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on February 8, 2012
We've been using these for almost 5 months. Here's my review in response to all other reviews I just read here.

We got these because they were recommended by a mom with 3 children who used the same bottles on all three kids and because our baby was inconsolably colicky. There was an almost instant difference in the colic reduction so there's no question there. For the other stuff...

I read so many reviews about complicated parts & cleaning before we purchased this. When I finally received these I almost laughed at how NOT HARD it was. The bottles & nipples are just like any other bottle. Then there are 2 pieces that go inside that fit nicely inside one another and come apart easily. (My mom didn't have any trouble figuring it out without me even telling her what went where.) A pipe cleaner-type brush is included but I've only barely used it (the mom who recommended these to me said the same thing). All can easily be washed by hand with a bottle brush & dish soap or in the dishwasher in a Dr. Brown's basket (holds parts for 3 bottles) made specifically for these bottles. If you use other dishwasher baskets, you will be disappointed and end up needing that pipe cleaner brush.

As a newborn, the size of the bottles did seem a bit large in comparison to his head vs. long & skinny bottles - didn't bother me. He has had no problems gripping his bottle while I hold it in his mouth. There is some "unused" room in the bottle but that aids in the ventilation system and prevents leaking. Our son did better on these nipples than with 4 other bottle brands (he thrusted his tongue constantly) and we didn't have any nipple confusion while breast feeding on these. Level 1 was a good flow for him but he was 3 weeks old when we started, to be fair. The nipples seem thinner and more cylindrical than all the others we tried, which at first I thought would not be in our favor but I was wrong.

I now premix a formula concentrate for the whole day but before I did this, I would mix the powder directly in each bottle. I did have lots of leaking using these silly disks that are included BUT by throwing out the discs and only using the "travel caps" (also included) for mixing, we completely alleviated this problem. ZERO leaking now and more travel caps can easily be purchased online cheaply - along with any other replacement parts. I recommend just buying enough caps for the amount of bottles you have. We have also always had zero leaking during feedings.

I've read some reviews about molding but I haven't had a problem. Granted, we've only used these for 5 months so I'll update if anything comes up. In one mold review, a part was mentioned that I double checked on and challenge. You can visibly see all the crevices of this bottle and its parts. The vent hole on the inner part can only be reached with the pipe cleaner brush (which I never even thought to check until reading this today) but I can still see inside if there is anything discolored in there. Again, there's no moldy discoloration in any of the parts in ours.

I recommend these bottles to all parents for their children. Colicky or not. I give these bottles & their accessories as gifts at showers instead of cute clothes (like I did before I was a mom). If they already have the bottles purchased, I get them the dishwasher baskets and all the travel caps they'll need (so no leaking). If I could do it all over again for myself, I'd have registered for the deluxe set that comes with more bottles, nipple levels, & travel caps all up front at once.
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on January 4, 2010
My wife and I tried several different types of bottles before settling on the Dr. Brown's wide-mouth. The Dr. Brown's bottles use the best system for reducing the build-up of vacuum pressure (and thus bubbles) in the bottle and we feel like they significantly reduced our baby's gas. However, the bottles consist of several extra pieces that require extra cleaning with special brushes, so over the long-run we have probably spent a lot more time cleaning bottles than we would have if we had purchased more conventional type bottles. In our case we think the extra time is worth it.
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on February 21, 2011
I did not initially review this item although many times I was tempted to write a review. Prior to the birth of my daughter, I researched bottles before deciding on the Dr. Brown bottles. Although Playtex drop-ins were my first choice, two relatives with toddlers disputed the parental reviews of Dr. Brown bottles of complex cleaning as well as the problem with leaking. My daughter is now nine months old and I breastfed until she was eight months, since I am a working mom, I would use the Natural Flow Wideneck Dr. Brown bottles for feeding exclusively. My daughter responded well; however, in nine months, I have spent a lot of time washing bottles because there are six pieces to this bottle (i.e., the bottle, 2 - the nipple, 2 - the ventilation system, and the cap). Since I presumed it was best for my daughter the effort and time was well spent. I purchased multiple boxes of bottles, the different stages of nipples, the Dr. Brown bag, and brushes, not the sterilizer. The bottles were sterilized in a pot of hot water and washed and air dried daily.

Since I have many bottles, the bottles are rotated. After nine months of using the bottles, I noticed that in the beige covering that is placed over the inner tube as part of the ventilation system, there was mildew. After surveying other bottles (6 out of 15 partially assembled bottles had the black substance), I quickly googled to see if other parents shared my experience and I was not an anomaly. This was scary, have I been feeding her from mildewed bottles?

One parent recommended washing the bottles with bleach; therefore, I re-washed all of her bottles in Clorox Bleach and Dawn Dish Detergent but even the Dr. Brown brush did not get the insert clean. I scrubbed the bottles periodically and then soaked the bottles overnight. I had to use another device to remove the black substance that appeared to be mildew. Even with using this approach, there is another problem, there is all areas of this bottle are not able to be seen as this insert has a side opening, in which the Dr. Brown small brush can fit; however, you are not able to see if there is mildew forming on the inside. Whatever the black substance is, it is odorless.

Apart from the problem with mildew, these bottles to not respond well to environmental changes i.e., if you take the bottle from a hot to cold temperature, the bottles will leak, if you are on a flight, the change in pressure will cause the bottle to leak. For the change in temperature, unscrew the cap. For the change in pressure, disconnect the ventilation system. Since I never used another bottle, I cannot say if there was the benefit of gas removal, even with burrping I periodically use Mylicon.

I would not recommend this bottle and any parent considering using this bottle needs to be aware of the problems it presents. There should be a disclaimer on this bottle stating that this particular bottle has the potential to mildew.
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on August 31, 2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE these bottles. Like the standard Dr. Brown's bottles, they do take some time to clean compared to other regular bottles, but it's not that much longer and it's all for the baby. =) Some pluses -- bottles are easy to hold for my baby because they have a curvature to them so she knows where to grasp. Also, since they are wider, they don't topple over as easy.
The only real downside is that since these aren't the standard sized Dr. Brown's bottles, I can't seem to find replacement parts for them. So that's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I've already lost/misplaced a couple of the travel discs and bottle caps but they don't seem to sell these separately (unlike the standard ones -- I see these on Amazon and in some stores like Babies R Us). If anyone knows where I can get wide neck bottle replacement parts, please let me know!
And oh, just a tip, if you love Dr. Brown's bottles, you should also get the Dr. Brown's mixing pitcher. It's so easy to make her formula with it and no clumps and since you're not shaking the bottle, hardly any bubbles at all!
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on June 26, 2015
these bottles are amazing ! My son is never gassy , at the beginning I was very difficult when I wasn't around because he didn't like any of the nipples . Thankfully I was gifted this set and now I don't have any problems with him eating . Thanks to Dr. Browns I can feel comfortable that my son is going to eat without any problems . :)
review image
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on April 6, 2015
We ended up returning because while these are bpa free, there are still a lot of chemicals that leech off the plastic so we didn't want to store breast milk or feed breast milk from these bottles. However they are nice quality if you're OK with plastic. The Dr. Browns glass bottles are awesome and is what we use!
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on December 9, 2010
After trying different bottles, I found this set and decided to try it out.
We had previously used Playtex Ventaire Advanced, and these Dr. Brown's bottles seemed huge in comparison.
The bottles are comfortable to hold for all those drawn out feedings when your baby is dozing off.

It takes an extra minute to assemble the bottles, but you get used to it quickly. Washing the bottles also takes an extra minute, but it comes with a small wire cleaner for all the small places which is great.

The nipple is wide, is easy for the baby to latch onto, and really seems to reduce air intake, which is great.

This set comes with three 8 ounce bottles, two 4 ounce bottles, 5 level 1 nipples, 2 level 2 nipples, two travel lids and two tiny cleaning brushes. Great price for the set!

After trying this bottle, we decided to stick with it. They seem MUCH better than all the other brands, and my little guy seems to like it.
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on April 20, 2015
Well, all I can say is that each baby is different....for us this wide neck version of the bottle didn't work. My baby couldn't get a good latch. I don't know if it makes a difference but my son is almost exclusively breast fed and only once a week o so need to use a bottle. that may make a difference. however we have never had an issue with the narrow neck bottles.
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on March 12, 2015
Best bottles ever. Great for mixing formula or breast milk with formula etc since wide neck. Easier to clean too with wide neck. Anyone who says it is too much to work to clean the Dr. Brown's parts is just lazy - it isn't much extra work and they clean up great. I also sterilize after too. Reduces colic and gas. I'm a MD too.
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on January 21, 2014
These bottles would be okay, if they didn't leak. I like the wide mouth for mixing formula and the wider nipple. Unfortunately, the thin tubing vent system DOES get a tad bit annoying to clean, particularly when I've found the Born Free bottles to work better, (although they still have an annoying tube to clean)... PLUS they have the option of getting wide, GLASS bottles.

My ultimate gripe about these is that they leak. No matter what I do or how much/little formula I put in the bottle, they develop these strange, illogical little leaks. I will feed my son for 30 minutes with no problems, set the bottle down, then pick it up again, and a big trail of milk will run down the sides, over my hand, all over the table/floor, and all over my son. I was always so careful when handling them, because I was afraid of jiggling them and causing a leak, but it made no difference. Wiping a leak, once established, was useless, because the mysterious leak just continues to dribble for the rest of the feeding, so I had to pour the contents into another, dry bottle to finish the feeding.... particularly fun, when you have a screamer.

Also worth noting, the "do not fill above" line on bottles, particularly the smaller ones, is HALF WAY down the bottle! That's just plain silly. AND it is at the 4 oz line, which means the addition of the formula powder will put you OVER the "do not fill" line. I don't have that problem with the 5 oz Born Free bottles... and they give my son less burping and spit-ups anyway.

A few positives were noting... I love the solid mixing tops that come with these, and I still use them with our Born Free bottles. Also, the Born Free nipples are flimsy and difficult for my son to latch on to, and even the level 1 nipples still drown him, so we use the Dr. Brown (level 2-3) nipples with the Born Free bottles instead. You can purchase both the mixing lids and the nipples separately, so there's no need to invest in the whole system.

Update: I pulled one of these out to use today while I did a "deep-clean" of my Born Free bottles. It was perfectly dry, filled well below the fill line, and wasn't jiggled or turned upside down. Within a few minutes, it had leaked all over my table, son, sofa, and floor. I tossed the rest of them in the garbage.
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