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on September 10, 2012
If you're a fan of Shoot 'em ups this is a great collection! In The Hunt, R-Type Leo, Mystic Riders, Cosmic Cop, and Dragon Breed are awesome arcade Shmups! If you're not a fan of Shmups the only major stand out titles are Gun Force 2 & Undercover Cops, but that's just my opinion. The game has good controller mapping and muti-player options. There isn't much to complain about from a technical stand point. I purchased this title while it was on sale, that being said I'm not keen on the full price set point. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Steam. I've been an Irem fan since the NES days, and that was a major factor in my purchase. All the games still maintain the arcade functions like adding credits and all that, but you can access a menu to change difficulty and various options if need be. They put alot of work into this collection; it's not just a slapped together package to make a quick buck.
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on June 5, 2014
I often have mixed feelings when it comes to collections of retro game software commercially released. On the one hand, I'm glad to finally be able to "legally play" these classics and obscure titles without having to own the obsolete hardware (which is sometimes far out of reach of the average consumer). On the other hand, many collections have had major drawbacks, like annoying DRM, or in the case of those "tv games" (the controller that plugs into a TV), inaccurate emulation, glitches and the fact that the controller is going to wear out and then you're stuck.

This is the first collection I got where it was not "on a disc." I like having physical media, but I also prefer not to have to bother with obsessive copy protection schemes (most developers should realize how easy people can get these games for free without any DRM... but some of us are trying to give back to the companies by buying legit too). That said, it's possible to burn a copy of the install program on a disc and be done with it. Once installed, this reminds me of collections like "Taito Legends" and "Namco Museum." However, while it plays music and shows game fliers, it doesn't show the original arcade cabinets. Once you start a game, it shows some instructions (in a font that's a bit hard to read, contains some translation mishaps and may go by too fast to be read entirely before loading is finished) and then you're off playing the game. I don't think you can do a "clean pause" but it brings up a status/options type screen similar to Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe which some may find annoying.

Many of the games on this collection may be "less famous" than your Pac-Man's and your Street Fighters, but it is a competent collection none-the-less. Even if you don't remember all of these games, give them a try and you'll find some things that are fun and enjoyable. For reference, a lot of these arcade games were ported to the TurboGrafx-16 console (the less popular rival to the Sega Genesis in the early days of the 16-bit wars). So if you were a fan of the TG-16 (or PC-Engine) back in the day, many of these games will be familiar.

Games can be configured to keyboard or joystick (I recommend a free program called Joy2Key and an adapter to use Playstation2 controllers for increased fun and ease of use once you've configured everything). I don't recall a save feature being implemented but it will save high scores.
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on June 25, 2013
Great set of games! Requires a decent computer with a good video card but once you get up and running it offers a nice mix of games that are fun to play and keep you entertain for hours. Wish there were more arcade collections like this available legally for the PC! Very easy to map the keys to a hand held controller.

Companies need to bring Neo Geo, Capcom and various other arcade games to the PC. So far we have IREM and SEGA offering such products. I'm very satisfied with this collection offered by IREM. I believe you would enjoy it too if you are an old school arcade gamer.
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on January 2, 2014
IMAGE FIGHT(イメージファイト)
IN THE HUNT(海底大戦争)
LEGEND OF HERO TONMA(レジェンド・オブ・ヒーロー・トンマ)
MYSTIC RIDERS(魔法警備隊ガンホーキ)
AIR DUEL(エアデュエル)
COSMIC COP(ギャロップ-アームドポリスユニット)
DRAGON BREED(ドラゴンブリード)

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on December 13, 2012
I love these games!

Some I didn't know existed!

They do!

And are awesome!

This is also one of those cases that you get to see the lost arcade classics, very good and creative gameplay ideas born from cloning other better, more polished games of the time.

It is still worth all your virtual quarters to play/try them all!
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on June 1, 2014
The games themselves range from ok to great, but unfortunately this collection has numerous technical issues. The sound and music is garbled and glitchy. The games can experience a large amount of intermittent slowdown. Although a joystick is supported, I had a lot of trouble getting my Hori arcade stick to work. The game assumes that your controller has an analog stick, so if you are trying to plug in something with only a dpad you will have trouble. It'll detect the buttons but not the dpad, so you won't be able to move your character around in the games. I was able to fix this on my arcade stick as it has an analog switch, but not every controller you would use has that option.

I'm disappointed overall with this collection. The games are good, but the technical issues suck a lot of the fun out. The garbled sound is probably the worst offender as it really detracts from the enjoyment. As I understand it, there are no plans to fix these issues so if you buy this collection and experience them as I have you're stuck with it, sorry.
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on October 2, 2012
I like having 'legal' emulation and there aren't many that run in Win 7.
I love R-Type Delta and there are a couple of other games in the pack that are fun.
Of course I got it on 75% off sale, so it depends on how you like the games if you want to pay full price.
Each game has custom control options. The emulation seems very good, but I've never played some of these arcade games on the 'real' machines so I can't guarantee they're 100% arcade perfect like MAME.
But most of the games are fun and if you like a couple of games its worth buying the pack.
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on October 8, 2012
this is just like the coin op version of your old favorites.
as many continues as you want to give yourself.
shoot shoot shoot.

Does not include the older R-types which is a shame.
has some other games I have not seen before and some I was familiar with.
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on April 16, 2013
While a bit generic, this collection is pretty diverse and has some pretty fun offerings in it. Some of you retro gamers may recognize some of the games in this collection from the TurboGrafX-16 (by NEC) gaming console, of the early 1990s. Vigilante will immediately ring a bell. Having played a few of these arcades in a neighborhood Laundromat in St Pete, FL as a teenager, I was right at home here.

Modest hardware requirements; a netbook can run this gaming compilation.
USB controller/gamepad support; just hit Esc, select controls > and use your gamepad/controller. The Logitech series works fine.
Large assortment of games, spanning multiple genres: side scrolling shooters, beat'em ups, verticle shooters, puzzlers, platformers...
DRM-free; no copy protection. So if you wanna copy this unto your thumbdrive and play it on a PC at work or school or a friend's're free to do so.

Well, the only con is that some of these games feel a bit generic. Like poor man's versions of more popular stuff. But, it's easy to forgive when there are 18 of them and some are actually pretty good.
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on March 23, 2013
Insert many fake quarters in and have a great time. The games are very fun and just like the arcade. There are many different ranges from beat um ups, shooters, sports, puzzles, etc. This is a great collection to own. You can have a backup of it by burning it to a cd, or re download it from your amazon account. This is a recommended purchase.
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