adult laugh at the sight gag of a man standing in a hole up to his knees?
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on August 23, 2013
as a rule i am anything but a sports fan. at the best of times i find sports tedious, repetative, and just plain pointless. (i have a personal witticism that Hitler was madly in love with the Jews compared to the way i feel about sports.) but i have found that i can sort of enjoy sports by proxy, for as long as it takes for say, Abbott & Costello to perform "Who's On First" or John Fogerty to sing "Centerfield."
one thing i do love is a good comedic characterisation, and for my money the pinnacle of Tim Conway's repertoire is Scandivaian midget "athlete" Derk Dorf. i'm serious: no one will ever confuse the subject matter or the approach with Shakespeare, but in terms of characterisation i legitimately feel that Dorf is to Tim Conway what Ralph Karmden is to Jackie Gleason or Captain Kirk is to William Shatner.
it turns out Conway had some gifts as a scribe as well as a performer, and combining the two, he came up with a nifty spoof of the glut of "how-to" videos that came about when the VCR started to become commonplace. that's no doubt why these released were direct-to-video, since the targets of the spoofery were as well.
the initial masterpiece DORF ON GOLF is the most satisfying, boasting a tight script and an outlandish but logical progression of stumbling blocks as Dorf tries to guide us through a single hole. it is also noteworthy for demonstrating the versatility of character actor Vincent Shiavelli. in what some might think a thankless role, that of Dorf's hapless caddy Leonard, Shiavelli brings his inconoclastic style to the stereotype goofball sidekick character.
next up, DORF'S GOLF BIBLE attempts to combine it's predecssor's seamless comedic vision with a parody of religion. it has some pretty good moments, and of course boasts a guest spot by "Slammin'" Sam Snead, but on the whole, alas, MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN it ain't. most disappointing for me, though, is that Leonard couldn't make it, and his role is taken up with a less engaging (not to mention less original) "nerd" stereotype character named Waldo, played by Eddie Deezen. he's not a completely unappealling character, and Deezen certainly does what he can with what he has to work with, but he's no Vincent Shiavalli.
episode three, DORF & THE FIRST GAMES OF MT. OLYMPUS, is the second-best installment. not just because Shiavelli's Leonard is back, but that certainly helps. (the most pronounced weakness of the rest of the series is the lack of Shiavelli. he and Conway turned out to have a surprisingly unique chemistry.) the story tells how ancient Greek emperor "Derkus" Dorf invented the olympics, and the trials & tribulations he faces along the way.
next up is DORF GOES AUTO RACING. Conway's ambition appears to of gotten the best of him, because (a) it on film rather than videotape, and (b) it is extended from 30-35 minutes to 50 minutes. between the two, AUTO RACING is a little out of kilter with the feel of the rest of the series. although again, that doesn't mean there aren't thing to reccomend it. it offers appearances from such celebrities as NASCAR alum Richard Petty and singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton, who even gets to sing a couple of his songs. and of course i have too pronounced a weakness for puns not to be tickled by the change of name to Doozle Dorf.
DORF GOES FISHING bring the series back to it's original instructional video motif. Dorf has as much skewed fun with fishing as he initially had with golf, but the highlight here is a wonderful parody of home-shopping networks as hosted by Ronnie Schell (best known as Gomer Pyle's fellow marine). still, Conway's performances of caveman Dorf and caricature of Julia Childs don't exactly lag, either.
DORF ON THE DIAMOND (the one from which the "Superfan" reference was taken), tells the story of a hapless would-be athlete who continued to enjoy the game (baseball in this case), but never loses his unfeasible dreams of playing it himself. so basically, here Dorf is sort of a grown-up Charlie Brown, with just a pinch of Walter Mitty thrown in for texture.
DORF DA BINGO KING finds our semi-hero hosting a Bingo tournament, with the usual hectic results. not that Dorf himself isn't up to his usual slapdash standard, but again, Conway generously let's another steal the show, in this case a character actress named Louise Duart in a number of celebrity caricatures.
no. 8, however, the story of an elderly ping-pong champion, is as dark a horse as the world has ever seen. to describe THE LEGEND OF THE PADDLE: THE OLDIE HOLLIS STORY as bizarre would be like saying "being decapitated could really ruin your whole day." overlooking the surreal story and the downright avant-garde production values, there's the fact that Dorf appears only briefly. if there's a question to be asked beyond what the hell PADDLE is doing here, it's: "why the hell is THIS the one Conway offers a commentary for?" Oldie just isn't one of Conway's masterpieces.
the seven which center on Dorf have much to recommend them, albeit in fluctuating degrees. the material is of course set squarely at "low" comedy level, but then what would you expect from someone made a household name by The Carol Burnett Show? as i've said before, it seems to be a common theme in my reviews, things people either love or hate.
there are times when it ultimately boils down the question of whether you like the character or not. to those who don't like Dorf, i have this to say: "oh well, your loss. everyone's entitled to an opinion. if your's is wrong that's YOUR problem."
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on March 26, 2012
These Dorf videos are really clever! What is nice about them is they are each somewhat different in there construction and use various types of humor to get laughs. The comedy is in the storyline, visual slapstick humor, and sometimes narration. The shows move rapidly and you sometimes get the feel of skit comedy which Tim Conway always excelled at! The actors who support Tim are generally good and funny too.

Okay, so I am biased. I just love the work of Tim Conway and have many of his films and DVDs. I even got the chance to see him live on stage! If you've seen any of the Dorf videos then you know what to expect. People who golf might find the golfing videos more enjoyable than the Bingo episode or what-have-you, but I've laughed at all of them. My mother even felt sorry for Dorf on his fishing video!

Children and adults can enjoy these videos together. Dorf is never really offensive accept in his lack of ability as a sportsman! The first Dorf video I owned was Dorf on the Diamond and I howled when Dorf tried to exit his car! I was so happy to find these videos in a collection where I could update my VHS tape of Dorf to DVD.

The value for the price is excellent especially since we are getting so many of his Dorfy videos in one collection! If you like Dorf or Tim or both then you will find laughs in this DVD.
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