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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2006
For me the two main essentials that can make or break a film are first, the actors and, a close second, the writing. I'm happy to report DORIAN BLUES has the finest of both, in spades.

The cast, even down to the smallest roles, is uniformly excellent. A pleasant surprise when so often the acting in indie/low budget films is appalling, leaving one to assume that the director cast all his friends regardless of their lack of talent.

Michael McMillian as Dorian, is completely winning. Sort of Topher Grace-ish. Kinda cute but not distractingly so. Not in the least effeminate or outrageously quirky, yet still convincing as a gay character who sees himself as a misfit. He pulls off quite a few terrific comic moments but handles the dramatic stuff fairly admirably as well. And Lea Coco as Nick, his handsome jock brother, is an absolute revelation. Everyone - the boys' parents (particularly the thankless role of the father - a right wing conservative bully), Dorian's college friends, an understanding stripper, a wise therapist - all wonderful.

The storyline is completely unique for a coming out film, primarily because it's so much more than that. This is not a film about a teen learning to accept his homosexuality (which he does, fairly early on, and without too much fanfare). It is not about a virgin's quest for his first sexual experience (which is dispatched quickly, humourously...and off camera). And it's not about his achieving the acceptance or respect of his father (which he does not). It's about a young man coming to terms with the fact that he has turned out bitter, mean, sarcastic and angry - just like his father, whom he despises. The writing sparkles with wit and originality. There was nary a cringe-worthy moment in the dialogue where I was left thinking, "But people don't actually say things like that." It all sounded intelligent and natural.

Additionally, the film managed to buck several big gay film cliches and was emotionally richer for it. In particular, the relationship between the brothers, Dorian and Nick, was unbelievably well done. Nick is the first one Dorian comes out to and he accepts him fairly quickly yet with a realistic amount of reserve - considering he's only a high school junior, and a popular athlete at that. Their loving, supportive, occasionally combative, relationship is one of the finest (and refreshingly cliche-free) depictions of two brothers (straight, gay or otherwise) that I have ever seen on film. I don't want to go into a huge amount of detail but I think the folks who write for some of the more strident, polemical LGBT TV shows could learn alot from Tennyson Bardwell, the writer/director of this lovely, funny and moving little film.
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on April 22, 2006
It's rare to find a film that is a near perfect blend of humor and seriousness. This is one of those rare films. What's truly awesome about the humor and seriousness of this film is how these two opposing forces blend seamlessly.

Every topic, every scene, every character is a well balanced blend of subtle humor and seriousness. There are so many clever and surprising touches that make this film great. One of my favorite scenes is when Dorian tells his mother he wants to talk and she replies "Well, sit down and talk." Then she gets up and walks away. Dorian is surprised by what his mother said(implies she will listen) and the viewer is surprised by the action of her walking away.

Dorian and Nicky have a typical brother to brother relationship. The interaction of the two after Dorian comes out is priceless. Nicky is at once accepting and at other times acts like a typical jock. The dancing scene with a school mate is hilarious. The dancing scene with the stripper is touching.

Steve Fletcher is great as the typically stern, unaccepting, close minded, Republican father. Fletcher is a great actor who I've missed seeing since his days on One Life To Live. The final irony of the film surrounds the death of the father. The news that Dorian is gay didn't trigger an immediate heart attack....it was the news that Nicky lost his football scholarship that did it. It is also very telling when Dorian and his father talk about AIDS. This conversation cracks the father's hard and harsh facade and shows that he does care.

The movie soundtrack is awesome too.

Overall, this is one truly excellent film. Sure it is another coming of age/coming out story, but this one contains the perfect blend of important issues blanketed in easy humor and that's priceless.
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on September 6, 2006
This isn't a slick, big-budget production. It can't possibly reach the pedestal of "high art" set by Brokeback Mountain or the films of Pedro Almodovar. But as a movie I expected to be just a fluffy, silly low-budget comedy, Dorian Blues managed some surprising about of emotional depth.

The largest part of the reason is star Michael McMillian, who manages to never be anything else than appealing even when playing the depths of neuroses. His wide-eyed enthusiam goes a long way towards elevating what could ordinarily be a paint-by-numbers gay indie movie. This is a gem in more ways than one. Highly recommended.
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on December 12, 2013
This was actually better than I expected. I thought it was just going be another one of those Boy-meets-boy-discovers-first-love-has-enlightened-moment-lives-happily-ever-after positive positive positive type movies... Not even close! Some of that happens, yes. And it does end on a positive note, of sorts. But nothing like I thought it would be. It was more... Realistic. And I actually wound up liking it a whole lot better because it doesn't have that "OH, Kyle, we're so happy to have a gay son!" vibe to it. There is a lot that actually does Not work out in this movie. But it isn't the end of the world for the kid either. It's just life happening, repeatedly.
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on March 30, 2006
If you like films with gay themes, please watch this movie!

It is a real movie and a really really good movie -- top quality acting and production. The two brothers are charming and captivating in their own very different ways but their relationship is truly amazing and interesting. Both actors do a superb job in their performances. I did not want the story to end and left the film yearning to learn more about each brother and how their lives progressed.

It is the rare movie that left me wishing there is a sequel. Since there is not one, I yearn to see more films by the actors that play the brothers. They were that good!!

Hardly no sex but it has a real story line that says something. Ok, it might not be the best film ever made but it is really very very good, and sorry to say it, but for a U.S. "gay" movie (this genre is still getting off the ground in the U.S. -- see Ventura Pons and Francois Ozon for really great films) it is one of the best.
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on August 23, 2006
I expected this movie to be just another teenage coming of age, coming out film and was not disappointed. I was surprised however, at the depth the film showed how painful some of the gay experience can be. Acting was good, but the direction was the star of this film. Well done. Hope to see more from this director.
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on February 25, 2014
Wow, What a refreshing movie, I cant say enough about how real it is, I have to say its one of the best gay movies i have seen in a long time, As for the shippers <pebble beach books> they were the icing on the cake i will be watching for their name so i can use them on my next purchase..Douglas, Canby, Or
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on August 25, 2014
If you need a quirky, intimate, involving look at how one young man conquers his coming out experience, this is it. The characterizations (particularly the protagonist's older brother) ring true and it tells an old story in a refreshing way.
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on March 1, 2006
If you assume movies are like their trailers, then seeing the trailer for Dorian Blues will fool you. I expected a light comedy of little substance. Actually, the film is comedic but with a lot of sincere heart tossed in as well.

The surprising thing about Dorian Blues is how well written and well acted it is. Since this is about Dorian accepting his being gay, you'd think the familiarity of the subject matter would prevent anything original happening. This is not true. Because the script is so well realized, the characterizations are focused and true to life. Helping this along is some extremely fine acting from all four of the principle characters.

The protective relationship between Dorian and his brother, Nicky, is so softly portrayed by Michael McMillian and Lea Coco. These two actors have a great future ahead of them. The father's coldness stings without being over the top, again because of Steven Charles Fletcher's performance. And Mo Quigley presents Dorian's mom as a weak individual without making her an unsympathetic character.

Although the film's theme seems to be Dorian's acceptance of his sexual orientation, in a broader context this movie is about family dynamics and how we need each other's strength in order to survive as an organic unit capable of growth. This is where Dorian Blues transcends the genre to which it has been consigned.

Dorian and his family are people I enjoyed knowing. I envied his relationship with his brother. I'll revisit this movie often just to say "hi" to people I don't mind thinking of as friends. This movie can open a lot of hearts if we see it as an imperfect family trying to make its way in an imperfect world. I cannot judge the weak links. I can only offer my support for all of us that deal with imperfect humanity in our lives.
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on September 4, 2012
To me, Dorian Blues presented a light-hearted take on coming out of the closet yet, at the same time, brought to light the emotional roller-coaster that most of us have to ride on at some stage or another when sweeping our closets clean of our gay skeletons. Totally devoid of gratuitous male nudity, the producers did a good job of presenting a rather tired coming out theme in a very different light - finding oneself doesn't always lead to true love although, if one wants to find true love, one certainly needs to find oneself first. While it may not be the most memorable gay-themed movie I've ever watched, it's certainly worth watching.
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