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Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles - 8 oz - 3 ct (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on September 24, 2009
Having had a colicy first child, I chose to try the Dr. Brown's bottles in additional to several other types & brands. I've ended up storing all the others and using the Dr. Brown's exclusively.

After reading countless reviews, I've bought and tried several other types/brands. All bottles other than the Dr. Browns created suction. The nipples would collapse, resulting in leaks and a frustrated, gassy baby. I would have to remove the bottle from his mouth to get the air (and bubbles)to go back into the bottle so he could start sucking again. The gas in his belly would last hours-making him uncomfortable and disrupting his sleep. (equals tired, cranky Mommy)

The Dr. Brown's were the only bottles that I didn't have that problem with. My son is able to feed continuously and comfortably with a consistent flow and no air bubbles. Our feedings are cleaner, relaxing, and more comfortable.

Other reviews have sited a "con" as having more bottle parts to wash. I thought that would be tedious, but gave the Dr. Brown's a try anyway. Thus far, it has NOT been an issue. ANY bottle you use will have atleast 3 parts to wash (bottle, collar, nip) the Dr. Brown's have an additional 2 parts (resevoir tube, valve). I am happy to spend an extra minute at the sink, rather than countless hours with a fussy baby. The trade-off is a no brainer.

The ONLY issue that I've had with the Dr. Brown's is that the stage 1 nips still flowed too fast for my newborn. I am using the Playtex Air Vent Stage 1 nips instead. I have not tried the Br. Brown' premie nips, but suspect they'd work just as well. FYI-the Dr. Brown's are slightly taller than other bottles when they have the cap on. Keep that in mind if you're buying a bottle cooler for travel.

Skip the smaller 4oz bottles and go for all 8oz. Buy a soft bottle brush that won't scratch the plastic bottles. Again, I've tried several, but like the Avent brush with travel case. It seems soft, will last and doesn't spray me with water ever time I remove it from the bottle.

Amazon seems to have the best price on Dr. Brown's.
Happy Feeding:)
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on June 8, 2012
Our twins spent 3 weeks in the NICU after they were born for several reasons. After many of the severe issues cleared up for them, they still were not able to come home until they were able take full feeds by themselves (by bottle) every time. The nurses used our dr. brown bottles we had bought. I was told by several of the NICU nurses that Dr. Brown's were the I was very glad that I had chosen those bottles for our babies.

Fast forward two months and having the babies home now....these bottles LEAK!! My husband and I have been soaked several times--and the problem is they are inconsistenly leaking--we COULD NOT figure out why they were leaking. I had just opened another new package of these bigger bottles as we are starting to outgrow the 4 ounce ones, and I looked at the informational packet inside. The print is SOOO small--like a size 4 font, seriously! Anyway, I read through it trying to determine if there was something I was doing wrong, and sure enough, the last part says that the blue insert needs to have the hole vent up and not covered in formula. SO, we put it to the test. and YES, no more leaks. So we line up the brown insert holes with the "DR. BROWN" words on the bottle and make sure the blue tube end is up when we put together the bottle so when the "Dr. Brown" words are facing up, the bottle wont leak. Works like a charm. Hope this makes sense. I am sleep deprived and exhausted but had to leave this message for any other weary mom who is just about to give up. My husband was about to spend over $125 on new bottles so I'm very glad I found this out. HOpe this helps someone too.
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on March 16, 2013
Dr. Brown's bottles are my first choice. After 7 children, and hundreds of bottle failures, I decided to review these to share my experience.

#1 Do these bottles cure colic? No. Colic/Reflux is a mechanical issue located in the baby's esophagus and upper stomach. However, the Dr Brown's bottle provides a steady flow with zero nipple collapse, and yes I believe the baby's sucking force and ear pressure build-up is reduced.

#2 Yes, these are a pain to clean, especially after 11 months of cleaning them for twins, but I would rather use these that worry with collapsing nipples.

#3 I do not like the nipples that come with these bottles. With the exception of the Preemie flow. The preemie flow is awesome for breastmilk! The nipples are long and narrow and tended to choke my babies so I use the PLAYTEX VENT AIRE nipples with the Dr Brown's bottles. I'll review the vent aire nipples in another review, but those nipples are hands down the best.

#4 You can put cereal in these bottles with no problems. I used cereal for my reflux babies. If you use the FAST FLOW playtex vent aire nipple or the size 3 or 4 Dr Brown's nipple you do not have to cut a hole in the nipple. The y cut nipple from Dr Browns is very fast unless you use more cereal. I use 1 (formula) scoop or cereal per 4 ounces, and the flow is perfect.

#5 You can mix 8 oz of water, 4 scoops of formula, and 2-3 scoops of cereal in the 8 oz Dr Brown's bottle with no problem! This is great if you use powder and make bottles as you need them. Other bottles don't have enough space to mix this way.

#6 These bottles are straight and easy to prop, if you think you'll never prop a bottle when you have twins you're very wrong, there's never enough hands!

Mom of 7, and RN
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on December 27, 2008
These bottles definitely help to reduce colic. The thing I love the most about them is the fact they are BPA free. It is nice to know you aren't putting unnecessary chemicals in your baby's body.
These bottles are great because my son had such bad colic he was screaming when he would eat. The vent system in these bottles virtual eliminates any air from getting to your baby's tummy. The only downfall to these bottles is they are a little more labor intensive to wash and put together. You have one or two more pieces to put together over regular bottles. However, if your baby has any amount of colic it is definitely worth the extra few minutes of assembly for their tummy's sake.
One thing to note is at one point they began making these bottles with the ounce markers marked as raised, clear numbers. This made is EXTREMELY difficult to see how full you were filling up the bottle. However, I have since bought some and the markers on them are blue, making it much easier to read the ounces you are making. It is not that big of a deal unless you're doing a 2:30 am feeding and trying to fill the bottle up without being able to see the markings.
Overall, these are the best bottles on the market. They truly do help eliminate colic and keep your baby safe and out of harmful chemicals way like BPA.
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on December 19, 2008
I read a review of the glass Dr. Brown bottles that complained that the painted-on ounces markings wore off in the dishwasher, so I got two glass bottles and two of these BPA-free PP ones just to see. The big drawback is that the plastic ones hold in smells. I made the mistake of washing them once with Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, and they are basically ruined because they are now permanently honeysuckle scented, which is gross. Even just running them through the dishwasher with scent-free Method dishwasher tabs caused them to retain the scent of hot, washed food. It's really not something I would ever want to make my baby smell while drinking. Get the glass--you can hand wash them (it takes TWO minutes) if you're worried about losing the paint (which hasn't happened to me after 7 months) and they rinse clean, every time.
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on January 21, 2010
We first used these bottles when our seven year old was born. He had severe colic (crying for seven to nine hours at a time with no break). We bought every single product on the market that claimed to help ease colic. We were absolutely desperate to find something, ANYTHING, that would help. I'm sorry to say that these bottles did not make a bit of difference.

However, they WILL help babies with gas and spit ups. (Some parents think this is colic. Trust me, crying for an hour isn't colic, kids!) That's why I recommend these bottles. We currently have a four month old who spits up prolifically, so we brought out the old bottles (buying new nipples and other parts, of course), and it has helped tremendously with her fussiness and vomiting.

Some important points so you don't have the same experiences as those who posted negative reviews:

-- It's important to hold the bottle at enough of an angle so the bottom of the tube is above the formula, so air can escape and not be reingested by your infant.

-- I highly recommend purchasing the Dr. Brown's dishwasher racks (made specifically for these bottles.. watch your sizes though, there are wide bottles and racks and standard bottles and racks) as well as the drying rack. These purchases will make your life so much easier and prevent mold build up. With our first born, we didn't buy the racks and and had to replace parts due to mold. However, this time around, we spent the extra $25 up front and will not need to spend more than that later in replacement parts.

-- When filling the bottle for a feeding, do not go above the fill line. Otherwise, the bottle will leak. It's also important to make sure the rubber stopper is tightly inserted for the same reason.

-- When taking a bottle on the go, be sure to insert the travel disk below the nipple, or the bottle will leak if tipped over in your diaper bag.

While this sounds like a lot of work, these bottles are no more cumbersome than any other bottle, especially if you puchase the racks as I recommended.

They do not help ease severe colic and quite frankly, nothing will. Nothing. If you're dealing with a severely colicky baby, save your money on the CDs, books, expensive formulas and other "magic cures" for easing colic and just ride it out as best you can. Many children overcome it within three months (which can sound like a lifetime, I know).

However, I recommend these bottles (and the racks!) for parents of gassy babies and babies who can't seem to keep their formula down. (Enfamil Lipil AR is also a great help with spit up issues.)
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2010
Great bottles! Ignore the reviews that comment on the numbering on the bottles. These bottles have raised numbers which DO NOT wash off. They work very well. Our daughter has colic and reflux, therefore these are the only bottles we'll use!
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2008
Yes, easy to use and clean. I know it has several parts but if you wash it right after the baby finished her bottle, you simply can rinse it in a warm/hot water and it's clean! If you don't wash it right away it's ok, use some warm/hot water, soap (I buy Planet or other mild soaps) and there are 3 holes in the vent part, brush them with a small brush 1-2 times.. is really easy especially after you do it a couple of times.

The bottle is pretty thick but light. It seems strong and durable.

Baby drinks with no interrupts. I like the natural flow feature of this bottle. If you use just nipple and bottle of other brand with no vent, it creates vacuum and your baby often stops many many times. I did not like that as she got tired faster and never finished her bottle and had to snack more often...

The nipple is soft and it is standard. I like that it is soft breast like (so many other nipple seem so thick). We talked to 3 lactation consultants and they recommended Playtex Drop Ins (wide neck bottles) or in our case, our baby would only drink from Standard nipple/bottle, they always recommended Dr. Browns. So if these are the only 2 bottles I will buy for my children.

I tried every bottle and nipple out there except Avent and Born Free (our lactation consultants really did not recommend them); mixed different bottles with nipples, inserted vent from Dr. Browns into different bottle when they didn't have the safe bottles yet and I was very happy to see these new Dr. browns bottles that are safe for my child.

And one more thing. When we used OTHER bottles they were somewhat hard to wash. Bottles inside would be sticky and we had to brush them for a long time and rinse really well before they felt clean. I never had this problem with Dr. Browns bottles.
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on November 6, 2012
I have in my cupboard: Tommee Tippee, Playtex Ventaire, Phillips Avent, and the new Similac brand bottles. I also tried Dr. Browns with my firstborn, but Hated them. I will preface that my babies were exclusively bottle fed, so there is no breast to bottle compatibility issues here. Also, none of the bottles had leaking issues- the following comparisons are on a 'all else being equal' basis.

Tommee Tippee: Only 3 pieces. The thing I didn't like, is they are short and squat shaped, so I can't balance the bottle with my chin during a feeding if I need to free up a hand briefly.

Playtex Ventaire: 5 pieces. My only complaint is that the neck is very narrow, so every time I make a bottle, I spill powered formula all over the counter. I believe they make a wide mouth version though.

Phillips Avent: 4 pieces. There are so many measurement ticks, that it is too hard to read. There are tick marks for mL, UK oz, and US oz. And between each whole ounce mark is a sideways teardrop shape marking, but the rounded fat side of this is about 3 millimeters in size, so where the heck am I supposed to fill to- the top or bottom of this round shape?

Dr. Browns: 7 pieces. Two of these pieces need to be cleaned with a pipe cleaner so they are absolutely not dishwasher friendly. Biggest complaint- the measurements are not in marked in paint, they are clear raised up bumps. Imagine stumbling to the kitchen at 3am with your eyes half shut and trying to measure a bottle by tiny texture bumps only!

Similac: 3-4 pieces. The stir stick part is optional. In my opinion, the perfect bottle. Ergonomic shape, clearly labeled measurement ticks, wide neck... works perfect for me.

As I mentioned, I did not have any trouble with leaking. I also didn't have trouble with my baby not latching properly or not liking any of these. This review is pretty much strictly from a comparison of the design standpoint.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2011
We have both the Dr. Browns and Avent bottles. We started our baby on Avents when he was born but switched to Dr. Browns as he has some gas issues. I'm not so sure that the Dr. Browns bottles made any difference, or if there is it might just be psychological. I'd recommend starting with the Avents or another brand if you can and if your baby does fine with those use them. If they get gassy try these. Because even though I don't love the Dr. Browns, all their cons are worth it if they help your baby not be gassy. But from a use perspective.

1. I'm assuming they reduce gas but have no proof.
2. They have been fairly durable, as long as we follow instructions (see cons) they do not leak and we have not had them break or become moldy. On a note, we put our used bottles in a tub of warm soap water within a few hours of ever use and this may not be convenient for everyone.

1. Since the measurements indicators are clear you can't see them in the dark, we ended up marking the spots we needed with a sharpie. I find it hard to believe they couldn't have colored these as the logo seems to be holding up to repeated rinsing just fine.
2. There are way too many parts (and they're oddly shaped) to clean. With Avents, there are five parts (including the cap). With Dr. Browns there are seven (including cap and that annoying stopper circle). I was able to fit all the parts of six Avent bottles on our munchkin sprouts drying rack (which I highly recommend). With the Dr. Browns it's like playing tetris (not the fun part) with all the parts. You also need a special brush to clean certain parts, which they provide but doesn't last long so you have to buy they're replacement ones.
3. They'll leak. When you transport them the only way to keep them from leaking is to insert a circular piece of plastic between the vent portion and the nipple. It also means when its time to feed you have to open the bottle to remove it. This has led to several times when I have either forgotten to put it in leading to a leaks, or forgotten to take it out, which has led to baby sucking on air until I realized what was happening. Again, it's in the instructions, but in the real world, it's easy to forget. Again the Avents don't need that, just put the cap on and you're good to go.
4. Narrow bottles. Ok so this is clearly a preference thing, but the narrow necks make it harder to clean them. We use an oxo bottle brush (also highly recommend). The brush fits you just have to be careful putting it in and pulling it out or you're going to get yourself wet. Also being narrow tends to make the 8oz size taller than most bottle cooler bags I've seen which makes storing them on the go difficult.

Also, formula and breast milk stink. It's sticky and messy and a pain if it gets all over you or anything. So imagine all the above with that in mind.
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