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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2006
Marguerite Batista is mentally trapped by demons. She's in a race to outrun the evil spirit in order to save her and her four-year-old twins, Shane and Tariq. Without a safe haven, Marguerite converges with a commoner and in a fog of lust, the misplaced Batista family would witness a first hand account of murder. How would this affect Shane and Tariq?

Shane is the devil. Or at least that's what everyone keeps saying. Only older by five minutes, Shane is expected to behave as the oldest. After watching as his mother is brutally killed in the streets like a dog, he goes into protector mode and keeps a careful watch over younger twin Tariq. In and out of different homes, Shane is wreaking havoc on his guardians. Gambling, smoking, drinking, hustling and sex almost always occupy Shane's time. But sometimes the attention just isn't fulfilling enough and he longs for his mother. Although he goes to great lengths to hide the needy, loving and sincere side of his self, will he be able to keep his grip on reality?

Tariq is sweet and very emotional. He is often times vying to keep his older brother out of trouble. He can't remember much about the last moments of his mother's life, but he knows that Shane will always be there to keep him from harms way. Tariq becomes depressed, withdrawn and longs to be in his brother's company after they're separated. In an attempt to keep himself drug free, he pretends to be okay and is placed in a new home in a new surrounding. Like a lost little puppy, Tariq meets Janelle and is instantly drawn to her bravado. Desperate to keep two people he loves happy, Tariq is wedged between his brother, his hero and his wife his savior. Will he chose sides?

After living separate lives, the twins soon discover that there is more than just a physical difference between the two. Tariq is a devoted husband and doting father. His main agenda is to maintain a comfortable family life. Shane is as always devious and all about himself. After a short stay in reformatory school, he's back on the scene with his sinister sidekicks, Bricks and Misty, who offer even more of a disturbing twist.

DOUBLE DIPPIN' is so off the wall with its oddity, desperation for any semblance for love and understanding of anomalous behaviors/relationships that readers will quickly become drawn into each page. Allison Hobbs doses readers with a deafening shrill of insanity as well as the damaging effects that ensue because of it.
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on September 18, 2006
Sick, twisted and good. How is that even possible? Well it is and it's the case with Allison Hobbs' Double Dippin'. It's the story of twin brothers orphaned at the tender age of four after their mother was killed. Having no one but each other, the boys' bond strengthened. Circumstances tear them apart geographically leaving them to fend for themselves. No longer there for each other, have things, including their relationship, changed while they are separated.

Double Dippin' took my mind places it's never been before. At times it was disturbing. DD is not for everyone, but it's definitely worth reading and you'll be talking about it for days to come.
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on August 18, 2014
The Double Dippin Series was a great series, Allison keeps your attention threw out the entire series. I look forward to reading Misty! One thing for certain two things for sure I know allison had out done herself once again with one of the characters from the book! Great job keep them coming!
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on June 16, 2014
I really enjoyed the book. Mental illness is real and these types situations I'm sure happen everyday. Great topic to focus on. This book was just the brief introduction of what to expect in the series. Now I'm ready for part two.
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on September 8, 2014
Great read!!! My heart went out to these twins. Wish the ending was different, left me wanting to read more from this family. I could care less about Misty and Brick, still debating if I will move on with the series.
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on June 3, 2013
Allison Hobb's 'Double Dippin' is a story about twin brothers, Tariq and Shane, and their journey through adulthood after surviving a devastating childhood. They are polar opposites but love each other to death, even amidst there unique relationships with their love interests, Janelle and Kapri.

This is the first book I've read by Allison Hobbs, and it was a treat. However, I must warn the readers/reviewers, this book houses a very unique style of writing. 'Double Dippin' is unlike anything I've read before, which keeps it very interesting. Hobb's does a good job delving into the pscyhe of the emotionally disturbed Baptista twins. Rating: 4 Stars

The book gets a solid 4 stars because it was exciting and fast-paced. I read the book in 2 days. It seemed as if I was saying "OMG", to myself, in every chapter. One the flip side, there WERE some times when I felt like the book went a bit too far, which negatively affected the 'reality' factor. Also, considering that Hobbs was introduced by Zane, I expected there to be some erotica incorporated in the storyline....THERE WAS NOT!! At times it was a bit choppy and bounced around a bit too much. The ending leaves MUCH to be desired, but this may have been intentional-considering it is a 4 book series.

Recommendation: My recommendation is solely based on the readers personal interests...

If the reader is looking for an exciting book, that includes erotic fiction, do not buy the book.

If the reader is looking for an exciting, fast-paced book that keeps your attention, buy the book.

If the reader is looking for something new and different...something outside of the typical good reading experience, buy the book.

However, the book is odduly unique, thus if the reader cannot "think outside the box" and read about something out of the ordinary, do not buy the book.

ALLISON HOBB'S, GREAT JOB!...I'm on to Book #2-Big Juicy Lips.

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on August 7, 2011
All I can say is mental sickness with doses of abuse that both boys suffered. Poor Ms. Holmes, smh....and we not gone mention just how outrageous Janelle got, are U 4'real girl? Misty & Brick...all these characters fit 2gether like hand in glove. This was an interesting flow of events, sad@ best. The love of a women no matter the form was yarned, no matter how bad or strange it satisfied their need and equated it as comfort.... LOVE. I may hafta give Big Juicy Lips a whirl just 2 see what becomes of Misty & Brick
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on July 14, 2006
Allison Hobbs' latest novel, Double Dippin', is an action-packed, fast paced read that starts and ends with a bang. Twins Tariq and Shane Batista are only four-years-old when they witness the brutal murder of their mentally unstable mother by Philadelphia policemen. It is a death that will create a void and one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Their mother's death will also cause them to experience unpleasant flashbacks. After their mother's tragic death, they will remain together (until their teen years), but bounce from one foster care home to another due to Shane's behavior. Fraternal twins, they are as different as night and day. As brothers, bond by the same genes and lacking contact with any other family members, they are extremely close and the brotherly love and bond they share is very strong. They are also as different as oil and vinegar. Tariq is shy, quiet, and timid, slightly learning challenged but he is the child that any parent would love to adopt. Shane is manipulative, sinister, evil, the spawn of Satan and when he is around no one is safe...except his brother Tariq who he loves fiercely and will do anything to protect. Tariq is happy to follow Shane's lead just as long as they are not separated. Shane is all about self and there is no risk or consequences too great for him to entertain. His deviant behavior and deeds will produce negative repercussions and potentially tragic outcomes for everyone involved.

Double Dippin' is a wild and bizarre drama-fabulous read. In a twisted kind of way, the outrageous characters--primary and secondary--as well as the creatively crafted plot kept me quickly turning the pages to see how the story would end. I have never met any character as deviant or twisted as Shane Batista and I hope he is only a figment of Hobbs' imagination. He truly gets the award for Bad Boy of 2006...maybe even the New Millennium. Although at times his over-the-top antics were not only shocking but appalling and took away from the enjoyment of the book. Additionally, the mental illness storyline was not adequately flushed out and I walked away with more questions than answers. Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed that Hobbs' worked it out by giving me a storyline with a distinctive style and one that will not be easily replicated. Readers of the erotic and street genre, especially fans of Zane and Noire, will appreciate Hobbs' latest endeavor. APOOO rating: 3.5 stars.

Reviewed by Yasmin

APOOO BookClub

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on November 22, 2006
I am a big Allison fan but I thought there was no way she could top Insatiable which is still among my top favorite books, but Allison showed me the best is yet to come. I started reading this on a cruise out of the country and could not, would not put it down until I finished every twisted word! I loved it so much, I had to call her from the ship. I wish for a moment I could wander in Allison's mind cause she can come up with some good ones. This one needs to be a movie for real! In fact all of her books do and thats the honest truth of the matter. If your tired of reading the same ole same ole, I recommend this book. It's in my top five favorite books in my life and I read a lot! I can't wait to read her next one!
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on May 21, 2007
Ms. Hobbs loves writing about the Crazies, and I love her for it. She speaks about it and it makes us LOVE them. In this one we have Shane and Tariq. Shane was always labeled the bad one. But, in reality he just had some issues. Issues he never got to deal with that made him do some awful things. But, he was ohh soo fine and scrumpous while he was doing it..Through life he only had one love and that was his brother Tariq..When he got popped(arrested) they got seperated. Then the story flew From there...That Jenelle was one ugly BIATCH.. But, that's all I'll give away about the story....Pick it up..It's GrEEEAAATT....
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