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on December 6, 1999
As a health practitioner and a patient of Dr. Atkins' since 1974, I've been aware of the controversy surrounding Dr. Atkins for a long time. I was a 12-year-old with a 350 cholesterol, who was well on his way to being a 14 or 15-year-old dead from a heart attack. Dr. Atkins put me on that oh-so-maligned diet of his, and in three months of no-sugar/no-carbs, high-fat/high-protein, my cholesterol dropped from 350 to 210. I've yet, in all the years since, to see another diet, or a drug for that matter, that can claim the same results. I've also never seen someone who has helped so many people go through such a sustained assault from the medical mainstream and the media. This extraordinary book not only updates the work he's been doing for the past 30 years; it cites extensive research that backs up his positions. (One of the ongoing attacks, for years, was that he based his conclusions solely on his 35,000 + patients, and never cited actual clinical studies.)
One of the most compelling parts of the book is the section on heart health/cholesterol--one of the topics for which he has consistently taken the most heat. He shows dramatically how much of the mainstream theory is being disproven by more and more studies: fat is not the enemy; sugar and high carbs (especially refined carbs) are more dangerous by far.
The other major gripe I have with the reception of this book is the assumption that the extreme low-carb approach is what Dr. Atkins advocates for everybody. Read more carefully, folks: that's the WEIGHT LOSS program. Once your weight is where you want it, you begin to eat more whole grain complex carbs and fruit (brown rice, millet, and the like, as opposed to refined carbs such as pastas and breads, and concentrated sugars such as fruit juices, honey, etc.) to halt the weight loss process. The book explains this very clearly.
One of the other consistent things I hear is the danger of consuming so much animal products given the horrible amounts of toxic chemicals pumped into commercially raised livestock (growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.) Again, read more carefully: at least 15 years ago, Dr. Atkins was among the first voices in this country to advocate ORGANIC meat and poultry--back when such a thing was largely unheard of. Yes, it's a bit more expensive, and in some areas harder to find; but isn't your health worth it?
Will Dr. Atkins ever advise you to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's once a week? Not likely. But the powers that be have put on their blinders, and cite only the parts of Atkins' philosophy that suit their own intransigent purposes. Meanwhile a week doesn't go by when several clients come through my door and tell me, unsolicited, how since they've come off the high-carb/low-fat approach and incorporated more protein into their diets, they're feeling like human beings again for the first time in years.... more energy, greater mental clarity, better emotional stability/less depression, and long-term aches and pains beginning to disappear. Think for yourselves; experiment, and listen to your own bodies!
Read this book with an open heart and learn.
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on June 28, 2002
This is my third report on this amazing, by now clinically and scientifically very well documented and proven diet.
I lost a staggering 147 pounds on it, with ease I might add, while improving my lipid profiles dramatically. All that in about 18 months time, without exercise, all the while eating luxuriously. Without hunger, without cravings, without my nose falling off.
Being a scientist myself, I can wholeheartedly back this diet from my very own personal experience with it, as well as from the readily available, copious amounts of peer-reviewed, scientific research and literature. There is nothing strange, dangerous, "fad" or even boring about this diet if you follow a few supersimple guidelines:
1. Read (really READ) the book cover to cover at least twice. Let it sink in.
2. Ignore the noisy negativist critics, but stick with the facts, as outlined in his copiously footnoted and referenced book
3. Have a full checkup before starting the diet. This will make it easier to check and validate the astounding improvements in your lipid profile.
4. Keep a diary and keep track of your progress.
5. Eat all you want of the allowed foods but do not gorge.
6. Drink LOTS of water. At least 3 liters a day as a rule of thumb.
You will see vast improvements in the first week. After the second week of Induction (only the first phase of this brilliant regimen) you will see and feel dramatic improvements. If you have lots to lose, like I did, you can opt to stay in ketosis (a absolutely natural and fully safe metabolical state) and keep losing fast. Otherwise you can add more veggies and other healthy carbs to your diet and slow down weight loss a bit. Just follow the book, it is clear enough.
This diet isn't all meats, as some uninformed and biased negativists keep yelling. To the contrary. Knowing the scientific truth myself, as outlined in detail in Atkins' book, I still can't believe all the nonsense one hears about this diet. All critizisms I have read so far, also on this website, without exception are based on either false reasoning, misinformation or half-truths. There is no shred of evidence of all the nonsense that is printed and touted over the mainstream media over this diet.
On the other hand there are literally mountains of hard, established scientific facts and research showing that dr. Atkins approach (it is not a diet, it's a regimen) is the right way for many, if not all, obese patients and diabetics.
I'll give you some other established facts to think of. If this diet is so bad, why did the Olympic swimming team WIN on it? Why do professional cyclists show 80% more stamina as traditionally carb-loading cyclists on this diet? Why is this diet often exclusively used for severe epilepsy patients with wonderful results? Why is this diet so good for patients with Crohn disease? Why are diabetics often able to get completely off medication on this diet? IN OTHER WORDS: WHY DOES YOUR HEALTH IMPROVE DRAMATICALLY ON IT?
I could go on and on. There is so much scientific research AND clinical evidence in the medical literature that this diet is simply the most excellent and healthy regimen for obese persons, or, to be more precise, for most people that are health conscious.
Some food for thought... In all my scientific career I have never read ANY explanation for the above facts...why? Because the critics have no real arguments, that's why. They have no facts, no literature, nothing to back it up except a lot of humbug and false reasoning plus a nice overdose of (sadly, often Government sponsored) misinformation.
If I may give you some advice, buy the book. READ IT. It IS indeed a revolution, a revolution that is fully backed by decades of hard, factual nutritional science.
Don't take my word for it...try it yourself. Your body (and your doctor!) will be grateful. Oh, BTW, no doubt you heard that the critics now yell that dr. Atkins recently had a heartattack. He did not... even cardiac specialists agree that his illness was totally unrelated to his diet. It was merely a cardiomypathy, a muscle infection. Nothing to do with the diet.
Another point of interest, hot from the needle: the New York times just published a major piece about the Atkins diet, outling the same scientific facts as I stated above. Indeed, this article, written by writer Gary Taubes for the prestigeous journal "Science" flat out states that Atkins most likely has been completely right for over 30 years and that mainstream science is now almost forced to agree with him. Mainstream researchers from Duke, Harvard and other worldfamous centers of nutritional research now agree with Atkins. Very interesting to read, and it also makes very much clear that the scientific truth, for political and commercial reasons, has been a total taboo for over 30 years.
So even the title of Atkins' book is perfect...a revolution indeed.
Make your choices wisely, make informed choices... Good health to you all.
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on October 14, 2000
The program works. Like most, I was leary about all the fat in this diet. Then I realized that the fat that I was carrying around was a lot more dangerous.I enjoy the program. Wake up to eggs and bacon. Eat burgers and cheese, macadian nuts, cream cheese, fish and lots more.My skin is tight. My nails are great. My husband has trimmed 7 inches off his waist. No more potbelly and more energy and vitality than I have seen in nearly a decade. I have lost in all the major fat accumulation areas. My hair looks healthy again (I am a 40-something year old) and have more energy than I had in my teens.Aside from the the recipes in the book, I also took some supplements including a herbal product.I have tried the High carb/fiber diets. They didn't work for me. Just bloated me.This is the best. People tell me I look about 10 years younger (attests to the value of protein)Disregard the negative remarks. If everyone agreed, then I would be worried.If I can be of help, let me know.Feel free to e-mail me
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on January 16, 2002
UPDATE NOVEMBER 2004 It has been a few years since I wrote this review; it is now dated by the progressive deterioration in the QUALITY of our food supply. Better choices now are The Maker's Diet (Jordan)(the current BEST choice), The No Grain Diet (Mercola), The Schwarzbein Principle (1 and 2). These diets are a lot of work, since they emphasize the QUALITY of your food choices. If that is too much for you, Atkins remains a good place to start, and is MUCH better then doing nothing.

Also check out [...] [...] [...] and (of course my own) [...]

One final thought: Dr. Atkins was FAR ahead of his time recognizing the importance of lowering insulin levles by eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates. He will always get my vote for a Nobel prize. Dr. Atkins, may you rest in peace.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is the book everyone loves to hate! Every time I ask people what they didn't like about this book I hear one criticism after another. I'm sure you've heard them too. Next time you hear these criticisms, ask you friend some of the following questions:

"Which of the Atkins diets did you disagree with? The Induction, Pre-Maintenance, or Maintenance phase?"
"Which of the 55 vegetables which Dr. Atkin's lists to include in your diet do you think is unhealthy?"

You will almost always find THEY NEVER READ THE BOOK. And most people who have "tried" the Atkins Diet never read the book either.

If you are heavy someone needs to tell you that YOU ARE DYING. Right now. Your weight is killing you faster then you know. It has long been recognized that obesity, heart disease, lipid disorders, diabetes, and a host of other degenerative conditions are in fact ONE DISEASE- Metabolic Syndrome (also known as insulin resistance, Syndrome X and a host of lesser used names). And insulin resistance is caused primarily by sugar and too many carbohydrates in our diet (also trans fats, but not natural saturated or unsaturated fat). If you want to save your life you must learn about sugars, simple carbohydrates, and how to avoid them, and, in my opinion, this book remains the best place to start.


This book is a treasure box full of information, much of which is counter intuitive. And all the information is carefully documented and referenced in the back. Two years (and 40 pounds) ago, when I first read Dr. Atkins book, I was stunned by the level of information in it (and I am a physician). In fact, there is so much information in the book it is difficult to absorb the first time. Which, unfortunately, is where much of the confusion about the diet starts.

If you are overweight, you have insulin resistance. And if you have insulin resistance, your metabolism IS NO LONGER NORMAL. You must TEMPORARILY restrict your eating from high carbohydrate foods to drag your metabolism back to where it should be. In my opinion, because Dr. Atkins diet is more strict initially (remember, you still should eat THREE servings of vegetables per day even during the strictest part of the diet) it allows you to progress faster to restore your metabolism back to where it should be.

I now have literally COUNTLESS patients who have lost over 25 pounds, several who have lost over 100 pounds, and several diabetic patients who have been able to stop get off all diabetes medications.

More criticisms you'll hear:

"But what about my cholesterol?" It is now known (and, in fact, has been for some time) that well over 80% of your cholesterol is made by the liver and is not a reflection of the fat in your diet. Most will see their cholesterol drop dramatically on the diet. Almost all will see their HDL ("good cholesterol") go up significantly. A FEW patients will have their LDL ("bad cholesterol") go up- but here again, limited knowledge will hurt you. NOT ALL LDL IS BAD. LDL is in fact made of a variety of different particle sizes (LDL subclasses A and B) and only one of these (Type B LDL) is bad. MOST PEOPLE ON A LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET LOWER THEIR PRODUCTION OF THE "BAD" TYPE B LDL EVEN IF THEIR TOTAL LDL INCREASES. Most community labs are not yet able to measure these different subtypes (requires a LDL-GGE test). Fortunately, if your LDL increases you can almost always tell whether the increase or decrease is "good" or "bad" by looking at your triglyceride levels. People who increase production of the bad LDL (which is rare) almost always increase their triglycerides as well. MOST PEOPLE, HOWEVER, WILL NOTICE A DRAMATIC DROP IN THEIR TRIGLYCERIDE LEVEL.

"I just don't feel good without eating some sugar." Did you hear me? You ARE DYING FROM SUGAR! You will never feel good again if you don't get it out of your body.

"I think complex carbohydrates are good for you." You are right. Complex carbohydrates are good for you. And Dr. Atkins strongly recommends that once you get your weight down to where it should be you add limited amounts of complex carbohydrates back in your diet.

"I love fruit, and I know fruit is good for me." If you are at your appropriate weight, fruit is EXCELLENT for you. But it is full of sugar. AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE ANY SUGAR. Once you get your weight back down you should start incorporating fruit regularly in your diet. But if you don't cut out the fruit, you will never get your weight down."

I do have some criticisms of the book:
(1) The book is TOO complete. Weighing in at 522 pages of intense material, most people just can't get through it. BUT TRY.
(2) In fact, you need to read THREE books to really get the complete Atkins diet, this one, Dr. Atkins Age Defying Diet, and Dr. Atkins Vitamin book. ALL ARE EXCELLENT (but who other then a doctor will read them all).
(3) The section on Trans Fats in the new edition is still not enough (of course, adding more would make the book even bigger!)

This man deserves a Nobel prize for standing up to ridicule for 30 YEARS. Now low carb diets are everywhere, and amazingly he is still criticized by people who know nothing about his diet.

This book changed my life and the entire way I practice medicine. I have countless patients it has helped. If you want to lose weight and improve your health, read this book FIRST. Then read Sugar Blues. Then Protein Power LifePlan.

P.S. Thank you, Dr. Atkins for saving my life.
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on December 4, 2000
Prior to Atkins, I was a Slim Fast fan. Lost weight. But then I realized that Slim Fast is just low calorie sugar and the weight I had lost was more lean tissue than actual fat. I had just become a smaller fat person and got tired of just drinking shakes all the time. I also tried the 40-30-30, lost weight there too but was always hungry and tired. It was hard to stay on and I quit.I also tried to work it off by going to the gym only to put it right back on again. I also tried jogging, that was hard on my knees and back. I was so out of shape I could hardly run a block. Exercise is for fit people.I tried the "BALANCED DIETS" too including nutritionist and dietician recommended programs. I lost some weight but was tired all the time, hungry, looked gaunt and nutritionally depleted. In short, the conventional and so called "sensible" ways to lose weight don't work. I felt tired, depressed, and hungry and very quickly regained any weight that I lost.Then I heard about Atkins. What a enjoyable way to lose weight. I wasn't hungry. I wasn't tired. My skin became tighter and firmer. My hair and nails improved. Even my beard became thicker. My skin became radiant again. Something I haven't seen in myself since I was in my twenties! No more dry skin. I looked rejuvenated, younger and healthy.I read an article about protein. It stands for of First Importance. No article ever said that carbs are of first importance. Now I know why.My weight dropped from 250 to 173 in five months. I have gone from a 45 waist to 32. I look and feel like a teenager again and at 44 that is great.I intend to stay on Atkins ad infinitum. The program is safe and effective. You get to eat real foods and some really great foods like lobster. I cheated over the Thanksgiving holiday and did not gain a pound. This diet is incredible.I have started jogging again along the beach. Now I have the energy ro run 3 miles, no aches and pains. The people who advocate exercise for weight loss don't understand the fitness and overall condition of the morbidly obese that I was. We need another vehicle. Atkins is that vehicle. Read the book and follow the program. It works. Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't try to combine this with other diets or believe you need those fruits and veggies. Try it, just try it. You'll be glad you did.
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on July 5, 2000
This is an update from a Sept. 99 review, and a Jan 2000 review. When I started my diet in July of 1999, I was 270 lbs and 6' tall. I have lost 87 lbs and have passed my goal weight of 185. Have held below 185 for over two months. My menu is basically eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast; a chicken (most often double chicken) salad for lunch; and steak, vegetables and salad for dinner. I snack on the Atkins bars and on Macadamia nuts. I have added a little fruit to the diet after hitting my goal. My cholesterol is 147. I am extremely strict. I have eaten no bread, pasta, sugar etc. for the entire period, and I have absolutely no desire to eat such food again. My only real deviation has been the continued consumption of caffeine in coffee and diet drinks and an occasional (every other month) glass of wine.
For my body type, this diet worked great. During the past year, I have read the book several times, and it helps to reinforce what foods to eat. The key is just doing it every day.
My Doctor, who had prescribed a no fat diet for me for the last 12 years, gave me a check up recently and told me that for middle aged men with large bellies, this diet seems to work the best. My problem is why didn't he tell me about this diet himself 12 years ago if that is what he truly thought. Luckily, I found the Atkins book on my own. Good luck.
P.S. For those who hate this diet, I don't care if I lost 87 lbs of water; lugging that much water around was a real pain.
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on March 1, 2000
In my estimation, for the great majority of people out there reading this, your success on this diet is dependant on the degree you follow the recommendations in the book. If you refuse to follow all of them, your milage may vary. If so, then don't blame the diet while at the same time not revealing your own failure to follow directions or contact the Atkins Center for advice.
In my eyes, the AMA has lost credibility by supporting diets that don't work and make people frustrated. More and more people like me, are discovering the connection between health problems [like, diabeties, heart problems and obesity] and carbo/sugar consumption. And, finding out that it is something that we can contol ourselves without having to rely on visits to the doctor and pharmecy for medication.
My wife has tried many 'approved diets' over the years and none of them worked. She has been on the Dr. Atkins diet for over a year now. She is healthier and happier than ever, and dropped 25 pounds until she reached her normal ideal weight and has kept it off, with occassional small rises here and there but very easy for her to get right back to her ideal weight. Her last medical exam was only a month ago, and the doctor said she is in fantastic health, all levels in normal range or better than normal range. This was an improvement from her medical exam around a year prior. She loves this diet. It has become a way of healthy life for her.
Two years ago I was in a normal cholesterol range, according to a blood test. Seven weeks ago, I had another blood test. Cholesterol was very high. My doctor told me that he was going to prescribe medication to bring my cholesterol down and that I'd be on it for life. Strangely, he did not inquire whether or not I exercised. Nor did he inquire whether or not my eating habits changed. He didn't inquire what had changed about my life style from two years ago or whether or not I ate more sugary foods, or lots of potatoes, bread, pasta and other carbos. I asked what could have caused my cholesterol to go up like that. His pat answer was "genetic". He had a know-it-all arrogant attitude that I found offensive, and I chose to do some research on the subject first. Call it coincidence, but all of a sudden there were several newspaper articles appearing in Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune with headings like "70 deaths directly related to cholesterol heart medication" and other similar articles. Yikes!
I decided that if my health was ok two years ago and since then I stopped exercising and started eating sugary foods and lots of bread, pasta, beer and soft drinks that maybe if started exercising and eating right I would recover lost ground. If I caused my own problem, then I should be able to correct it without taking risky drugs, as long as I follow the right advice.
We couldn't find the Dr. Atkins book in the house, so my wife bought me a new copy of the New Diet Revolution. It was exactly what I needed. It educated me as to the number one suspect for why my cholesterol had gone up: carbos and sugar affect insulin, which controls cholesterol production by the liver. Control your insulin and your cholesterol will head back towards normal. The book educated me on how to identify sugar in its many forms on processed food lables. It educated me on how to identify the foods my body needs for health, growth and a strong immune system. There is much more helpful related educational information in the book.
So, I started the diet about 5 weeks ago. Besides loosing 30 pounds, I noticed that my heartburn went away. Nor do I have 'gas' and various other aches and pains in my back and legs.
After about 1 week into the 2-week induction diet I had mild headaches coming and going for about a day and a half and they have never returned. Pretty much the same thing happened with some other minor aches and pains. During the 1st week I really missed spagetti and lasagna and bread and milk and chocolate and coffee and my morning cherry danish. Now, after 5 weeks I can easily live without them. I don't want to go back to feeling like I did when I was eating all those carbos and junk! The physiological and psychological cravings have gone away.
But, perhaps a difference between my success and some of those who didn't report success, is that I made a firm committment to follow the diet. Every day I would read part of the book. It really made more and more sense to me.
By the end of the 2nd week, I had less cravings for carbo's, increased energy and stamina.
Things just keep on improving for me. Now,I can literally say I can effortless walk right on by the most succlent chocolate snacks and cherry danish treats. The desire for them is either gone completely or so trivial that I don't even notice it anymore.
I don't get tired after eating a meal anymore like I used to, before the Dr. Atkins diet.
I don't feel nervous. I feel more certain and confident of myself. I think clearer.
I sleep better, don't wake up feeling drained of energy like I used to. I'm more alert, I have more life in me, I'm more energetic.
My skin is looking healthier.
My cholesterol has dropped.
My teeth and gums appear to be healthier.
For work, I sit at a desk all day, so 30 minutes of exercise a day along with vita-nutrients [including acidophilus] is a must for me, and definitely contributing to my improved sense of well-being and health.
As Dr. Atkins says in his book, if anyone has a problem on the diet, you can contact the Atkins Center in NYC for advice. [Did any any of the nay-sayers ever bother to do that?]
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on September 6, 2002
and layoff the vegetables. The myth of eating "lots of vegetables" is like the myth of high carbs/high fiber. It doesn't work for weight loss. Consume veggies-YES, but only on a modified basis and watch the carb count.Obviously some people haven't read the book and don't understand the system.I highly recommend that all serious dieters reread the Atkins Diet book and contact Atkins for any questions.While I am not an Atkins employee, I do have a lot of respect for this program - I lost 48 lbs using Atkins so yes, I am a believer and a very grateful student. While losing weight, I noticed a big improvement in my hair, skin tone, nails. There was a rapid tightening of the skin even without exercise. So yes, I am a believer.The reason that people fail with Atkins, I believe, is by trying to reinvent the wheel and subscribing to old wives tales like you have to have carbs and a lot of veggies. Perhaps you guys missed the article in the NY Times a few weeks back.Keep in mind, that the whole basis of the Atkins program is to reduce carbs so your body goes to it's fat stores for energy. If you are taking in carbs with veggies, your body is getting needed energy from an outside source and this will hinder the results of the program.The rate that a person will lose weight is based on a number of factors including metabolism, level of activity, age and even gender. I am a female in my 40's but still was able to lose 48 lbs with Atkins. On the other hand, I have known others in my same age group or even younger who lost at a much slower rate. I did take a herbal diet capsule and other supplements in addition to Atkins and drank a lot of water. I also joined an Aerobic class after I dropped my first 15 lbs. and found that my energy soared from the Atkins program.Today we live in an instant society where a person who has been overweight for years wants to be slim in a week or 2 or 1 month max. LADIES and gentlemen, you need to be patient and not just dismiss the program. And even as a 40-something female, I find it hard to believe that anyone can follow induction for a full month and not lose, that is without secretly cheating. Sorry, I don't buy that at all. One of the things that I suggest to friends who are getting slow results is to go back on induction for another 14 days (after going to the ongoing program) then get off induction for for awhile and get back on. This is what I did to lose that 48 lbs. along with getting on some supplements.Atkins is for everyone.
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on May 2, 2000
What follows is a review of Atkins diet which I submitted in 2000. I shall add an update as I write this in 2009. I have now lost a total of over 80 pounds, and am down to what I weighed at the age of 13 - not bad for a post-menopausal woman. My cholesterol is 138 (where, pre Atkins, it was 290.) My original review provides most of what I need to say of the book, which I would give fifteen stars were that possible. However, I shall add one word of caution about what passes as 'low carb' today. Stick to Atkins! There are many supposed 'low carb' programmes which are not low in carbohydrates (except by comparison to that dreadful ADA food pyramid.)

The review from 2000:

I have lost over sixty pounds and maintained the loss for over five years thanks to Atkins diet. After thirty years of fruitless dieting - and the accompanying, constant hunger and weakness - I must say that there is only one "side effect" to the diet: eating with others will solicit comments about how "I thought pasta was good for you" and the like. I've known others who, like myself, actually read the entire book and had similar (or greater) success. (A co-worker lost 130 pounds and has maintained that loss for three years to date, for example.) There truly is no hunger, no cravings, no fatigue, no needing to be obsessed with dieting, no living in a gym - and no regain. But I have frequently been puzzled when I have met or heard from those who cannot take Dr Atkins' word for what his diet is. They combine the "sage wisdom" of other plans, believing they read it in Atkins book, or take prejudiced comments from elsewhere and assume them to be true. The common assumption - that Atkins dieters are constantly stuffing themselves with high fat foods, undoubtedly in a contest to see who can consume the most calories in a day - is absurd. After the first few weeks, one experiences a blessed reduction in appetite and absence of any cravings. (Politically incorrect as it is to state the truth - for many people, eating high carbohydrate foods when hungry has an effect similar to drinking from the ocean when thirsty.)Though there is no weighing, measuring, or keeping diaries, one finds that one's caloric intake is drastically reduced. The other fictions - that this is a temporary diet (that is true only of Induction - which prejudiced reviewers present as the entire diet) - that Atkins dieters are aiming for a heart attack soon (I doubt a cardiologist has much interest in killing his patients..) - that staying on the diet leads to weight gain - all are ridiculous. It is true that one will gain weight if one goes back to a high carbohydrate diet - but why would anyone who has a problem with carbs want to do so? Those contemplating following the diet MUST read the book in its entirety, and not add what they were taught elsewhere. I would include my E-Mail address, except that, when I've made favourable comments about this diet on Internet fora, I've been deluged with E-Mail that tells me how wrong I am... Everett Koop's "successes" lost only 12 pounds in a year. Other "successes" with high carb, low fat programmes, of which I've read on the Internet, had track records such as losing 19 pounds and gaining half of it back soon. I've seen studies where those who "successfully" lost weight through exercise lost only six pounds in a year. The new wisdom is that one should not lose more than a pound a month. ...I'll take Atkins any day.
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on August 20, 1998
This diet works. This doctor can write. This is, without a doubt the BEST approach to losing weight and the healthiest way to eat and live. One fella said the diet is expensive. I say, have you noticed lately how much a quadruple coronary bypass costs?
Some say the menu choices are limited? Maybe during the induction diet but Rack of Lamb to Lobster cooked in Butter with a tossed salad and brocolli with cheese for your dinner doesn't sound like deprivation to me. Some say Dr. Atkins doesn't prove his case. Well, that is not what I found out when I lost 29 pounds in the first two weeks.
Others claim the INDUCTION phase (first 14 days) doesn't provide adequate nutritional support for a long-term diet program. They obviously skipped the part (page 100 ff) where Dr. Atkins strongly recommends that dieters take a broad multi-vitamin four times a day and where he suggests other dietary supplements for various concerns readers may experience or need help addressing.
Finally, I commend Dr. Atkins .. his book is written on a seventh-grade level which coupled with the low cost of a paperback makes it available to the masses at a very small price. He also takes the time to explain all medical terms and to make the results of scientific studies understandable to the least of us. This is a man who has helped more patients on a one-to-one basis than any other physician, and he is a man who has taken the time to educate the public vis-a-vis his radio shows and books so that millions can benefit from his discoveries and experiences.
I owe my life to Dr. Atkins. After 25 years of smoking one and a half packs daily, I started putting on pounds and I make a Herculean effort to follow a LOW FAT, HIGH CARBOHYDRATE diet. I had NEVER eaten more of the "RIGHT" foods and less of the "BAD" foods in my life. And, yet I was gaining nearly a pound every week. At the same time my blood pressure was pushing unhealthy levels while my blood sugar levels became quite erratic. Previously, I never hated vegetables but never ate them regularly. And, fruit, I avoided like the plague since it gave me lots of acid reflux. But, fearing the worst, I was determined to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and I guzzled juices like they were soda pop. I can say I even got to like them albeit I also was downing nearly a dozen Rolaids to handle the reflux I was experiencing. And, yet, nothing was working ... my effort to stem off weight gain as a result of quitting smoking was a failure. Doing everything right was VERY wrong. Fortunately, a friend pointed me in the right direction ... and there I stand confident in the Dr. Atkins weight loss program. Low fat and high carbs works for about 5% of the population who has the discipline to stick with it despite the pain. Look at the people who are on it ... drawn and tired looking and they will tell you they are ALWAYS hungry even shortly after eating a meal. Under the Dr. Atkins program, if you are hungry, the Doctor tells you to open your mouth and eat like God intended ... just stay with foods authorized.
As for me, I enjoyed the induction phase. It showed I could effortlessly lose weight and not feel like warmed-over death. I felt better, had more energy, no more brain-fog and I did not feel tired and worn out at the end of the day.
I hope you will decide to try the diet. I have given the books to a few of my friends and even a few family members I'd like to see stick around for a few more decades if the good Lord doesn't return first. Do yourself a favor; it's a good read and VERY enlightening. Stop folks lying to you ... check out the facts. It'll save your life. Ciao and God bless. Tony.
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