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on February 27, 2002
I don't have anything to add to the discussion of the musical quality of this album, but something should be said about the sound quality. In short, it's bad. Everything has been squashed to death through overuse of compression and limiting; the result is a midrange-heavy brick of sound that is just fine if your volume is set really, really low, but that seems overly bright and will quickly induce ear fatigue if listened to at more normal volume levels. When will mastering engineers wake up and realize that the purpose of re-mastering older recordings is to get the best possible sound out of the original masters, not necessarily to apply current production techniques without regard to the type of music or source material?
Find one of the earlier issues of this album and buy it used. Your ears will one day thank you.
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on February 3, 2014
Sure, it was fine up until maybe the middle of Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, where is skipped horrible. The third track was just terrible, skipping all the way through, could barely listen to it. I guess some of the tracks are somewhat salvageable on playability, but i definitely will not be buying again from these guys when i was promised 'Very Good' quality.
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on December 9, 2009
John Lennon's work with the Beatles is beyond reproach, there's no arguing the point. But his solo work is spotty and when he involved Yoko in an equal role, dear god, it was almost uniformly awful: (see the avantgarde Two Virgins, Wedding Album and that other one) Double Fantasy is the best of the collaborations with Ono in that it sticks to pop music rather than avantgarde noise. Half the album is written by John and the other by Yoko and concerns their relationship and family, hence the title Double Fantasy. The songs alternate too, the first is by John, the second sung by Yoko, etc. Unfortunately the results are less than stellar. On one hand Double Fantasy is arguably the most egregious example of "girlfriend of the singer syndrome" I've ever encountered. Would anyone care about Ono's piffle if it were not on a John Lennon album? Would she ever have gotten a record deal on her own? Of course not. However there are a couple of Yoko songs which are OK. For example Kiss Kiss Kiss has an almost "new wave" pop feel to it but is unfortunately marred by Ono's orgasm noises at the end. But music never was her forte and most of her songs, while amateurish, are not as tooth shatteringly annoying as her previous work. On the other hand her songs fit in with the concept. Lyrically they concern her relationship with John and their new son and all is not well in the Lennon household. The biggest disappointments are Lennon's contributions. Every song he wrote on this album is a meditation on his obsession with his wife, their life and their love. That's fine as Double Fantasy is a concept album concerning his family and return to artistic endeavor. Problem is I just don't give a darn about his cuddly mid-life domestic bliss nor his marital problems. Especially when almost every song is a mid-tempo snoozer. The single "Starting Over" being one of the few successful songs in this package and one of the few I can still listen too. Ultimately John's happy, and that's great, I understand the concept, but I liked him a lot better when he was a not so contented younger man. His songs have no bite, no urgency to them, even when he's pleading to Yoko to forgive him. The only level this soap opera works for me is that of nostalgia: I remember too well John's shocking murder and the subsequent media frenzy. Which of course explains a lot about the popularity of this mediocre album. Sorry he got shot, but his artistic career ended years before that [...] Chapman ended his life.
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on October 22, 1999
this album sucks. im sorry but i just cant make anything else out of it. the only track thats not weak is I'm Losing you. The rest is just sentimental crap without a bit of sincerity. why hasnt anyone wondered why the best songs Lennon had around that time were not on this.Im talkin about tracks such as Nobody Told Me or Serve Yourself and Living On Borrow Time. Albert Goldman has an explanation for that in his great book. This is defintely the worst music John made, and its really ashame cuz the songs mentioned above showed us his comeback album could have been great.
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on July 11, 2001
Most of the work Lennon did here is classic and quite enjoyable. Yoko Ono seems to have been a great wife and influence on his life, but she makes Linda McCartney look like a singing star. Only Lennon and McCartney could get away with putting their terrible singing wives in front of a microphone and hitting record, and I think they did it only because they could and still sell records. Leave the Ono stuff off of this, and it becomes a 4.5 star album.
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on November 20, 2011
I just gave 2 stars for "I'm Losing You", the only decent song of this weird album (maybe "Watching the Wheels" is another good one).

The rest of Lennon's songs are really so-and-so, no to mention Yoko's... All of them horrible.

It's a good idea to make a CD with John's songs of this album and Milk & Honey... But even like that, the result is low.

"Walls & Bridges" is - for me - the last album that Lennon made, and a good one.

If it took 5 years for John to come back with a bunch of mediocre songs, he should have stayed at home.
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on November 10, 2003
By 1980 John Lennon's days of writing genius songs of protest and hallucinations with the Beatles were long gone and quite frankly, this album shows lennon up resting on his laurels with half assed songs. Not one song matches up to the standard of Beatles materiel or even his early solo materiel.
I have nothing against Yoko Ono but the simple fact is, ever since they came together, John seemed to lose interested in writing good music. I'd prefer if she kept away from the music side of things because her presence is just plain annoying and pointless. Lennon, being the music genius that he is/was does show flashes of his songwriting brilliance and simplicity on this record. This album is full of simple but aimless love songs that he had been singing since his solo career began and there is nothing new or significant here. This record, released only 3 weeks before his tragic death, shows him as an artist unfortunatly gone past his creative peak and downright uninspired. Unless you're a lennon diehard, you'd be better to give this album a miss because it wont remain in your stereo for very long.
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on February 6, 2001
It's one thing to marry Yoko Ono. It's quite another to let her sing on your albums. Yoko ruins this album. She sounds stupid, out of key, and like she's trying too hard. The songs themselves are not that bad ("Hard Times Are Over"), and had John, or someone with a good voice, sang them, they would have been good. Most of John's songs are pretty good. Really for fans of Lennon with Ono, only. This album makes me sad for John.
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on December 30, 1999
It's a shame John came out of retirement to record these sessions. The tunes are just uninteresting. It's not unlike a musical variation of looking at someone's photos/slides of domestic life. They are only of interest and of value to the family in question. Only Watching The Wheels hints at John's talents. To make matters worse you have to put up with Yoko's songs which equal John's in number. As good a woman, mother and businesswoman she may be, she is a miserable singer-songwriter. Avoid this one and Milk & Honey buy Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Walls and Bridges and Mind Games instead...Simon
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on August 20, 2000
This would rate higher if Yoko's junk wasn't on here. I do like "Kiss, Kiss", but nothing else of hers. And John's stuff is pretty good, but whoever thought John would record such bland stuff? That's Paul McCartney's job! But John out-blands McCartney on this one. I do like some of the tracks. But they all have the same feel. It would have been nice to hear some old Lennon grit!
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