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Stephanie's new case was supposed to be simple. Kenny Mancuso had shot his friend, not fatally, and then skipped out on his bond. Should be real simple, right? Of course, first she has to find Kenny. Then his friend is murdered. Trying to track down any leads, she joins Grandma Mazur at a funeral home run by Spiro, another of Kenny's childhood friends. But Spiro has a case of his own. 24 caskets have been stolen, and he wants Stephanie to hunt them down. Is there a connection? With Ranger to advise and Joe Morelli to shadow, will Stephanie put all the pieces in place and catch Kenny before he turns on her?
Stephanie Plum is an appealing heroine. She acts tough, but in reality she's all too human. The plot is complicated enough to keep the reader engaged, and the action never lets up. There were several parts I thought I had figured out only to learn later I was wrong. And Grandma Mazur is a riot as she gets more involved in the story.
It's easy to see why these books are so popular - an appealing main character and fun stories. If you're looking for purely escapist fiction, this is the series for you.
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on July 9, 2001
This is a very funny book! Two for the Dough, the second book in the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie , bounty hunter gets a new case to find Kenny Mancuso who is accused of killing his best friend and jumping bail. Stephanie still is getting help from bounty hunter Ranger and cop Joe Morelli. Kenny is Joe's cousin and he is also looking for him . Grandma Mazur who is a trip helps Stephanie search the funeral homes for Kenny. Grandma Mazur is very funny and she loves going to funeral home's already. Stephanie also agrees to find missing coffins while she is in search of Kenny. This book was funnier then the first it will have you laughing out loud. The pages just seem to fly; it is very fast paced. I can't wait to read the next one, and I would recommend this series to everybody.
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on August 31, 1996
Stephanie Plum is back in this fast paced book that won't let you stop until you're done. This time Stephanie's teamed up with Joe Morelli in order to find his cousin who is accused of killing his best friend. Stephanie, along with Grandma Mazur, searches funeral homes for the allusive Kenny Mancusco. Two For the Dough, although not as funny as the first, has many hilarious moments . Joe Morelli and Grandma Mazur have just as much depth as supporting characters as Stephanie does as the main. Grandma Mazur's adventures in the funeral home are quite humorous, although the mortuary theme was a little too morbid and played too great a part. Janet Evanovich's great sense of humor is reflected in both One For the Money and in Two For the Dough- I laughed so hard I cried! Stephanie Plum is a hip and spunky heroine whose attitude endears herself to her readers. I highly recommend reading Two For the Dough - I can hardly wait to read the next one
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on July 24, 2001
I would have been carted away. The divine tough-talking, impossibly inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back, along with her entire cast of totally loony characters. Speaking of whom...let me just get a word of appreciation in for the long-suffering man of few words, Mr. Plum, Stephanie's father. His eloquent sighs, one-word epithets, and vain attempts to hide in front of a blasting TV are priceless. The plot is much the same as the first book: Stephanie seeks bad guy, aided by the sexy Morelli. Not as much of Ranger in this book, but Morelli makes up for it. A great deal of the action transpires in a slimy (the only word I could think of) funeral parlor run by an equally slimy rat-like creature named Spiro. He has managed to misplace two dozen caskets...along with various body parts of those in care. You MUST read this book!!!! Hilarious, outrageous, fast-paced, delightful--what more do you want? Well, if you were Stephanie, you could go for a greasy cheeseburger and fries just about now...
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on June 7, 2000
Two for the Dough begins as Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter from hell, is hired to find neighborhood bad boy, Kenny Mancuso, who's accused of killing his best friend and jumping bail. With the help of her mentor, Ranger and vice cop, Joe Morelli, Stephanie's hot on the case, finding a lot more than she expected, including lost army coffins, gunrunners and murderers. This is a fast paced, funny, very witty novel with scenes that will have you laughing out loud. Ms Evanovich brings back her quirky, wacky supporting cast and we get to spend a lot more time with Plum family. The writing is wonderful, down to earth and the irreverent dialogue is unrivaled. In the end Stephanie gets her man, in more ways than one. All of the books in this series are a real treat. Do yourself a favor...start with One for the Money and read them all.
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on October 21, 1999
Start with "One For the Money" and meet all the major characters in Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Then go on to "Two for the Dough" which is even better, faster, more clever. These are truly interesting mystery yarns with funny situations and even funnier characters. Everytime Stephanie, a divorcee, has to go back to her family home (even for a simply, short meal) the reader knows he/she is in for laughs. I wish that the solution and wrap-up of this adventure were not so totally pat & predictable, but that said, I recommend the book highly.
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on June 25, 2001
This is the second book in the Stephanie Plum "bounty hunter" series, and Janet Evanovich puts forth another incredibly solid effort. This book actually made me laugh out loud.
Stephanie Plum, fresh off of her "lucky" recovery is back chasing after Kenny Mancuso, who skipped his court appearance. Fresh out of the military, Mancuso is accused of killing his one-time friend. It turns out some "cop-killing" munitions are missing from the military compound he was stationed at, and they have now surfaced on the streets of several different cities. Add in the search for 24 missing caskets, believed to have stored the munitions, and you have one amazingly intense story.
All of the regular characters are back. Stephanie Plum, seemingly the world's worst bounty hunter, is also one of the luckiest people around as the trouble just seems to find her...literally. The virginity stealing, straight-faced cop, Joe Morelli is back with his protective, yet secretive ways. Ranger, the bounty hunter and mentor is also back, but plays a somewhat smaller role than the first Stephanie Plum book. However, the witty Grandma Mazur clearly steals the show in this book. She is an intricate part of the storyline, and she truly adds the real color to this novel.
The plot is well-developed again, and the twists and turns are plentiful. Evanovich keeps you guessing throughout, as the suspense is great. The story truly doesn't unravel until the final 20 pages of the book, and when it does, it happens so fast, you can't believe what you have just read.
Overall, this is a truly good book. The writing is very good, and it flows quite nicely. The humor is outstanding. TWO FOR THE DOUGH will not let you down.
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on March 16, 2002
I first read _Hot Six_ in the Stephanie Plum series, and absolutely adored it. Likewise, _One for the Money_ was fantastic. _Two for the Dough_, however, lacked the sparkle of those others. The belly-laughs were largely missing, as was a compelling plot. The characters are not as lively, and it felt like the whole thing was forced rather than enthusiastically and easily written.
Grandma Mazur plays a larger role in this book, and is generally enjoyable, but the idiosyncracies that were so entertaining in the first book are overdone and feel contrived here. The chemistry between Morelli and Stephanie doesn't sizzle as convincingly in _Two for the Dough_, and Ranger is almost entirely absent.
This book was fairly disappointing, and I found myself wishing it would end much sooner than it actually did. Still, I have high hopes for the remainder of the Evanovich books, though, because she has incredible talent. I just think _Two for the Dough_ was a bit rushed and that she didn't have a lot of passion for it. Hopefully, her spark and humor will return in _Three to Get Deadly_.
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on August 7, 2000
Although this book has a great plot, fair play clues to who dun what, and quirky characters galore, it almost did me in. Unfortunately, I read it while recovering from major abdominal surgery and the fire escape saga, followed by the sick dog sequence had me laughing so hard that I literally had to have a shot of morphine...because I laughed until tears ran down my face, the nurse never questioned my pain. The author should print a warning!
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on April 7, 2001
Janet Evanovich's "Two for the Dough" starts off where "One for the Money" left off. Grandma Mazur once again had me busting a gut every five minutes, and the sexual tension builds between bad boy/good cop Joe Morelli and our Stephanie Plum. We're also newly introduced to the minor character of Joyce Barnhardt, Stephanie's "archenemy" (beware of cat fights).
The strong point of the book, is of course, Evanovich's dead-on side-splitting humor and the sizzling off-and-on chemistry between Stephanie and Joe in the land of meatloaf and funeral parlors. If there's any weakness at all, it's that I found the plot line of chasing down Kenny Mancuso to be a bit tiring and uninteresting.
Overall, it was an exciting and quick read, and I'm eager to finish the series.
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